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FOOLYWANG SCANDAL: Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr. SUSPENDED For Alleged Affair With Fellow Officer, Married Mistress Poses With GUN IN MOUTH

Another sex scandal has hit the city of Detroit.  And this time, more foolishness is ensuing with mistresses and guns.  Deets inside on how the police chief is allegedly caught up...

In a twisted sex scandal, Detroit's Police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr. is caught up for the second in his 2-year tenure as Chief. 

According to Godbee's fellow Detroit police officer, Angelica Robinson, she and Godbee have been involved in an intimate relationship for a year.

Angelica, along with 4 other female police officers and the ACLU, once sued the City and police department for pregnancy related discriminatory actions, and settled for $268,000 as a group in 2010.  She is married with a young child.  And Chief Godbee is also married, even though he and his wife just filed for divorce this August.  Oh, and he's a MINISTER as well.

The scandal unfolded after Angelica learned that Godbee was cheating with other women, according to ABC News, at a recent police officer conference in San Diego.  Saturday, she took to her Twitter to post a picture of herself holding a Detroit Police Department issued 9 millimeter gun in her mouth.  Needless to say, Godbee saw Angelica's tweet (we're following mistresses on Twitter now?) and sent a few of his officers to her house in nearby Farmington to check on her.  He used Department resources to track her down, via her cell phone, which now raises questions of jurisdiction and using police resources for personal reasons.

The gun was reportedly taken away, and Angelica was sent for psychiatric evaluation.  But Godbee maintains Angelica is simply a "stalker" and denies any involvement with her.  Of course.

Angelica told ABC that Godbee needs to "man up" and "quit being so damn selfish."  She also stands by the fact they were intimately involved saying:

"I've been trying to get him to leave me, just leave me alone so I can just go ahead on and he go ahead on.  I kept asking him to close the door on this and just walk away. Maybe we can be friends next year, but not right now."

She apologizes to Mrs. Godbee and the Godbee's daughter saying:

"I'll work on my marriage, preserving my marriage with my husband and my daughter. I apologize to his wife, I apologize to his daughter.  Those are the only two women that's important in his marriage. They have gotten hurt."

Meanwhile, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing has put Godbee on a 30-day suspension, but also says he will likely be fired.

And get this, Godbee took over from his predecessor, Warren Davis, after Davis was forced to resign after getting caught in a sex scandal with Detroit Lt. Monique Patterson.  Ironically, Godbee was ALSO found to have had an affair with Patterson around the same time.  But was allowed to remain in office.  And, obviously, allowed to remain in his marriage as well.



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She cant blame him for this

She cant blame him for this MESS.and neither can the media, she knew how he was and thats why you dont play 2nd fiddle to no woman, if you cant take being number one you better tell him to about the number 11 rule. Your wife one and I one so together we number 11. She was doing the do and wasnt reaping the benefits and now she feeling stupid because he was with another woman, ugh #sidelinewomen..Get your mind right.
Eran's picture

This sloppy crazy dumb ass

This sloppy crazy dumb ass bitch...how this bitch gone get mad about this mans extracurricular activities when she was the side piece...HE NEVER BELONGED TO HER from the beginning. Now she wants him fired because her feelings are hurt...she wasn't thinking about his wife or daughters feelings when she was getting what she wanted. BOTH SHOULD BE FIRED! What a selfish SLUT! And FYI: It is less likely for black women to commit suicide let alone shot themselves in the face/mouth...bitch only did this to get a reaction out of the guy and his dumb ass fell for it.
qtpa2t's picture

Oh.My.God. I could not stop

Oh.My.God. I could not stop laughing at this. Black people, what is going on? Yes, the whole world is spinning out of control, but my concern is for my people. Are people so sex-crazed that they are ruining their lives over it? And who hired that ghetto reporter, Charlie Leduff??? Too many questions....
Zetagirl's picture

Men will never stop thinking

Men will never stop thinking with their penises... You're going to lose a "good paying job" over some mediocre broad? As we used to say in the playground: "That's what you get!"
tinytexan's picture

Well Damn Chief, Minister!!!!

