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COSTUME ROUNDUP: Diddy & Cassie, Kanye & Kim, Trina Braxton And MORE ROCK OUT With Halloween Looks

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Many YBF celebs partied it up for Halloween in some interesting costumes.  See Diddy and his boo Cassie partying at the Playboy Mansion and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in NYC inside.....


Celebs were out and about over the weekend getting into all kinds of Halloween mischief.  




Diddy partied alongside son Quincy when he wasn't doing his Prince impressions at the Playboy Mansion.  His girlfriend Cassie tapped into her Egyptian sexy for the ocassion. It looks like he's recovering well from his accident. 


But why does Diddy's outfit look like it came from a party store at the mall?



Quincy caught all the footage on his two cameras.



Russell Simmons pay homage to the Run DMC days and dressed like his brother. He partied it up at the Playboy Mansion as well.


Chris Brown was seen leaving the Playboy Mansion in his new Lambo.



And it looks like Draya Michele was unfazed by the recent "BBW LA" firings.  She went dressed as a bride....on her honeymoon night.


She posted to Instagram, "Basketball wife my ass. Waaaaayyyy baaaaaaddddder ! and "Married to none. Wanted by many."


Over in NYC:


LaLa Anthony looked PURRfect in her costume.


She posed with Kim Kardashian (as a mermaid) on the Midori Halloween party carpet in New York City. We haven't seen them hang out together in a while.



The ladies shared a Midori cocktail....one of many companies Kim attached her name to....of course.


Kim made her way through the party with her boyfriend Kanye West as he stood on the sidelines and took pics of her.




The couple played on a "nautical theme" with Kayne dressing as a "Captain."


The were spotted getting kissy.


Was Victoria's Secret model Jessica White dressed as a Victoria's Secret model?



Trina Braxton got her "Wonder Woman" on at designer Reco Chapelle's party in Atlanta.


Big Boi and his wife Sherlita hosted their own party in Atlanta and went as Star Wars characters.

Seal and his date (Heidi's not the only one who moves fast!) dressed as NBA players. When he was with Heidi Klum, they also dressed as a couple for her Halloween parties.  

Evan Ross partied with his girlfriend.


Photos via INFphoto.com/Andres Otero/WENN.com/Splash/PacificCoastNews.co



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Diddy looks like Dave

Diddy looks like Dave Chappelles version of Prince. Dreya and Jessica White look so damn desperate. Seal aint studying his date. And who would drink behind Kim K? LaLa, Eww!
drsone's picture

Kim finally getting fat seal

Kim finally getting fat seal date looks like a crackhead Trina looks great
Thedondiva's picture

Prince? Oh is that who Diddy

Prince? Oh is that who Diddy is supposed to be? That's a hot ass mess Prince impersonation. Cassie looks like a tranny. I know the makeup is supposed to be dramatic but DAMN! Why do women use halloween as an excuse to dress like a ho? Ya'll ain't foolin nobody lol! Seal should just go as himself for halloween.. Oops did I say that?
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Diddy looks more like the

Diddy looks more like the bunch of grapes from the Fruit of the Loom guys. Kim looks a HUGE (especially in the hip area) mess!
Denise2007's picture

Some of the costumes were

Some of the costumes were good.....The ones that were not really that good were: Kim & Kanye's, Trina Braxton and Diddy. Its funny that Diddy would try to be Prince when Prince doesn't even like him.....
Naomi's picture

Love Cassie and LaLa

Love Cassie and LaLa Costumes!

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Tresses's picture

Seal is sexy as HELL to me!

Seal is sexy as HELL to me! Swing my way Seal wich yo foine self. Draya is funny looking in the face & she always has been; she is NOT cute. Diddy looks stupid and that dark Egyptian eye make-up doesn't suit Cassie. I like Russell Simmon's Addidas track suit. Kanye reminds me of my cousin in that pic above Jessica White & she looks sexy. Trina Braxton's body looks good.
I_love_laughing's picture

Draya could have used some

Draya could have used some baby oil cause her butt looking extra ashy .

Draya is reeeallly feeling

Draya is reeeallly feeling herself. NEWSFLASH: You are not the baddest bitch in LA...not even close. You were cute last year but now the blonde hair and the stank attitude don't look good on you. Lala and Kim look like fking idiots...what mermaid wears pearls? Just dumb!
PacificGirl's picture

All these costumes were

All these costumes were boring. The only real celebs were Diddy and Seal anyway. I hope Natasha post some better pics with ALOT of real celebs next time.
Keys's picture

Draya looks like she tootin

Draya looks like she tootin up her a$$ to LET ONE RIP in her 1st pic...excuse me CRATER FACE, I mean, Seal, how you go from VS model to an OVERWEIGHT P.E. teacher?
tori's picture

Why is draya even being

Why is draya even being mentioned with celebs? Just because you have been ran through by male celebs don't make you one. She thinks too highly of her rat looking self w/ her fake butt and boobs.

