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OSCAR'S WINNERS CIRCLE: Mo'Nique WINS Best Supporting Actress!

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We all knew it would happen.  Mo'Nique just won her very first Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in Precious! The quick and to the point acceptance speech didn't take away from how happy she and everyone else truly is for her. *side eyeing Sam Jackson and his problematic facial expression afterwards*

She thanked the Academy for showing politics do not win over talent, Hattie McDaniel for setting out the way, Tyler Perry, Oprah, her attorneys, her entire BET and Precious families, and told her husband Sidney: "Thank you for showing me that sometimes you have to forgo doing what's popular in order to do what's right.  And baby...you were so right."


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@Jeweleast9- Which one you

@Jeweleast9- Which one you laughing at? I made quite a few comments LOL!
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@michele - OMG!!! LOL!

@michele - OMG!!! LOL!
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FIRST OF ALL THAT fat hating

FIRST OF ALL THAT fat hating hoe doesnt deserve SHIT!!! Allllllllllllllllllllllllll she does 24/7 is hate on some skinny btiches and talk us down! SHIT just bc she FAT doesnt mean everyone have to feel bad for her and give her a damn reward for it. Also, she didnt do shit in that movie, but run up the steps and jiggle her shit up. :)
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Congrats to Mo This is the

Congrats to Mo This is the second time Sam Jackson has hated on another actor. He made some off the wall comemnts about Ice Cube a fews years back.
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ummmm WTH is Mo wearing? This

ummmm WTH is Mo wearing? This is the worst she has looked at all the awards. This was the big one and she didnt go all out. Is she trying to LOOK like Hattie McDaniel?
dabaddestCHIC's picture

Congratulations to

Congratulations to Monique!!!!!. When Samuel Jackson rolled his eyes it was saying that her aggressive speach was totaly wrong. She could have being gracious and classic just the way Ophra did. Monique didn't even gave thanks to God, she always talking about him and gave first thanks to the oscar staff. I glad for her and I wonder If the white movies industries will give her a first actress roll in a movie like Will smith, Danzel washington, Samuel Jackson,Morgan Freeman, Jamie Fox,Beyonce and others? And if she will bring white audience to the theater to see her. And again CONGRATULATIONS FOR THE OSCAR!!!!
ritz's picture

Did you all see the clips

Did you all see the clips from the other nominees? Mo really didn't have any competition. Was there even a close 2nd?

@Tha Anit Idiot and Chaka1 I

@Tha Anit Idiot and Chaka1 I so CO-SIGN on both comments!! @The anti-idiot...you hit the nail on the head about DeNiro! So sick of people calling Precious a "black" movie!! Since when was Precious a "black" stereotype!?!?! And black people have won Oscars for a couple different roles!
NO HATE!!!'s picture

The movie was a true

The movie was a true representation of black womens laziness, and that's why she won.
etennial's picture

Why can't someone just

Why can't someone just receive an acting award (Oscar) based on their performance; not their personality, not their lifestyle, hygiene, marriage, degrees/yrs in acting, etc. Monique's performance was great; it was believable. The Academy thought so, as well as many others. J.HUD got her Oscar for the same reason; her performance. I'm not sure why some people are saying this wasn't deserved & bringing up her personal life. If her Oscar could talk it would say FU!
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@ Fabhairdresser, YOU GET

@ Fabhairdresser, YOU GET IT!! You REALLY get it! That is all....
dabaddestCHIC's picture

I totally agree with Sandy...

I totally agree with Sandy... Sam could've been reacting to something that someone else said... It's not like he rolled his eyes during her speech, it was like a few seconds after...smh
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Congrats to Monique!! She

Congrats to Monique!! She gave humanity to Mary Jones and was a part of a true story being told. People live this story everyday. Are there voices not worthy of being heard? I love how they say for all of the precious little girls and boys everywhere, because it is so true. We as a people need to love ourselves and support our own.
tcgrad's picture

Congratulations Mo’Nique U

Congratulations Mo’Nique U truly deserved it!!!! We are so proud of you down here in South Africa Not sure about that statement. lol
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@ Ben....Wow...seriously...just WOW...
virtuous1's picture

Glad she won! and it's

Glad she won! and it's possible that Sam's expression had nothing to do with her...just saying!
virtuous1's picture

Doesn't care if Monique won.

