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HOLIDAY FAB: Rihanna, Naomi & Vladimir, & Serena

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Celebs were out and about over the 4th of July Holiday weekend.  Rihanna traveled to Vancouver to kick off her North American tour.  She and her studded headband-ed red hair were spotted hitting up her soundcheck yesterday.  She performed in the Canadian City for her fans.


More pics of Rih, Naomi and Vladimir yachting it up, and Serena celebrating in London when you read on...


Interesting outfit.

And a few pics of her hopping off the plane the day before.


Serena Williams got fab for her Wimbledon dinner in London as the champ celebrated her umpteenth win:

Pretty look.


And Naomi and her boyfriend Vladimir did their usual and yachted it up all over the place:

They hit St. Tropez and Thailand.  Damn.

Fun times I'm sure.


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Our consensus is: Beijing

Our consensus is: Beijing more and more block! The 20 million population of large cities, a net increase of 1,900 vehicles per day. September 22 Another World Car Free Day, "Green asked the" Special Planning Solution Experts from various quarters, Beijing traffic jam did not have to save to save?
yiwu market's picture

Riyawna's sound check took 5

Riyawna's sound check took 5 min with her flop tour and sales they wasn't wasting time with her.
Anon's picture

Rihanna bleach out to

Rihanna bleach out to much Serena she look to manly omg she look like a gorilla no affence & naomi girl get it together But ur boo is on point
Anonymous's picture

ewww u can see Naomi's

ewww u can see Naomi's missing hairline..that shit scares me..Serena's pretty in the face
Miss Me's picture

Rihanna looks STINKY!

Rihanna looks STINKY!
Tastycake's picture

Naomi is proud of those Beads

Naomi is proud of those Beads On Her Head!
Tastycake's picture

*singing* Ah, push it. Ah,

*singing* Ah, push it. Ah, push it. Oooh, baby, baby!!! LMFAO! 90s no no!
Yas's picture

I like Rihanna's headband,

I like Rihanna's headband, shoes, and jacket just NOT together. Naomi is getting it in with that Russian man as jacked up as her hairline is--can't understand why they can't get it fixed with all the money they have together.
Electric Sunshine "I'm in Bermuda Bitch"'s picture

I love the fact that he takes

I love the fact that he takes her with her jacked up hair line and all, that's love. She still and will always be one of the badest black woman to walk the run way!!!!!!
Sherie's picture

I totally agree with you, and

I totally agree with you, and not forgetting the fact that she made it through all the haters, discriminations, racism and most importantly walking tall in the midst of all the challenges. I am really proud of her and wish her the best in this relationship that she builds a happy and succefull family with this wonderfull God sent man.
Anonymous's picture

yeah do you love that hes

yeah do you love that hes married too?
Anonymous's picture

Who cares, get a life

Who cares, get a life
myami's picture

I was thinking the same

I was thinking the same thing! I mean the baldness is still a flaw but damn, look at the rest of her!!! She's fierce. And he seems to treat her with love and respect (as much as a married man can, I still don't understand that whole deal) so good for her I guess. Would I play side chick? No! Would I play side chick to a billionaire? *tilts head and squints eyes* Maybe.
Twilightey's picture

Thinning edges and heavy

Thinning edges and heavy bottom, Naomi still rules the cat walk. Alllll-right
WAK's picture

not the most flattering

not the most flattering pictures of RiRi. www.citizette.com
lizzy's picture

WOW!! Someone must have

WOW!! Someone must have pissed in your Cheerios. For you to say you hate an entire race of people only confirms the low self esteem you have in yourself. I am a BAJAN beauty and damn proud of it.....Sweetie, I suggest you educate yourself and keep the ignorance to yourself.
Anonymous's picture

What the HELL are you talking

What the HELL are you talking about? Any critical comment about Rihanna = hating BAJANS? You sound metally ill.
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Vlad obviously doesn't care

Vlad obviously doesn't care about those napped up edges.
Jazmine's picture

I think that Rhianna's style

I think that Rhianna's style is cute...she pulls it off well....I don't think that she is pretty......anyone can look good with makeup and money to buy clothes............serena looks okay....I think she has a pretty face...but her body...I don't like...it is too strong....Naomi...she has a beautiful face....I feel sorry that her hair has been damaged like that...but I think she has the money so she should try fixing it......at least she found a man who likes her regardless of her missing hairline
Anonymous's picture

Did you say naomi's hair has

Did you say naomi's hair has been damaged?? that's because of the constant pulling of the scalp to cornrow and sew on her weave. So many black women have the same problem, but it gets better if you stop plaiting your hair and use hair growth cosmetics. So naomi there is my advise.
Anonymous's picture


BIT................PLEASE's picture

Just a difference in opinion.

