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Shaunie O'Neal DISHES On Evelyn Lozada's Wedding & If She'll Be A Godmother + Gabrielle Union REVEALS Dwyane Wade's EX-WIFE Damaged Her Career

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Shaunie O'Neal recently dished about her fab friend Evelyn Lozada and her wedding to Chad Ochocinco. Get the feet inside and find out how Gabrielle Union says Dwyane Wade's ex-wife affected her public image.


"BBW" star Shaunie O'Neal recently gushed about her friend Evelyn Lozada's beautiful wedding to Chad Ochocinco.  She said, "She’s a Johnson!” Shaunie said the Fourth Of July wedding (in St. Maarten) was lovely and Chad looked hot.

“When he came down [the aisle], that boy was sharp! I’ve been talking about his outfit ever since I left. He look so good!” Shaunie says he wore a navy blue “rich looking suit."  And speaking of his shoes, she said, "They went with that suit and that wedding.” 

She revealed that Evelyn had three costume changes throughout the night.....and one outfit was a catsuit!  But for some odd reason, Shaunie also revealed that she and Suzie were the only other "BBW" co-stars at the wedding.  Hmmm....no Tami or Jen?

And if Chad and Ev have some little Johnsons one day, Shaunie revealed that she'll be the godmother.  “He tried to trick me and say she that was pregnant, but she was like ‘No, I’m not,’ and I said ‘Can I be the godmother’ and they said ‘Yes.’” 



In other news.............

Gabrielle Union recently revealed how the drama with Dwyane Wade's ex-wife had a negative impact on her career.  She said that Siohvaughn Funches presenting an image of Gabby as a homewrecker was very difficult for her.  

“It’s hard because, aside from loving him, I want to protect myself. I’ve built my life. I built my own brand. I built my career and my career took a hit from that madness because some people refuse to see the truth, even when it’s presented to them time and time again. I love him but at some point it’s about self preservation."

She added, 

“I pay for my family. I pay for my mommy and my daddy and my sisters and her family. ‘D’ doesn’t write those checks, I do, so when something is starting to affect the way I make a living, ‘no no no baby,’ let me figure out a way for me to protect our home that me and Dwyane have with the kids.”

And Gabby spoke lovingly of Dwyane's kids saying, 

“You have to put their love of their mom, their love of peace of mind and love of consistency first, and then I have to make sure I can still feed my own family. Luckily, by taking the high road and not engaging in the back and forth craziness, I was able to do both. Luckily, by doing the right thing and putting the children first, it worked out that I was able to save myself.”


 Watch the video of her interview with T.T. Torrez here:

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That person shay needs shut

That person shay needs shut your mouth because I am 99.9% sure you cannot do any better than gabrielle union in acting...and you ppl seem to have a problem with a woman sleeping with a married man, I am prettt sure every celebrity has done that, jus he is not divorce means he cannot see other ppl, he can still be and he and his wife not having a good relationship...gabrielle union is one of the best actress you can ever find, so that shay person needs to back off.
unknown's picture

wat career!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wat career!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They made themselves look

They made themselves look desperate, they both went on TV trying to blame the ex wife for their problems. Whatever I was a fan of Gabriel and Dwayne when he first came into the league and I would see him and his wife together. He did an interview where he stated he would remain humble and never go hollywood LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!I feel sorry for Sio this was her first love and they grew up together and to be treated like that its a shame but she will have the last laugh. Its funny how you never saw the Gabriel with those kids and she never mentioned them. But once people started posting it on here about why she is never with the children then the fake photos start posting. Wade I thought you were so much better than that. I heard your mom became a preacher once she got her life together did she teach you anything about the bible, but you paying the bills so she probably keeps her mouth shut.
Ms Nay's picture

