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41st NAACP Image Awards Red Carpet

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Celebs turned out for tonight's 41st Annual NAACP Image Awards red carpet:

Jill Scott showed off her post-baby body in this blueish gray metallic fitted cocktail dress by Tadashi Shoji and her signature curly hair.  Great to see her back out on the red carpet.

And holding it down for the fellas was "Grey's Anatomy" actor Jesse Williams looking very nice. All the red carpet pics when you read the rest...

Mo'Nique showed up in all white--a white strapless dress and a basket woven top by Tadashi Shoji.  Nice.

Taraji P. Henson showed up in this sleek green gown that flattered her figure perfectly.  The dress is designer Herve Leroux.

Gabby Sidibe--who won the award for Best Actress--dressed up in this purplish blue beaded knee length dress.

Not loving Gabrielle Union's dress.  Too much of a 70's vibe which does not work for her.  The dress is by designer Pamella Roland and shoes and clutch by Jimmy Choo.

Maxwell hit up the portrait session before sitting down for the awards.

This look is way too old for Raven Symone.  She's a fab chick and needs to show it off right.

Director Lee Daniels got dapper on the carpet.

"Young & The Restless" castmates Tatyana Ali, Bryton McClure, & Tonya Lee WIlliams all took pics on the red carpet together.

Didn't love Tatyana's dress here in these pics.  But it looked absolutely stunning on tv.

Garcelle could have dressed up a bit more with her Pamella Roland dress, but I'm loving the shoes and clutch.  She obviously chose to only glam up her accessories.

Terry Crews and Rebecca hit the carpet.

So did Chandra Wilson in a safe all black long sleeved velvet dress.  However safe that can be.

Actress Erica Hubbard worked it out in red.  And looked fab.

Sherri Shepherd actually pulled off this dress very nicely.  Great look for her.

Tangi Miller made an appearance.

Loved Kimberly Elise's sheerish aqua gown with embellished mid section.  Another look that doesn't read as well in pics as it did on tv underneath the right lighting  Her princess hair piece was cute as well.

Shaun Robinson rocked her usual slinky look.

Wendy Raquel Robinson and her body looked fab in this dress.

Actress Katerina Graham hit the carpet in this all black look complete with a tulle skirt.

John Legend brought his girl Christine of course.

Not loving this one at all on Miss Black USA 2009 Shayna Rudd.  Way too much going on with the print and dramatic collar and bold colors.

Regina King donned a peach cocktail dress and nude pumps for the event.

Host Hill Harper.

Gabby S. kicked it with fellow nominee Sandra Bullock.

Monique Coleman's looking great these days.

"Glee"'s Amber Riley did my pet peeve--matching dress color to eye makeup color.  The dress is designer Tadashi Shoji.

LL's face hasn't changed in the past 2 decades.

Pretty dress and earrings for Jennia Fredrique.

Sigh.  Naturi's red carpet looks always scream "high school prom" to me.  This look is no different.

Bratz movie actress Logan Browning rocked a very cute pink sparkly number.  Loving the shoes and makeup too.

Best Actor winner Morgan Freeman hit the carpet with his new chick.

Nick Cannon brought his mom along as his date.

And Mya donned a brightly colored dress again.  Cute from the waist up. Also, check out our Fab 5 red carpet standouts HERE that are not shown in this post. Photog: Merritt/Brown
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tiredofyouspooks: why is

tiredofyouspooks: why is that your screen name? You say you are black, self-employed and successful, so why a moniker like that?
bellamimi's picture

oh Morgan...married all these

oh Morgan...married all these years like 30+ to leave her for a white girl...that has to hurt! & regina king has been looking kinda butchy & that dress on her boy shapped body not a good look! Jill Scott looks great!(bodymagic) raven looks older , hill harper is getting old gabby you I like her hair color. One time for all the confident & curvy ladies
clubcushionscom's picture

@ Boo Nope I'm black,

@ Boo Nope I'm black, beautiful and loving myself. Just because I think Gabbi S. is a mess does not mean that I hate myself or other blacks. I love my black brothers and sisters, I just don't like coons, spooks, and those that display that type of behavior(yes Weezy, Flav and Solder Boy I'm talking to you!). You are correct about one thing, trying communicating with you is surely a waste of time.
tiredofyouspooks's picture

