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BUY US OUR LOVE BED! Inside Meagan Good & DeVon Franklin's Wedding Registry...

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In case Meagan Good & DeVon Franklin's wedding a few weeks ago happened faster than their friends and fam expected, they've left open their wedding registry so folks can still cop some gifts.  They asked for a new Sleep Number bed (a celibate couple has to start the marriage off right after all), a Honeymoon fund and a few $1000+ items.  See what all made the list...

If you've got a couple thousand dollars laying around, feel free to cop Meagan & DeVon a few of the things on their wedding registry at MyRegistry.com.  Like a few $1300 sofas and a $2250 BOSE home entertainment system for their new love shack.  And somebody's about to be frying up some chicken with the $45 mini deep fryer they requested.  Not mad at that.

As for the rest of the list we got a peek at--a $200, $300 & $400 items like organic sheets, flat screens, silverware and a Swiss Army box knife set.

The twosome already took a mini honeymoon last week, but seem to be planning a bigger one soon.   Live it up....


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I'm so happy for them! When

I'm so happy for them! When is the baby coming?
brenda Loving's picture

Actually, signing up for cash

Actually, signing up for cash in online registries is a growing trend. It is convenient and flexible for the couple, and if they want china and tea towels, they can add that to their registry as well. Many couples live together before they actually get married so they already have the little things, and would rather have guests contribute towards experiences! My friends used a cash wedding registry and I thought it was awesome! This link kinda sums up why people choose to use this route! http://weddingrepublic.com/blog/top-5-reasons-to-use-a-cash-wedding-regi...

Meagan girl I love you and I

Meagan girl I love you and I am happy that DeVon has transitioned you from being a sex symbol to a wife, but this is classless. You guys aren't two teenagers that just got hitched, you're 30 and he is 34, there is no reason for you guys to be asking others to buy you guys a bed or television or any other type of furniture. When you create a registry you put simple items on it like towels & china and flatware and appliances in the kitchen like a blender or something, not a stainless steel 6 burner gas range. Considering you are a popular/successful actress and he is the VP of columbia pictures and a pastor, why not set up a donation registry, that seems like the holy thing to do but I guess you guys are taking the Star Jones and Al Reynolds approach.
tori's picture

@Tori You are so right w/

@Tori You are so right w/ everything you said. This is just Tacky! Just I few days ago I commented on how happy I was for Megan and her new Hubby but now these 2 really need to seriously go on now and enjoy married life and stop acting like D-Lister's wanting some attention. Like I said earlier this is Tacky, Classless, and down right embarrassing to ask people to help pay for your honeymoon. I was already giving Megan's man the side-eye about being a lil con artist wanting to make a name for himself and now they turn around and pull a stupid stunt like this. Smh at how Selfish and down right Bold & Brazen some people can be!
Shay's picture

well well well....its about

well well well....its about time u get over yourself Meggy Meg...congrats but the speech on BET...well lets just say u werent the Virgin Mary either before ya found this love of ur life, so knock it off already!! hehe... Anyhoo Kudos to u and the new fam!!
Like Really's picture

I am so happy for

I am so happy for her...finding true love
rockhardtalk's picture

she forgot the ghetto so

she forgot the ghetto so quick, and somepeople are dying in the world.
parispanthere's picture

Most ppl have gift registries

Most ppl have gift registries for weddings and babies...so...

Are Meagan and her new

Are Meagan and her new husband the black royalty now. I'm not sure why this site is so wrapped up in something people do everyday. They aren't the first, nor will they be the last people to get married. Sheesh!
Sunflower Jones's picture

If Solange Knowles & her

If Solange Knowles & her Caverous Camel Toe (which probably Gobbles-Up 3 pair of Panties per day) can be on here EVERYDAY <------ then why not Miss Perfect, Meagan Great :):):):):)~
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I'm mad they soliciting gifts

I'm mad they soliciting gifts from the public!
lovelyj's picture

....they didn't solicite the

....they didn't solicite the public for gifts.
kay p's picture

Since they live in L.A., buy

Since they live in L.A., buy them an Ambulance <----- helps you get thru traffic faster. *starts felony riot at Kmart then folds arms*.....
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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