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Mz Berry's Ex-Boyfriend Spills The Juice About Her & Ray-J!

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Now that the reunion episode of "For The Love Of Ray-J 2" aired last night, folks who have dealt with the winner Mz Berry are trying to get their 15 minutes. Mz Berry's ex boyfriend Stu called in to iPower Richmond's TT Torrez's radio show this afternoon to spill on what really went down with homegirl and Ray-J.  And how he was still getting it in with homegirl during the show. We've got the audio and the highlights when you read the rest....


  • Mz Berry had a relationship going on during the taping of the show with a man by the name of Stu (a radio personality in Tampa (his twitter: @babyboystu)).
  • Stu says he broke up with her because she had too much drama!
  • He admits to being her "sidepiece".
  • He says they had sex during the 5 months after the taping of the show.
  • Mz Berry told Stu that her and Ray J never had sex.
  • He admits she can cook, the sex is good, and she's really 32 years old!
  • Stu said he and Mz. Berry are over.
  • He also said that she was a singer in a singing group and she used the show to become a singer. Shocker.

And here's a clip from last night's Reunion show foolery.
The Randomness: 1. The Saints Super Bowl Champions parade is airing live today at 5p CST on ESPN online. Watch here.
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to Allen i do understand were

to Allen i do understand were your coming from people have to earn respect but then again everybody should give it But then again if you didnt have women you would probably be in the bathroom jacking off every night so do be thankfull for what god gave men
NOYB's picture

hey im paola

hey im paola
Anonymous's picture

really, ray didnt deserve

really, ray didnt deserve her. my heart goes out to him. he needs to stop doing these damn shows and come over here lmfao
keeshie's picture

@allen... u are a sick

@allen... u are a sick confused fruitcake...u like you booty beat up because you are GAYYYYYY....the sooner u come to realization with yourself and come out the closet the better...i think thats why ure soo angry because ure trapped in the closet because ure gay and u wanna be a woman and NEVER will...im sorry if u get your ass beat up i cant believe that u get pussy...or even know how to fuck pussy at that...sorry queerdo try again lol!!!!!!!
sexiiamore's picture

I am not interested in 'For

I am not interested in 'For the Love of Ray J' anymore. I found the show by accident...it was fun for a minute. After the reunion, I was so disappointed. I am out!
Darlin''s picture

These dating shows are fake

These dating shows are fake as heck, so I don't really care about them anymore.
MT's picture

It is amazing to me that

It is amazing to me that these "Reality" shows have managed to entreat a whole generation of watchers. I have seen so many women go on these shows and embarrass themselves, their families, children and anyone else connected to them for their 15 minutes of fame. Next, you'll see them spread out in somebody's magazine, completely inappropriately exposed. Then, they go on these reunion shows and want respect. They will never get it. You don't find love on television. It's all hype. These houses don't belong to these celebrities. For one thing, Ray J could not afford this mansion. (His own sister's isn't that grand and she had a TV show in her name). Additionally, they sign all kinds of contracts promising what they will and will not do. Of course, we have seen those fly out of the air. The ones who make the most noise and cause the most confusion GET PAID...some as much as $10,000 per show. What I have discovered is that the WHITE recipients get MUCH more than the blacks do. Futhermore, Ray cannot sell performance tickets, and can't sell records, which is why he subjected himself to this mess. I feel for not only Ms Berry, but all of them! Everybody is out for something - any way they can get it. Ray did look awfully foolish on the show. I was laughing my butt off. He was upset that Cocktail was on the show, but he didn't have anything to do with it. VH1 called her and she told them she had plenty to tell by coming on! Can you say: "Ratings?! That's all they were after. Ray was disrespectful to most of those women - and for him to call Cocktail a 'B---" was proof that he was upset because she got the opportunity to blast him to ALL the players and the folks watching. I hope this means THIS show is over. None of these people (Real/Chance....) are together with any of the women they selected. It's already set up in their contracts and negotiated for a 'second' show. When they play out - then the producer will gather the writers and make contacts with other tired or dried out celebs who need money to stay afloat of their ah hmm "careers". I have seen those contracts and know what goes on behind the scenes. It's all a joke....a scam..and like the foolish that we are....soak it all up in the name of Entertainment! Televison and its shows have gone to hell in a handbasket and is taking all who will come on board for the ride.
Paula Hilton's picture

