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Celebs Hit The Pre-Oscar Parties

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Celebs have descended on Hollywood and have been hitting up Pre-Oscar parties all weekend:

Actors and artists are partaking in the Oscar fête hoopla.  OK! mag hosted a big party at Beso and Ernest Borgnine hosted the Believe In Dreams party at Universal Studios.  Keshia Knight-Pulliam is looking gorgeous in her gold strapless dress.  And Letoya Luckett looks cute as always in a deep turquoise bow detailed dress. More pics when you read the rest...

Monique Coleman donned a gold one sleeve dress.

Denyce Lawton looked cute in the IT nude/cream color of the moment.

Naturi Naughton looks less "promish" this time around.

Keri's been rocking the hell out of these pants looks lately.  Loves this one.

Anika Noni Rose got her gold on.

Oh those pants Hill...

Shar Jackson is fresh off "Celebrity Fit Club".

Very cute cream strapless cocktail dress for Mel B.

Stunning look for Tatyana.

Tangi Miller made an appearance.

Oh hey Samantha Mumba. She likes to make random appearances every now and then.

And actress Rochelle Aytes was there as well. Fab times.  Stay tuned for our Oscar coverage tonight.... Photogs: Canham/
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None of these dresses are the

None of these dresses are the business, Sorry!
connie's picture

Are you all serious ? none of

Are you all serious ? none of these dreses are that hot. i guess I don't like the style or colors of the dresses. These ladies need to try again.
connie's picture

Keri looks mid to late 30's

Keri looks mid to late 30's but is very good looking. I like her hair, and her makeup is almost always on point.
M.E.L.'s picture

Naturi looks a mess with that

Naturi looks a mess with that 10 lb. weave/wig. She has such a cute little face, she would look pretty with a nice natural style. Anika Noni Rose looks the best, she is really a gorgeous woman and a natural beauty. Rudy (I mean Keyshia) grew into such a lovely young woman. I wonder why she doesn't get many acting roles. What's the deal with that?
M.E.L.'s picture

wow @ Keisha, LeToya, &

wow @ Keisha, LeToya, & superwow @ Keri. Very beautiful & sexy women.
ariesdiva's picture

Keisha's dress is the

Keisha's dress is the BUSINESS. Melanie Brown,just look at your hair. See what happens when you shave half your head and then want to actually go out and look pretty? You must be so upset.
Jade Hummingbyrd's picture



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yyy's picture

Keri Hilson..now thats's

Keri Hilson..now thats's whats up! She is such a beautiful girl but the way she usually styles her hair is always off and messes up her entire look..This hairstyle is flattering on her and she looks absolutely flawless. Beautiful. Tatyana Ali is so beautiful..she just needs a stylish to help her live up to her potential..Damn.Get it together! Letoya's hair looks nice...All the others..mehhh!!
Bored@Work's picture

How old is Keri? In these

How old is Keri? In these pictures she looks as if she is pushing 40 really SOON!
NegritaRican's picture

Gosh!the oscars has a way of

Gosh!the oscars has a way of bringing out the sophistication out in everyone! i mean is that Keri Hilson? i mean she looks stunning! this is a firster for me and her! all her other ensembles made me feel sorry for her. like maybe she had no biz being a singer afterall or in the entertainment industry. ...i'll stop there! even Letoya Luckett looks extra spanking. infact all them ladies look utterly beautiful. the oscars must do something darn good for Hollywood sophistication! or what is this?
natchah's picture

I think Keisha is one of the

I think Keisha is one of the most beautiful black women (dark skinned or otherwise).
RIP Michael's picture

Letoya Luckett=

Letoya Luckett= Gorgeous/Fabulous Keshia Knight Pulliam= Stunning Anika N. Rose= Nice Denise Lawton= O.K Monique Coleman= Alright Shar= Not so Alright Naturi= Not Good Keri Hilson= Average Rochelle and Tatyana= Disaster All others that were not mentioned are Irrelevant, Sorry.
French Riviera's picture

The only thing that happened

The only thing that happened to Letoya Luckett's face is EXTREME GORGEOUSNESS!! She is looking flawless as well as Keshia Knight Pulliam, and Anika Noni Rose. The rest were just o.k.
Tip-Top's picture

I LOvvvvvvvvves Letoya she is

I LOvvvvvvvvves Letoya she is my favorite. Keshia is running a close second. Keri I don't like pants and an event such as this so don't try it again. Monigue is adorable as always. Hill looke very well dress, I like the suit. Everyone else is just average.
Hotness's picture

So Letoya came out to play

So Letoya came out to play finally. She is also pretty. And Tatyana,Keri,Keshia and Shar are all beautiful women. Go ladies.
quadcity's picture

I don't like what Tangi is

I don't like what Tangi is wearing. That color is not looking right on her. That dress looks like is to big. Everyone else looks good.
saphire's picture

So what is up with Rochelle's

So what is up with Rochelle's body she looks like she is losing to much weight. Letoya is shuttin them down in that dress. The girl is walking straight off the Run Way with that dress, makeup and hair, gorgeous.
Cornball's picture

Can't believe everyone was on

Can't believe everyone was on point.Letoya's skin is flawless. She is really pretty. My girl Keri is on it. Shar is looking really nice these days. and Hill is always a gentleman. So nice to see evryone out and about.
sosoXXX's picture

I think everyone looks pretty

I think everyone looks pretty nice except Rochelle she looks like a dude up top. She is to skinny. Keshia and Letoya are my favorites.
6783tone's picture

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L is all I

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L is all I gotta say about Ms. Luckett.
Lann's picture

