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HEY Malia Obama! It's Your 14th BIRTHDAY!

Today marks the 14th birthday of "First Daughter" Malia Obama!   Celebrate her special day inside.....


There's a teenager growing up in the White House as Malia Obama turns 14 today.  As she celebrates her birthday on the same day as the nation, we cant believe how quickly she's growing up to be a tre YBF chick.

It can't be easy growing up with your Father being the POTUS, but Malia is handling it with style and grace.  Can't wait to see who the first boy will be to have the guts (and audacity) to try to woo lil Malia.  Get ready Mr. President...

Check out our photo tribute beow for the fab chick!  Happy Birthday Malia!

PS: Happy Birthday to Melanie Fiona too!




Happy Birthday beautiful

Happy Birthday beautiful Malia!
brenda Loving's picture

Aww...Happy belated bday!

Aww...Happy belated bday! Loving the twists :)

Happy Birthday, Beautiful.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful. lookin like Leila Ali. ♥ you!! President Obama even had a baby on the 4th of July! how American is that!
shuga's picture

Happy Birthday, Malia! ...

Happy Birthday, Malia! ... and Happy 4th of July!!!
rebellious soul's picture

Some ppl just try waaaaay to

Some ppl just try waaaaay to hard.... Happy Birthday Malia!! 14 wow!!!!

Happy Birthday first daughter

Happy Birthday first daughter
BigJohn's picture

Malia daughter of the man in

Malia daughter of the man in charge of the free nation we live in >>>>>> Melanie Fiona barley moving units. I understand why Malia has a picture ....Happy Birthday Malia
Inez's picture

Happy Birthday Malia!!

Happy Birthday Malia!!
SweetDivaT's picture

Beautiful girl. Happy

Beautiful girl. Happy birthday lil' mama!
Speculation's picture

Melanie fiona deserves a

Melanie fiona deserves a picture or something..... thats gurl is the truth!!!! Anyways happy birthday to malia and melanie ..happy 4th to everyone!
nikasosmo0th's picture

She should SLAP THE SH*T out

She should SLAP THE SH*T out of her Mom for having her on a Holiday (smh)......Mrs. Obama could and SHOULD have WAITED and extra day before Crapping-Out little Malia OR..... induced Labor Early..smh.........
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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