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Precious Wins Big & Celebs Glam It Up Backstage & Around The NAACP Awards

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The Cast of Precious won big at Friday night's NAACP Image Awards.  Mo'Nique won for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture, Gabby Sidibe for Best Actress, and director Lee Daniels and his whole cast won for Outstanding Film and Outstanding Independent Motion Picture.  Much deserved.

And celebs like Jurnee Smollett, Paula Patton, Eva & Lance (who won for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series), and Tichina Arnold all laughed it up together while looking fabulous backstage. More backstage fab when you read the rest...

It was indeed ladies' night.  Fab chicks Keri Hilson and KeKe Palmer also brought home awards and were uber excited to do so.

Dress fits like a glove on Keri.  Hot second look for her.

Co-host Anika Noni Rose had some fab dress changes.


Backstage the YBF chicks were in awe of Eva Marcille's dress.

It was a Miss Congeniality 2 reunion with Sandra Bullock & Regina King.

Mo'Nique & Jill Scott had a moment.

Tyler Perry--who received the NAACP Chair Award--kicked it backstage with the new (and youngest ever) Chair and Cicely Tyson.  His show "Meet The Browns" won 4 awards for the night.

Wyclef--who received an Award for all his service he's done--and his wife chilled in the audience.

The Mary Mary duo was there.

Keisha Knight Pulliam looked gorgeous in this chocolate dress as she won for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

Comedians Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock clowned around backstage.

Toni Braxton and Anthony Anderson presented an Award together.

Sherri almost lost her mind over Lenny Kravitz while presenting with him.

Loving Paula and her too cute baby bump.

Questlove kicked it backstage.

Debbie Morgan was backstage with Ms. Tyson.

Darryl "Chill" Mitchell received an award for his role in the new show "Brothers."  And he was brought to tears during his acceptance speech.

Nick Cannon, Chris, and LL had some guy time.

And Jilly pulled a dress change right before her performance. Video highlights from the show to follow... The Randomness: 1.  Gatorade just became the 3rd major sponsor to officially announce they have dropped Tiger Woods.

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Everybody is looking just

Everybody is looking just gorgeous.
Beautiful People!'s picture

I think everyone looked

I think everyone looked pretty good except Raven it looks like she's wearing a couch.... an old couch and she already looks like an old woman. Not a good look for her.
Blakbarbie's picture

Everyone looks GREAT!!

Everyone looks GREAT!!
dimeDiva's picture

Everyone looks amazing! Gots

Everyone looks amazing! Gots to give props to my girl Jill Scott looking as good as she wanna look! You get it then girl! Raven looks sassy and cute! Paula P is always gorgeous.
Shanny's picture

Paula Patton is bi-racial, so

Paula Patton is bi-racial, so I think she's even more entitled to marry a white guy...& If I see one more person tattoo stars around their ears, neck or back, I'mmma scream...Copycats, copying Rihanna on top of that...smh.
MadamC's picture

Keisha Knight Pulliam looked

Keisha Knight Pulliam looked absolutely gorgeous. love the dress. Taraji and Tyler would be a very attractive couple. I think Tichina Arnold could play Starr Jones in a movie (why there would be a movie I don't know)
sista2sista's picture

i swear LL has had some

i swear LL has had some plastic surgery! he just looks fake now. not really feeling toni braxton's hair. it looks better than all that weave she wears, but her short do when she first came out was her best look in my opinion!
candi's picture

I love Keri Hilson's hair and

I love Keri Hilson's hair and outfit. Big improvement from the rat-tail hairstyle.
SexyRed's picture

Everybody looks fab, but

Everybody looks fab, but Tichina Arnold looks likes Star Jones. Not a good look, maybe its the makeup. Who knows??? Eva Marcille looks quite different, did she have any work done? Toni Braxton looks preggers.
SexyRed's picture

looks like no one is gonna

looks like no one is gonna say it so....Gosh Gabbie is Super size fat and in denial. I like how at the awards show the director mentioned that the precious character was a 340lb black girl...he tried to clear up that he wasn't saying Gabbie was. I was like yeah she is at least 350.LMAO!!!!
tastingsomethingreal's picture