LOL @FakeAllen

LOL @FakeAllen
Lodak's picture

Fuck yall, I do like women,

Fuck yall, I do like women, but I do like my booty beat up, real talk
Allen's picture

you guys snapped !!!!

you guys snapped !!!! hahahaha
Anonymous's picture

to allen: thats why people

to allen: thats why people like u that like to talk smack about black people,im not black but i sure love my black people qet qunned down the street so I wouldn't be surprised if ur ass ends up in the news killed, or qettinq HIV ciz u was buttfucked!
Doncella (:'s picture

@ALLEN can I just let you

@ALLEN can I just let you know I have figured out why you hate black women.... BECAUSE U, yes U are a black man that is on the DOWN LOW!(mr. bisexual) I am sure u have dated a black woman and told her this, and like all STRONG BLACK WOMEN, she responded in WHAT THE FU*K IS WRONG WIT YOU... this leads to ur hatred b/c we dont put up with SH*T like THAT!!!! Therefore, U must resort to the only races that will accept a man that is on the DL.... hahahah NOW that I have educated u BE GONE... MR. BISEXUAL aka DOWN LOW BRUTHA!!!!!
O000ooo's picture

Stu or Stew whoever you are

Stu or Stew whoever you are why are you spilling your intestines? yes I said intestines because you have no guts! thats why Mz Berry left your sorry ass.Men dont kiss and tell biatch!! what size panties you wear you gossip like an old woman shame on you.
shuggs's picture


ALLEN IS A FUDGEPACKER...ALLEN IS A FUDGEPACKER...Is that what they were saying to you in the school yard? Is that why you are so angry with women? Especially black women? Awww... I feel bad for you. As you can see nothing you say can dampen our spirit as WOMEN. Grown women don't give a fck what you say and could care less. Only girls get mad...which is why you get mad at everything we say! All we ask is that you take your sh**y, musty d*ck and ball hair smellin breath a** off this site. OMG you are really wanting to be noticed. You dream of ppl responding. Well now you have Mine. @ Laala. He don't wanna be your friend anymore. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL WE WIN...YOU LOSE Allenia!! (side eye at your man and then it changes to I'm bisexual)
NikkiGuy0811's picture

I only feel for Mz. Berry's

I only feel for Mz. Berry's son, I can only imagine the type of stuff his classmates are saying to him now.... Cocktail ran her mouth because she still has feelings for Ray, like many other man caught in his own mess he got mad and lashed out.... he doesn't feel anything for any of these women except a stiffness that comes over his groins when he sees pretty girl's
Loving Song's picture

@ Laala OMG I love you for

@ Laala OMG I love you for shutting Allen down in such a....hmmm...perfect way! Dont know who you are but know that I love you for that!
annonymous's picture

Not surprised!

Not surprised!
Mickey's picture

are we surprised, why not use

are we surprised, why not use the show for 15 minutes of fame its not like Ray J was really looking for love hes gettin a check remember people. so im not mad at Mz Berry and at least from the looks of it she didnt sleep with the the midget
lea's picture

ray j gay as hell afta seein

ray j gay as hell afta seein that bull i would neve wanna be wit him i mean he a bitch ass guy and cocktail absolutely rite... i mean the show is to find love and if that is wat its for then why the fuck is a 2 out when he had the girl he was suspose to be in love wit niggas aint shit u better believe it!!
shanelle's picture

Ray doing what any other

Ray doing what any other young guy with dough is doing, cutting chics back out, and racking up a body count. If any of u think any reality show is real, then u have the IQ of a common church mouse. In all REALITY, I am sure ray has smashed badder broads than cocktail or berry. And, most of you so-called self respecting young ladies on here, would eat his dick in the club if u had the chance. Don't get me wrong, I love women, in fact, I take advantage of as many of u as possible, on the daily
ClearCut's picture

@ Laala I am not gay! I

@ Laala I am not gay! I identify myself as bisexual and I am proud of that. I do like men. Its nothing wrong with a man who likes gossip blogs. there are plenty of men on gossip blogs. look at perez hilton
Allen's picture

