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MORE PICS & DEETS: Will & Jada, Beyonce, Halle Berry, Stedman, & Tons More Say Buh-Bye To Lady O!

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The Who's Who of pop culture all gathered at the United Center in Chicago last night to give a final salute to Oprah Winfrey, the woman who revolutionized the talk show genre.  We posted the initial pics and deets last night.  But now we've got more.


Inside see pics of Madonna, Dakota Fanning, Halle Berry, Will and Jada, Jamie Foxx and watch a sneak preview of Beyonce performing "Run The World (Girls)."



Last night was full of surprises for Oprah Winfrey as she said goodbye to her talk show of 25 years.  Her BFF Gayle King and other bestie Maria Shriver (who looks great after all this Arnold foolery has hit the fan) hugged it out with her on stage. 


Her mentor, Maya Angelou surprised her with a poem while Alicia Keys hit the stage to dedicate "Superwoman" to her. 

And fans at the United Center say the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, brought the house down with her take on "Amazing Grace."

Others spotted on stage were Usher, Simon Cowell, Maria Shriver, Tyler Perry, Roseanne Barr and guess who....Stedman Graham.

And speaking of Stedman, the Daily Mail reports he brought his boo Oprah to tears:

Oprah' long term partner Stedman was one of the real surprise guests on the night.

A man who deliberately keeps himself in the background, he took to the stage and proclaimed: 'Oprah changes people’s lives, but she also takes her lunch to work everyday. She says it’s to save money.'

While the audience chuckled, Oprah started crying - and when Stedman called her 'sweetheart' in a bid to stem her tears, the audience gave up a great big 'awww.'

He then surprised everyone including Oprah by introducing Aretha Franklin, who emerged to sing a version of Amazing Grace.


Halle looked great.



Will and Jada Pinkett Smith shared a few words about Oprah.

Michael Jordan was there too.

I'm sure this was the only time Simon Cowell had something nice to say in public.

Mr. couch jumper Tom Cruise was there.

Jamie and Stevie Wonder serenaded Oprah.


And Stevie Wonder sang "Isn't She Lovely." 


And also in the house......Scottie Pippen's wife Larsa and Adrienne Williams (Chris Bosh's fiance).


And Beyonce also tore the house down........ 



Watch a clip of Beyonce performing "Run The World (Girls)":

What the celebs said at the taping about Oprah:

Madonna: 'It's no secret that millions of people are inspired by Oprah,' she said. 'I am one of those people ... She fights for things she believes in, even if it makes her unpopular ... I have learned so much from her.

She's a self-made woman who's been at the top of her game for over 25 years - and she's still kicking ass, I vow to be more courageous and never give up…. Thank you for inspiring me.'

Tom Hanks: 'Your show has turned surprise into an art form. You are surrounded by nothing but love.'

Maria Shriver: '(Oprah) has given me love, support, wisdom and most of all the truth. (I'm ) not alone in receiving those gifts.'

Dakota Fanning: 'We’re Oprah show babies. She's taught us we are enough… our lives have value.'

Beyonce: 'Oprah Winfrey, because of you, women have graduated to a new level of understanding… of who we can be. We can run the world!'

Diane Sawyer (while talking about how a tree grows): 'That is like life, that is like you. That is The Oprah Winfrey Show.'

Halle Berry: '(Oprah has taught us) We’re more alike than different. All pain is the same.'

Will Smith: 'Oprah said if this didn’t work out for her, she would have become a 4th grade teacher. You did become a teacher, with the whole world as your classroom.'

Rosie O'Donnell: 'You saved us from depression when you gave us Dr. Phil.'


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Nothing is black or white.

Nothing is black or white. There is always a gray area. Oprah has done some great things and then she has done some things that I did not agree with. Wish her well always. She is just a person , like all of us. If she is "full of herself" as suggested, it is because people tell her she is better than they are by following her every word and advice.
MARY's picture


Anonymous's picture

Get help and soon! you have

Get help and soon! you have spent way too long thinking about Halle Berry. Try to improve yourself, then you won't have to put Halle Berry down to feel good.
anonymous's picture

WTH is Usher doing there?!!

WTH is Usher doing there?!! NOT! His hair looks nappy too lmao!
Anonymous's picture

Nappy hair?! He's black you

Nappy hair?! He's black you ass.
Anonymous's picture

Should be a great show and I

Should be a great show and I betta not tear up, lol I probably will anyways! enjoy :)
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Anonymous's picture

Love O..

