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OH? Stacey Dash "Fights The Good Fight" As She Poses It Up With VP Candidate Paul Ryan

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Stacey Dash is "fighting the good fight" y'all.  Check out the extra awkward pic the actress just tweeted with VP candidate Paul Ryan inside...

The Clueless actress is back to campaigning for the Romney/Ryan ticket.  And we're back to waiting for her to give one actual reason--like a policy she actually knows about that they want to enforce--as to why.

So in an odd pic posted on her Twitter account today, Stacey posed it up with Paul Ryan at some type of press conference....and Ryan looks like he just found out her name an hour ago.  Stacey tweeted:

Fighting the good fight. Godspeed. @reppaulryan @MittRomney #Romney/Ryan20

Why do we get the feeling Stacey is the Varsity cheerleader accidentally cheering for the team that just made a touchdown and she didn't realize her school was actually on defense? 

But do you boo.



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You will be a sad woman when

You will be a sad woman when this election is over. The republicans will be finised using your foolishness, and the Democrats will have no good use for you. Savor this time in the spotlight, because it is about to dim on a sista!

uuuummmmmm who gives a fuck

uuuummmmmm who gives a fuck about her and who she's voting for.
diamond2012's picture

Just don't care... If she

Just don't care... If she supports the Republican Party that is great that she is excersising her rights... Just don't understand that car ad with the Baywatch kini on and this picture seems forced... #whatever

A picture says a thousand

A picture says a thousand words...Stacey is clearly uncomfortable standing next to Ryan...get your Clueless ass somewhere and sit down.
Lola's picture

i guess she is one a people

i guess she is one a people who doesnt want to pay more taxes

I too believe she is doing

I too believe she is doing this for attention, however why is it so WRONG for her to endorse who she FEELS is the best candidate?

stacy looks real stupid

stacy looks real stupid standing there in that horrible dress like she a house nigger

stacey who? she looks real

stacey who? she looks real stupid standing there in that horrible dress, thumbs down

i hope she finds the

i hope she finds the attention she is seeking!!!!!!! #OAN that freaking dress is hawt to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing comes to mind,

One thing comes to mind, Nikki Minaj's song "Stupid Hoe!". You's a stupid hoe, stu stu stupid hoe!
stevieJ's picture

This is why nov 6 we need to

This is why nov 6 we need to show up and vote. break records. this young lady has the right to vote for who she wants. it just funny to me back in 2008 she wasn't behind cain. go vote don't talk about it show up on nov 6 say it loud... Obama 2012
stepup2's picture

This woman is such a CLOWN!!!

This woman is such a CLOWN!!!
Didshesaythat's picture

Nothing's happening in terms

Nothing's happening in terms of roles in hollywierd so she might as well let the Repubes use her irrelevant ass.
Realist's picture

This is SOO SAD! Fame or lack

This is SOO SAD! Fame or lack of fame can really make people do some pathetic things. Damn near 50yrs and now she wants attention. Have a seat old girl! Your time has passed It's over for you! These Publicity stunts will not get you a job in Hollywood. Stacey has been divorced 3 times she does not have to work because her brother Darien Dash is reported worth 90million. People like Stacey are sad because she's mad and she thinks she's getting back at the black community by showing this INSINCERE support for Romney. Stacey is nothing but an old fool because black people were her biggest fans. Like someone said we always gave her a pass for being the cute black girl from Clueless W/ HER CARTOONISH VOICE AND BAD ACTING SKILLS but, NO MORE! THIS HAG IS PLAYING GAMES AND IS PLAYING W/ PEOPLE'S LIVES FOR ATTENTION! THIS ELECTION IS A SERIOUS MATTER. Now she's Stacey The Desperate Hag Hoping that Hollywood will Held her a job! What an OLD, PATHETIC,DESPERATE, DEGENERATE REJECT SHE IS! This girl is mad because she did not make it in Hollywood all that BIG and she is NOT a a household name. That gooogly eyed Paul Ryan probably said to her "and, exactly Who are you again?
Shay's picture

