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CATCH UP: The Michael Jackson Manslaughter Trial (WEEK 1 RECAP)

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As Week 1 of Dr. Conrad Murray’s manslaughter trail comes to a close, it’s not looking too bright for the Doc’s future as he’s been painted as an irresponsible care-taker. 

And most shockingly, one of the paramedics claimed if Dr. Murray would have made some different choices--like calling 9-1-1 immediately--the King of Pop would still be alive.  Get a recap of week one inside....

As murky details emerge in the death of Michael Jackson, it has all boiled down to the prosecution wanting the world to believe that MJ’s death was unnecessary and could have been avoided if Dr. Conrad Murray weren’t negligent. 

It is argued that patient abandonment occurred since Michael’s heart stopped while Dr. Murray was not in the room.

And once Murray returned to the room, calling 911 was the LAST thing he did.  Maybe if he would have made the call first, according to a paramedic who took the stand this week, the King would still be alive.

Here are some notable points from the week:

  • The Defense argues that Michael Jackson took his own life as he self-injected a dose of Propofol that created a perfect-storm, resulting in his death.  They also argue that he died instantly and there was nothing that Dr. Murray could have done to save him.
  • The Prosecution (The State of California) argues Dr. Murray should be held criminally responsible for MJ’s death because of medical negligence and his reckless use of the surgical anesthetic propofol.  The coroner ruled that Jackson's June 25, 2009, death was the result of "acute propofol intoxication" in combination with sedatives.
  • It’s been revealed that Michal Jackson’s three children have no plans attended the trail as the details would likely be very painful to relive. However, Prince (the eldest) has said he would take the stand if need be.
  • Dr.  Murray is accused of misleading paramedics, mainly the emergency room doctor, Dr. Richelle Cooper, because he only “shared” that he gave Michel two doses of the sedative Lorazepam (and mentioned nothing about any other drugs or Propofol) Failing to mention anything about Propofol is a key issue in the case because the coroner ruled it played a major role in the death.
  • The paramedics say that they were with MJ for 42 minutes and NEVER saw any signs of life.
  • MJ’s bodyguard, Alberto Alvarez, said when he arrived in the bedroom, Michael’s eyes were open and he appeared to be dead. He was instructed by Dr. Murray to hide/dispose of several vials of drugs and all medicine from the nightstand BEFORE 911 was called.
  • Gallons of Propofol were ordered by Dr. Murray after Michael sounded lifeless while under the influence of the drug.


Perhaps the most shocking revelation of all was the photo of a lifeless King of Pop taken in the hospital.  As well as the sad and disturbing audio that Dr. Murray recorded on his phone (we still don't understand why this was done) of Michael as he was under the influence of the prescribed drugs. 

The trial will continue Monday morning.

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wow, how can anyone possibly

wow, how can anyone possibly blame this on his family? you can't be help unless you want the help
Anonymous's picture

..... in that he ignored his

..... in that he ignored his hypocritcal oath
Anonymous's picture

@ Adu 1:07 am you are right,

@ Adu 1:07 am you are right, Dr. Muray was swayed by the celebrity of michael jackson and his money, he became a street phamacist ......
Anonymous's picture

This is a very sad case

This is a very sad case because no one can really be held 100% liable. MJ was addicted to drugs to treat a condition that flourished from being addicted to yet ANOTHER drug in the past. Dr. Murray saw dollar signs and an opportunity of a lifetime. Sadly he compromised the oath he took as a doctor in exchange for connections, money and fame. This is a moral situation more so than a physical one. Morally, the physician was corrupt within his practice when it came down being employed by such a successful icon in the music industry, also morally and lawfully he should have chose what he was employed TO DO (which is be a competent physician) rather than how much he was employed FOR! Money is definitely the root to all evil (in most cases) and this is one COLORFUL example! RIP MJ! Lord have mercy on both souls!
Anonymous's picture

