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Kerry Washington Does Vintage Glam In The July 2012 Issue Of ITALIAN VOGUE

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Gorgeous actress Kerry Washington rocked a sexy photoshoot that appears in the July 2012 issue of VOGUE Italia. See the pics inside......

Posing with French Poodles and in vintage & glamorous looks we're drooling over, 35-year-old "Scandal" star Kerry Washington appears in the July 2012 issue of Italian Vogue.

In the Mark Seliger shoot, Kerry channeled the glamour of Jackie O and all things gorge:


Kerry also just shot the controversial film Django Unchained with Jaime Foxx that's sure to cause a scandal of its own. 
[image removed]

This zebra print Roberto Cavalli animalier jumpsuit is everything.  About the pictorial, Kerry tweeted, "Such a fun shoot!"  We can tell.

Source: Vogue Italia, July 2012 Issue


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She's giving us Jackie O

She's giving us Jackie O meets Diana Ross.
SweetDivaT's picture

Her face is absolutely

Her face is absolutely exquisite.
sianna1's picture

WOW, These are some of the

WOW, These are some of the most beautiful pics. Not many are on here. You go Kerry, always classy. Scandal is my fav show, can't wait until it comes back on in the fall.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

I assume Kerry's weight is

I assume Kerry's weight is down due to a role (Django) but she really does look better with a few more "L-B's"
Denise2007's picture

Memo to ----> Solange "I'm a

Memo to ----> Solange "I'm a drop-out who gets knocked-up" Knowles....... The next time Crayonce' gets you another Fashion Gig.... please pull out your Crayons as well and take notes. Kerry has talent... YOU are a FreeLoader <---------------- yep
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Nice pics. Can't wait for the

Nice pics. Can't wait for the Fall return of "Scandal"
Tagirl27's picture

such a classy

such a classy chic!!!!!!!!!!!!
leesh's picture

Very nice pictures! Looks

Very nice pictures! Looks like she belong in that house.
Happy Lady's picture

Go Kerry you look beautiful.

Go Kerry you look beautiful. That pathetic Gabby Union wished she had the career you have. I have watched you since your early career your first movies like Our Song, Lift and Save the Last Dance and you have came so far. Halle who? Kerry W keep making your mark and only more good things to come for you. Bravo! Bravo!
Shay's picture

I changed my mind...this

I changed my mind...this shoot is giving me True Blood... It really does look like she just awoke from her dam coffin and she hungry as hell!!!
Like Really's picture

This screams cheeseburger

This screams cheeseburger plz!!! Looking like a Anorexic Elvira...All she needed was her broom in this photo shoot!! Baheeee
Like Really's picture

K. Wash is definitely one of

K. Wash is definitely one of my girl crushes! So fab! SN: Why do ppl stay bringing up other ppl in posts that have nothing to do with them. What's funny is...nobody is thinking bout u! Stay secure.
Gia Lo's picture

Kerry just has breathtaking

Kerry just has breathtaking beauty and is the epitome of class
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

wow she has a top lip in

wow she has a top lip in these pictures! nice!!
shuga's picture

Intelligent class act (take

Intelligent class act (take notes Cray Bey. Grab your Crayons Miss Crayonce')............
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Classic, natural BEAUTY. Get

Classic, natural BEAUTY. Get it, girl ;)
shewrites's picture

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