I forgot to mention Ms. Messy

I forgot to mention Ms. Messy Not Cute Shaunie! This one is so happy that Jen and Ev are no longer friends that she can't even hide it. People like Shaunie are insecure and want deperately to look like and Be Ev. That's why she is always running behind her and condoning everything she does. I hate to see insecure black women lick up behind people that look like Ev. For 1 she's old and beat up looking w/ sagging cheeks and saggy skin under the neck. Her age is hitting her very hard now w/ those lines around her mouth and eyes. She's no Beauty at all! If you are going to chase behind a certain look or people that are pretty. At least be pretty !She's no Cassie in the looks dept or Nicole S. from the Pussy Cat Dolls or even Kim K. Put even w/ all Shaunie's money she is so insecure w/ herself that she chases and kisses Ev's Butt! How Pathetic! Tamie use to be half-way cute back in the day before she got all BIG and Drunken looking. She also wants to look and be Ev too even though she slept w/ her husband and made her look like a fool on national tv w/ that non-factor statement! Now Big Tamie is nothing but a angry bull wanting to attack people she feels are weak! Black women need to love themelves more and stop wanting to look other. If Tamie lost weight and get help on the inside. She would be a nice looking lady! Why are both of these black females chasing behind Ev of all people? This is so sad and embarrassing on both their parts!
Shay's picture

Gabrielle should have really

Gabrielle should have really stopped while she was ahead. This silly chick keeps digging herself deeper and deeper into a hole w/ information that she should have never even uttered. In this case Silence is Golden and shows Class but now it's over. There is little to no sympathy for you now! #1. You were never ever going to be an A-List actress anyway because there are too many actresses that can act circles around your Sub Par, Basic, Mediocore acting skills. If you act worse than Halle Berry IMHO and you do. You Suck! With people like:Thandie Newton, Sanna Lathan, Kerry Washington and others around you. You were never ever gonna get too far. #2. Even the other D-lister's like : Lauren London and Megan Goode type actors would always get picked before you would because they both are WAY PRETTIER THAN YOU ARE! #3. You are too Thristy! You want to be an A-Lister so bad that your desperate pathetic self would do anything including sleeping w/ a married man to get ahead. I can see right through women like you. So deperate to be important that you would even talk about your rape just to get the spotlight on you. How low! #4. When you are not the prettest girl or the best actress out the bunch you have to do something to get ahead. In your case steal a married man and last but not least keep throwing it up in the women's face time and time again knowing how clearly unstable she is. Shut the Hell Up! You Reject! #5. How dare you justify yourself w/ saying how you pay your family bills and put private family matter's out in the public. To make yourself look and feel better. I would never tell what I do for anyone! This is CLASSLESS AND ARROGANT! HOW DARE YOU MAKE YOUR FOLKS LOOK LIKE NEEDY BEGGER'S! #6. He still has not MARRIED YOU YET! Until then Shut your Stupid Mouth and think before you speak!
Shay's picture

People are always going to

People are always going to believe what they want to believe. The best you can do is tell your side (if you feel like it) and let it go. That's between you, your man, your family, and God.
Ayesha Nurredin-Nored's picture

Gabby, you hurt your career,

Gabby, you hurt your career, not his ex wife. You knew what you were getting into. Do to others, as you would want to be treated. **at least make a strong effort to do so*** no one is perfect.

I hope none of you

I hope none of you judgemental "Christian" Sea-Hags had pre marital sex or kids out of wedlock (that's 10 times worse in God's Eyes) smh........
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


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juwann's picture

Who gives a damn????????