Well Damn Chief, Minister!!!!
BigJohn's picture

For people to get into

For people to get into positions of power and f*ck it up over some coochie is beyond me. Men, is greasing your peen worth losing your reputation, career, possible wife and children? Think with the head God gave you up top and not with the puny one between your legs!!!
Sunflower Jones's picture

That pic of her with the gun

That pic of her with the gun in her mouth is disturbing, I can imagine that's how she was sucking on his third leg...ewwww. He DUMPED her Miss Piggy looking ass, now she wants her 15 minutes of fame and a check...Chile, Boo
Carmen CaBoom's picture

She is a fucking nutt case

She is a fucking nutt case and he is stupid for sending officers to her house after she posted that crazy ass pic on twitter... She just mad because he probably stop laying the pipe... LMFAO at the news caster reading the txt in that crazy ass voice!

Did they pull any dude off

Did they pull any dude off the street to be a reporter? When he read the tweets in that voice, I damn near spit my orange juice across the desk! LOL!
SweetDivaT's picture


star's picture

She's not suicidal...she's

She's not suicidal...she's gonna sue....what A SENSATIONAL story. That reporter is the WORST and the story was AWFUL. Oh neva mind...that was on FOX.

Sounds like she was sucking

Sounds like she was sucking Godbee before she sucked gun.

S/N: Doesn't Chief Ralph

S/N: Doesn't Chief Ralph remind you of Miles from Soul Food (the movie)??? Hell, you'll know how he got down smh!
tori's picture

Now I know why people call

Now I know why people call Detroit "The D". Dick seems to be the only thing everybody there is thinking about...and with.
DesignDiva's picture

So itz safe to say that

So itz safe to say that Detroit niccas like to let their ding-a-langs swang. As far as the fat bitch mistress, bitch lease, he had DUMED yo FAT ASS after he was DONE using yo BIG ASS to suck his dick and had moved on to the next chick...THAT'S why yo FAT ASS took to yo Twitter with the gun in yo mouth. That's so lame, weak, deserate and childish. Why you didn't pull the trigget, coward ass TRICK?!thirsty and dese
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Sooo this is why the people

Sooo this is why the people of Detroit are running AMOK?? I guess LAW ENFORCEMENT is the ONLY job that's hiring in the D, and apparently they will hire ANYONE! Tear the city down & START OVER!!
tori's picture

Another asshole with a badge

Another asshole with a badge that got caught out there....over some bullshit...so sad - laughing stock of Detroit!!
lifeisgood's picture

Im sincerely trying to

Im sincerely trying to understand why would someone throw away a career that took years to obtain to fall astray for some side action.. Wow..
orumph29's picture

Corruption is everywhere .

Corruption is everywhere . NYC Gov resigned because of prostitutes Spitzer(WHITE) Congressman Weiner resigned tweeting his privates(WHITE) Former President Bill Clinton(WHITE) monica lewinskly, you get my meaning....Stay informed before you spew!
not having it's picture

She is a certified nut case

She is a certified nut case and he is a certified ho.
Ethel Mertz's picture


Yas's picture

Awwww, the little hoe is

Awwww, the little hoe is heartbroken. It's very smart to think that a man who's cheating on his wife with you, is not gonna f--k with other women. What a dumbass.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

You people from the

You people from the inner-city need to be more careful who you elect.....the corruption is ENDLESS. ........smh.......................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Citizens of the entire city

Citizens of the entire city elect officials, not just the inner-city.
Tagirl27's picture

yeah but the City Limits are

yeah but the City Limits are a very small area compared to the county. Thats why i called it "inner-city". ..................................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Omg, this is sad and

Omg, this is sad and outrageous at the same time. The nerve of people!
Tagirl27's picture

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