What does her brother's net

What does her brother's net worth have to do with her? Is he supporting her or something?
blynne23's picture

Hello you do the math! She

Hello you do the math! She does not get work that often and only 1 out of the 3 white dudes she married had a lil money. I am pretty sure If my brother were worth 90 million I would not be working or worry about finding work. Given that fact that she don't seem to be struggling like alot of old has been actors It's my conclusion that he probably helps her out or has set her up nicely. Why else would she leave a paying gig on that show Single Ladies people who really need money don't walk away from a show no matter how pathetic the show is. People like Lisa Raye needed that show to pay the bills people who come from money like Stacey does not. Stacey and Brother went to Boarding Schools and grew up priviledged. Unfortunately they both had self hate and wanted desperately to be white. You can't tell her or her brother they are not white. I don't see how being their mom Linda is Mexican and their late drug addicted father was a black man. They both married white and are self-hater's. Not because they married white people but because they wanted to be white themselves. Sad Sad People!
Shay's picture

Sarah Dash is Stacey's mother

Sarah Dash is Stacey's mother an African American...she was in a singing group with Patti LaBelle, not sure who her father is.
Lola's picture

Sorry @Lola but Stacey's mom

Sorry @Lola but Stacey's mom is as she said on Wendy Williams & other interviews that her mom is Mexican/Aztec and her dad is Bajan(Black) from Barbados. I use to be a kind of sorta a fan of hers back in the day. Not a fan of her bad acting but of her unique look and did my homework on her background. People always told me that I looked like her so that made me have a sort of likeness for her but no more. I 'm just glad I am alot smarter than she is.
Shay's picture

Stacey's bro may be, worth

Stacey's bro may be, worth $90 million, but I doubt he funds her lifestyle, she is a beautiful woman & I'm sure she uses that to her advantage. Stacey is a crappy actress but she keeps a job! Most of her work is not well known but she is a WORKING actress. I'm not sure what she's going through with this whole ROMNEY OR DIE kick she's on, I hope she get through it!
tori's picture

Natasha can you stop giving

Natasha can you stop giving this non-relevant person energy by these posting...ok we know she is voting Mitt team but lets not give her or them a platform if you support Obama...you should be doing regular posting of Obama on the campaign trail...or positives updates...enough of this Stacey crap.....use your media powers wisely!
lifeisgood's picture

She is looking for a sponsor

She is looking for a sponsor (with her broke jobless azz, lol)......I CAN'T WITH MS DASH.....but her hair is LAYED BY THE GODS (flips hair).
Naomi's picture

Clearly she's just looking

Clearly she's just looking for attention with her jobless ass. She has about 10 fans (maybe less) so if she's looking to make an impact, she needs to go home and rethink that whole strategy. Who knows, she probably was just trying to gain Paul Ryan's attention in hopes that he would leave his wife for her and if that's the case, she needs to go home and rethink that strategy as well, because regardless of how many people done gassed you up, you're not that cute. Anywho........ No more postings about Stacey Please. Thanks.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I agree with Sunflower...I

I agree with Sunflower...I don't care who she supports but this whole thing seems disingenuous...Mitt or Paul have no idea who she is...but whatever Stacey, do you boo...

Stacey Dash is so

Stacey Dash is so special...we always knew she was clueless but we gave her a pass because she was cute...but she's lost a lot of fans on this one...the presidential race is serious business to the lives of MANY, our children's future, our senior citizens, our country as a whole and she's bullshitting...if she weren't b/sing we'd know what it is about the party that warrants her support. Not that she's anybody, but if she could have shed some light about something we weren't aware of, it could be helpful...but she's a strifling idiot to use something so important as a publicity tool
Reign's picture

I'm so disappointed in

I'm so disappointed in Stacey. Not because she's a repub, but the way she's going about this whole endorsement. I'm no longer a fan. smh!
Happy Lady's picture