Now, why would u assume I'm a

Now, why would u assume I'm a larger size woman? B/c I show compassion for others? Your username says all I need to know about you. Either you are non-black or a self-hating negro. Either way, waste of time and energy.
boo's picture

my comment isn't going to be

my comment isn't going to be deep, inspiring, or uplifting this time around...all i want to say is that jesse williams is FINE! :)
candi's picture

@ Boo Once again what is your

@ Boo Once again what is your point? People can say whatever they want on this board because it is here for us to give our opinions. This is not even about Monique. Monique has already started losing weight and when she did people, probably fat asses such as yourself, starting complaining about her losing weight because for some reason they felt that she was not being "REAL". Btw never once have I seen Monique look dirty even at her largest weight. She never looked like she just put on the first thing that she saw. Gabbi S. looks like she could give a shit, she just looks dirty. Now why is it again why every other celebrity on this board is up for grabs EXCEPT Gabbi S.? On a final note please reread the last sentence of my last post because it gives you advice that will help you out for a lifetime! "Kanye Shrug"
tiredofyouspooks's picture

Again, whatever your personal

Again, whatever your personal views on gabby sidibe,she was honored at the image awards along with everyone else you mentioned. She must be doing something right and obviously the universe chooses to bless her--obese or not. It wasn't too long ago that the same sort of things were said about Monique--and she continues to work and be blessed. My whole thing is if you "spooks" can't say anything uplifting or positive, why bother saying anything? Keep that shat to yourself. AND AGAIN, tell us when your NAACP Image Award is being given out?
boo's picture

@ BOO - I'm sorry I was under

@ BOO - I'm sorry I was under the impression that everyone on this board watched the awards on television just like I did. What is your point? I am self-employed and am very successful, so why would you say that I am just hating on Gabby S. for simply stating the obvious? On this board I have read negative things about Eva being too skinny,Keri's hair looking too plastic, Gabrielle Union's weave being awful, and Regina's body looking too manly, yet whenever Gabbi S. is mentioned people start going crazy and calling each other haters. Please find a new word because "hater" does not describe the people that point out that this girl is a mess. STOP WEARING YOUR FAT FEELINGS ON YOUR SIZE 20 SLEEVES!!
tiredofyouspooks's picture

I wish Gabby would not wear

I wish Gabby would not wear sleeveless dresses.
Hi's picture

Jill scott looks like

Jill scott looks like KAPOW!!!1 that girl is on point... imma do my hair just like that today.
Aboogie's picture

Jill is phuckin fab and Logan

Jill is phuckin fab and Logan is too cute for words!!!! I'm really lovin Gabriell's hair color...the brown brings out her skin tone even more. Morgan Freeman-this n*gga...why he ain't bring his embryo step-granddaughter as a date? mmmhmm, she somewhere in the cut; we know wussup Grampa Freeman.... @tiredofyouspooks You have a point about Gabbs...
Gabie Says...Kiss My Grits!!!'s picture

It's always a pleasure to see

It's always a pleasure to see so many beautiful people of color. But for the record, whoever thinks Miss Black USA's dress looks bad must either be blind, jealous, or a huge fan of fashion shows that take place at local swap meets in Arkansas. That dress is amazing. At least she had the courage and originiality to wear a dress that included more than one color. What's point in being stylish and artistic if all you're going to do is imitate what the next person does?
Maurice Breaux's picture

@tiredofspooks--i'm sorry

@tiredofspooks--i'm sorry were U there at the image awards? Are you being nominated for anything? I love Gabby Sidibe b/c it's obvious she has a genuinely beautiful spirit and loves herself from the inside out. Yeah, she should lose some weight for health reasons but that's her decision alone and hers alone. As big as she is she is STILL living her dreams and is world famous, while your size 6 arse is relegated to talkin' about HER on a msgboard. Hate much?
boo's picture

Logan Browning: she plays on

Logan Browning: she plays on Meet the Brown's
KAYA's picture

Everyone looked so

Everyone looked so nice..Jill's hair is so nice too...and HHMMMmmmmmmmmm Jessie Williams, can i be your boo.....lol ok: Mrs jessie...babyluv williams....lol
babyluv.....Uwantestwho!!!!'s picture

@Keyta - the glove is to help

@Keyta - the glove is to help improve the nerve function in his hand - when Morgan got into that nasty accident with his mistress about a year ago, I think it was reported that he severly injured his hand.
Stacey's picture

