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OH NO SHE DIDN'T: NeNe Leakes And Phaedra Parks' Phone Confrontation On "Rickey Smiley"


This AM on the "Rickey Smiley Morning Show" things got heated when Nene Leakes called in to talk about Star Jones and Phaedra Parks.  After the trash talking, Phaedra called into the show and a back-and-forth ensued.  Get highlights and deets inside...


Sometimes urban radio can be so messy...yet so entertaining.  This morning, just a few days after Part 1 of the "RHOA" reunion show aired, NeNe Leakes called Rickey Smiley to clear up comments she made about Star Jones and Phaedra Parks on other talk shows or in the press.  And of course, they decided to three-way call Phaedra Parks so the two women could engage in a civilized discourse on their differences...NOT!

NeNe became NeNe and all you hear is her loud-mouthing Rickey and Phaedra.  But...it was entertaining.


Here are some highlights:


NeNe on Star Jones:

NeNe says Star Jones started in on her the first day of "Celebrity Apprentice" by sabotaging her chances to get hair and makeup.  Still NeNe says she gave Star a chance.  She and Star had lunch and dinner and NeNe even kept her dog Pinky. However, she says the "game" on "Celebrity Apprentice" is competitive and cut-throat and she isn't like that.  But she seems to insinuate that Star is.

"Star is (zapped) up. Star argued with me, Latoya Jackson, Meatloaf, Lisa Rinna. Star is a disaster.”

On Phaedra being an Equestrian:

"You are sitting on the same show I’m sitting on so your attorney work must not be working out for you. And as far as her being an equestrian, I don’t know that for sure. But she was raised in the projects of Athens and they didn’t ride horses. They barely drove cars through there.

Now she can be a class act act or whatever you want to call it….And I don’t care if she went to school for 20 years, you end up on the same show I am on. And I do more than you do and make more money than you so what’s next?"

She later added...

"If I wanted to ride a horse I could have rode one.  I decided to drive a car."


Then Rickey and the crew, three-way called Phaedra to give her a chance to jump in the mix.  The argument began when NeNe said Phaedra grew up in the projects which seemed to tick Phaedra off.

On Growing Up in Athens and NeNe's Attitude:

"I don’t have any issues with NeNe. I did not grow up in the ghetto cause there are no ghettos is Athens (Georgia). You have forgotten a lot about high school. You have forgotten a lot about your hometown. And from what I understand, you say you are from New York but you’ve been in Athens since you were three years old. So it’s not amazing to me that you would forget most things."



The rest of the conversation (which you can listen to below) seemed to focus on whether NeNe knew Phaedra while living in Athens, GA.  She says no.  Phaedra says otherwise.

Eventually one of the female members of the morning crew cut off the conversation saying we shouldn't support two black women fighting in public.  Yet....they did set up the call.  Judge for yourself.


Listen to Nene on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show here: 


Listen to NeNe vs. Phae Phae on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show here:




You sound like one of those

You sound like one of those dumb negros who only feel comfortable running to the white man to give them all of your money... *NEWS FLASH*.... Black Folks can be real and still do a damn good job at representing you...probably better because they're likely to be feisty! That goes a loooong way... trust!
Ur a Loser's picture

Amen sister!

Amen sister!
Dee's picture

Video: Chocolate Drop (Kevin

Video: Chocolate Drop (Kevin Hart) Drops Bars On Big Boy’s Neighborhood Morning SHow www.freshandsavvy.com
Gamble's picture

Nene has become the new

Nene has become the new Omarosa. Anyway, Phaedra is not a southern lady in the sense that the women in my own family are southern ladies, however, she displayed a grace and sereness that Nene obviously never learned in her lifetime. And yes, Phaedra lied about her pregnancy, but who cares? She was obviously trying to save face with her religious mother who looked down on pregnancy before marriage. She probably didnt want to let her family down, I'm sure they were proud of all her hardwork and accomplishments. Either way, it had nothing to do with you and me so why are people holding it against her? Not. A. Big. Deal.
Hotlatte's picture

Sereness (n.) is a withered

Sereness (n.) is a withered dryness. Did you mean serenity (adj.) as in the state or quality of being serene, calm, tranquil?
ExtravaganzaEleganza!'s picture

