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Precious Wins Big & Celebs Glam It Up Backstage & Around The NAACP Awards

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The Cast of Precious won big at Friday night's NAACP Image Awards.  Mo'Nique won for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture, Gabby Sidibe for Best Actress, and director Lee Daniels and his whole cast won for Outstanding Film and Outstanding Independent Motion Picture.  Much deserved.

And celebs like Jurnee Smollett, Paula Patton, Eva & Lance (who won for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series), and Tichina Arnold all laughed it up together while looking fabulous backstage. More backstage fab when you read the rest...

It was indeed ladies' night.  Fab chicks Keri Hilson and KeKe Palmer also brought home awards and were uber excited to do so.

Dress fits like a glove on Keri.  Hot second look for her.

Co-host Anika Noni Rose had some fab dress changes.


Backstage the YBF chicks were in awe of Eva Marcille's dress.

It was a Miss Congeniality 2 reunion with Sandra Bullock & Regina King.

Mo'Nique & Jill Scott had a moment.

Tyler Perry--who received the NAACP Chair Award--kicked it backstage with the new (and youngest ever) Chair and Cicely Tyson.  His show "Meet The Browns" won 4 awards for the night.

Wyclef--who received an Award for all his service he's done--and his wife chilled in the audience.

The Mary Mary duo was there.

Keisha Knight Pulliam looked gorgeous in this chocolate dress as she won for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

Comedians Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock clowned around backstage.

Toni Braxton and Anthony Anderson presented an Award together.

Sherri almost lost her mind over Lenny Kravitz while presenting with him.

Loving Paula and her too cute baby bump.

Questlove kicked it backstage.

Debbie Morgan was backstage with Ms. Tyson.

Darryl "Chill" Mitchell received an award for his role in the new show "Brothers."  And he was brought to tears during his acceptance speech.

Nick Cannon, Chris, and LL had some guy time.

And Jilly pulled a dress change right before her performance. Video highlights from the show to follow... The Randomness: 1.  Gatorade just became the 3rd major sponsor to officially announce they have dropped Tiger Woods.

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I think Jilly from Philly

I think Jilly from Philly looks amazing in the blue dress (very bold of her btw - Taraji looks HAWT..This is the best look I have seen on Gabby...looking Fab..Paula is glowing and beautiful....Keisha is a beauty...but her dress choice was boring...I have seen versions of that dress all over the place...Everything about Keri's look bores me...And I still don't like Eva with the super short hair...it butches her out.....but all and all..happy to see the black and beautiful :)
RealOnandOffline's picture

I looooove Tyler Perry's

I looooove Tyler Perry's suit! So chic,niiice! Not too crazy about Paula Patton's gown even though she's even more beautiful pregnant. Tichina's dress isn't bad but she's not wearing it well @ all. Her hair is not the business neither. Toni Braxton is one of my fave singers whom I find gorgeous & naturally sexy but where was her stylist because that dress looks very cheap. Anthony Anderson's suit is nice. Keisha Knight Pulliam still looks beautiful as ever. That color of dress compliments her chocolate,smooth skin just perfect. When did Daryll Mitchell have an accident? I'm lost here. He looks great but I'm shocked to see him in a wheelchair though. Congrats to him & wish him much more success! Jurnee needs a stylist asap because she's one very lovely young lady but stays looking so bleh. Disappointing because she also has the body to waer much nicer things. Keri's dress would've looked better w/o that extra bit of fabric over the shoulder IMO as well as w/o that rather unnecessary glove. Overkill!
angelaheiress's picture


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johnbob's picture

I love Jill's

I love Jill's hair. Mo'Nique, Raven, Paula, Ruby, Eva and Taraji look really nice. LOL @ Keri.
Miss GQ's picture

Keisha Knight's dress was

Keisha Knight's dress was beautiful, best look of the night I think with Taraji coming in second though everyone looked great. Was Tichina Arnold's dress broken or open in one picture? Tasha you could have been nice and left that one out. Love how everyone is genuinely happy to see and support each other. What a night for black class and glam.
Twilightey's picture

