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Easter Basket-o-TWITPICS

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Celebs were twitpic'ing all weekend during their Easter Holiday.  Pics of what your fave folks did during their downtime when you read on....

Teen hottie Justin Combs showed off his football workout bod saying, #hardwork!!!  We'll say....

Owly Images

Tyra Banks showed off her haircut twinsie.  She tweeted a pic of herself (and another of the model) saying: Model named Freja @JegFreja and I r rocking the same cut. It's kinda "bangin". Who's joining us?


Fab chick Keisha Knight Pulliam kicked it with the kiddies for the weekend.  She retweeted on of her followers: Painting with @peachespulliam! Kamp Kizzy Rocks!


Mariah made her ever protruding baby belly an Easter egg over the weekend.

She tweeted these two pics saying, C'mon!!!! Happy Easter to all!!! LYM 2 Shino from Japan 4 this festive moment! X0x0.


Cutie Letoya Luckett participated in a charity baseball game over the weekend with Donovan McNabb, Jordin Sparks, and more. 

She said: MY Team runnin thangs *cream corn voice*


Beyonce's "dresser" Tyrone tweeted a pic of Bey rocking her nephew Julez's "Julez for Japan" charity tee the other day.

Ashanti rocked out with her former Murder Inc. homies Ja Rule and Lloyd over the weekend:

Interesting choice of shirt 'Shanti.

Romeo tweeted himself at aa promo event for his upcoming Jumping The Broom movie.

And Tweeter Angela Simmons posed with a gold friend while out and about recently.


And Chris Brown's model ex girl Jasmine Sanders RT'd her pic she snapped with Def Jam's rapper YG.  Such a pretty girl.


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Anosafs's picture

Are theose dookie braids on

Are theose dookie braids on Ashitti's page... It's fitting.. it would be more glam on someone with more sex appeal.. IDK if it's the laugh or what but she's not sexy.. she's cute.. super cute.. just not SEXY.. more like around-da-way girl type of chic
Trini's picture

So Chris brown's ex is now a

So Chris brown's ex is now a celeb? Wow!
jeze's picture

That's what I was thinking...

That's what I was thinking... Girlfriend is they new job description... smdh.. GAG
Trini's picture

lol right?

lol right?
Coldplayer's picture

What does LYM mean?

What does LYM mean?
Divine's picture

It means Love Ya Much

It means Love Ya Much
Anonymous's picture

I love Ashanti shirt but she

I love Ashanti shirt but she dont have the edge to pull it off and the bra looks stupid. She looks like a groupie. Would be smoking if rocked with pasties. I could see Rihanna working it
Coldplayer's picture

Robin is that you?

Robin is that you?
Anonymous's picture

Got damn! SMH @ my thoughts

Got damn! SMH @ my thoughts
Coldplayer's picture

between Justin and Romeo I

between Justin and Romeo I might just catch a case #2damnfine2besoyung
claudette's picture

I'll be in the second set of

I'll be in the second set of cuff behind you lol
BadGirl23's picture


IT'S MURDAAAAAA! I thought Ja was in jail....no??? Anywaydoe... Justin is a cutie. Romeo is FINE but he be killin me softly with that phone holder on his hip. Can he PLEASE get some pockets? I'm not going to lie, I used to think that Mariah was kinda stuck up but she just seems so down to earth and I love it!! I can't wait for dem babies to come. I'm so happy for her and Nick!
C_MaC_249's picture

Justin is turning out to be a

Justin is turning out to be a fine young man and Mimi stomach look like it hurts! http://www.natoyaebony.com/
Anonymous's picture

that justin combs is a

that justin combs is a beauty...as for chris brown's ex..yes she is pretty and she must be smart because she refused to be his rebound chick..you can tell she dumped his ass..lol
imgoncheckuboo's picture

No darling she got dumped,

No darling she got dumped, trying to use Chris name to boost her modeling career. Post fake articles about Chris attending her miami fashion show last year to get publicity. She wasn't that smart she got dumped within a month, when Chris realize she was trying to boost her modeling career.
Anonymous's picture


WF~'s picture

Wow .. Justin Combs is such a

Wow .. Justin Combs is such a cutie but I had no idea his physique was that on point. You betta work it boy! Love Mariah's belly painting!! She needs to go ahead and hatch already. Sigh ... Ashanti, not feeling that shirt girl. Sometimes its like she just tries too hard. Pretty girl though. I like Romeo, but there seems to be a level of conceit there - just my observation.
Just Me's picture

Everyone looks beautiful!

Everyone looks beautiful!
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