She is a VERY wounded woman

She is a VERY wounded woman and I pray that God will take care of that pain because she has the ability and potential to be very powerful and influential...if she chooses to be.
iluvbeingme's picture

I'm sorry.. but I like Ne

I'm sorry.. but I like Ne Ne.. I like any other woman should be proud of Phaedra for her accomplishments.. However, if you have to CONSTANTLY tell others how great you are.. then there is something wrong. I have always been told that you let your accomplishments speak for themselves. if you the Baddest Chic.. you don't have to say a WORD.. If you were a LADY and too GROWN to argue, you would have never called into the show. Let's just keep it real. Lil Kim says she's a LADY too.. all the while showing every piece of her reconstructed COOTER to the world while picking fights with the new kid on the block. Come on " Black Friday" came out on a MONDAY shawty.. give it up. But Back to Ne Ne, this chic is fighting tooth and nail to get some form of happiness in her life but it seems that she gets attacked for the way she responds to people who are out of line to her to begin with. She has every right to defend herself if she is being attacked. It seems to me that alot of it is set up to attack her because they KNOW she will tell the truth. Well if you start the drama, you should Expect nothing less in return..I think they can all take a lesson from Kandi.. Yea she is a lil hard around the ankles sometimes & her hair was...Well I don't know what her hair was doing .. but she says what she has to say and moves on. She don't take no mess and she don't start any either.. but she will finish it if you bring it to her.. but that's just my a**hole about the situation..
Anonymous's picture

Black Friday" came out on a

Black Friday" came out on a MONDAY shawty.. give it up. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Now I love me some Kim but she really needs another hobby. As for NeNe, I LOVE her! The bottom line is, if she doesn't like you...you'll know about it. She's gonna speak her mind regardless of what whether anyone like it or not. She's not afraid of confrontation, so don't start no shit with her. NeNe is a big, loud woman with a strong personality...she's not timid and quiet. That's not her personality. When Peter was on Watch What Happens he said NeNe is his favorite housewife because she has a big heart. I think she's good people...until you fuck with her.
Anonymous's picture

*in tears and stitches*

*in tears and stitches* Reconstructed Cooter! My GAWD you are off the hook. Do you have any more?
YBF Lover's picture

ughn-ughn. see, they both my

ughn-ughn. see, they both my girls. they need to get it together. phae can make the mac and cheese.. nene can slow roast the chicken! and..I'LL EAT ALL OF IT! HAHAHA!
DollBaby1o1's picture

How can you not respect a

How can you not respect a woman who set big goals, lives outside the limited parameters most black women find themselves in and takes everything with a grain of salt. Pheadra will always be a YBF chick to me.
YBF Lover's picture

i don't like nene anymore.

i don't like nene anymore. she is loud and crazy!
Anonymous's picture

Str8 foolishness in

Str8 foolishness in Charlotte, NC right now: Waka Flaka and his tour bus/entourage was getting stereo stystem installed, when someone tried to rob him=shootout ensued.....breaking news.....charlotteobserver.com
Anonymous's picture

I like "Phea Phea" LOL! So

I like "Phea Phea" LOL! So good to see a woman who set to get what she wanted out of life...and for the most part....got it! Good for her. Nene is just a mean spirited nasty bitter AGING scally wag who has some deep seeded issues to clear up. Miss Cleo we need you more than ever now.
Bronze Duchess's picture

I really do not like

I really do not like Phaedra...but I feel like she is talking with alot of sense...I feel like she is boughetto but NeNe is changing who she is really is.....NeNe needs to listen and stop being do defensive about everything
Anonymous's picture

Nene is an angry, insecure

Nene is an angry, insecure bully! She's a hater who wants all the shine for herself. She really gets upset when other women appear to be doing well.
Anonymous's picture


lockstress's picture


Anonymous's picture

What industry are you

What industry are you speaking of? After RHOA, Nene will have no career or anything to fall back on. She better act like she is really be hit with the recession and save that money before the show comes to an end or even better for RHOA and the other housewives, fires you...then lets see who "keeps up with the jones's".
Syd's picture

You hire Nene you get Nene.

