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WIG OUT! Happy 48th BIRTHDAY Wendy Williams!

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Talk show diva Wendy Williams turns 48 today. Celebrate inside......

Now that her talkshow has taken the country by storm, radio icon Wendy Williams is ready for more.  As she celebrates turning 48, the "woman of a certain age" is set to produce films and a new jewelry line.  All while navigating being a mom, a wife, and in everybody's business.  Could a wig line be in the works too?

Keep building that brand Miss Wendy!


Check out Wendy in the birthday gallery.....

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Happy Birthday Wendy. She has

Happy Birthday Wendy. She has a face and attitude that only a mother could love, but whatever.
Jernero94's picture

Shes got that Sizurp hair.

Shes got that Sizurp hair. That wig be leanin. Hehe.
MyAlterEgoStoleMyIdentity's picture

Fake Niggah Wendell

Fake Niggah Wendell

Natasha what was wrong w/ the

Natasha what was wrong w/ the old way of logging in? I miss many of the funny outlandish comments from people like: Anon,sallyone,SimplyFurious,Judymae,litbrite,Daniel To The D,JennyJones,Simplyyourpad is ready,LovelyGirl,Mila,litebrite,Realtalk,Cheypie,Justsaying,tanyamichelle,Realist,Reno,and many more I forgot. I miss all the anonymous folks as well. Come back folks we miss your comments the site is boring without you all!
Shay's picture

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Wendy....Cancers are the best.
LaFord's picture

Happy Birthday Wendy!! May

Happy Birthday Wendy!! May you have many many more!!
Ethel Loves Cornbread's picture

I couldn't stand Wendy as a

I couldn't stand Wendy as a radio personality, but I must say I've grown to like her talk show. She seems to have toned that overly aggressive, negative attitude down A LOT! Happy Birthday Wendy!
MrsCPA's picture

Happy Birthday Sasquatch, who

Happy Birthday Sasquatch, who says neanderthals don't age gracefully?? You truly are the DRAGqueen of all media.
tori's picture

she has a face made for radio

she has a face made for radio
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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