Who gives a damn????????
undercover411's picture

Legally separated does not

Legally separated does not mean you can’t move on with your life. I have an Uncle that has been legally separated from his wife for over 20 years. They have both moved on with their lives. But, the wife refuses to divorce him because she is very well aware that if he were to die today she would get everything because she still carry the title of being his wife. He could have fought harder to get her to divorce him but he said he is too old for that and since she had his first 5 kids then go ahead and give her everything. However, he wrote in his will that the wife is to share the wealth with his children outside of their marriage. Some people find it easier to legally separate and leave it at that. My uncle and his wife are not the only couple that has stopped at legal separation. I have younger friends that have done that as well and they have moved on with their lives as if they are divorced. They say it is cheaper and less complicated. No one and I say, “No one” rather it is man or woman can break up a happy home. If the home was happy from the beginning the man/woman would have never strayed regardless to who may have crossed their path. So, please get over the not being able to move on because you are legally separated. Time waits for no one and I don’t see being unhappy and miserable because one can’t seem to accept the truth.
Wow's picture

Depending on the state he

Depending on the state he lives in, he can still file and get it approved without her signature. It's based on a timeframe so basically if she doesn't return the papers (for example) within 6 months, it gets granted. My father lives in Vegas and he did it.
Ayesha Nurredin-Nored's picture

the day the Wade sons are old

the day the Wade sons are old enough to read this mess is the day they are going to truly hate Gabrielle Union. if you dont have respect for their mother then you DONT have respect for them.
shuga's picture

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interracial222's picture

Let's keep it real people. D

Let's keep it real people. D Wade's stock went up when he won his 1st ring with the Heat. People raked Siohvaughn through the mud from her looks, to how she dressed, to looking like Dwayne's mother. It was clear she read some of the horrible things people were saying about her because she started changing the way she dressed and her hair. Gossip blogs were doing blind items on Dwayne and Gabby and posting pics of them way before he claimed he was separated. Gabby, your first husband was a nobody NFL player. As soon as you went from Z list to D list you dropped your husband and moved on to the next NFL player. So if you want people to take you serious stop presenting yourself as a groupie for professional ball players. The proof is you messed with Dwayne while he was still married and your career was never all that to begin with. Sit yo mediocre acting azz down somewhere.
TEA's picture

Lord Jesus please help these

Lord Jesus please help these fools! I am so sick of you idiots bringing up this Gabby getting involved with a married man shit! Like fa real? First of all it TAKES TWO TO TANGO! Why isn't D Wade equally or more to blame? It was his decision after all, no one forced him. Is it because he's a man??!! Are ya'll mad because ya'll wanted to be the next in line to snag this eligible baller D Wade but Gabrielle beat you to it?! THAT MUST BE IT! Because other than that I don't see the point in continuing to bring it up. LEGAL SEPARATION IS NOT THE SAME AS DIVORCE BUT IT DOES LAY A SIMILAR FOUNDATION. Most people get a legal separation in order to determine whether the marriage is what both parties want and most do this by dating other people (seeing what else is out there and determining if it's worth breaking up their family). Others stay legally separated for years and never get a divorce because of their religion, property, children, money, etc. It's sometimes considered a "cheaper alternative" than a messy divorce. Gabrielle Union stated the FACTS which is, the truth has been presented numerous times but people refuse to believe it. THE TRUTH is D Wade may not have been legally divorced but the relationship with his estranged ex wife was already over way before Gabrielle came into the picture. Notice how Gabrielle continues to bring up the children and how the main concern was their well being (hinting at the fact that maybe the divorce could have been finalized sooner but the main concern was easing the children into the idea and maybe negotiating the terms of visitation, etc). Divorce proceedings can take a long time as we all know so why knock an individual that was already LEGALLY SEPARATED from wanting to to finally get on with their life?
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

LMAO, sounds like you are the

LMAO, sounds like you are the one mad. Are you the sister Gabby said she is taking care of? You are calling people idiots and fools for speaking the truth? SMDH. You are the one sounding like a damn fool.
TEA's picture

wow...there is nothing classy

wow...there is nothing classy about gabby's comments. she became involved with a married man (separated is still married)...deal with it. in hollywood, perception is everything and she knew that going in. if her career took a hit, that is her fault. this blame game and putting her family out there like that is beyond wack. not classy at all and in the eyes of most it makes her look worse. and YES, what others think of you in your business is EVERYTHING. she should have stayed on this "high road" she spoke of and remained quiet...foolish. whomever her PR rep is should be fired. silly rabbit.
leighd33's picture

