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Official Statement On Chris Brown Getting Denied An Overseas Visa+Alycia Bellamy Gets Sheer In The City

Looks like those legal matters of Chris' are preventing him from traveling overseas to the UK and Ireland to do that leg of his Fan Appreciation tour.  He Tweeted that he had to cancel--without explanation--then deleted the Tweet.  But now his PR group has given the official statement.  


Read on for that and pics of his ex alleged jump off--and Angela and Vanessa Simmons' BFF--Alycia Bellamy when you read on...



His PR group states:

Due to issues surrounding his work visa, the Ireland and United Kingdom leg of Chris Brown’s Fan Appreciation Tour has been postponed.  Chris looks forward to performing for his fans abroad in the near future and thanks them for their continued support.


And speaking of Mr. Brown, his alleged ex chick Alycia Bellamy was spotted leaving the Prive Hair Saon in L.A. today.  SInger and the SImmons' sisters BFF (she appeared on their show) got a bit sheer with it:


Alrighty then.



Let's look at this from a

Let's look at this from a different angle: Why is CHARLIE SHEEN better than CHRIS BROWN? http://www.alumniroundup.com/2010/06/op-ed-why-is-charlie-sheen-better-t...
RRR's picture

thanks for all your bullshit,

thanks for all your bullshit, cb will get over it
Anonymous's picture

u know chris brown aint shit

u know chris brown aint shit i guess its ok to beat up on women u got a little money everything goes away
Anonymous's picture

how could you say such a

how could you say such a thing well chris should look to the future if rihana dont want him back
Anonymous's picture

wow.they are late is

wow.they are late is crap.just white ppl trying to drag it on for as long as they can.
rochelle's picture

someone let the girl know her

someone let the girl know her brasier is showing. i spose his past is going to keep biting him in the butt every now and then. inevitable. i feel for him to some extent but there are laws, rules and regulations and when you break the wrong ones the repercussions can be huge. the whole "people should just get over it" thing just doesn't cut it in these situations.
Giselle's picture

I also am really sorry for

I also am really sorry for Chris. He apologized countless, was punished and people are still on his d.ck! Riri said herself that they both were dangerous for each other; and guys, everything in life is not just black or white. This is a personal matter that has nothing to do with none of us. How can people know what CB is feeling or whether he's remorseful or not? He isn't responsible for his fans reactions or his friends comments and i never heard him say bad things about her. Someone said Kemp was a real man because he shows his feelings for her... really? Both guys don't have the same fan base: CB is supposed to be "reachable" for each girl. But there a tons of videos, pictures where he shows his affection towards her in front of his fans. I think Riri knewed like everyone (see other stars interview about the incident) that he really loved her and only that matters because saying your love on the cameras doesn't make these feelings more real or pure. Some people just want to keep their privacy.
stillatthis's picture

chris had apologies to her

chris had apologies to her why cant she forgive him,he should go on with his live
Anonymous's picture

all yall is crazy, how can

peaches's picture

Hope she knows that she is

Hope she knows that she is just CB's new flavor of the month
Anonymous's picture

Let's be clear on a few

Let's be clear on a few things: - Europe is not the UK. Getting a visa to attend a fashion show in France is not the same as going to the UK. - Going to a fashion (requires a tourist visa), doing a concert (requires a work visa/work permit) and is more difficult to obtain than a tourist visa. - Being denied a visa can be based on a number of things, the nature of the offense, how old the offense is and the circumstances surrounding the resolution (did you plead guilty or go to trial?). - You can also be given a visa for a limited time period (again related to your conviction). The bottom line is that this denial is more than likely directly connected to Chris' criminal conviction.
zappy's picture

You're correct on most of

You're correct on most of what you stated, but you don't need a tourist visa to go to a fasion show--you only need a passport. In any case, thanks for clarifying this for folks.
Anonymous's picture

Poor Breezy.