You hire Nene you get Nene. she makes her money fighting ITS HER BRAND!!!!!. Please grow up people are start RECOGNIZING/SEPARATING REALITY from reality shows. Nene is a CHARACTER!!!!!!!!! and the women that created her is someone YOU DON"T KNOW!!!
Mastermind's picture

first of all there are no

first of all there are no projects in athens, GA.. Nene showed the house she lived in and the mansion she said her mom was raised in so obviously there were nice old plantation houses out there that Phaedra could have grown up in...the reunion show had pictures of Phaedra on a horse with her medal she won...and 3rd of all Nene is a straight up hater now and im very disappointed in how she acts toward EVERYONE. its just getting real old...she used to be my favorite during the 1st season but like Greg said, SHE LET IT GET TO HER HEAD. smh
prettynpink's picture

I'm from Athens, and quite

I'm from Athens, and quite frankly, there ARE projects.
Anonymous's picture

Leaks, the FIRST thing to

Leaks, the FIRST thing to learn to make it in the industry is to.....SHUT YOUR BIG AZZ MOUTH...for a while and learn how to listen to OTHER PEOPLE!!..you are seriously lacking this gift. It will get you NO WHERE in the industry without learning how to do this. Your ability to listen sounds like a HIT DOG..you said it you seem to want to be the ONLY person talking. Something you need to also remember, your comments you say one day, then the next day you change the whole story. It gives us in the industry a lot of history you can't be trusted and you just lie. Your claim to fame seems to have cost you your rep. I hope it was worth it. Soul selling is quick in the industry but the returns cost you name. Very sad.
Anonymous's picture

Nene is the only one spewing

Nene is the only one spewing hate all over the place. Nene was the only one arguing and carrying on. I really liked the way Phaedra calmly stated her point. That will win any day over shouting and resorting to name calling. I am telling you, I can't wait for the day Nene gets her giant a$$ in check. It will not be a moment too soon. Pride cometh before a fall and that woman is vile and arrogant and she will get it. She needs to be taken down a notch and stop being so hateful and vile. Why does she have to continue doing stuff like this. It is getting pitiful now, it always was, now now, DAMN. She is gonna get her a$$ handed to her on a platter in the worse way possible. All these women she is picking fight with, one of them will take her down, Theressa Guidice style.
I love Gossip!!!'s picture

I sooooo agree with you.

I sooooo agree with you. NeNe just hasn't met the right person yet to check her ignorant ass!!! When I say check, I mean whip her ass!
Anonymous's picture

I'm so tired of NeNe. We

I'm so tired of NeNe. We should start a "Drop NeNe from RHOA" campaign on Facebook/Twitter or something. She is going to far.
Anonymous's picture

phadrea sucks....did we

phadrea sucks....did we forget that she lied about her pregnancy!!!! I bet if Nene leaves the show, I bet the ratings will go down. Phadrea is boring and she does think that her sh**t dont stink....Team Nene. If its too hot in the kitchen then get your ass out
Anonymous's picture

Honestly, who cares that

Honestly, who cares that Phaedra lied. Not me. Besides, she only did that to save face with her religious mother and I dont fault her for that. Not a big deal. Nene's EGO, on otherhand, has gotten too big. What has she accomplished that makes her so great? *crickets*
Hotlatte's picture

...more crickets.

...more crickets.
Anonymous's picture

even more crickets....

even more crickets....
Haters Suck's picture

uuum note to NENE they showed

uuum note to NENE they showed pictures of Phaedra on horse's with ribbon and such on the reunion show. Dont be mad because your focus was different and Phaedra was about getting a college education. Like Nene said she has never worked in her life, so was does that say about her, and I guess her oldest son will follow in her footstep.
Anonymous's picture

Nene is so petty. Even though

Nene is so petty. Even though Pheadra was trying to take the high road Nene was still trying bringing up petty shit. I am still on her side regarding the whole Sweety situation because someone needs to talk about it, but Nene really needs to shut up sometimes.
Anonymous's picture