Everyone looked so nice...I

Everyone looked so nice...I really love that Bravo!!!!!!
babyluv.....Uwantestwho!!!!'s picture

Good to see so many black

Good to see so many black folks being honored in a calm environment. They all look beautiful. Is it me..Toni Braxton looks a little off..& Keri Hilson look like Tia Mowry.
troubles's picture

I know I should - but I don't

I know I should - but I don't hate Keri Hilson outfit!! She pulls it off - I just can't figure out how!!
Stacey's picture


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johnbob's picture


YadaYada's picture

posted by angelaheiress Sat,

posted by angelaheiress Sat, February 27, 2010 7:24 AM When did Daryll Mitchell have an accident? I’m lost here. He looks great but I’m shocked to see him in a wheelchair though. Congrats to him & wish him much more success! =============================================== I was shocked too!! I watched the show Brothers and did not realize he was really paralyzed!! Fron the net: Darryl Mitchell was paralyzed from the waist down in a November 2001 motorcycle accident. After the accident, he appeared on the TV program Ed between 2002 and 2004 as a bowling alley manager who was paralyzed after an accident not unlike Mitchell's own.[3] He later started the Daryl Mitchell Foundation to raise awareness of spinal cord injuries and serves as the Minority Outreach spokesperson for the Christopher Reeve Foundation
Yardy's picture


Go head BLACK LADIES! You look like beauty queens across the board. Simply gorgeous...
chaka1's picture

Everyone looks fantastic!!!!

Everyone looks fantastic!!!!
ATLFash's picture

Actually Keisha's dress is

Actually Keisha's dress is not bad. The Color made me think of fRUMPY. It's Nice.
Anonymous's picture

Love Eva's Beige gown. Check

Love Eva's Beige gown. Check out the Back! Anika's Dress also Fab Keisha's Dress ugly and Frumpy looking Trichina Arnold has a Hard and sort of Ugly face.
Anonymous's picture

Keisha Knight Pulliam looks

Keisha Knight Pulliam looks amzing love keri's dress wheres mariah???
Mila (mariah beyonce justinT and michael fan)'s picture

Trichina Arold has a Hard and

Trichina Arold has a Hard and sort of Ugly face Damn Regina King is Short especially next to Sandra Bullock. Love Eva's Beige Gown.
Anonymous's picture

@Foxx...No I think Tyler

@Foxx...No I think Tyler Perry might be Dating Lee Daniels on the Low. LOL
ME's picture

Tricina Aronld has a realy

Tricina Aronld has a realy Hard and sort of Ugly Face. Damn is Regina King that Short? Look at her next to Sandra Bullock. Eva's Beige colored Gown is Beautiful.
Saturday's picture

Love my people!!!

Love my people!!!
Natasha's picture

FYI: Mary Mary won for "song

FYI: Mary Mary won for "song of the year" beating J-Z & Alicia's "Empire State", Maxwell's "pretty wing", and Jamie Foxx.....TO WRITER OF CAPTIONS, they did more than JUST show up....CONGRATS MARYMARY. You all looked FAB as usual!....Beautiful night!!
GooGoo's picture

Marie Osmond son kills

Marie Osmond son kills himself
Foxx's picture

@MizNikki girl your post is

@MizNikki girl your post is crazy but must admit, I cracked up. Obesity is not healthy at all in any shape form or fashion! It kills. I have had to many family members who have died from this problem or they are very sickly.
Deedee's picture

Is Taraji dating Tyler Perry?

Is Taraji dating Tyler Perry?
Foxx's picture

Glad to not see Kamber!

Glad to not see Kamber!
Tired of ppl calling first's picture

Gorgeous black

Gorgeous black people!!! Keisha (Rudy Huxtable)....la-la-la-la love that dress! OMG! Paula Patton....you look wonderful! Eva`s dress is also gorgeous, covers up that broad chest of hers...lovely though! I hope everyone has watched precious....mde me laugh and cryyyy!
everyone is entitled to their own opinion!'s picture


tellthetruth5678's picture

Wow EVERYONE looked so

Wow EVERYONE looked so sophisticated and classy. I am so impressed
the anti idiot's picture

Man this is really beautiful.