I 100% agree. All this time

I 100% agree. All this time she never spoke on the situation why speak on it now. If she is so damn classy why not just simply say it was a private matter between Dwayne and Siohvaughn? because that is too much like right.
TEA's picture

wow I am surprised that

wow I am surprised that Gabriel Union went there, you were dating a "legally married" man. Although him and his wife were separated you still choose to be with him. That woman didn't ruin your career. D Wade's ex-wife has bigger issues than you and your career.
IslandGyal's picture

I am really not

I am really not understanding, how u get ur self involved with a married man, and then blame his wife for damaging your career. At the end of the day, u involved yourself in their marriage. It doesnt matter how crazy she may or may not have been, he was still her husband. It was your choice to carry on with him before his divorce was final. Your comments about taking care of your family portrays them as leeches who dont make their own living. I dont believe u were the one to break up their marriage, but your relationship with him did not help. However, instead of taking responsibilities for your actions, you choose to blame his wife. It was her husband, you choose to get involved with. She did not get involved with your husband.
Cynthia Smith's picture

Question mark??? What is

Question mark??? What is Gabby talking about? She is not married to Dwayne Wade. She is not legally bound to him or his children in any way shape or form. So how are you making a home with this man and his kids? There is no guarantee in dating, Dwayne could wake up tomorrow and decide it's over and she has no rights to anything. So sit down somewhere until you get a ring on your finger.
BlessedandLoved's picture

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bbw's picture

my thing why is she putting

my thing why is she putting all of her family's business out there like that- 'I pay for everybody and my sister's family'...ok good for u..keep doing it. I hate when people have to drop what they're doing for everybody- that's between u and them..damn.
C-Rocka's picture

It seems like Gab does a

It seems like Gab does a great job of making herself look self serving in every category. You returned the affections of a man who was not yet divorced because you were thirsty for the notoriety, dividends and limelight that it could be bring (let's not forget her first husband was a ball player smh). You make poor choices in your career and then point the finger at your boyfriend's ex wife for calling you out and basically allege defamation - laughable. You then want to be sure that everyone knows you're not a gold digger by putting it out there that your mom, dad and sister(s) are all incapable of taking care of themselves and that you, the noble one, takes care of all of them with your own dollars - way to go Thirsty McThirst, pat yourself on the back! Keep your business private and have a seat...have a slice of humble pie while you're there. #wow
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

I wish everyone would stop

I wish everyone would stop saying this woman is a homewrecker. We have no idea what condition this relationship was in before she came along. Its obvious he had issues with his wife before Gabby came along. Men don't leave their marriages for the other woman. He left because that's what he felt to do and that's the bottom line. Everyone needs to move on cause they surely have.

The only thing I can see

The only thing I can see wrong is the fact that she actually feels she has the right to bring it back up. That was stupid. It's old news. Regardless if they were living together or not he was still married. It was up to him to work out his marriage not her. None the less even if some people are still commenting about it. Why bring it up now, and a on a non-relevant show. I personally like Gabby, she has class and everyone makes mistake when it comes to the matter of the heart. But it's Wades wrong doing, not hers because she can only go by what he tells her. I just realize my comment is all over the place but I had a lot to say and very short time lol.
kimaras31's picture

It always annoys me when

It always annoys me when celebs pose with those lollipops. Not sure why. Shaunie looks good though. I'm still boycotting BBWs, but I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of Chad & Evelyn's wedding.
Barolo's picture

Not sure why Gabriel would

Not sure why Gabriel would chose to talk about that situation in that format. Maybe she had a drinky-poo because some of the things quoted seem out of character for her. Shaunie please sit down and shut up! Haven't you done enough to contribute to the degradation of African American women? Now you think we want to hearing you talking about that tacky Evelyn. Have a monster seat!!!!
Denise2007's picture

Something just ain't right

Something just ain't right with Shaunie. It's like she don't want Evelyn to be friends with anyone but her. And Gabby just needs to shut-up and stop talking about DW's ex. It's like she and DW don't have any sympathy. His ex suffered a very public nervous break down and Gabby so happy this man with her, she could care less. She needs to just stay out of that man's past relationship with his ex-wife. And the bottom line is, she was involved with him while he was still married, so if the shoe fits....................
Penabutta's picture

If Gabby is a homewrecker,

If Gabby is a homewrecker, wtf is Kanye?! Move on already, they have.