It looked like it was a Great

It looked like it was a Great Party!
rebellious soul's picture

TRUST ME, all those folks

TRUST ME, all those folks WERE NOT going to or come from the same place! I agree with you about Evan, he always look like he plottin & schemin & keep a Becky on deck....just in case!
tori's picture

Hold up “Kemosabe”… I was

Hold up “Kemosabe”… I was referring to Evan’s “Dick Tracy” looking costume, as oppose to his character! … Also, what Evan does with another mature adult is his business! … Yelling, “Hi-yo, Silver!”
rebellious soul's picture

I like Evans, but, Evans

I like Evans, but, Evans looks like one of those Shady Landlords that placed a Hidden Camera behind the Bathroom Ceiling Fan, in order to see what others looked like! – Diddy looks like the Godfather of Soul!...
rebellious soul's picture

Got DAMN Seal is one ugly

Got DAMN Seal is one ugly muther 'flucka'. I don't think I would be able to eat and look at him. I don't know how Hedie did that shit, Ewwww
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Who the Hell does Fat Diddy

Who the Hell does Fat Diddy suppose to be? At first glance I thought he was suppose to be a black Mariachi singer about to serenade his girl toy. Cause if he is suppose to be Prince. He has failed miserably! He looks more like he came as Missy Elliot than Prince. He looks very very foolish! LaLa looks nice but Kim look awlful like she just came from getting botox.
Shay's picture

DANG!!!!!! Jessica White

DANG!!!!!! Jessica White looks like she can fit 3 Black Cocks up there...or 5 White Cocks...or 4 Hispanic Cocks. .........Cassie is dressed as a Sex Toy (and looks enthralled)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Diddy looks so funny, love

Diddy looks so funny, love it. Draya went as her usual slutty self, no change there. It's too bad that Kim and La La...and Kanye are too damn stuffy to get into character...their looks are boring as hell. I'm not digging Trina's get-up or those of the two guys in the pic with her. Everyone else looked crazy-cool, looks like fun times to be had. Diddy looks like he's auditioning for a part on either SNL or In Living Color...love it, I'd like to see him get all made up like this more often. Cassie looks so drab and blah.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Lala you should wear a

Lala you should wear a costume 24/7 best I've seen you look, everyone else looks sloppy.
TeaNicole's picture

Hate to admit it, but Lala

Hate to admit it, but Lala looked cute in her outfit....Everyone failed miserably.
star's picture

Diddy failed miserably at

Diddy failed miserably at Prince.. But he did capture Chris Rock azz in CB4!! Bahaa
Like Really's picture

Really Diddy?...love La La's

Really Diddy?...love La La's and KIm's costume...and Kanye where you going in them red shoes...LOL
Lola's picture

LOL @ Diddy and you forgot to

LOL @ Diddy and you forgot to mention Draya was posting pix on her Instagram with legs wide open and boobs hanging out! SMH she must've forgot she was a mom and has a son at home!

Lol I seen those X-RATED pics

Lol I seen those X-RATED pics of Draya, I'm all about a HO saving HERSELF, but her son is going to be taunted SEVERLY when he goes to High School. All his MALE teachers are going to be sending home letters for a "Parent-Teacher meeting" and then be mad as hell when her HATCHET FACE (Crybaby) lookin mother show up!
tori's picture

Sumthin tells me that wasn't

Sumthin tells me that wasn't the 1st time Diddy put on MAKE-UP & a WIG! Kim looks like a RUSSIAN WHORE named "Karina Provocsk" & Draya know DAMN well she will NEVER be a BRIDE! Smh @ Jessica & Trina!
tori's picture

LOL @ Drays I said the same

LOL @ Drays I said the same thing Ha live it out on Halloween girl ain't nobody kissing that bride in the mouth.
Mouse's picture

Lala scored, the rest failed

Lala scored, the rest failed miserably.
Realist's picture

Looks like fun...

Looks like fun...
qtpa2t's picture

Nice to know Diddy shops at

Nice to know Diddy shops at Party City like everyone else.

I guess Chris thought he was

I guess Chris thought he was too cool to dress up. That would've been the perfect time for him to come dressed as a pimp with his dummies Kerosine and Rih- dummy on each arm. Anywho...... Kim looks like a well paid, std carrying prostitute instead of a mermaid and I wish that we can go one year without somebody with the same ole tired catsuit costume.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Haha and LaLa dumb arse

Haha and LaLa dumb arse drinkin' behind that disease filled whore!! Smdhlolol.... Yuck!!
Like Really's picture

Diddy should go punch himself

Diddy should go punch himself in the TESTICLES non-stop for 15 MINUTES...for wearing that. LaLa looks Fabby but YOU KNOW she's wearing butt pads. And on Halloween...ALL the other sluts get to dress like....SLUTS.
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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