This is a very sad event a

This is a very sad event a life has been lost due to drugs and a heavy addiction. I wish the family would have taken more of a stand knowing that Michael was out of control. Looking back they just showed his MSNBC doc when he was acting very strange in the interviews seems like he was out of touch with life. Knowing he had a very sheltered life due to his fame at such a young age. He really never had a normal life (but what is really normal?). The way he had his children he loved children (even when he was under with the drugs) Michael loved children (not in a sick way) He him self had a child heart because he never grew up. Getting hooked on drugs because he could not sleep as he stated makes me wonder what realm did Michael enter into? This is a spiritual question. If you really look at his talent it is untouchable he believed in perfection...like he said once in an interview...I become the music!...what realm on a spiritual level is that?? and who mans that level? he who has ears to hear let him hear that quote.. RIP Michael you have your sleep you had been seeking
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Although, it seems like a

Although, it seems like a difficult case, it's also not. We are faced with patients with strong will all the time. It even becomes more complex, when big money and power is involved. However, we are professionals, and our job is to keep our patients healthy and safe while we listen/attend to them. We are more knowledgeable, we know the side effect of these drugs, have more information than our patients do. We are to inform them, dictate to them, they don't dictate to us at the end of the day. Some patients put their 100%trust and life in our hands, which is understanding but should not be manipulated or abused. There's so much emphasis on the abuse of prescription drugs by the user, but the major part is actually abuse of medical practice also. I believe, Dr Murray knew the side effect of using a strong drug like propofol. Another aspect, that has not been addressed enough is, Dr Murray using propofol to treat insomia, and performing the procedure at home with just him there. This is a drug that is mostly used during surgery by an anesthesiologist. Whether or not MJ injected himself(which I highly doubt), Dr Murray provided it to him, and must have given him a go ahead, thought will be able to resuscitate him back. We have patients come in all the time, who are ADDICTS, his addiction should NEVER be an excuse for putting him in a more dangerous/risky situation or performing risky procedures. Of course, he did not deliberately kill him but there needs to be consequences. People die everyday from this type of situation that could have been avoided. It's brought to our attention, only because it involves a celebrity. It's time we, pharmacists, nurses, start taking responsiblities because we play a big part in it.
Adu's picture

Thank you so much for such a

Thank you so much for such a well-thought out statement. Drug addicts faking pain are turned away on a regular basis in hospital emergency rooms across America. Conrad Murray operated recklessly and with no regard for his oath or Michael's wellbeing, just as long as the check cleared. He should not be given anymore consideration than the average drug dealer, as a matter of fact drug dealers don't take oaths so he should be under a harsher light. It's just a shame that even if convicted from what I understand this bastard will only get up to 4 years. He should go to jail for life for depriving the world of one of the greatest musicians and peacekeepers and 3 children from their father.
Twilightey's picture

this is such a difficult

this is such a difficult situation for all involved. as a doctor, i can relate to a degree with dr. murray, however only in that, we're constantly faced, everyday, with the battle between the patient's autonomy and the question of what is medically right. there was a time in the beginning of my degree that i thought everything was black and white. we would be given certain scenarios and i'd jump to a conclusion based on my rather immature notion that there is only right and wrong, nothing in between. but when you look at many such cases in more depth, you realise that there is only so much the physician can do. michael jackson was a multi - millionaire and with that money came immense power. if he wanted drugs, no matter what they were, he could and would have gotten them; no doubt he did. the fact that a physician was present may sway the average person to listen and take heed but i doubt murray had all that much influence on jackson. however, if murray felt that jackson was abusing drugs and abusing HIM and his role as a physician, murray should have left that environment instead of sticking around and ultimately facilitating a lethal drug habit for money. we cannot know who injected michael that day (so there's the reasonable doubt) but what we do know is that conrad murray, though he should not and cannot be proven to have caused michael's death could and should have walked away because his being present advocated michael's habits and thus went against the very core of medical practice - treat with the aim of the betterment of the patient's state of being.
giselle.'s picture

