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MONEY WOES: Morris Chestnut+Nas

Nas owes more than $3 million to the IRS. According to LA court documents, Nas owes $3,365,671.26, an increase from the $2,584,206.31 lien IRS filed last week against him. This is also in addition to all his back child support Kelis claims he owes. Sounds like somebody needs to hop on some worldwide tours extra soon....

And Morris Chestnut also owes some serious loot to the IRS. The IRS filed a $215,817 lien against Morris and his wife on Jan. 7 with the Los Angeles County Recorder of Deeds. His publicist says, "It's not that he's not going to pay it. He knows he's going to pay something." Morris and his wife have a $3.36 mill home in L.A. Now would be a good time to cue a Best Man 2 movie..



How can these men be broke!

How can these men be broke! Damn u get paid millions of dollars to make a movie and rap, u know EVERYBODY pays taxes why the hell u think u don't have to?
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I am a financial advisor and

I am a financial advisor and I work with pro athletes an entertainers (apparently I need to work with more) and I can tell you that it definitely appears as though the IRS is targeting celebrities (not just black ones) because it is hurting for revenue.
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Damn, all of these sexy men

Damn, all of these sexy men getting caught up
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Well Nas needs to pay up

Well Nas needs to pay up child support first. then the government then all the other people last .gotcha gotcha gotcha
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I'm glad they're not filing-I

I'm glad they're not filing-I hope more celebs don't-or at least ask questions abt what they're paying. Then the spotlight can be put on the IRS over taxation issue & ppl will FINALLY start to ask questions and act-when celebs lead the way.
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Yes some simply do not pay

Yes some simply do not pay taxes; but, in the entertainment industry you don’t get a W2 and call it a day. You’re dealing ongoing royalties and complicated contracts; sometimes you are dealing with $ from a project that was 10 years ago because the royalties amounts are updated.
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Morris looks like my hubby.

Morris looks like my hubby. :)
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((((Dead))) @ this being

((((Dead))) @ this being filed under broke asses! I know this sounds kinda bad, but it is so hard to feel sorry for celebs when they get in these situations. Even though they are struggling, they still have more money than my ass! Nas, that child support and spousal is quite steep, but all this could have been avoided with a pre-nup, plus he cheated, so no sympathy! Morris Chestnut...that smile...Lord! Isn't he on a TV show??? He'll be fine! Wish both of these brothers the best!
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they could both still get it-

they could both still get it- broke or otherwise
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I made a comment and had

I made a comment and had absolutely nothing good to say, so I erased it and I'm going to just STFU!!!
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Celebs need to start hiring

Celebs need to start hiring better accountants, cuz obviously they're not doing their job. How do you not know you owe millions to the IRS? and while you're at that get a new publicist too! smh
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SMDH when will celebs learn

SMDH when will celebs learn to get there damn taxes straight! Come on now! Love ya Nas and Morris but DAMN both of you werestupid for letting this happen!!! I don't care how much money these celebs make. They need to make sure that their TAXES are paid, damn depending on an accountant or an advisor. DO IT YOURSELF...go and handle that ish!!!
Chelly's Two Cents's picture

@ sanny, they can spend their

@ sanny, they can spend their money however they want, they earned it! black folks are flashy and what?! get over it. we may think its stupid but nobody comments on how we spend OUR money, my pt is once black men make something out of themselves they should not be singled out for not paying taxes, i am sure they are not the only ones not up to date!
sugar's picture

I don't get how these people

I don't get how these people can owe money to the IRS. I, who don't make nearly as much as anyone on featured here, have had the unfortunate experience of being told I owe taxes for the year but guess what? I PAID THEM! Uncle Sam will always get his so you may as will give before he takes. And if I was pulling in, let's say 5 mill a year, go ahead and take 2, I don't mind. Red Foxx, Willie Nelson, Sammy Davis, the problems they went through should be a lesson enough for everybody. More recent? Wesley Snipes. Morris Chestnut stays looking good and he'll be okay. That V series was great and I can't wait for the new episodes so he picked a winner and will be raking in the dough.
Twilightey's picture

@ Sanny your Tyler Perry

@ Sanny your Tyler Perry comments are on point!! I hate his shit, its all the same damn thing. I'm glade somebody finally said it!!!
tiredofyouspooks's picture