Jill Scott is definitely

Jill Scott is definitely working out. Show that waist and them legs gurl. Love her! Trust, Gabby knows she needs to lose weight and I'm sure she's working on it. She is way too young to be carrying all that weight. Wendy, you work it gurl! Gabby Union, too much weave--no!!! Tarji beautiful. John Legend's gurlfriend looks like a mannequin.
sandy's picture

Damn did not know Regina King

Damn did not know Regina King was so Short. Look at her next to Sandra Bullock. Logan is Gorgeous and I Love her Shoes When is short ass Hill Harper coming Out?
I's picture

Regina King is wearing my

Regina King is wearing my favorite color. champagne,rose gold and peach look so good on our skintone.
poptart's picture

@ Tiff & @

@ Tiff & @ tiredofyouspooks I heard she has already started the process of trying to lose weight.
lovely323's picture

Well D A M N tasha tell'em

Well D A M N tasha tell'em how you really feel! LMAO! Not gonna lie I agree with you on most of the statements! When is John Legend & Hill Harper both gonna just come out of the closet?! I see Scabby tried to get her weave fixed, since she saw Mrs.Wade on tv with hers done. SMH! I think everyone is forgetting that we are in a recession, hence the reason some "celebs" look cheap! They honestly can no longer to buy a designer dress for functions!
lovely323's picture

@ Tiff I co-sign that for

@ Tiff I co-sign that for sure!! Everytime I say something about Gabourey people start going crazy on the board. I have said she looks a mess a million times, but everyone catches feelings about it. I guess the truth hurts!
tiredofyouspooks's picture

Everyone looked nice for the

Everyone looked nice for the most part. Sorry people, I really think that someone needs to sit down with Gabourey Sidibe and tell her to lose weight! She looks very unhealthy. I noticed no one says anything about her being big as a whale, yet, you same ppl went in on Ashanti's lil' sis who is nowhere near her size! I love her success and confidence, but damn! She looks a damn mess! Someone had to say it, guess that someone is me!
Tiff's picture

Jill Scott looks gorgeous.

Jill Scott looks gorgeous. Almost didn't recognize her. #yougogirl

Again everyone looked nice.

Again everyone looked nice. Gabby is losing weight so some of you holier than though-lets will be happy. Natasha I do not understand you dark energy. You need to look into it for real. This is some honest advice
the anti idiot's picture

Regina King....run for cover,

Regina King....run for cover, or put on some sleeves....I`m sorry but that short hair-do isn`t helping you, but gorgeous women....sexy Maxwell!!!
everyone is entitled to their own opinion!'s picture

Jesse Williams is fine as

Jesse Williams is fine as hell, but he's so useless in the show. They just switch to his face for reactions, he has next to no dialogue. They need to fix that or axe him.
Yas's picture

@ Shannon please take your

@ Shannon please take your dumb ass back to school before you try to post anything else on this board. I can not seem to find one good reason why a grown ass woman would be unable to write a correct paragraph. Please take an english class or two to get your communication skills up to at least a 5th grade level you inarticulate fool. I can say whatever I want to say about Gabbi S. because that is what this board is here for. She always looks terrible but gets a pass because she is big. As for me being fat, if a size six is fat I guess i must be huge!! There is nothing pissy, dirty, or fat over here. Let me know if you need me to explain any of the words that I have used in this post. You illiterate fat ass.
tiredofyouspooks's picture


prettytiffy876's picture

Wendy Raquel Robinson looks

Wendy Raquel Robinson looks fabulous - age appropriate, in shape and sexy! I love Raven's new haircut...but the dress is just OK I appreciate that Gaby changed it up...but not loving the hair color on her Jill looks the best I've ever seen her on a red carpet...maybe the best I've ever seen her, period! But I do agree, the hair is dated...come up with a new natural style....she actually wears a fro so well, but I guess that's dated, too....
hellifiknow's picture

jill - FAB! raven looks like

jill - FAB! raven looks like somebody's aunt chandra looks a mess katarina, tangi, erica, jennia, logan - WHO? shaun robinson is shaped like a boy, so is regina king... nick couldnt bring mariah?
sickwitit's picture