Doesn't care if Monique won. Still not gonna watch Precious.
Ye's picture

@GT Precious, it's funny how

@GT Precious, it's funny how I didn't hear Italians b*tching and moaning when Robert DeNiro won several awards for being a "stereotypical" mafia gangster or murderer. And hun, you forgot to mention that the academy also honored Sidney Poitier as best actor in Lilies of the Field (1963), Lou Gossett Jr best supporting actor in An Officer and a Gentleman (1982), Whoopi Goldberg best supporting actress in Ghost (1990) and Jamie Foxx best actor in Ray (2004). NONE of these roles were "stereotypical" black roles so please stop whining and pulling the race card and take the time to be at least be somewhat informed on the topic of which you speak. It's called Google, I love it.
The Anti Idiot's picture

All the Latins Uno's are in

All the Latins Uno's are in Spain, not you useless, poverty-stricken, drug addicted Puerto Rican slaves of Spain. Spain tried to wipe you out for 350 years too bad they didn't succeed. The Mexicans are a million times better than you Puerto's which is why Spain never enslaved them. Puerto Ricans will always be at the bottom where you belong and you never win anything too boot!
Ben's picture

A black actor won an Oscar 11

A black actor won an Oscar 11 times - Jamie Foxx, Morgan Freeman, Halle Berry, Denzel Washington (twice), Hattie McDaniel, Sidney Poitier, Louis Gossett Jr, Whoopi Goldberg and Cuba Gooding Jr., and Jennifer Hudson. Except for Louis Gossette Jr., Sidney Poitier, Morgan Freeman, Jamie Fox and Jennifer Hudson, it appears that the majority of black winners of Oscars played stereotypical roles. So, I stick with MY opinion. Thanks.
GTPrincess's picture

@GT Princess Get over

@GT Princess Get over yourself, please! I am not bothered by this, but don't have time to get into it on here. Please research Oscar history because other blacks have won and it wasn't for stereotypical roles. Go Head Monique! Proud of you...
chaka1's picture

While I am glad that Monique

While I am glad that Monique won the Oscar for her performance, I have a serious issue with the Academy giving black people awards for playing stereotypical black characters. What's up with that? Denzel played so many wonderful roles, and yet he get got an Oscar -- finally -- for playing a rogue cop in Training Day. Halle got it for playing a jezebel-type role in Monster's Ball; Hattiie McDaniel for playing a maid in Gone with the Wind; and now Monique for Precious. Is anyone else bothered by this? I mean why can't we get awards for playing roles outside of so-called "typical NEGRO roles"?
GTPrincess's picture

Congrats Mo'Nique I know

Congrats Mo'Nique I know Beyonce is somewhere thinking, the break will have to take a back seat, she's chasing that oscar now
Go Mo'Nique's picture

Congratulations Mo'Nique U

Congratulations Mo'Nique U truly deserved it!!!! We are so proud of you down here in South Africa
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yyy's picture

Someone said that Penelope

Someone said that Penelope Cruz is a minority. She is from Spain so that makes her a white European.
Jason's picture

AP: There's been a lot of

AP: There's been a lot of talk about you not showing up early on to promote "Precious" because you were worried about money. Mo'Nique: Well, when they say Mo'Nique was worried about money, I wasn't worried about money. Mo'Nique has a talk show that comes on five nights a week and she tapes six times a week for that talk show. And yes, when I leave my home, I leave my home and get paid to leave my home, so I wasn't worried about money. They simply said, "You know, well Mo'Nique we can't pay you to do that." ... We said, "OK, baby. Well, then, that's not something we can do." Because, when I leave out, why ever would I go do something for free when I can go and do something and bring money back home to my family?
bob15650's picture

you can take the girl out of

you can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the girl. Mo Nique gave a great performance, but she didn't do it alone or by herself. It will all come out when people really listen to what she said in her speech. Maybe her Law Firm/Attny can clear that up. Shame on her!!!
bob15650's picture

@d.c. Say it!! lol

@d.c. Say it!! lol
NO HATE!!!'s picture

@ Tori Thanks girl! I see

@ Tori Thanks girl! I see ADULTS CAN be on blogs!! lol I feel you on Penelope and Maggie! They are spectacular and they are most definately becoming Fab Chicks in a league of thir own, up there with the Meryls' and the others!! I so am cool with Sandra's win, eventhough any of those actresses coul've took it home and it would've been well deserved. Sandra is a vet, as well as the ladies you named!!
NO HATE!!!'s picture

@Binky Girl yes I agree!! I

@Binky Girl yes I agree!! I mean Shaft and Soulmen? Thats Like B.A.PS. and CATWOMAN for Halle!! They were cool but not recognized. SN: Ya'll know Sam and Latonya having a party for the Precious cast on the low!! LOL(i would hope Black Hollywood WOULD UNITE!!) Will and Jada did it for Jamie in 05!
NO HATE!!!'s picture

I haven't seen the movie, but

I haven't seen the movie, but from the bits I've seen, Mo'nique gave a moving performance. Her acceptance speech was graceless, and forced, however.
all good's picture

@ Latin uno Um, who the hell

@ Latin uno Um, who the hell comes on a predominately black site (YBF, get it right) and says that the black person should not have won because of this and that and the other, and that PC should have because YOU think she should? Honey, please check yourself and step to the side, step off, step out! We're here to celebrate Mo'Nique's victory and if you're not, get gone to Perez and the rest of his ignorant posters! MUAH!!!!!!! And I caught the Sam side-eye. Didn't get it myself. But whatev's. I'm sure Mo'Nique could care less. I know I wouldn't care what he thought my damn self.
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THOR's picture