Robin Thicke is NOT a

Robin Thicke is NOT a struggling artist please...he has a platinum and gold album to his name..and his new album has already done over 300,000 on its a way to Gold.Is that a struggling artist Sara? C'mon.in his economy any artist who can sell that much gets a record deal..
ozzy's picture

if u have seen one tyler

if u have seen one tyler perry movie u have seen them all...... NEXTTTTTTTTTT
sanny's picture

@ sharlene.....THANKYOU... i

@ sharlene.....THANKYOU... i agree 100000% that would be a breath of fresh air....those tyler perry flicks r a hot mess...he hasnt had something good out since the family reunion
sanny's picture

I actually wouldn't mind a

I actually wouldn't mind a Best Man 2 (the first is a black comedy classic) but I'd want it renamed to something else. With Taye and Sanaa getting married and Morris and Monica on the verge of a divorce because he strayed, and Terence and Melissa creeping and sneaking hoping nobody finds out. It would sure beat the hell out of all that Tyler Perry mess that comes out once a year.
Sharlene's picture

Ok, first of all Morris

Ok, first of all Morris Chestnut's debt is probably just a minor concern. Once he gets some movie role that can be paid. But Nas, otoh, that's a lot of loot. It doesn't look like he has the money to be paying Kelis that obscene amount he's on the hook for. Honestly, that's a lot of money for someone who isn't making hit records or on a hit show. Everyone's rightly getting on them for not knowing how to manage money, but there's another side of things too. Neither of these two were ever able to transition to the behind the scenes/production side of things, instead of just being 'the artist'. When that's all you are, the money ebbs and flows. Sometiems you can go years without getting a real payday, so you almost have to live WELL below the current means to achieve that. How does a celeb do that when they have to be styled all the time (if they dont, we talk about them on this blog like crap). Just imagine how much money Beyonce spends on weaves per year. Then look at a new artist trying to break in, like a Tearra Marie, how does she afford that? How does she afford constant hair and make up (not provided) to be red carpet ready, and also save for the future?
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Hiding money is what the

Hiding money is what the government does-all cash transactions are up for grabs. People are so scared to ask questions in this country that is becoming a dictatorship instead of a democracy. 23 TRILLION was the real cost of the bailout, not $700 billion. Yet "Uncle Sam must be paid?" He already has-millions of times over. Folks will never get a clue. And as ppl here all know-it's not only celebs who are having tax probs-everyday citizens are having their lives decimated by IRS thugs. When will enuff be enuff? At this pt, I'm almost ready to go to jail to stand up for what I believe-which is paying EQUITABLE taxes. At least in jail I could get free medical care, fitness plan, meals, 24/hr security and access to higher education. This country is completely on the WRONG path.
imnotthatstoopid's picture

I never feel sorry for those

I never feel sorry for those who get into financial trouble who have made millions of dollars and yet still run into financial ruin. It's ridiculous.
Pheeling Phine's picture

damnnnnn morris is

damnnnnn morris is soooooooooo hot ...i hope he is married to a black woman
sanny's picture

Watch those old Robin Leach

Watch those old Robin Leach interviews and specials. He highlighted a lot of old Hollywood players and folks who are not in the limelight per se but who managed their money well. Alan Thicke is one of his best friends. And Alan's brother is a producer and creator of America's Funniest Home Videos. His money is just as long if not longer. It is the people behind the scenes that make the most money. Robin has been in this business since he was 14. He has over 40 gold and platinum plaques to his name as a songwriter/producer. He may be a struggling artist but he is well respected industry player behind the scenes. There are a lot of artists who have long money. Ciara is another one. She writes and her royalties alone can keep her lifestyle going. Nick Cannon is worth $15 million and Christina Milan has earned over $20 million. The people who stay in your face, hang out on twitter all day every day are the ones who are broke. Cameras follow Mariah, Jay-Z, Beyonce but they don't have no need to follow them like the Kardashians.
Sara's picture

@ sugar..please dont even

@ sugar..please dont even pull that race shit....these people are not paying their taxes and we all know it.....and maybe they should target black men then maybe these rappers and athleths will stop wasting their money and wise up......lil wayne spending 150K on his "grill". i hope he is paying his taxes and child support
sanny's picture

With that line of thinking,

With that line of thinking, we should all start hiding money. Once the taxes increase and the debt become due, we all are going to be broke as hell. At least in jail, we get shelter, three meals a day, medical care. You can't get that living the right way. But here on planet earth, we all know there are two things we all must do. Pay our taxes and die. Everything in between is relative.
Sara's picture