Shut up Gabby! You are

Shut up Gabby! You are nothing more than a homewrecker, so what they were separated, he was still legally married. You should have had more respect for yourself as well as his ex wife and children and waited until the divorce was final. Especially since you are so concerned about your image and feeding your entire family....you will lose him the same way you got him once you stop turning the blind eye to him cheating on your ass...trust boo boo you are not the only one he's doing!
LR2014's picture

Gabby ain't fooling no damn

Gabby ain't fooling no damn body but a fool!!! I saw she and Dwayne Wade at Club Prive in Miami long before he was separated from his wife. She even had her beastie at the time Essence Atkins tagging alone! We were in VIPnand there was nothing discreet about them! Dewayn just got to Miami and thought he needed to jump hollywood on his homely wife! All he should have did was upgrade his wife... He was cheating on his wife with Gabby and is cheating on Gabby with everybody else! If he ever marries her ( I highly doubt) it won't last! You lose them how you choose them! Dwayne's wife didn't fuck up her image... Gabby fucked her own image! Where there's smoke there's fire and she damn sure isn't innocent! She was fucking a married man point blank period! She will NEVERnhave him to herself... BET THAT! But I'm sure she knows that already! Just like she knows about his spot in the Setai... HOMEWRECKER!
Nikki305's picture

Ok and the best platform to

Ok and the best platform to discuss this was with TT Torrez??? Not Oprah, not Wendy show... but TT Torez??? Ummm maybe her career IS in the toilet
Kara's picture

Last time I checked legally

Last time I checked legally married STILL means married whether the wife lives with the man or not. Dwyane and Gabbi decided to have a life before the ink dried, so don't get mad at the backlash! Also how does she say in one breath, I cut the checks for my fam and then turn around and say lets get it right because of Dwyane and the kids. If she cutting the checks for her fam then she should have been wanting to get it right for them, Dwyane gonna be alright.

Don't JUDGE her cause she

Don't JUDGE her cause she sins differently from you.....smh.... some of you all are wayyyy to judgmental, and if anyone was to throw stones your way, your asses will be running....lol...so STOP it!!!

We're all sinners no doubt.

We're all sinners no doubt. That is not the issue. The issue is, this woman has the nerve to be compaining about a crazy wife and how it hurt her career. This wouldn't have been an issue if she made better decisions, like not get involved with a married man who has a crazy wife.
Mrs_B_35's picture

Point taken :) however we all

Point taken :) however we all at some period of our lives made a bad call when it came to love, and had to deal with the negativity that came with it....things seem to be working for them and by now i'm guessing they've moved on including the ex wife.......the only thing i would have to disagree with Gabby is blaming her for "damaging her career" don't see how but Gabby you have to take the blame for that one.......it was your choice to get with him .......

I applaud Gabrielle for

I applaud Gabrielle for stepping out and saying that. The gossip mongers that know NONE of the real story unless you are Dwayne, Gabrielle or Siovaughn will forever call you names. It does not matter at this point because those people are hungry for dirt and will get spewing it just to make themselves feel better about their own situations. Keep striving sista!!
Keys's picture