Just a difference in opinion. ITs really not that serious, crazy Rihanna stan
MEEEEEE's picture

As someone else mentioned, I

As someone else mentioned, I think Naomi would actually look nice clean shaven. But, I doubt she will do that. Serena looks the best I've seen her look in awhile. Her hair his very flattering.
imnotthatstoopid's picture

Rihanna's stylist must be on

Rihanna's stylist must be on vacation; or something of the sort! Rihanna looks like, what I'd imagine, Ms. Whitney would look like, if she can't, get-her-fix! Rihanna looks like, she just told 'the corner-crack dude' to "chill" while she "runs-around-the-corner, in-search-of, her next trick!" What can be said 'bout Naomi Campbell, that most of us haven't ALREADY, said beneath-our-breaths;just-beyond-earshot;in-the-privacy of-our-minds ...!!! "... White men and-that-there 'white privilege'," or what you'd imagine as "white privilege" now this 'Vlad dude' can "get away with it." I've YET to read a word in disapproval in-said- regard. But let someone like 'Puffy' or 'Shack' do the very-same: Drama and howls for THEIR genitals! Listen to me, these 'Russian Billionaire dudes(?)', "don't-believe the-hype", most are nothing but "front men" for a near-bankrupt morally/financially society/country. The Alcoholism rates and shortened life-span, of a country, that is beset/plagued/beleaguered-with every-known disease and ailment that gives Russia, one of THE lowest-standards of living in the "industrialized world!" THIS is what happened to RUSSIA'S RICHEST MAN, who didn't "toe the line": foreignpolicy/articles/2010/04/26/the_billionaire_dissident ^^ Put a (.com) on the end of foreignpolicy. X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT! P.S. -- Signing-in, "and posting as me(?)" --NOT KOOL!!
X,Y,"and Z"'s picture

Rihanna looks stupid as

Rihanna looks stupid as always I dont hate her at all but in my opinio her style is ass and she is not too talented either
Anonymous's picture

Who cares!!! My boyfriend

Who cares!!! My boyfriend thinks the same with me. He- is eight years older than me, lol. We met online at an age gap dating site [A_g_e_m_i_n_g_le @ c.//o.//m]---a nice and free place for Younger- Women and Older Men, or Older Women and Younger Men, to interact with each other. Maybe you wanna check out or- tell your friends
Anonymous's picture

My dearest friend above who

My dearest friend above who hates Rihanna and hates Bajans! You woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning or perhaps in someone else's bed you didn't want to be in? Hate Rihanna if you must because you are jealous or envious of her, but to hate bajans also...you have crossed the line! You sound like a very bitter individual, Rihanna don't care about you and I'm sure bajans don't care about your sorry a$$ either...PLZ, pee and go back in yah bed! YOU ARE SAD!!!
Anonymous's picture

Serena Williams looks

Serena Williams looks gorgeous. Sigh, I watched when she did her short press conf after she won her 4th championship, and she just seems so bright and full of life. Love her & her personality. Reminds me of my cousin. Rihanna looks nice too, fresh faced.
truth serum's picture

Naomi's edges are GONE... she

Naomi's edges are GONE... she is Bald in the front and the wind wasn't helping hide it at all.. her lace front is so laced back... look how far back it starts.. EEWW.. that's what years of fake hair will do to you.. YUK...
NOT's picture

I love Serena...continue to

I love Serena...continue to shine!!! Shouts out to Venus too!!! Naomi body rocks!!!
Anonymous's picture

I'm not loving this look on

I'm not loving this look on rihanna today, Serena looks beautiful, and damn that naomi!! www.shesmyhusband.wordpress.com
KimRob's picture


Anonymous's picture

we don't like you either.

we don't like you either. Bye!!! For you to post this comment at 5am says a lot.
Carribbean beauty's picture

smh. u sound so bitter my

smh. u sound so bitter my friend. what happened?? its ok everything is going to work out for the better. no need to hate a sect of people or a pop superstar, my love have a nice day. ok? :)
Anonymous's picture