Love O..
Island Gyal's picture

ya'll are confusing as hell.

ya'll are confusing as hell. You keep talking about how beyonce is overrated & annoying & needs to go away...oooook....then why do ya'll keep talking about her??? NEWS FLASH: this post is about OPRAH WINFREY NOT BEYONCE. If you want her to go away then stop drawing attention to her!!! I'm a huge beyonce fan & even I find it annoying that she is the topic of conversation (good & bad) in every single post she's even mentioned in...ugh. Damn hypocrites.
Anonymous's picture

What the hell does beyonce

What the hell does beyonce have to do with this post! did you just ignore the other celebs or something like that? I'm all types of confused right now. Please stop hating on One person and get a hobby. I can't wait to watch the show.
Me,myself. and I's picture

Oh please MJ Donated more

Oh please MJ Donated more then Oprah ever will. Yeah she made it big, Good for her. But to me oprah has become a phony. Who has she inspired so much, wasn't madonna rich before the oprah show? And was trya banks even there ? That's a little strange she wasn't. Anyway I use to love Oprah show back in the 80's when she was a little more real. I don't like how she accused micheal jackson of perhaps being a child molester. And saying she feels she didn't need to go to his funeral, because she never knew Michael Jackson that well. Half those people in that show don't kno her well, Yet they still showed up to show their appreciation. I just think oprah has gotten to full of herself.
jessy's picture

Love me some Woman

Love me some Woman Empowerment *ish. Oprah has done a lot in her career. Big ups Oprah!!! And where was Mary?????????
Lucypearl!@#!'s picture

I swear Bey is almost as

I swear Bey is almost as white as Madonna. And Modonna is WHITE..
tellmeaboutit's picture

And Rihanna is WHITER than

And Rihanna is WHITER than Both of them.....Womp!
That's Right's picture

I see Beyonce MINION are on

I see Beyonce MINION are on these comments full force LOL! Lady GaGa is still the Queen of the pop charts Worldwide!
Anonymous's picture

Ugh, more of Beyonce doing

Ugh, more of Beyonce doing the 'single ladies' performance to a different (crappy) song. Where's the video of Alicia Key's performing 'Superwoman'???????
Devin's picture

My hat goes off to Oprah

My hat goes off to Oprah Winfrey who truly has made a mark on our country - heck our world. This woman came up a poor child in Mississippi, and is now a multi-millionaire who has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. If I celebrate someone, it won't be the singers, actors, or pseudo celebs. It will be Oprah Winfrey who has truly left a wonderful legacy in her wake. She will be missed.
Annonie's picture

Not a multi millionaire, but

Not a multi millionaire, but a billionaire.
Starla's picture

I love O and she will be

I love O and she will be missed Why is Tom Cruise there?
redboned4eva's picture

I'm just dying laughing at

I'm just dying laughing at Michael Jordan busting up in there in the suit they buried David Ruffin in! LMBO!
SanityKane's picture

Actually 3 legends and

Actually 3 legends and Beyonce...
Anonymous's picture

This post was about Oprah's

This post was about Oprah's final show but everybody is talking about B. And some of you broads say she's overrated and you're tired of her? Yeah, ok. In the words of her husband: "We don't believe you, you need more people!"
Anonymous's picture

I love me some Oprah! She is

I love me some Oprah! She is a true inspiration to all women!
TruStarr's picture

What a wonderful legacy for

What a wonderful legacy for Oprah to leave behind. The show wasn't always perfect, but she did do the best and really made a difference in many of our lives. I am proud of her and proud to see a person who was born at such a disadvantage in life used her gifts and became the best at what she did. There is really nothing that is too impossible to achieve in this life. Kudos Oprah!
Starla's picture

Thanks for focusing on what

Thanks for focusing on what this post should be about! I don't really get the chance to watch Oprah because of the time the show comes on. But she is such an inspiration. All the best to her as she closes this chapter in her life.
XOXO's picture

So, apparently Beyonce has on

So, apparently Beyonce has on weave instead of her usual lace front ?! -- because her forehead looks bright as fcuk. [misspelled purposely] -- this in fact [Beyonce' supporters] is not hating, just a random observation. If i had to do a double take something is not right. :]
RandomThought's picture

The lady on the left is

The lady on the left is Jenine Howard wife of basketball player Juwan Howard.
Anonymous's picture

My girl Bey is up there

My girl Bey is up there smoking... That girl has POWER written all over her. She is no doubt the MJ of this generation.... There aint nobody touchin her.. Period point blank buried
Anonymous's picture

Relax yall...she not saying

Relax yall...she not saying she on MJ status....She's saying just how MJ was the best of his Generation...She is the Best of this Generation...and She's right, the girl is a great entertainer, no one can take what she has earned away from her...like it ur not.
Aint this post about Oprah?'s picture

Not only in HIS generation,

Not only in HIS generation, but he exceeded that.
Anonymous's picture

She has a LONG way to go

She has a LONG way to go before reaching MJ's status, you're comparing her to someone who had 45 year career.
tati's picture

Comparing her to MJ is going

Comparing her to MJ is going a little overboard. Not knocking her game or anything, but lets be realistic, there will never be another MJ.... of this generation or any other generation!
dvadoll's picture