Taraji - Classy,

Taraji - Classy, Stunning Jill Scott - Elegant, her leg are AMAZING Wendy Raquel - Killing it, her body is AMAZING (my goal for my 40's)
GhanaianBella's picture


TARAJI P HENSON...best dressed. simple elegant, fits her figure perfectly. i also really like logans dress. its so cute.
ashleightdot's picture

Um, why does Morgan Freeman

Um, why does Morgan Freeman have that 1 glove on? Gabby U. hair color does not look good on her.
Keyta's picture

gabby looks like a reject

gabby looks like a reject from the 70's version of charlie's angels...
ashleightdot's picture


brooklyn gyal's picture

Jill Scott has never looked

Jill Scott has never looked better!!! The hairstyle is a little dated but she gets two major thumbs from me! She looks amazing!! Taraji = FLAWLESS - you can't look any more put together than that. Best dressed because of the overall package. I need to know who her hairstylist is. I really like the different looks he/she gives her! Shayna gets a big fat "FAIL"!!! Beauty queens need to leave those gowns on the stage! Naturi = NO! Garcelle = NO! Shawn Robinson = HELL NO! Gabby U needs to go back to the darker hair color. It complimented her skin tone. This washes her out.
Stacey's picture

Waitin' on the Maxwell/Jill

Waitin' on the Maxwell/Jill show with baited breath! She looks beautiful. This is the 1st time I haven't liked Garcelle's look - and she's getting too small. I love Wendy's style-always so classy. She be stuntin' on these heffas. Monique & her hubby look so nice together. Glad Gabby U. switched it up a bit. And I actually kinda like Raven's look - at least those boobs are put away! I thought Katerina was was that Angela Lola Love chick-lol. A lot of these gowns don't look very high end to me. they scream mall/bridal store - LOL. Taraji & Wendy get my best dressed. Monique & Jill get honorable mentions.
babynewyear's picture

So, I guess Morgan Freeman's

So, I guess Morgan Freeman's arm/hand is permanently disfigured-he always wears a glove these days.
imnotthatstoopid's picture

Ms. Black USA...looks

Ms. Black USA...looks fabulous...love u Shay!!!!
Tiera S.'s picture

Jesse,He's FINE and he's all

Jesse,He's FINE and he's all mine.:-)(The line came out of Piece of the action movie.)I was having a flashback.LOL..
Toot in STL4Sho's picture

can you say TO WONG FOO

can you say TO WONG FOO regina king.i mean really you are a little to cut up to be a chick,go easy on the weights dude.
tra c's picture

jill scott looks like a

jill scott looks like a sausage thats about to burst...i love her hair though!
tra c's picture

um...some were too much for

um...some were too much for the occasion, some were alright and some were not enough...and a very few of very nice.
GTFOH with the dumb's picture


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johnbob's picture

Raven looks great. The dress

Raven looks great. The dress should've been shorter, but she still looks good. Tasha Mack looks fabo. Fancy looks nice too. So does Ashley Banks. Gabrielle needs to sit down. Why is my girl Regina looking manly in her chest/shoulder area.?! Who the hell is Katrina, Logan, and Erica? LMAO @ Mya. Jesse looks mad familiar. He's cute too.
Miss GQ's picture

@tiredofyouspooks it must

@tiredofyouspooks it must take one to now one you must look dirty and pissy yourdamself to be talking all that crap about gabby sidibe leave the girl well alone please get of her fat back she is doing good by her dammself go sit your fat ass down and be quit already.
shannon's picture

Jill Scott looks FAB!!!

Jill Scott looks FAB!!! Monique looka lovely too. Gabby looks a little better than she usually does... Overall eEveryone looks pretty decent..Sherri Shepard's dresss disguises her HORRIBLE fugure lol It looks like 1990 threw up on CHANDRA WILSON, she loos a mess, that dress is SUPER ugly EEEKKK!!
Chelly's Two Cents's picture

Jill's look is flawless from

Jill's look is flawless from the neck up! Love her hair. I'm feeling Gabby's lighter color too. It's goes well with her skin tone. But the dress is not cute, makes her look pregnant. Raven's cute is fierce but that dress is a no-no. Tarji and Sherri and Wendy = good job. Precious makeup is nice.
Erica (original)'s picture

^oh wait never mind, just

^oh wait never mind, just checked her wikipedia. She's only 29...she still looks so young though.
hahahhahahhaa's picture

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