Poor Breezy.
HOTNESS's picture

i dnt get it..y is paparazii

i dnt get it..y is paparazii following her?
Kelly's picture

-_- at alicia.. and smh at

-_- at alicia.. and smh at this whole cb thing ppl is really takin things to the next level. all ima say is god is watchin ..
brooklyn gyal's picture

Lots of love to ya! X,Y and Z

Lots of love to ya! X,Y and Z in this house! Thanks for the education (but it looks like a lot of noses were in the air, as the information/jet passes over the critics head). Not bliss at all.
Oceanmate's picture

Im not even going to read the

Im not even going to read the responses, because I m sure Chris' stans are going apemess about how people won't 'give the boy a chance'. But I agree with the UK's decision, he *IS* a convicted felon, sometimes that is a consequence. God KNOWS America has tightened its policy against who it will allow into its country, and who will get deported. I have many a family member who has been turned away myself...not for any business as lofty as a tour though. lmao
Anonymous's picture

America also revoke the

America also revoke the visa's of foreign artist who are involve in violent crimes.
Joan's picture

cont..... Just like when Mat

cont..... Just like when Mat Kemp cam out and said that Rihanna was his girlfriend and that he really misses her.. here comes Chris posts a picture of him and that chick that he had just met..smh
Britney's picture

I think that CHRIS love

I think that CHRIS love playing this victim Role that he's been playing... Every since this shit happened he has been on twitter and on interviews crying and making it seem as if he was the one who got his ass whopped that night of FEB 8,2009.. He knows that if he ranks on twitter and start cying and bitching that his ghetto fans (who doesn't even buy his music because it's stil stuck at 300,000 for like 7 months now ww) willblame every little thing that happens to hom on Rihanna and make her look bad..His PR could have been the ones who reported this little issue to his fans not him posting it because the way that he posted it mad it seem as if europe didn't want him in there country period. He didn't even give details or anything which left the door open for people to point the finger.... I'm just so sick of this shit personally.. I do notice that every time Rihanna has a song coming out or it's some good news about her here he comes crying bitching and moaning about something..
Britney's picture

If that's what you notice

If that's what you notice then clearly you're only paying 1/2 attention. CB is ALWAYS tweeting about stuff--sometimes it's a complaint, other times it's just what's going on. You just happen to be so stuck on February 8, 2009 that everything they do, you try to tie them together. Get over yourself for real! So what his music is stuck at 300,000--that's 300,000 more than what you got, isn't it. If you're so sick of it, it's really easy just to not comment at all. Going back to a year and a half ago is pointless really--there will definitely be ups and downs with Chris Brown and his career, but at 21 yrs old, he's had more ups already--and will again. Everything in life can be a learning experience. Stop making a mountain out of a mole hill.
Anonymous's picture

All you haters, don't get too

All you haters, don't get too excite, the fans were told to hold on to their tickets ,while they reschedule the tour, mr style, you sound like you wil murder someboy, just haven't got caught. some people do hit rock bottom than they rise all the way to the top this will happen to Chris, because so many of you want him to fail, its all in God's plan
Anonymous's picture

We all personally do not know

We all personally do not know what happened that night, we arent in his head, and we aren't in her head. She moved on with her life, and so has he. Europe has a problem with him being a convicted felon, cool. Enforce your rules, thats what they are there for. But we all know he's not there because she's over there. So do us all a favor and cut out all the hooplah. He's been living with it for almost 2 years, the days of bashing him are over. At the end of the day, we dont buy their music because of their personal lives, we buy it because of talent.
LittleMissez's picture

Chris Brown has no real

Chris Brown has no real talent. He can dance but so can Ci-Error. He's not a valid singer. Chris Brown, Mario, Omarion, Sammie, Bow Wow, ....the list goes on....these people are DONE. God don't like UGLY. Chris has BLOWN his chances. He has to do something different but I bet what you will see is him falling deeper and deeper this Punk is WEAK! He does not have the strength or the maturity level to change.

Some of you Chris brown

Some of you Chris brown supporters are the same hypocritical fuckers who come in all of Rihanna post and bash her every day. Well don’t talk only about god when it comes to Chris brown because god doesn't like ugly. Ugly is ugly and what Chris did that night on Feb 8 and after speaks volumes to his character, his heart is not clean, he is not sorry for what he did. While you are here preaching, pray for his forgiveness also pray for his recovery. Chris Brown only give a shit about his money, how the hell you going tell me you trying to get back to the heart and soul of the one thing you love so dearly and he out fucking nasty chicks, partying and drinking .Even 2 days ago he chasing new pussy, instead of trying to get in Jasmine cunt he should have been focusing on his visa and making sure he get his shit in order. How the hell 3 days before you go on tour your visa denied. Lastly Rihanna goes through shit every day from bloggers and you hateful fans wishing her to die, She holds her head up high and keep it moving. Chris should have followed in her footsteps and done the same thing. But know him and his friends on ustream bashing Rihanna calling her a slut and sloppy seconds, insulting Matt kemp calling him a rapest now look. The devil worshiping no talent slut had a successful UK/European tour and Her rapest man Matt kemp is second in the MLB lead In home runs and RBI’s and Chris brown stuck posting twit pics of a young model and chasing after her pussy. Now once again he wants his fans to feel sorry for him, I say off with his fucking head , this boy done piss his life away no fault of his PR TEAM. Rihanna, Jay-z, ILLUMINATI or even the people in America , thee only person to blame is Chris brown. Time for him to start looking at the Man in the Mirror and facing reality. Real talk
Alicia's picture