For those of you who keep

For those of you who keep saying the academy it is made up of other actors who vote that means whether you like it or not Monique won for her ability to bring that character to life. Who on here can say they could have played that role and made it look believable. She has a talent and she is who she is. She seems to have found a peace about herself and if that means not shaving her legs or under her arms she is NOW THE THE OSCAR WINNER FOR SUPPORTING ACTRESS HAIRY LEGGED OPEN MARRIAGE TV HOST MONIQUE. She loves her husband and her hairy ass legs. Its called HER LIFE. Sad ass people in this world.
CoCo Chanel's picture

I liked her speech and I

I liked her speech and I still haven't seen the movie. As for the talent over politics comment I don't think she was saying that if she didn’t win it was because of politics. I have read alot of articles where they discussed the Oscar campaigning that has to be done by nominees. nymag.com has an excellent article. I think she was speaking more about the negativity aimed at her since she wouldn't campaign. The Internet blogs were going crazy saying she shouldn't win since she wouldn't play the game. Then her studio heads got involved and etc. I felt like she was thanking them for giving her the award even though she didn't play the game.
Let her shine's picture

Some of the people on these

Some of the people on these blog sites need to get a freakin life. Movies are for entertainment. They tell stories, occurences,they are meant to ENTERTAIN. The characters are sometimes not based on real people. Monique played a character from a book. She was acting out a script and being directed by someone else. What does her personal life, her shaving her legs and hpw she delivered her speech an issue. I could never work in Hollywood. Everybody has their two cents to add to the bank. She was voted on by other actors seasoned trained actors. That means she must have done soemthing right! She is living out her dreams. Not on blog sites judgin you mofos.
CoCo Chanel's picture

What makes you think

What makes you think "everyone else" is happy for her? Not everyone has a bandwagon mentality and thinks Monique deserved that award just because "everyone else" thinks so. Speak for yourself Natasha.
glam0urgrl!'s picture

@DEE thank you! sometimes i

@DEE thank you! sometimes i don't know what black people are complaining about either, I mean really what is the issue here? Everybody is entitled to their opinion but some of these comments are just hateful. BUT I GUESS THE SAME PEOPLE WHO WRITES THESE COMMENTS ARE SHUCKING AND JIVING FOR THE WHITE MEN IN THEIR LIFE...SMH WE need to DO better as a people seriously. @ No Hate, Kenya and Tia co-sign with your comments as well. Congrats to Mo'nique she DESERVE to win because she embrace her character and became it, you can say whatever you like about the movie but Mo'nique played that role flawlessly. At sam jackson, I will give him the benefit of the doubt because he is entitled to his opinion but just because you are not properly train and be in hollywood for a billion years doesn't make you a true actor. True acting is natural and can't be taught in a class. And for those who are saying he is just mad because he has been in the game for over 20 years and still gets no respect but newbies do, that is true but MOST of his movies doesn't leaves a lasting impression at the end of the day (except for A Time to Kill) which makes him forgettable
binky's picture


lovinriri's picture


lovinriri's picture

So now we suppose to be pro

So now we suppose to be pro black today then tomorrow post is bash beyonce and rihanna day smdh at this board?!?!?
d.c's picture

Not Feeling that Color on

Not Feeling that Color on Monique
Sunday's picture

Ok everyone the side eye from

Ok everyone the side eye from Sam wasn't neccessary hate. I believe in was in regards to her comment about politics. It was insulting to the academy. The Academy is a private institute and they are82 years old. They only started recognizing blacks seriously bout say 20 years now since we have been popular on screen. The academy is not government ran so they didn't have to recognize her at all. They don't recieve any funding from any of the black community. They honored her and she acted like they were supposed to. That was inapropriate. We don't have to (Al Sharpton) everything. I doubt it if she will get invited back. Sam knew that was insulting to the Academy. That xplains the side eye.
Fabhairdresser's picture

@ No Hate Thanks for being

@ No Hate Thanks for being respectful in your opinion. See people! It can be done. For the record, I see your point but I disagree. We will just have to agree to disagree. I think it was more political that she DID win for the very same reason you mentioned. I am sorry but Penelope cruz and maggie Gyllenhall(sp?) are spectacular actresses and let us not forget that Penelope is a minority as well. I won't say she deserved it over those 2 and I won't say she didn't b/c I didn't like the movie so I am obviously biased. I just didn't particularly care for her speech...
tori's picture

@Tia and Kenya Ya'll better

@Tia and Kenya Ya'll better preach!!! Trust there are more BLACK actors and actresses hating on Mo'Nique and the whole cast of Precious bcus they either passed up or WERE passed up for those roles in that film or they know they will NEVER be in a movie that will garner this much recognition!! Those white people sitting in the Kodak theater are not threatened by a damn person especially not THEIR OWN( yep u read it right)! They are doing them and they will continue to reach without thinking about other ppl coming for them! More of US need to do that!! Go for yours and stop hating on those who are going for theirs!!
NO HATE!!!'s picture

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