You just spoke every word I

You just spoke every word I was going to say. NO ONE has or ever will parallel MJ past, present, or future.
Anonymous's picture

Beyonce will continue to work

Beyonce will continue to work until SHE feels she is ready to not work. It is precisely because of the work ethic she has, that she garners the respect of many. People, in general, can not stand too much of a good thing. Beyonce represents that. Money, which equals power. Would you prefer her to be shiftless and lazy. Every person on that stage honoring Oprah is extraordinary in their own right and represents that as well. They each have also made their mark on Pop Culture in gigantic ways. They will each be remembered not just nationally, but Globally. Love them or hate them.........you Know Of them, precisely because of their significant artistic contributions to pop culture as a whole. Whether Beyonce becomes a mother or not is certainly her choice, but singing, I am willing to bet is something she will do now and forever. I don't think anyone told Aretha, Gladys, Patti, Tina to go sit down. This is why we still see them on stages today........40 plus years AFTER their hottest years are over. This is the test of True Relevance.
Anonymous's picture


YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! YES MA'AM! i couldnt have said it better myself!
Deneka's picture

Great Point....very well

Great Point....very well stated!
Anonymous's picture

I love the pic with Oprah

I love the pic with Oprah Beyonce Madonna and Halle.. 3 legends.. plus Dakota
Anonymous's picture

Finally the QUEEN IS BACK

Finally the QUEEN IS BACK ....Beyonce Better werkkkkk GIRLS WHO RUN THE WORLD.. I LOVE IT .. SO EMPOWERING
Anonymous's picture

Beyonce is an entertainer,

Beyonce is an entertainer, thats what she does. If you aren't entertained, then don't watch. You people are negative towards her even before you see or hear anything from her. If she was up their on stage looking like the Virgin Mary, that still wouldn't be enough. All she does is continue to try to promote Girl Power and Female Unity and yet she gets torn down and ripped apart by black women for small things like, wearing leotards, tap panties (things that dancers have been wearing for ages), the color of her hair, the way she moves her body....Its really pathetic. She's accomplished more than some of you will ever accomplish in a lifetime. You don't have to love her, but at least respect the message. Woman can do all things. We RUN THE WORLD.
Chance's picture

which further proves my

which further proves my point, only a #lowselfesteemhoe could dislike a song so empowering! i love Beyonce, these negative non mutha fuckn factors can disappear.....funny how they stay checkn out anything that is posted about her. fucking rejects haters #killyoself!
Deneka's picture

Some of you all really need

Some of you all really need to find your passion, a hobby, a new job, some education, something. Beyonce could care less of you defending her, she just wants you to continue to maker her rich. I believe in admiring someone for their talents.....but the woman is not God. She is not perfect, and every song she makes is not about empowering women. Stop putting these celebrities on such high pedestals because of a song. You see what happened to the last "Superwoman". And the last I checked this post was about Oprah.
Dontlookbak's picture

Psst! *whispering* Basic

Psst! *whispering* Basic chics don't understand the message.
Anonymous's picture

Chance you are soooooooo

Chance you are soooooooo right! I agree 110%!
Lady K's picture

If anyone runs the world it's

If anyone runs the world it's Oprah, Beyonce just run holes in them fishnets. I'm down for women empowerment, but just don't sing about be about it. Throwin thighs, lap dancing strangers, and dressing like a showgirl aint it. And you right "women" can do all things. I don't know about "girls".
Alrighty Then's picture

So she's not doing it when

So she's not doing it when she's promoting movement and helping fight obesity with First Lady Michelle Obama? Be honest with yourself, no matter what she does you will hate.
Anonymous's picture

Where was Mary?

Where was Mary?
Tee's picture

That first pic looks like

That first pic looks like Beyonce and Madonna went shopping at the House of Dereon' FAIL FAIL FAIL. Beyonce PLEASE get your mama away from that design table and sewing machine
Anonymous's picture

I love Bey but i hate that

I love Bey but i hate that song!!! Hopefully it will grow on me. Jada & Will looked nice.
Anonymous's picture

Beyonce is a singer and

Beyonce is a singer and DANCER! So why is her outfit NOT appropriate? I swear some people on this site are so negative and so judgemental that they will tear someone apart for the most simple things!
Anonymous's picture

Beyonce should just sit it

Beyonce should just sit it all down and become that mother and wife. I would stop while I'm ahead. Usher should do the same dance. It getting boring to continue seeing them as artists. Bey still whipping that weave and Usher swaying back and forth between a Euro rocker and a R&B singer, he looks dirty and Bey looks like 2009. Alicia Keys stays out of the limelight so she's not as boring and tired. Madonna is the same, she's low key and then she comes back better, Will and Jada are a sweet pair, black love is the only way. Poor Maria Shriver looks just exhausted and defeated. Daokata has grown up so much and I agree that Halle looks troubled, its in her spirit. But she's pretty. Bey retire and be a wife and Mommie.
Feline's picture

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