This is "Real Talk" Are you

This is "Real Talk" Are you serious Alicia? How do you know that Chris Brown is not sorry for what he did. You don't know that man personally. I hope you are not going by what the media is presenting because they do put a twist on things. So what Chris drinks and parties, Rihanna does the same thing. How many men was she with after the ordeal? Just because she found someone now doesn't mean she didn't do the same thing. Sounds like you are a woman scorned. Let that man live his life, and learn from his mistakes. You or anybody should not pass judgement on him or anyone. Neither one of us can put him in heaven or hell. I am not going to pray for his forgiveness, only he can do that. I can pray for the Lord to order his steps and guide him to do the right things.
Frankie's picture

Frankie are you

Frankie are you SERIOIUS??? Frankie let me explain this to you. Chris makes his money from the Public. He did a crime and now the Public has the right to hold him accountable for his ACTIONS. Chris' violence is not socially acceptable and people have the right to show him SCORN and to say NO to him. Chris took TOO long to say he was sorry for that he did. Chris is the one who was on a Jet Ski after he dam near beat a woman to a pulp. Chris is the one who went on talk shows trying to shift the BLAME. Chris is the one who went on Twitter to BLAME Radio stations, Walmart, and anyone he could think of for his CD Flopping. Chris is the one who make a JOKE out his community service by laughing and playing around. Chris is the one who has YET to DONATE his time at Any Women's Shelters! Chris has also not shown one once of MATURITY. Chris has made misogynistic raunchy videos, has dated Rihanna Clones and still is very ANGRY. So NO Chris has not shown he is sorry. He only cares about being a STAR which he can kiss GOODBYE at this point.

@ STLYES..People do have the

@ STLYES..People do have the right to say NO to him..Everybody cd is flopping..If you havent noticed but a recession is in progress. And all you have done was look at the negative things he has done. What about the positives? what in the HELL do you expect him to do? Knock on your door personally and tell you that he is sorry. You act like you are with this man 24/7..and that the media does not spin and twist things around. You do not know what GOD has plan for this man and this can be a stepping stone for him to be a better person and a bigger star. Just keep him in your prayers instead of putting him down.
Frankie's picture

Furious Styles, i agree with

Furious Styles, i agree with you 100%!!!
Dee's picture

You talk alot! Miss know it

You talk alot! Miss know it all
Diva's picture



styles get off chris dick...

styles get off chris dick... you been blogging since this morning. Dont you have a life??? U crazy fan stan whatever yall call it. GET FUCKING LIFE. ASAP.
aggie princess's picture

Women walking around in these

Women walking around in these heavy leather combat boots in the summertime heat, don't your feet stink when you take them off? I'm just asking... The Jay-Z/Illuminati talk is going to go into overdrive with Chris Brown's Visa denial. Heck, i wonder about it myself. I think he should be allowed overseas to perform honestly. I'm sure people have done way worse and been allowed in those countries.
Twilightey's picture

I feel sorry 24 Chris..He was

I feel sorry 24 Chris..He was wrong & I dont Condone Hit'n a female..But just 2 keep it real what do u think is going to happen if U Hit a Man First ..Rihanna Needs to be Held accountable as well..Every Body Bashed Chris & slowly dwindled His Career While This so called Female Movement Exalted Her ass..To make matters even worst after one incident the public Labled him a Women beater & a domestic Violence type Dude..Thats wrong Domestic violence C'mon thats like a Chronic women Beater..Which was not the Case...If U dont wanna get Hit by a Man Then U damn sure Bet Not past the First lick.....
evolve 223's picture

@ EVOLVE.... Maybe you should

@ EVOLVE.... Maybe you should EVOLVE your view on domestic violence. Rihanna did not "hit" Chris first. And if she did slap him or hit him Chris is STILL not allowed to Punch her in the FACE, BITE her or try to shove her into the street. Chris Brown's level of VIOLENCE was CRIMINAL. And he's now a FELON. This is why Europe did not allow him to profit off his CRIME. They have every RIGHT to do that. And Blaming the VICTIM is never appropriate!