Man this is really beautiful. Black people are so beautifu;, I wish we would realize...We need more black directors, producers, executives so we can see these people in more movies. I love it!!!!!!!! Team Gabourey!!!!
N.O. Nurse's picture

Is it me or is Ms. Tyson face

Is it me or is Ms. Tyson face TRYING to get lighter??? I love Jill Scott but does she have on wrapps underneath her clothes?? and @ Sara why do you find that funny? That's sad!
**B** aka WHO DAT!'s picture

I remember Jill said that

I remember Jill said that Monique used to pick her up weekly for her ante-natal check ups. Made me look at Monique in a completely different light. It was very nice of her.
Ewurafua's picture

@babynewyear jurnee has

@babynewyear jurnee has always been bone thin everyone looks decent
sickwitit's picture

NACCP did it up right, BET a

NACCP did it up right, BET a lesson for you to learn. No one was wearing T-shirts, sneakers, gold chains, pants hanging off their bottom, etc.
alexandria's picture

No, comment on the Maxwell

No, comment on the Maxwell album, I am definitely in the minority for not liking that album at all. Everyone looked gorgeous. My prayers are with those in the tsunami warning zones and in Chile. God bless.
Kim's picture

cpngrats to everyone.. lmaooo

cpngrats to everyone.. lmaooo at the pic of keke i luv her.. and i didnt know the naaacp gave away music awards or am i wrong? what did keri win?
brooklyn gyal's picture

This is truly beautiful.

This is truly beautiful. Everyone looks great..and looks like they feel great. Now THAT is the advancement of colored people.
GorgeousGirl's picture

Imma need that dress Taraji

Imma need that dress Taraji has on right now!! She looks gorgeous!!! Why is Tyler holding her leg like that? *side-eye*. Someone must have told Jurnee she needed to lose weight to get more roles, but she's too thin. Ms. Tyson looks amazing. Keri Baby's black & white is just right for her - fab chick indeed. Kesha looks really nice in her dress too.
babynewyear's picture

Everyone looks good... and

Everyone looks good... and BTW the new NAACP chair is Roslyn M. Brock and she is only 44 years old.
Mr. International's picture

DAMN, Paula and Eva look

DAMN, Paula and Eva look FAN-TABULOUS!!!!!!! What a great looking crowd of black folks. Luv it

EVERYONE looked amazing. They

EVERYONE looked amazing. They came dressed to impressed the NAACP Image Awards and all seemed to have a natural glow. Great backstage photos!
Ella Bee's picture

Arnold has lost a lot of

Arnold has lost a lot of weight. She looks ok. Toni those shoes got to go and WTF happened to your hair. Monique look nice . Very beatiful dress
alexandria's picture

@ Erica- LMAO! And how in

@ Erica- LMAO! And how in the world did Mary J beat out Maxwell for Outstanding Album of the Year. Don't get me wrong, Im a Mary fan fo life, but Maxwell's BlackSummersNight was the best album of the year. Let's be real!
dvadoll's picture

We are such a Beautiful

We are such a Beautiful People....I wish I was there!!
Trustme's picture

IMO, the most beautiful

IMO, the most beautiful woman, noticed I didn't say black woman, of the night was Cicely Tyson. That woman is ageless. Tasha, Gatorade is like everyone else, riding the Tiger Woods hate train created by the media. Tiger and Gatorade parted ways long before the firestorm created by the media over his affairs. IMO, folks are just a bunch of selfish cowards. These folks are riding a wave of hate for their own selfish gain. If these endorsors were really against adultry, Shaq as well as, many of the ballers and quite a few football players should lose everything also. We all know that hasn't happened. They need to leave Tiger alone already.
Tellmeaboutit's picture

Oh and is Toni pregnant? If

Oh and is Toni pregnant? If not her stylist should be shot...this is not a good look for her..and her hair and shoes are atrocious
RealOnandOffline's picture

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