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FIRST LOOK: Chrisette Michele Launches Comeback With A New 'Rich Hipster' Look & New Track "Charades"

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Chrisette Michele is back on the scene...and she's got a brand new look to boot.  The "Be OK" singer calls her new look--which she styled herself for this fresh photoshoot--"Rich Hipster".


TheYBF.com has the first look at her brand new Derek Blanks photoshoot, and we've got her new track "Charades" inside...

The Grammy Award winning artist recently shot w/ famed celebrity photographer Derek Blanks, flaunting her new Audrey Hepburn-inspired style which she calls "Rich Hipster".


The 29-year-old revealed that she was inspired during her Summer travels to London, Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam, retracing the footsteps of her favorite fashion icon.  So she also created her new mixtape project, Audrey Hepburn: An Audiovisual Presentation, featuring a collection of photography and video by Derek Blanks, docu-shorts and music fusing together the sounds of Hip Hop, R&B, World Music and Jazz.

Check out the rest of the hot black & white photos, where Chrisette's rocking a new split hi-top fade and vintage makeup and fashion:

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We're kinds loving her new style.

Also, Chrisette just dropped a track for her comeback.  It's called "Charades" and it's off her upcoming Audrey Hepburn project. The mixtape will be available for free download December 8th.  The day before she turns the big 3-0!

Check it below...


Photography: Derek Blanks/BTS photo by Traci Reid


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Love it!!!!! AND LOVE

Love it!!!!! AND LOVE HER!!!!!

I actually like her look.

I actually like her look. Rihanna changes her look all the time and no one questions her. Do your thang Chrisette!
IAmCoolBreeze's picture

Like the last couple of

Like the last couple of photos of her natural look..... Anyone Wanting To Have Additional Income But Don't Want To Work A Part-Time Job...Click Here To See How You Can Make Money In The Comfort Of Your Own Home...http://getweeklypaychecks.com/landingpage2.php?user=adriane34 Any Questions You Can Reach Me At adrianed08@gmail.com
success123's picture

I kinda feeling this look.

I kinda feeling this look. LOVES them shades!!!! The song is ok for me but can't deny she has an incredible voice

Chrisette love your voice but

Chrisette love your voice but honestly to trying to disrespect your artistic expression, but this look is a little youngster for a grown woman of your status. Ijs. Wish u luck anyway.
TeaNicole's picture

Channelling Will.i.am - I

Channelling Will.i.am - I wish her much luck!
Happy Lady's picture

Chrisette is beautiful and

Chrisette is beautiful and talented and I am excited for her new music.
Taj's picture

Love those last two Pics.

Love those last two Pics.
star's picture

Chrisette has slimmed down &

Chrisette has slimmed down & looks good! The "Rich Hipster" is a MISS! Ain't nothing "rich" or "hipster" about the clothes! The lashes are excessive, but watev, Audrey Hepburn...you are NOT!
tori's picture

OMG, this is my girl..I LOVE

OMG, this is my girl..I LOVE Chrisette Michele..I pray that her career does extremely well and she continue to make great music..She looks good with her short haircut when it's permed not natural but that's my Chrisette..@MarshayH Loves her
MarshayH's picture

Chrisette is definitely YBF!

Chrisette is definitely YBF! She looks like she's slimmed down a bit. The pics are fab, but I hate seeing women smoke cigars. Cut that out!
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Jersey here's picture

chile cheese

chile cheese
BEEMA's picture

If she was Zoe Kravitz then

If she was Zoe Kravitz then this "hipster" look would work. However on Chrisette it looks desperate for relevance.

Love it, she's gorgeous!!!

Love it, she's gorgeous!!!
Realist's picture

Her new look? No bueno!!

Her new look? No bueno!!
shylibra's picture

I loooove it.

I loooove it.

Uhhhh, that would be a NO.

Uhhhh, that would be a NO.
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