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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Toni Braxton's FULL "Behind The Music" + Halle Berry Chops It Up On "Chelsea Lately"

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Halle Berry is still doing promo for her Cloud Atlas film that flopped at the theaters.  But she rolled to "Chelsea Lately" to chop it up about her umpteen characters last night.


Plus, we've got video of Toni Braxton's "Behind The Music" special that aired on VH1 last night....


Last night, VH1 aired Toni Braxton's "Behind The Music." And for the first time, we learn the real deal behind those two bankruptcy situations, her heath, her son's autism and the guilt she still feels about succeeding without her sisters.

Toni revealed that the first bankruptcy was a result of a horrible contract. While signed to Arista as the First Lady of LaFace, Toni was given the full Hollywood treatment while her self-titled debut album was a #1 success. What she didn't realize is that her "slave like" contract allowed the record company to recoup all the money for clothes, hotels, travel, perks they originally provided for her. So she ended up with only $2K.

The second bankruptcy occurred after she pulled out of the 2 year of Vegas shows (a series originally slated for only 6 weeks). When she suffered a heart attack from over working herself and finding out her oldest son Denim had autism, she needed to pull out of the gig. The insurance company backing the project decided not to cover the expenses. So all the lighting, production, sound, etc. companies sued TONI for the money.

Check out the full episode where she also speaks on the guilt she has for going solo (even though her fam pushed her to) and succeeding without her Braxton sisters.



Also last night, Halle Berry stopped by Chelsea's show to talk Cloud Atlas.  Halle said even though the story seems convoluted, it's actually just a simple story of revolution. So she says.

Check out their funny convo and Halle looking HOT above.


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I LOVE TONI!!!! Thanks for

I LOVE TONI!!!! Thanks for posting this video. I hate that she had to go thru all those things. She's so talented and I just want her to succeed. I'm not sure if she'll ever make it back on top though. She should be worth at least $100 million with her talent. Her money woes sadden me.
IAmCoolBreeze's picture

I understand the first

I understand the first contract for Toni Braxton but definitely not the 2nd situation with Vegas...should have never happened! She should have been 2 wise and lawyered up properly for that not to happen!!!
Money First's picture

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I also saw Cloud Atlas and

I also saw Cloud Atlas and thought it was great. I think it only underperformed because of people preparing for the storm and were distracted. But this is really a great movie. I plan to see it again.
danie2020's picture

Well I went to see Cloud

Well I went to see Cloud Atlas & it was amazing!!! & wanted to see it again. Go Halle.
RO's picture

does anyone know who is the

does anyone know who is the designer of those shoes.....wow!!
lifeisgood's picture

bankruptcy twice in 2 years

bankruptcy twice in 2 years ??? first time shame on you, seconde time shame on you again 'cause you seem to be shameless!

i'm a big toni braxton fan,

i'm a big toni braxton fan, i'm glad she got a chance to explain her side of the story. i'm 26 and was about 12 when toni was at the peak of her success and i dont think i ever really heard HOW she went bankrupt and assumed, like everyone else, she was overspending. her bankruptcy and tlc's money problems helped me learn a lot more about how the music industry really works!
ohgoodness's picture

Halle is Beautiful Toni is

Halle is Beautiful Toni is not and yes Halle bores me and dumb bankrupt Toni for the second time annoys and bores me to death! I hate to hear about people who can not manage their money right. We have heard her story before. Next!
Shay's picture

2 beautiful & boring bangers!

2 beautiful & boring bangers! They both look good to be in their mid 40's!
tori's picture

Halle's shoes are FIRE.

Halle's shoes are FIRE.
PacificGirl's picture

Oh Toni.. .Whoizme

Oh Toni.. .Whoizme
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