F**K You HATER !!! She is

F**K You HATER !!! She is amazing, Theres no reason to want her dead you sick freak!!!
Anonymous's picture

serena ...finally :) naomi

serena ...finally :) naomi ....NOH8 :)
akua's picture

i LOVE serenas look. and i

i LOVE serenas look. and i stan for athletes, there is nothing cute about being out of shape
whats hapnan's picture

rihanna looking HOT love her

rihanna looking HOT love her
FabChick's picture

Some people's mission in live

Some people's mission in live is to be hateful,jealous,envious and just plain bitchy.Their lives would not be productive otherwise and they would not know what to do with themselves. They see the lives, career and money these girl have as unatttainable so they seek to pull them down instead. What a dark sad life. They have my sympathy and the three girls have my admiration. They have made it in a world that as black women with their career choices it is a struggle to survive even against the envy and hatred of your own people. They leave nothing more for the white people to do. I'm quite sure a lot of the bad comments are coming from black people. The haters black,white or whatever color you choose to be need to grow to hell up and get off their asses get going and show the world how you can do better than these girls They worked hard to get there and for all who think they slept their way there I'm sure your lives are not that saintly and should try looking in the mirror. They are mature enough to make choices of who they sleep with they don't need your permission and it sure don't make them whores. Start counting your own lovers. Nobody looks perfect 24/7/52 get real!! As for Naomi's boyfriend have you ever though maybe they are quite contented the way things are and they do not need marriage to make it perfect for them. People marry and divorce everyday. Why not have something to say about Brad and Angie? Or is this a RACIAL issue here? It would actually be nice to see pictures of you self appointed haters and critics.
Anonymous's picture

DAMN!! Natasha looks like she

DAMN!! Natasha looks like she is two meals away from having a heart attack and not cute at all and she has the nerve to have a site critiquing celebrities! No wonder so many negative people are on here. You all must relate to her.....fat as fuck, ugly as fuck.
Anonymous's picture

Good to see a casually

Good to see a casually dressed Rihanna. A lot of celebs are afraid of looking casual, so good for her. Serena looks the best that she has looked in a while. No comment on Naomi... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ http://ebonyroyalle.blogspot.com
lanubian's picture

Rihanna is FLY! Serena looks

Rihanna is FLY! Serena looks nice & Naomi is BALL headed lol! But her bf is cute..smh!!!!!!!
TruStar's picture

rihanas outfit is horrible

rihanas outfit is horrible !!!! serena looks good, naomi looks fine too
OBAMA4YOMAMA's picture

I think Rihanna is a really

I think Rihanna is a really pretty girl -- this Woody Woodpecker hair color, not so much. It is too drastic and really washes out what is a really nice complexion. To put it simply, she looks like a mess. For the people defending her looking like a mess and saying that she doesn't have to be fashionable every time she goes out, don't forget about a year ago, paparazzi was following her just walking down the street (seemingly going nowhere in particular), and she was dressed to the nines in every single shot. If you establish yourself as a fashionista, you should be prepared to be critiqued on your look whenever you are photographed. I hope Naomi gets some attention for her scalp. Clearly she's suffering from quite a bit of damage from working in the fashion industry -- if only the hairstylists were as astute in their craft as the makeup artists, she wouldn't have lost her natural hair.
n_satiable's picture

Those Bottom pictures of

Those Bottom pictures of Naomi are more than 6 months old. Why are you posting them?
Angie's picture

Was thinking the same thing

Was thinking the same thing
IceQueen's picture

Naomi. wow. buckshot biddy.

Naomi. wow. buckshot biddy. wow.
Anonymous's picture

I had never heard of Nicole

I had never heard of Nicole Bitchies site until I scrolled through a lot of the hating ass comments. Thanks haters, now I have another site that's better than this fat bitche's site. Nicole Bitchies site is so much better!
Anonymous's picture

I didn't know Rihanna was

I didn't know Rihanna was supposed to always be dressed up or edgy looking at all times yet when it's "can't say a full sentence" Beyonce, the stans are quick to defend. Regardless of Naomi having no edges, that billionaire doesn't care. Don't know too many women like Naomi that can pull 'em like she does. Jealousy is a disease on this site.
Anonymous's picture

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