So Phaedra is pressed to keep

So Phaedra is pressed to keep bringing up NeNe's past, but she doesn't want to discuss the fact that she had a "5 month/full term" baby? Phaedra IS NOT a "lady", PLEASE! WHAT lady talks about strippers sucking themselves off, has a baby with someone they are just "dating" and try to get married to pass it off as the perfect family? I'll tell you who does that type of stuff, fake siddity people who want to put on heirs and hold themselves in a regard above what they really should.
Anonymous's picture

ppl can look at stripper all

ppl can look at stripper all the want....but to be a stripper like NeNe was that speaks volumes. NeNe is a bitter women forever jealous. The reason why NeNe gets along with Cynthia, she doesnt feel she is a threat. anyway NeNe lied about being a entertainment report, I guess that was her imaginary job. She was an 40year old intern.
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Dang, NeNe why you so mad?

Dang, NeNe why you so mad? NeNe sounds like ur typical jealous girlfriend....if i wanted to ride a horse i could, really! NeNe it seem ur focus was stripping and playin w/those baller type dudes. NeNe just mad Phaedra is a lawyer and she is a?? what again? at the end of the day what does NeNe have to fall back on? reality show "celebrity" only last for sooo long. NeNe let this whole reality show stuff go to her head.
Anonymous's picture

Put a muzzle on her face

Put a muzzle on her face filled with Horse feed
Colonel Stinkmeaner's picture

I have grown to like Phedra

I have grown to like Phedra as well. You dont have to be loud and obnoxious to get your point across, NENE!
PennyProud's picture

Phaedra is a lady. NeNe

Phaedra is a lady. NeNe needs prayer and a therapist.
Shanda's picture

Nene is so disgusting!!!!!

Nene is so disgusting!!!!! Loud mouth ghetto heffa; just BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO all the way around!
NYCwildchild's picture

@Impeach Nobama. The fake ass

@Impeach Nobama. The fake ass Prez is still spending like crazy. And there are only two ways to stop him. 1) Vote him out in 2012, or 2) 2nd amendment remedies.
Mr Lynch's picture

Or how about "lynching" Shut

Or how about "lynching" Shut The Fuck Up Loser!!! use the remedy on urself!
Anonymous's picture

Vote deeez cok suker.

Vote deeez cok suker.
TruthTeller's picture

NeNe cannot stand any woman

NeNe cannot stand any woman with a job or real career. Phaedra is accomplished, smart and successful without RHOA and now everyone knows it so it probably really pisses NeNe jealous ass off.
Haters Suck's picture

phaedra conducted herself

phaedra conducted herself very well unlike nene loud mouth self! smh... she's so angry and bitter about everything!
ash's picture

NENE needs to get a life. It

NENE needs to get a life. It seems as though she is unhappy with herself. Until she builds her own self-esteem and respect others, she will never get her so called "happy"back. I am starting to wonder.....did she ever have it?
Sha's picture

If NeNe wants to rewrite her

If NeNe wants to rewrite her past that's her biz, why does Phaedra keep harping on Nene and her upbringing. They ran in different circles. I know there's a bunch of negros I like to forget. Moving on. Phaedra always got to act extra
jellybean's picture

If NeNe wants to rewrite her

If NeNe wants to rewrite her past that's her biz, why does Phaedra keep harping on Nene and her upbringing. They ran in different circles. I know there's a bunch of negros I like to forget. Moving on. Phaedra always got to act extra
jellybean's picture

Nene used to be my fave but

Nene used to be my fave but at this point she has turned me off completely. As a mother of one young son and an older son who can't seem to get his life on track, Nene needs to redirect her priorities. Growing up, our mothers teach us such values as "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything". However, Nene continues to go out of her way to tear people down and gets off on being a bully. It's not about keeping it real. Keep it classy. When she's not being a bully, she's running around worrying bout "going Hollywood and getting her happy back". Obviously she has a long way to go because the only people who make others feel low are those who feel even lower about themselves. She needs to focus on her most important job- mother. Her younger son seems to be doing well and she should make sure he continues to do so. Even if she believes she has done all she can for her older son, her behavior is unbecoming of not only a mother, but a genuine human being.
Sweet&Petite's picture

OMG!!! NeNe child

OMG!!! NeNe child pleasssseeee......hush!!! Why are we blowing this situation up.....please let sleeping dogs be!!!!!!
Msdiamondz's picture

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