Lol stacey dash is so fake

Lol stacey dash is so fake and the biggest dummy ever! Attention seeking whore
Tjblack's picture

She paid for that too....to

She paid for that too....to get a photo like that with a potential Vice President....you have to DONATE major amounts of MONEY to their campaign.................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Ugh! Shut

Ugh! Shut uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppp Natasha!!! "And we're back to waiting for her to give one actual reason--like a policy she actually knows about that they want to enforce--as to why." 1)You can wait for as long as you'd like. Stacey Dash doesn't owe America nor the world an explanation regarding her reason for backing Romney/Ryan. This is this womans business, because I know that even if she WERE to provide an explanation, it would still not be good enough for "you," as if you are the center of the universe. Yeah....right. 2)You think Beyonce REALLY gave a reason as to why she's for Obama? Or did she LITERALLY quote EVERYTHING the NEXT person said..........????????????? So, what are HER reasons again? You are the most ridiculous person. Again, I understand this is a blog, but if you continue to be biased like this, including on other types of stories, people will lose respect for you. Atleast some other blogs such as Mediatakeout are OPEN with their ridiculousness and backwards stories. That's all....
Featherlight's picture

She's just doing the same

She's just doing the same stuff Bey-Z is doing with Obama. Except Bey PRETENDS she's Marilyn Monroe by wearing a BLONDE Wig & RED DRESS and tries to sing for him (I wonder if Bey got Monica Lewinsky'd by the President....and saved the Red Dress????)...........
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I think she's looking for

I think she's looking for attention.

Obama/Biden 2012! NEXT!

Obama/Biden 2012! NEXT!
Beautyfulones's picture

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ksophia's picture

she's clueless in real life

she's clueless in real life too..so it makes sense she is standing up for a bunch clueless ppl
chakacan's picture

If and i do mean if stacey

If and i do mean if stacey dash was still relevant even in the past 10 years this would be a problem but we only know she is still alive because of her latest ignorant stunts. Stacey has never in all her career made it known she has any causes, charities, or serious intellegient contributions to society so why is anyone taking her seriously? Let her do what all black republicans are doing. making a fool of themselves. When it is said and done the republican candidates will do what they always do, go back to only hanging around and socializing with other rich white republican candidates. No need to argue with them. no need to ask them why? Its that "I don't wanna seem like Im just hanging with the black people" mentality. When what baffles me is that white people expecially racist ones don't mind letting you know they are doing what they do and choosing who they choose because they are white. So why should we feel bad for sticking by our race? seriously. Why should we hang our head in shame and make up excuses for why we are coming together as a race for a common cause? that's what they do everyday all day. When they choose someone less qualified for a job over a black person just because she has blond hair and blue eyes fresh out of school with no experience. Or they have an entire neighborhood of white ppl living in these huge mansions and only 1 black family there so no one can say their is a hidden system. Or when you have new media who have reported on senators and congressmen making the most racial, degrading, disrespectful comments about the president for the first time ever because of the color of his skin and yet these senators and congressmen are still employed by the government. Why should we not stick together. We spend so much time as a race fighting one another, pulling each other down. Now we have a common cause and they want us to be ashamed. black republicans can't even tell me that at the RNC on television they saw much of anything that looked like them other than the news reporters that the tv stations sent there to pretend like we belonged. they hypocrisy of it all is just amazing. Stacey your political stance just like your status on single ladies and your career is just like your biggest hit movie " clueless"
meekmeek's picture

Stacey, are you doing this to

Stacey, are you doing this to piss off Jigga b/c of how he did your cousin Dame? Or do you think Mitt & Paul will ask you to sing at their inauguration?
tori's picture

Like I stated before, she is

Like I stated before, she is entitled to vote for whomever she wants, but this really smells like a publicity stunt. OK, Stacey, we see you.
Sunflower Jones's picture

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