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Kendrick Lamar DROPS “The Jig Is Up (Dump’n)” SINGLE, "GOOD KID M.A.A.D CITY" Debuts At #2 + Rihanna's DELUXE "Unapologetic" Disc SELLING For $250!

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Rapper Kendrick Lamar celebrated the #2 debut of his album, good kid, m.A.A.d city by releasing a new track called “The Jig Is Up (Dump’n).”  Listen to it inside and find out how much a deluxe copy of Rihanna's Unapologetic will cost.

Kendrick Lamar's debut album, good kid, m.A.A.d city, lands in the #2 spot on Billboard's Top 200 this week, selling an estimated 242,122 in its first week.  The projected sales make Kendrick's debut the fastest selling rap album of the year (in its first week).  

Kendrick excitedly tweeted the news saying, 


To show appeciation for his fan's support, he released a new song, produced by J. Cole, called “The Jig Is Up (Dump’n).”  



Meanwhile, Brandy's Two Eleven remained in the top ten.




Also in music......



As Rihanna preps to release Unapologetic (Nov. 16), she's announced a deluxe version of the disc that will set stans back $250. So...what will you get for $250?

The Diamonds Executive Platinum Box comes with the Unapologetic disc, a handwritten personal note from the star, a custom-made white-and-silver View-Master with a "vintage reel of never-before-released 3-D images" of her style evolution, a T-shirt, a two-gigabyte flash drive with Rihanna's photo on it, seven art-print lithographs, seven laptop stickers, a poster, a 40-page book of notes and lyrics, a 20-minute DVD, and a special-edition vinyl record featuring remixes of the hit "Diamonds.

The Diamonds Executive Platinum Box ships Dec. 11.



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hooklookping's picture

Ri is with the right team,

Ri is with the right team, ROC Nation, their marketing team is super bananas, that Deluxe Diamond package would make a fans dream Christmas present....there is a market for this kinda of fan package and the majority of that demographic is white and jobless aka pre-teenagers. IT is already proved we (black people) don't support our artist as, Brandy's first week sales were 65k and Taylor Swifts' first day sales are in the 1 million range...just know Ri and her team are not aiming trying to sale anthing to you...in other news Kendrick Lamar is the truth. THE END.

This is the truest comment I

This is the truest comment I ever read on here..All the black commentors talking about its not going to happen..#1 you wouldn't buy her regular priced cd..#2 you don't have the $250 anyway..and #3 Rhi is not even checkin FOR YOU BOO! Watch other artists start doing this now...just like when 1 person re-released a successful cd with a few more tracks and charged more money and people went and basically bought the same cd plus paid for a few more tracks..now everyone is doing it. Rhianna is a TREND-SETTA!!! Right in time for x-mas! Those French..and Italian..and British parents want to see their little teenagers happy for x mas!
BEEMA's picture


K LAMAR IS DA TRUTTHHH!!!! *click clack*
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i heard his album is dope and

i heard his album is dope and worth checking out Kendrick. Just concern he is another Frank Ocean
lola69's picture

I recently just started

I recently just started listening to the Compton kid Kendrick, and his album is BANANAS! RHITARD must be hittin the CRACK PIPE with CB because if that TRICK album was FREE, it would be TOO MUCH!
tori's picture

Rih I like you but reality

Rih I like you but reality check! aint gonna happen mama, at least not with me. Kendrick's album is the shizznick.
Realist's picture

These celebrities are crazy

These celebrities are crazy and really thinks very highly of themselves and whoever spends their money on this bullshit needs to seek help. A handwritten personal note?( are you serious, who gives a f--k) Her style evolution? T shirt? A flash drive with her photo on it? REALLY? $250.00........ I can't
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Rihanna is out of her Bajan

Rihanna is out of her Bajan mind!! For 250, I betta get a diamond - silly bish!!
shylibra's picture


blynne23's picture

LOVE Kendrick Lamar's

LOVE Kendrick Lamar's album!!!
diamond2012's picture

I'm liking that song...nice

I'm liking that song...nice that Cole getting his producer credits in...I need to find it so it get in rotation! Rihanna...ummm can i get a diamond in that deluxe set??

Ummm....album sales have to

Ummm....album sales have to do with how many copies the store ordered right? On another note...Taylor Swift is really doin it. As far as Rihanna, I think the package is worth it. If she were my favorite artist, I might consider ordering one.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Like REally RIRI...Urrm A

Like REally RIRI...Urrm A NOTE... Hell I'll pay if the BISH say u have retired!! bahaha...oh yea startin with that superfluous hairstlye and dem hard azz nips u stay flexin like biceps everywhere yo arse go!!!
Like Really's picture

@ Like Really Today why does

@ Like Really Today why does your pic look like Draya from Basktball Wives LA? I really hope you don't think Draya is ugly because she is a cute girl to me. Maybe it's just the side profile or the fact that I misplaced my contacts today. Pretty pic nontheless, this is why I don't put my pic of myself up because, some pics I can't make out the face although all your pics are very clear. I can't tell if some of the other folks are young or old. Some people need to back up out the camera. I just don't think that lil pic spot will show an accurate take on my good looks. Today your pic is very pretty though!
Shay's picture

LOL..naw she's not but I only

LOL..naw she's not but I only try lookin like lil' ole me.. hehe but thats sweet and thank ya Kindly!
Like Really's picture

Damn that beat go hard and K

Damn that beat go hard and K Dot rips it... 2 of the hardest out J Cole & Kendrick Lemar

I like Kendrick's

I like Kendrick's song.....Get yo paper Ri Ri!!
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