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*UPDATED* More Pics Of Alicia Keys & Beyonce's "Put It In A Love Song' Vid

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More pics have leaked from the set of Alicia Keys' "Put It In A Love Song" video with Beyonce.  Looks like they're shooting a carnivale parade scene.  Hot. More pics after the cut... MORE PICS ADDED 2/10:

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Gorgeous setting.  Who else wants to gang up and tackle Alicia for those yellow Louboutins?
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jOse refreshin 2 c a real man

jOse refreshin 2 c a real man speak out about her with a straight outlook i love that.so true i am another one not hating just caling it how i see she do be looking uncomfortable in heels,sad she feel she must"do this"to be like Beyonce or Sexxi feel sorry for Alicia Keys. Beyonce as always standing out so gorgeous.
Madeline Ruiz,'s picture

Ok i see this and ALICIA KEYS

Ok i see this and ALICIA KEYS ON OPRAH TODAY AS I TYPE THIS.so honestly no hate but yo chek it: i got to as male fly ass latino think as i see ALICIA KEYS on OPRAH TODAY look why she tryin'to be mor BEYONCE SHAKIRA TYPE OF ALL HOT AND SEXY? no woman can just wear high heels,they do not look great in them not if your looking like ALICIA JUST SEEM FORCE SEXY/like uncomfortable. she is not GORGEOUS her EYE is a lazy sleepy eye BOTH BLACK WOMEN AND YES I KNOW ALICIA keys mother is white,but dad blk so she is BLACK and she LOOK BLK,bottom line is ALICIA KEYS STOP Trying in video and interview,stop tryin to be REAL SEXY or OVER THE TOP.your looking uncomfy wearing high heels and skimpy outfit.your not going to keep fans like this,and i want her to be as she is back in the day REAL now alicia is different,and i still think some of her songs are ok but she do not at almost 30's herself be like that.do not wear high heels ladies etc if your not COMFY wearingthem,trust us men SEE IT and do not think JUST cause you have on heels your da bomb,sorry sneaks cute flats or boots are better sexxier then trying so hard to be something your not.just be YOU.us real niggaz' and real men do love you as best being just you sad ALICIA keys has to dress up wearing heels almost all the time now,when she looks better and more comfortable years ago without it peace out 1. FROM JOSE PHILLY NJ TRI-STATE REALL AZZ NIGGA.
joselizette nj philly tri-state's picture

RIAA Certification Tally The

RIAA Certification Tally The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) today released a tally of the decade’s highest Gold and Platinum award achievements. Beyoncé has won the most certifications this DECADE. Most total certifications (includes cumulative album, digital song, master ringtone, and music video certifications): Male solo artist: Michael Jackson – 44 (Sony/Epic) Female solo artist: Beyonce – 64 (Sony/Columbia) Most master ringtone certifications: Male solo artist: T.I. – 15 (WMG/Atlantic/Grand Hustle) Female solo artist: Beyonce – 19 (Sony/Columbia) Highest certified master ringtone: Male solo artist: Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” – 5x multi-Platinum (Universal/Cash Money, 2008) Female solo artist: Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” – 3x multi-Platinum (Sony/Columbia, 2006)
POW!'s picture

@european - you're a black

@european - you're a black wannabe that's trailer park trash. don't be mad because europeans are BLACK and only hate YOU. These people ASKED BEYONCE to do music with them idiot. Stop hating because ALL THE GREATS want to work with her: Michael Jackson RIP - ADORED HER Prince - KILLED THE GRAMMY's Luther - Won a Grammy with him Whitney SADE I could go on but I didn't even get to this generation of Justin's, Usher's, Gaga's, etc. that all worked and the rest that are waiting to work with her. Real recognizes real and the fluff stays in fashion.
POW!'s picture



Thanks! Do you get paid to

Thanks! Do you get paid to speak for her?
free's picture

@gilda - rotflmao you're

@gilda - rotflmao you're TIIGGGGHHHTTTT that Beyonce looks just as good and better shaped than the women pictured. keep hating because she's KILLING it!
kimmie's picture

@free - you're another of

@free - you're another of beyonce's biggest stans. she's beautiful and the truth and you can't take it - lmao.
kimmie's picture

If you had one you'd know

If you had one you'd know what it looks like but all you have to do is check other six packs. It's called definition. When you have a real six pack that's what it looks like. She actually has like an 8 pack because it's extra tight.
Real Talk's picture

Why does Bey's stomach look

Why does Bey's stomach look like that? That is not a six pack, I don't know what it is but it just looks weird.
tellthetruth5678's picture

yes! more sex selling and

yes! more sex selling and repetitive lyrics!!! get it wig.ronchey! Love Alicia!
free's picture

Love bey but clearly ak is

Love bey but clearly ak is more naturally beautiful and more talented
brighteyeshazek's picture