@sara Wow sara, how do you

@sara Wow sara, how do you know all of that?
bbop212's picture

"Hiding money is a smart

"Hiding money is a smart move!?" Maybe, if you want to go to jail. I guess Nas & morris didn't learn from Redd Foxx, Sammy Davis, or Snipes. You earn more than enough, pay your taxes and then go on spending sprees.
Coffy's picture

Taxation = legalized

Taxation = legalized stealing. That's how I feel. The gov't steals our hard-earned money from us and we have no say so on how it's spent. However, you do have to pay your taxes and the more you make, the more taxes you pay. These celebs can have all the accountants and financial advisers they want. But it's up to them to pay their taxes. You can't hide from Uncle Sam for very long.
Quiche-A's picture

LMAO LMAO!!! Nas and

LMAO LMAO!!! Nas and Morris.. RUN!! lmfao @ trcyncle
Miss GQ's picture

i am beginning to think the

i am beginning to think the IRS is targeting successful black men, this storyline is becoming all too common
sugar's picture

Does anyone ever wonder WHY

Does anyone ever wonder WHY so many celebs aren't paying their taxes? Maybe because the US tax code is a fraud. People are so afraid of the government they don't bother to ask where the money is going, or how much the gov't is REALLY entitled to. I'm all for paying taxes-but not paying for the looting of the coiffers for the salvation of corporations. Go Morris and Nas-hiding money from the IRS is a smart move, imo. People should stop being afraid of these government criminals!
imnotthatstoopid's picture

You have to manage your

You have to manage your money. Since it is his birthday, look at Alan Thicke (from Growing Pains & Robin's father). His net worth is around $40 million. The haven't worked consistently in years, on his third marriage and still has that money in the bank. He invested well and say what you want, those Vegas commercials pay real cash. Take a lesson from the old school hustlers. They can teach these rappers, actors, singers, athletes some things. Even Robin is worth $10 million. He may not sell a lot of records, but royalty checks from Lil Wayne, Usher & Jennifer Hudson damn sure make up for that. Paula Patton ain't hurting nor is she complaining.
Sara's picture

“It’s not that he’s not going

“It’s not that he’s not going to pay it. He knows he’s going to pay something.” HUHHHHHHHH???? ----- What does that mean? He knows he's going to pay something? Does she mean, 'everything', instead of something? ----- Tasha, come to think of it, a "Best Man 2" wouldn't be bad!
Ewurafua's picture

Get it together people.

Get it together people.
TyFierce's picture

These Nas stories just seem

These Nas stories just seem to be so overly exaggerated by TMZ!
wow's picture

I love how folks assume it's

I love how folks assume it's the "people" they have. Naw. A. You have to have qualified people. B. You have to LISTEN to those qualified people. Wearing big chains and buying 50 $20k watches catches up with you.
LSK's picture

lol @ trcyncle! i was thinkin

lol @ trcyncle! i was thinkin the same thing
miko's picture

Nas Lost!!!Morris is still

Nas Lost!!!Morris is still fine....enough said!
tiredofyouspooks's picture

Seriously Morris fire your

Seriously Morris fire your publicist, because that statement they released is ridiculous.
TrcyNcle's picture

Damn they need to get better

Damn they need to get better people to manage their money or at least start micro-managing it for themselves. I'm shocked this happening to Nas though. I always thought he was way intelligent than the average rapper to let something like this happen.
bbop212's picture

lol @ filed under "broke

lol @ filed under "broke asses"
miko's picture

i don't feel sorry for any of

i don't feel sorry for any of these fools! they make enough to put financial advisors on their payroll...stop living out ur means! heard nas blew $50k this weekend alone and can't pay his taxes or child support? dummy!
miko's picture

Morris I have room in my

Morris I have room in my house sweetie just bring ya toothbrush.
Anonymous's picture

Pimpin ain't easy! Sad to

Pimpin ain't easy! Sad to hear about these brothers struggling to make it.
LSK's picture

Hey Morris...you're too fine

Hey Morris...you're too fine for this, get it together.
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AntMig's picture

yes Morris is married to a

yes Morris is married to a black woman, and the IRS is the main Ponzie, Blackwater crooks of our lifetime. the tax code is over 7000 pages and it is designed to screw us to debt and to death.
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