It's hilarious that you all

It's hilarious that you all are validating Gabby's point!!!! You don't want to believe the truth, even when it's presented to you!!! D Wade was still legally married but he and his (now ex-wife) were separated and she was living in another state long before he was said to be dating Gabby. How can she be a homewrecker if the home was already broken??? If you want proof, you'll go to some old footage (around 2006 and before) and you will see that his ex-wife was at every game and walked through the tunnel with him. Then the next year, she was no where to be found. I know all of this because my brother has worked with him (I won't say in what capacity) for quite some time. He told me during the playoffs with Shaq that D Wade's wife was crazy and they are getting a divorce. Then in 2007, he told me that she had moved back to Chicago. So from that, I would say the home was already broken.
Mama Mia's picture

It's funny how you're trying

It's funny how you're trying to justify her wrong doing. Living in a different state is not the definition of divorce nor will a judge grant one based off that single piece of info. So what, the girl was living in a different state? A broken home can or cannot be fixed and Gabby stepping in the "heal" the wounds didn't help any. All I'm saying is wait for the freaking divorce papers to be signed and granted by the judge. Have some decency. There is no way to justify dating or having sexy with a married man. Not one way. The "truth" as you put it is that D Wade was married during a good portion of his relationship with Gabby. But not only Gabby is to blame. If the marriage was not going to work then it wasn't going to work. What was the harm in waiting it out if you want the man that bad?
MoLeBre's picture

Fabby Gabby must've been

Fabby Gabby must've been reading comments from all the Wild Animals on YBF....calling her: Gold Digger, Home Wrecker..... You River Pigs already didn't like her anyway!! Everyone knows she's a CLASS ACT and self made (Google all of her accomplishments)...........
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Gabby's "brand" wasnt really

Gabby's "brand" wasnt really doing big things to begin with. She really needs to learn some decorum with regard to this situation because everytime I see her I imagine salt on Siovaughn's open wound. Havent you done and said enough already, Gabby? dam girl!
shuga's picture

Exactly! Why can't she just

Exactly! Why can't she just shut up about it. She wants to talk about keeping her mouth shut for the kids for so long but she needs to continue with that because she only looks worse and worse. I used to like this girl as an actress. As beautiful and talented as she is she could have her choice of men but she had to take the married one. Greedy, selfish chick kill me.
MoLeBre's picture

but u r a home-wrecker

but u r a home-wrecker Gabby!!!U should know that there is always a positive and a negative in anything u decide to do. Don't blame it on the ex-wife, if u sleep with the guy while he was married then u cheated with the man, That is what a Home-wrecker, U should have waited for him to get his divorce or at least start the divorce proceedings. Hate self-righteous females that are full of sin.
Simple's picture

All I got to say is Gabby

All I got to say is Gabby don't fool me. That man was still LEGALLY MARRIED in the eyes of the court of law when she start dating him. Point blank and period!! Until a divorce is finalized by a judge that marriage is still sanctioned (authorized and approved) by law. You WERE the other woman and prevented that man from trying to make it work with his wife. And if it was not going to work then why not be a real woman and wait until he is divorced to play house? Pahlease! You ARE the homewrecker and you ARE the bad guy along with Wade. Women kill me with that "Oh they are separated and getting a divorce" mess just to justify the hoe-ish way they go about stealing someone's husband. So take a seat Ms. Gabby!!
MoLeBre's picture

I don't feel as strongly as

I don't feel as strongly as you do about the situation because in some states you have to be separated one year before you can even file divorce paperwork but I get your point. I felt horrible for Wade's ex when I saw him being interviewed by Oprah and he gushed over how Gabby helps his son with math. Sounds like she has an active part in raising this woman's kids yet no experience. Yikes! Girlfriend gets to help with the son's math but mama doesn't. That stings. How did his ex lose the custody fight anyway?
Denise2007's picture

Oh and from what I've read,

Oh and from what I've read, they started dating in 2008 but homeboy's divorce was not finalized until mid 2010. SMH @ Gabby. Nice try but not good enough.
MoLeBre's picture

they need a (like) botton on

they need a (like) botton on here lol
Simple's picture

Lol, yeah they do.

Lol, yeah they do.
MoLeBre's picture

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