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YBF EXCLUSIVE: Vivica A. Fox, Chanel Iman And Liya Kebede SURPRISE Early Voters In OHIO!

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Liya Kebede, Vivica A. Fox and Chanel Iman are all supporting President Obama's re-election so they took their message to Ohio to surprise early voters.  See the fab ladies on the campaign trail inside.....


Vivica A. Fox was among the celebs who surprised early voters in Cincinnati, Ohio yesterday. 





The "Prank My Mom" host was joined by gorgeous models Liya Kebede and Chanel Iman, who spent the morning chatting up voters and encouraging Obama support.


They even brought coffee and doughnuts.


And Vivica was rocking the "OBAMA" earrings that Beyonce has also been wearing.

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Producer and pop star Will.I.Am also helped get the word out to the early voters about supporting Obama. 


And in case you missed it.....


Will.I.Am wrote a new song called "#GreatTimes" to remind people to be optimistic, activated, connected, united, and focused. He spoke about the clip and video saying,

"It plays on lesser than and greater than... It plays on past vs. future... It plays on crime vs. education... It plays on foreclosures vs. sold... It plays on big oil vs. big green & big clean... It plays on forfeit or forward... It plays on a 20 year plan vs. a 4 year sales pitch."

He added,

"I recently went to my old ghetto and selected some of the best students from one of the worst school in America to mentor and trans4m their lives...

And I wrote this song as an anthem for this mission to TRANS4M Boyle Heights first then TRANS4M every inner city like it in America...

please VOTE on 11.06."

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lookin good and doing good.

lookin good and doing good. love it! and now that I think about it, I would have loved to see Auntie Viv as Stacey Dash's replacement on Single Ladies. I think her and LisaRaye are very similar personalities.
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I agree, Vivica looks great

I agree, Vivica looks great with her hair all pulled back. Chanel looks cute as usual. I think it's great that Liya has aged so gracefully and looks just as young as Chanel.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Grave face Vivica looks

Grave face Vivica looks AMAZING in these photos. She should ALWAYS wear her hair pulled back. For a woman's who's face looks so unnatural she should try to wear natural looking hairstyles like these more often to counteract her GHOSTLY effect. Chanel..bleh...I'm sure no one at that rally even knows who she is.
BEEMA's picture

Liya is a beauty...

Liya is a beauty...

This is the best Ive seen

This is the best Ive seen Aunt Viv's face look in a while.
Realist's picture

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tom103's picture

Wow! Liya is such a beauty

Wow! Liya is such a beauty glad to see her Iman and Vivica doing their part! I stood in line for over an hour on Sat and I am proud to say I voted for Obama and the long wait in line was worth it! Glad to see the people in Ohio standing in lines to vote even in what looks to be cold weather!
Shay's picture

That was so nice! Good to see

That was so nice! Good to see them out doing their part.
Keys's picture

The ladies look great and

The ladies look great and it's good to see them out doing their bit.
DominicanQueen's picture

All of the ladies look nice

All of the ladies look nice with less makeup and hair everywhere. Nice to see them supporting voters too. Kudos to Will.i.am. He doesn't talk much but he's stays on a positive grind.

...And I'mma need for Vivica

...And I'mma need for Vivica to close her mouth when she takes pictures, reminds me too much of that infamous porn flick she denied being in. She's doing THE MOST to get Obama's attention, just RIDING his dick...literally...her and her buddy Lisa Raye...Pathetic Political Groupies...smh...Thirsty Political Groupies.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Aunt Viv's face is embalmed

Aunt Viv's face is embalmed with botox...it's a MIRACLE she can even open her mouth!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


Carmen CaBoom's picture

Political Groupies...But

Political Groupies...But where will they be AFTER the election? Hmph.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

All the ladies look GREAT,

All the ladies look GREAT, even "GRAVE FACE" Vivica! Liya looks just like Luda's girl, EXDOUS or watever, but maybe its because they're both from ETHIOPIA!
tori's picture

CAN'T nobody tell me that

CAN'T nobody tell me that Chinese Iman isn't 100% Japanese and Asian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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