Jill Scott looks amazing!! As

Jill Scott looks amazing!! As does Taraji and Keisha. Congrats to everyone, looks like everyone made a good effort and had fun!
sanchini's picture

What's going to happen when

What's going to happen when Keri is no longer a new artist? That's the only award she picks up.
Erica (original)'s picture

It's amazing how black men

It's amazing how black men get mad and talk shit about a black woman dating outside her race. But as soon as a black female express her dislike for black men dating outside they're race, black women are biter and hating. Keri look a damn mess with that glove. And the wig is not the business, nor the black hair is too harsh on her. But of course...she will get a pass and everything she do is the greatest. don't make it so obvious..., smh
Erica (original)'s picture

this looks as though everyone

this looks as though everyone was having a great time and I am so happy to see the pics! I just am so thankful for this blog. Lance and Eva look great and it is niice to see they seem to be considered the darlings right now. Toni Braxton WoW! I like her better smaller the shoes killed it. Jurnee don't play with your beauty, pose like the woman you are, let the sexy shine! Wyclef gets on my nerves, every sense Lauren gave a peek @ their status it is hard not to see him as a cheating creep.Monique & Jill, Chris and Jaimie Foxx, great to see such unity
Vicciann's picture

@ sherm lol at least she

@ sherm lol at least she picked from the top of the heap unlike black guys but so true walking around with 500lb ugly ass women ridiculous! but go paula am abt to do the same thing too! love my black ppl get it y'all! p.s Robin Thicke is sexiiiiii
Licious's picture

When is paula due? she been

When is paula due? she been pregnant 4 awhile now... lmao that 2nd to last pic w jill scott massive breast jus resting on that womans shoulder! luv her safari dress, not so much the blue. tylers smedium ass suit--no sir. also no 2 keri hilson. everyone else is pretty much decked out :)
seaside's picture

Were black men really upset

Were black men really upset that Paula married a white guy? Really? If this isn't the most ironic thing I have ever heard. I think its hilarious, if not hypocritical, for them to be upset when the numbers prove that they marry other races at a significantly higher number than black women do. These dudes are a trip, lol. Now, I wanted to be positive tonight, but Toni Braxton, what the hell?! Those shoes are a no-no, and that dress does not do anything for your svelte figure that's buried under it trying to get out. Stop the madness. This dress makes you look like you are pregnant, more pregnant that Paula! Ok, I gotta go to bed. Goodnight, y'all!
Island Chic's picture

wow!!! haven't seen toni

wow!!! haven't seen toni braxton with this much wieght on her and this chunky since she first came on the music seen don't know if i like it on her, jilly from philly looks great,and monique looks sick in the face like she had gastric bypass surgery and lost too much weight too fast,and paula looks like a healthy pregnant woman,glad that she's enjoying being pregnant she has that glow about her,and tyler perrys pants are too damn tight,smh
lioness's picture

Everyone looked great! Always

Everyone looked great! Always good to see stars that don't get a lot of shine on other mainstream award shows. Black men need to quit! They're always getting with 'the others', now they're upset about Paula & Robin? Please. At least she picked from the top of the heap, unlike most of them.
Sherm's picture

WTF is that on top of Debbie

WTF is that on top of Debbie Morgan's head?
hahahhahahhaa's picture

That lady from Mary Mary

That lady from Mary Mary looks like she's going on vacation in that little Hawaiian get up or whatever the hell it is. That hair also needs to go...wrong color and style for her face. Keisha Knight Pulliam looks adorable.
hahahhahahhaa's picture

Taraji looks SUPER

Taraji looks SUPER sexy! Jill Scott looks gorgeous as always!!! Paula Patton I ♥ that dress on her!! Also gorgeous!!!
Triz's picture

It's nice to see black people

It's nice to see black people can be classly. Not buffons like BET. Other races don't have to be worried about getting harmed while attending this show.
Stella's picture

Raven looks cute. i hope

Raven looks cute. i hope Gabby was able to stand up again after that picture. love that print dress on Jill.
God4Real's picture

Someone must have told Jurnee

Someone must have told Jurnee Smollett to always her hold tilted ... or something. And did Ms. Tyson have some work done or something? She looks different. Everyone looked gorgeous though and they were wearing those gowns! Love Anika Noni, Regina and Chandra!
bellamimi's picture