This case is a hard one to

This case is a hard one to pass judgement on; however I will say this to agree with other posts. The entire Jackson family showed up when the trial started but where were they when Michael was abusing drugs. They should have rallied around him then and implemented an 'intervention.' I know that Michael was probably strong willed and they didn't want to anger him by having him commited to substance abuse center against his will but drastic times call for drastic measures. The doctor is taking the blame because he was the person WITH him at the time of his death but the family members who didn't take steps to force him into treatment are at fault too. No one will 'win' in this case. MJ will still be dead when all is said and done. I hope that Michael is resting in peace and that his children will be happy and get over the tragic death of their father.
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micheal jackson was a junkie,

micheal jackson was a junkie, who overdosed. noone will ever know if dr murray called 911 sooner, then the probability of micheal jackson being alive is 100% . however, i do know if his family and friends stepped in decades ago to help their loved one, he would have a better chance of being alive. Dr Murray was beyond negligent and should be held responsible, but so should his family(momma Katherine included), his business managers, attorneys, physicians(they knew he was a junkie), his dentist, anyone who owed either a fiduciary or familial duty to mr. jackson;not just conrad murray.
where the do that at's picture

He'll get off scott-free b/c

He'll get off scott-free b/c Mike J isn't dead ;)
Anonymous's picture

Murray was negligent, but not

Murray was negligent, but not to the point where he should be charged with manslaughter. Michael was a chronic prescription drug abuser. But hey, someone has to be blamed right?
Jenny's picture

Three things, no four, stand

Three things, no four, stand out to me during this trial: The audio of MJ. I could not believe that was my baby talking. The testimony of Paris seeing her daddy dead and heaped in a ball crying. My goodness! No child should have to see their parents like that. The picture of the deceased MJ on the gurney. PITIFUL!!!! That should've never, ever been shown, and last but not least, the fact that a cardiologist could do a one-handed CPR on the bed is beyond belief!
Anonymous's picture

This man's responsibility

This man's responsibility regarding Michael Jackson was, above all else, to be his doctor. And as a doctor, he took the Hippocratic oath, which states: First, do no harm. Which, in essence, means that a person who has chosen to practice medicine, must do so ETHICALLY. Now, whether or not Dr. Murray was the fall guy for a bigger scheme to destroy MJ, we'll probably never know. But I do know that this man was ultimately responsible for MJ's death and allowing the misuse of the drug Propofol. Such a shame and it still saddens me that MJ is gone.
Anonymous's picture

His job was to give MJ what

His job was to give MJ what he wanted. He was being paid to be a "yes man", he should have known better as a practising doctor. Such a shame.
Yas's picture

God Bless Both families. No

God Bless Both families. No one knows the truth but God. The doctor is licensed and may be at fault but Michael was also a grown man that had money to do what ever he wants. Its to crazy to me how if it were someone who wasnt a celebrity and just some random addict that died they would not prosecute the provider whether it were dr or not.
Anonymous's picture

Although I feel sorry for the

Although I feel sorry for the good doctor but in this case babyboy u dead wrong
MAM's picture

I don't think Dr. Murray

I don't think Dr. Murray intentionally killed MJ. I think he was caught btw Michael and the money. It seems Dr. Murray was not knowledgable enuf to handle Michaels medical need. Because of his lack of knowledge he caused Michaels death.
Daniel from the 'D''s picture

hence "NEGLIGENT homicide"

hence "NEGLIGENT homicide"
Anonymous's picture

as a licenced doctor, this

as a licenced doctor, this man is negligent in administering improper medication to michael jackson. they had a list of all kinds of strong medications administered by this doctor to michael in a short period of time. most people who are not doctors know you don't mix drugs that way. then it was stated that when michael became ill, he took time to gather drugs, documents etc. before he called the paramedics, that shows guilt right there, it shows that he was doing something he knew he should'nt have been doing. trying to cover his a**.
Anonymous's picture

Exactly what I was thinking.

Exactly what I was thinking.
Choco's picture

God bless the Jackson family.

God bless the Jackson family. I hope one day that MJ will truly find peace.
Anonymous's picture

Amen to that!

Amen to that!
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