B is always trying to hijack

B is always trying to hijack the next person's shine. Anytime somebody is hot or has a hot song, here she comes "offering" to do a duet or something. Think about it..... She act as tho she's doing them a favor, but its really just to be seen and heard while they are hot. Im ready for her to go to school, contribute to a charity, get a pet, do something.....We know you can sing and grind yor booty. Do something else.....
shortstak6733's picture

in reply to:

in reply to: itsnotthatserious comment: What the hell brazil have to do with the song? I had to fly all the way to brazil to shoot a video? Overated!" Beyonce is on her tour and Brazil is one of the countries she's performing in...duh...dufuss
misthing's picture

oh, bruh... i wish these

oh, bruh... i wish these american uncultured harlets (talking about beyzilla) would leave our tribal spiritual stuff out of their demonic smutty lives. ugh!! SESAME FLYERS and LEGENDS BIG MASS ALL DAY! a keys looks appropriate. zilla just trying to show the most skin. however, she dont even look the greatest in her costume out of the girls there in the pics w/ her. carnival costumes were not made 4 chicks w/ weird boxy shapes and all that plastic surgeries. go to carnival and u will see that the best looking girls have the appropriate african body shapes.
gilda radner "never mind"'s picture

This video looks like

This video looks like complete fire! Reminds me of Jay's Big Pimpin.
Kimmie's picture

love how they are

love how they are representing brazil's african culture! not alot of people recognize brazil as a black nation when brazil has the highest black population second to african nations. carnaval is beautiful. stay black brazil <3
lightskinprincess's picture

Bey's abs are killing these

Bey's abs are killing these haters so bad they are calling them lumps _ rotlmao! I'm done!!! The stockings are to protect her legs. Alicia has them on too. You guys clearly see her body and will still scream butt pads. Get over it people - it's her body that's perfect like she.
Kaye's picture

omg like r u really blasting

omg like r u really blasting the location they decided cabin fever ....
P2BPlastic007's picture

yes yes yes this is something

yes yes yes this is something i cant wait
P2BPlastic007's picture

What the hell brazil have to

What the hell brazil have to do with the song? I had to fly all the way to brazil to shoot a video? Overated!
itsnotthatserious's picture

Did anyone notice Solange

Did anyone notice Solange behind Beyonce. Check out the Carnivale Scene with her and Akeys.....Solange rocked a weave for the shoot. Go girls
Nonna 524's picture

lol don't wanna gang up and

lol don't wanna gang up and tackle her, but i do wanna get away from all this snow and go somewhere warm like that :(
dreamstar1's picture

some people on her are so

some people on her are so slow. Beyonce does not do crunches to look like that. Whe she just did an advertisement for her perfume in a red dress and she had the biggest stomach bulge. Dont be fooled, she gets lipo whenever its time to go naked. Her stomach is un-naturally indented. Remember when Janet use to look like that? She admitted to getting lipo years later. Guess what? when you get older you cant do that anymore and then the fat piles on. Her stans will see. They just want to make this girl (grown lady) perfect in their minds. Not a hater just a realistic person. If I had the money I probably would do the same lol.
OK PEOPLE's picture


THESE COMMENTS ARE SICK AND WACK! Y'ALL ARE SOME HATING ASS FEMALES WHO HAVE NO LIFE - other than sitting home waiting for Tasha to post some shit - GET A LIFE!! BEYONCE IS THE HOTTEST CHICK OUT! End of story ! Both Alicia & Bey can take your man. Soo STFU!
Jayq's picture

Bey, wears tights so that the

Bey, wears tights so that the cellulite will not show on her legs. She says she has cellulite thats why she wears spanx. Nether the less both ladies look amazing!!! I hate this f--king song though! Hopefully the vedio will change my mind.
Tiff D's picture

shoe game is bananas in this

shoe game is bananas in this video... alicia keys look so pretty, but um im thinking a video wit black and white kinda plain for put it in a love song but a.keys whipped up something different go girl loves it
fabulosity's picture

oh and bey l00ks beautiful in

oh and bey l00ks beautiful in the colorful dress...
keki=Y.B.F.......thatz me!'s picture

oh and bey l00ks beautiful in

oh and bey l00ks beautiful in the colored dress...
keki=Y.B.F.......thatz me!'s picture


CARNIVAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see the video.
Soul Touch's picture

How could Beyonce get

How could Beyonce get liposuction without any scars? That's not possible. You guys saw her stomach yesterday after she had just woke up and she didn't have any. And no, she didn't have scar revision either because that leave a scar too, only slightly smaller. I mean this is besides the fact that her stomach has looked exactly the same for the last 10 years and liposuction only lasts one to two years.
dr's picture

They both look gorgeous!