Paula look gorgeous. Black

Paula look gorgeous. Black men were hating up a storm on twitter that she's married to Robin Thicke. It was hilarious. I wish her and Robin nothing but happiness and a healthy baby boy. Congrats to the winners. Cheers to the nominees. This is one of the few programs that will always show us in a great light. They pride themselves on putting on a dignified show.
Sara's picture


D-Ray's picture

Loves it! Congrats to the

Loves it! Congrats to the cast of Precious for all the wins & congrats to Tyler Perry on his award of recognition! I love Eva's dress even more after seeing the back of it. Paula Patton & Keke Palmer are both gorg and seem so likable and humble! Keshia looks cute and I thought Tatiyana Ali was STUNNING on camera tonight. And this may not be considered "YBF" but I love Sandra Bullock .. one of my actresses!! Lastly, I want to marry Hill Harper in my next lifetime ;)
TyFierce's picture

Wow great pix and look at

Wow great pix and look at Mary Mary ...man I never see them
Audra's picture

Wow! Beautiful Black people!

Wow! Beautiful Black people! ;)
Bre's picture

@ tastingsomethingreal

@ tastingsomethingreal LOL!!!So true! Be careful because people go crazy around here when you mention her weight. Funny post though!!
tiredofyouspooks's picture

I loved Keri Hilsons

I loved Keri Hilsons performance she sung in spanish with Santanaand she looked great. I hope she can win a different award for once. He vocals were on point and she has lots of potential. Everyone else also looked fabulous
Keri's picture

I just saw that! What a

I just saw that! What a shame! I wonder if it was her gay son. I once wondered how he survives being gay in that mormon structure. Shame
the anti idiot's picture

I need for the men to start

I need for the men to start learning that dress pants and jeans are worn differently. How about a nice half break in the cuff. Its all the about details . Just sloppy.
Kofi's picture

Oh and just cause Jamie Foxx

Oh and just cause Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock are two comedians, among other talents, doesn't mean they were clowning around. They were just standing there looking good. No one was wearing a fake nose or dancing a jig. Do better with the captions please Tasha.
Twilightey's picture

everyone seems to be avoiding

everyone seems to be avoiding the big ones: Eva's dress is amazing Tichina Arnold looking like she either died or did bypass surgery, seems to be channeling Star Jones or sumn. Wyclef's wife seemed to have borrowed one of the tents they donated in Haiti and trust, I am not hating... but girl no that hair is so played out... but yall got it right with Toni Braxton having it all wrong. That dress is a noooo and what a way to kill your legs by wearing those damn shoes that make you look wider and so damn stubby... lengthen, learn that word. And yeah we see you Gabrielle: suck-in gut, sides, face, back arms etc, now pose like I think i'm a diva, now smile.....lmao go get ure award with your junk food eating self... not saying its not ok to be individual and to accept oneself, but how long are we gonna skirt around the issue that this girl needs to go on a diet... lose 50 pounds and i'll leave you alone... you'll still be big, but at least we wont have to be both literally and figuratively skirting around the elephant in the room. Come on girl u've gotta have a task finding your belly button not to mention your va jay jay....
MizNikki's picture

I love all the looks for the

I love all the looks for the night and the event looks remarkable. Paul Patton is looking absolutely amazing and congrats to her and robin who I adore as a couple. Keisha Knight Pulliam is a chocolate dream in that dress and if I didn't know she was an actress I would think she was a princess. Love it!!!!
Nina's picture

When is paula due? she been

When is paula due? she been pregnant 4 awhile now... lmao that 2nd to last pic w jill scott massive breast jus resting on that womans shoulder! luv her safari dress, not so much the blue. tylers smedium ass suit--no sir. also no 2 keri hilson. everyone else is pretty much decked out :)
seaside's picture

Everybody look great and

Everybody look great and happy behind the scenes and for the most part everyone look fab. Not mad one bit at anyone seem like a fun time. But I can't wait for the Oscars, I hope precious sweeps it as well! @Sara...wow. Really? That is kind of funny and sad at the same time that grown men are twittering about robin and paula
binky's picture

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