Well since you got all the

Well since you got all the answers what should he have done??? Ms Know it all. When you in a moving vehicle and a woman is attacking what is the procedure since you cant Hit her or throw her in the street?
Human's picture

Ms or Mr. I guess you were

Ms or Mr. I guess you were there huh? how do you know she didn't hit first. You judgemental A-hole, if you have ever been in a relationship where you are so called crazy in love, anything can happen, and I believe she did hit him and pushed his head into the window and thru his phone, because she was controling. Keep on living you will find out soon enough who has talent, who is REALLY violent. She is a studio voice and can't sang a lick live....check it yourself. Chris God Bless Keep your head up. Things will turn around.
Anonymous's picture

Look at U??? Defending a

Look at U??? Defending a woman beating Felon and attacking Rihanna. SICK! SMH

Chris has NEVER said Rihanna

Chris has NEVER said Rihanna hit him (not that it would even be an excuse for how he BEAT her). Chris' VIOLENCE has more to do with his INNER HATE. Chris came from an abusive HOME. Chris has issues. Chris is a MONSTER. So don't tell me about FISTOPHER MAURICE BROWN. He's a FELON. And Rihanna did nothing to bring out that side of him. Chris Beats women when things don't go his way. He's a FAKE and he's been EXPOSED!

Oh no y'all, Furious Styles

Oh no y'all, Furious Styles is back and using FISTOPHER MAURICE BROWN instead of Chris's real name!! He's angry now y'all. Run! Hide!
Anonymous's picture

God will help chris to find

thinking 's picture

Yo leave God outta this, I

Yo leave God outta this, I really dont think that God endorses Chris sexing up young fans on stage and gyrating himself into a pathetic erection. U people really think that by calling out God's name that this is going to make a difference. I aint see Chris talking all that religous ish it is only his delusional stans. And all u who are ilumanti this and that it makes one wonder who are the real devils.
Anonymous's picture

all of the folks saying cb

all of the folks saying cb needs to be in jail and it's to soon i wanna see you same folks bashing and boycotting that other abuser charlie sheen.
Anonymous's picture

Brining up Charlie Sheen in

Brining up Charlie Sheen in NO WAY Changes that FISTOPHER MAURICE BROWN DID TO RIHANNA. Two Wrongs don't make it RIGHT!

all of the folks saying cb

all of the folks saying cb needs to be in jail and it's to soon i wanna see you same folks bashing and boycotting that other abuser charlie sheen.
Anonymous's picture

I said he should have just

I said he should have just gone to jail... because it's the same shit - he's not free at the moment is he?
Yas's picture

Yas: you dumb ass. YES he is

Yas: you dumb ass. YES he is free, there is a difference when you are in freakin jail behind a cell i'm sure. the boy did his community service, the JUDGE did not send him to jail he has a jacked up record that will follow him, but he is free. Just wait until you need mercy and grace.
Anonymous's picture

sheen got off easy in many

sheen got off easy in many ways because I think no one in the public was in any way shape or form surprised by his behavior. It's like if you heard Mike Tyson threw a woman down the stairs or bit someone's ear off....he would be more of a punchline than a target of anger. However, if someone like Lebron James, who previously did not have that history did it, it would garner more media coverage and outrage. And by the way, Charlie WILL be doing something Chris won't-which is going to jail, even if only for a short time. He might have a million dollar job waiting for him at home though, but thats the perk of being White, or a star athlete, that the regular folks dont get. Still, Im not crying For Chris Brown, he still doesn't seem humbled and has anger issues. Any woman who would get with him at this pt. in his life is silly.
Anonymous's picture

And how would you suggest he

And how would you suggest he express his humbleness? Crawling away into oblivion doesn't make you humble. Apologizing makes you humble, doing benefit concerts for an domestic violence shelter makes you humble, working with kids with disabilities makes you humble. Sitting on your ass in your house or taking a year's vacation in Africa (as someone ridiculously suggested) doesn't make you humble. If Chris has anger issues then practically everybody has anger issues. He's letting his frustration out on twitter--so what. All the folks on these blogs every damn day are letting their frustration out. Are you serious?!? Nah, you couldn't be.
Anonymous's picture

He should have just gone to

He should have just gone to jail... same shit.
Yas's picture

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