They both look gorgeous! Can't wait to see how the video turns out.
LaLa's picture

A. Keys looks gorgeous!

A. Keys looks gorgeous! Definitely a better look than Bey to me. She has a better body and way better legs than Bey that's for sure! A. KEys is a true, raw, natural, talent and very well-spoken and cultured, unlike Bey. A. Keys can stand on her own with great music and better concept videos, so to me she is the real icon! PPl better get a grip on themselves, cause A. Keys does not need crazy endorsement deals, movies, or exploitation of others to get ahead, just her talent alone is enough. Her record sales prove that time and time again! No need for her to oversaturate the market, because she truly loves music, not attention! A. KEys all day! NYC stand up!
Tiff's picture

I am NOT and Bey fan in the

I am NOT and Bey fan in the least, but I am feeling the vibe of theis video. Should be a hot one.
Ms Ma&#039;am's picture

I am sorry. I love, love,

I am sorry. I love, love, love, Bey but you guys are crazy if you think she has not had work done!!!! I am not hating, b/c personally I don't care about the "all natural" thing, but I am just saying. Ummmm hello lipo plus spray tan. There is nothing natural looking about that body. Also, I am with you Tasha, I would beat AK down for them damn shoes!!!
tb's picture

dont hate on bey ladies it is

dont hate on bey ladies it is just a waste of your time if you want those abs go hit the gym already stop this bullsh##$$%%^^ on the interne. she works hard for every little penny she got so if you wanna be like her do you LETS KEEP IT MOVING ALREADY BEYONCE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND FOR ALICIA HE SHE IS GETTING HER SHINE ON CAN HATE HER FOR THAT.
shannon's picture

Everyone's a critic, 'cept

Everyone's a critic, 'cept when it comes to themselves! Lol Hope all these ppl droppin bitter, angry comments realize these women don't know you, so they gonna continue to piss you off, so jus keep it moving. Beyonce's body don't pay my bills, so I really couldn't care less, cuz her body is makin her money. The more "hate" you feed these women the more relevant you make them. *shrug*
YoBee's picture

love their outfits especially

love their outfits especially alicia's puple and yellow.
sherry's picture

she is wearing those shiny

she is wearing those shiny stocking because her legs r full of scars and boo-boos *past article where u did who ran it best - Beyonce or the pussy cat doll Melodie or watever her name is in the unitard.* love the carnival outfits since Carnival is weekend in T&T and she coming here on Thursday.
misthing's picture


DOO BETTER's picture

beyonce is a HOT SEXY

beyonce is a HOT SEXY MAMA..LOOK AT THAT BODY .JAY IS A LUCKY CAMEL ALICIA LOOKS GREATS IN THOSE LOUBOUTINS. cant wait for the video..bey=bootylicious
Mamma Mia -6 GRAMMYS BI*CHES ...'s picture

no clue what the song is

no clue what the song is about but the video looks like it's going to be great. they both look amazing
Ms. Arthur's picture

Buttpads beyonce strikes

Buttpads beyonce strikes again. aint nothin on that bitch real...sigh. take a break bish damn!! otherwise it looks like a fun colorful vid but the song is beyond wack imo.
seaside heights's picture

I just think the first pic is

I just think the first pic is typical of both artist's images - Alicia looks classy but sexy, so you can focus on her talent not just her body; Beyonce is half naked as always...But if you are going to be overly sexual then at least own it like other artists do, don't play shy and blame it on an imaginary twin. Hopefully something new will come for 2010.
le sigh's picture

I can't wait to see this

I can't wait to see this video.
Hanna's picture

Yes, their bodys' r not

Yes, their bodys' r not perfect, but they are above average. Please, they r not models, but singers. I'm tired of seeing Kim K 2 that's y I stroll right past her post. Sum of u should try it. Beyonce & Alicia r the definition of ybf (unlike her Tasha)
MsBusybody's picture

one of them ladies (not

one of them ladies (not Beyonce or Alicia) in that 1st pix is a dude...you can tell by them big ole hamstrings..wheww
BelleBellaBeautifulBonita's picture

people are sooo

people are sooo ignorant,,,please grow up..bee is the shit but alica has success as welldontazz..they compliment each other more than any artist bee has collaborated with,,a has 12 grammys to her name,,as a solo artst...they both have made history..trust me!!
dontazz's picture

Alicia Keys looks wayyyyyyyyy

Alicia Keys looks wayyyyyyyyy better than Beyonce!!! Are you stupid people serious right now? WOW!! Y'all must be blind or something!
Amanda's picture

Damn! They are really going

Damn! They are really going hard on this joint. Both ladies look lovely.
2010&#039;s Hottest Accessory_Lil Wayne&#039;s Baby_Get Yours Now!!!'s picture

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