Wasn't really feeling

Wasn't really feeling Tatyana's look. She isn't ass pretty as she used to be. Shar Jackson where have you been. It's about time we saw you out and about without your kids. You lookede cute anyways. Letoya and Keshia are working those dresses. I loves it. Everyone looked pretty well put together.
Dime457's picture

Letoya is stunning and so is

Letoya is stunning and so is Ms. Keri baby. Keshia is always amazing, that dress is hot. Hill Harper suit is nice. Mel B and husband looked very cute as a couple.
Kenni's picture

Loved Letoya and Keshia's

Loved Letoya and Keshia's dress. Everyone looked pretty good. Keri is looking a lot better these days as well. Rochelle body looks alittle off.
Leslie's picture

Keisha and Letoya look the

Keisha and Letoya look the Best. MelB looks tired ---Get some Sleep woman! Rochelle Atyes should Never show those old Ugly Skinny Legs.
Yeah What!'s picture

LeToya looks Fabulous!

LeToya looks Fabulous!
beautyfulones's picture

please stop with the

please stop with the concealer under the eyes like that...are they eyes supposed to look like that?? tyra also look like that all the time...
!@#$%^&*()'s picture

Naturi Naughty, Monique

Naturi Naughty, Monique Coleman, Hill Harper's chef pants.. hot messes.
okay's picture

Mostly good looks.

Mostly good looks.
MT's picture

Keisha Knight Pullium is

Keisha Knight Pullium is always on point, you go girl!
1234's picture

Keisha, LeToya and Tatyana

Keisha, LeToya and Tatyana look beautiful!
tagirl27's picture

LeToya's face looks odd

LeToya's face looks odd
Chelly's Two Cents's picture

Everybody looks nice.Rochelle

Everybody looks nice.Rochelle Aytes is wearing a fake bum because her hips don't match her legs.
kmr1's picture


BrittBeauty3's picture


BrittBeauty3's picture

Tatyana tan lines realy? ewww

Tatyana tan lines realy? ewww
jonesy26's picture

for the most part they all

for the most part they all look great... dont like Rochelle's dress but her face and its gorgeousness makes up for it... I think Keri looks beautiful Kesha Pulliam looks amazing head to toe Love Mel B's dress and Le Toya always has the cutest lil dresses!
Mila (mariah beyonce justinT and michael fan)'s picture

Letoya's face looks a botoxed

Letoya's face looks a botoxed badly made up mess and Keri's heavy make-up and synthetic wig are the worst. Why does Keri always look so cheap and old? Keisha,Mel and Tatiana are the only nice looks here. And outside of Anika and maybe Hill none of these people can be called actors.
sparkle's picture

Keri is looking fab! Loving

Keri is looking fab! Loving that she step up her fashion game and love the hair For the most part everyone looks great! No shade to be made here just wish we seen these black stars more often on tv or something. But love it
binky's picture

rochelle aytes face gives me

rochelle aytes face gives me Life, her legs/tootpicks not so mucht tough.. miss keri has everything on point except the hair, keep goin gurl youll get there. youve come a long way :) leave the patti labelle steez and the man gestures to others, you have great potential. next priority: find yourself an honest hairdude. or get hypnotherapy for always gettin the hair wrong.
yay no more patti!'s picture

Why would Keisha wear a dress

Why would Keisha wear a dress that has been worn on a red carpet before - this year? The black community is but that big - try to pick an outfit that has never been worn - that's the rule.
Stacey's picture

LaToya has on way too much

LaToya has on way too much make-up. She looks great besides the cake on her face. It's good to see Keri got a new wig that covers up her non-existing hairline. Keshia looks great in Mysa's party dress. Naturi always looks the same to me. Shar looks the same as she did before CFC, during CFC, and now after CFC. Now, I can't help but wonder where are the A and B listers?
Miss GQ's picture

Everyone looks fab!!!!!

Everyone looks fab!!!!! Keri's hair looks great.
Soul Touch's picture

Latoya Luck use to be sooo

Latoya Luck use to be sooo pretty...WTH happened?
princessss's picture

Stunning beautiful black

Stunning beautiful black women! God is wonderful.
Mrs. Darren shellychelle Sharper's picture

Keisha, LeToya, Denyce, &

Keisha, LeToya, Denyce, & Keri look great!!!
JaZziChiK's picture

Keshia & Tatiyana look

Keshia & Tatiyana look gorgeous! I like Mel and Keri's outfits. Love Hill but hate the pants.
TyFierce's picture

Everyone looks great

Everyone looks great especially show stopper Letoya Luckett! She & Ashanti are 2 of my fave female,black celebs that I find ubber pretty hehe. Keri is gorgeous & looks nice here but I'm having an issue with her foundation being a bit too light compared to the rest of her body. Mel B looks fab,her man looks rather dapper as well & they always look happy. Ankia always is on point while keeping it classy. Hil Harper is one of those men that give me the impression that he'll make the ideal bf & perfect hubby :) Denyce Lawton is very pretty & is she pregnant because that dress is a bit loose? Keisha Knight is hot,I love the dress but not on her though.
angelaheiress's picture

I was like is that Samantha

I was like is that Samantha Mumba? I was just talking about her today LOL! She looks cute.
MW09's picture

Keisha Knight Pulliam,

Keisha Knight Pulliam, Letoya, and Keri Hilson look great from head to toe. Naturi Naughton and Tangi Miller need stylists quick because their looks are slightly off. Tatyana Ali looks elegant but her silver dress looks a bit cheap. I would like to see a different color on her. Celebs, don't be afraid to accessorize appropriately!
Neela J's picture

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