Ray is short and got that lil

Ray is short and got that lil mane syndrome! whack lil midget...heartbreakers teeth are like alvin, simon and theodore, look like her breath smell like gouda! Luscious smashed the homey and hates that no one wants to get over it.and im fina get my morning coffee and be thru wit this MESS!
Blkasian's picture

allen is so GAY! just accept

allen is so GAY! just accept it son and stop hating
alicia's picture

@ candice i agree..lmao all

@ candice i agree..lmao all these reality shows aim is to make money and as far as im concernd ray is no where near as it concerns him settling down
alicia's picture

I think Allen is either

I think Allen is either gay-ray or his boyfriend young buck.Ha!
Candice's picture

The reunion show was a mess!

The reunion show was a mess! I dont even know what was the point of airing it if they were just going to close out with the best part of the show! And honestly, please.... someone answer me: Whats up eith Heartbreakers teeth???!
Ok Kanye! aka Zane Mac's picture

first supahead, then then kim

first supahead, then then kim k sex tape, now cocktail. ray cant keep his biz behind doors for nothin. all these women cumin up off of him...not cute anymore. he aint brandy lil brother hes grown ass man. act like it instead of runnin with 2cent groupies aka wolfpack. gross. oh and "racist" ALLEN jus lookin for a reason to talk. none of the foolishness even involved blk women. sad but theres one of u on every chat board. sad but nothin new
lovelee614's picture

You niggaz talk more than

You niggaz talk more than bitches do!!! Snitches!!!
Cheree''s picture

Maybe the real reason Ray J

Maybe the real reason Ray J got so mad because he knew Mama Whitney (Houston) was watching!LOL! He is probably telling her that he is just doing it for the show/money and hasn't even seen the winner but didn't expect all the drama to come out about all the other chicks he is still keeping and seeing from the show. Remember he was pictured with Whitney AT AND AFTER the American music awards just a few months ago in November-
Ria's picture

Ray is a fucked up peice of

Ray is a fucked up peice of meat. He's a loser and a sorry ass nigga.MZ Berry 2 cute for that piece oof sht move on honey, he aint nobody. You deserve better
sayaaya's picture

Ray is a fucked up peisce of

Ray is a fucked up peisce of meat. He's a loser and a sorry ass nigga.MZ Berry 2 cute for that piece oof shit move on honey, he aint nobody. You deserve better
sayaaya's picture

Ray is a POSER...wannabe LA

Ray is a POSER...wannabe LA Homie. He looked like the sucka. No playa skills. Smooth he is not !
BoxSpotter's picture

@Shuga Yes that zigzag in his

@Shuga Yes that zigzag in his head was a hot mess!!! lol He was trying to be "hollywoodd" Everyone should know by now that the guys who are on these reality shows are no there for “real love.” Clearly they are seeking $$ and attention from a group of women, cause they know they can’t get that anywhere else.
A Diva State Of Mind's picture

kikimarie09 LOL!!! I know

kikimarie09 LOL!!! I know right, 95.7, I love me some Stu!!! Glad to see someone other than myself in the Tampa Bay area reads YBF.
Ann's picture

ray j will grow up later in

ray j will grow up later in life. right now he is doing anything for money.
KANDI's picture

i know Unique is somewhere

i know Unique is somewhere happy as heck that she dodged that bullet! and can we speak on that corny ass zig zag lightning bolt he had carved in his head?!?!? a young immature mess indeed....lol
shuga's picture


BEST REUNION SHOW EVER!!!!!!! That ish was better than every single episode that aired. I was at a lost for words and RAY is a pathetic WHORE who uses and exploits women. Mz Berry is cute but honestly, she looks like she is atleast 40!!!!! Jaguar is soooo cute, she should model!! The wolf pack ( Platinum and Heart breaker) are plain UGLY!!!!!! Lucious is cute. COCKTAIL kept it 100.............lol
HOTNESS!!!!!!!!!'s picture

For The Love Of . . .

For The Love Of . . . M-O-N-E-Y!
jer-z girl's picture


DOO BETTER's picture

That reunion made me really

That reunion made me really see how fake Ray is. I feel bad for Mz Berry because it seems like she had real feelings for Ray, he didn't even pay her any attention @ the reunion. VH1 invited Cocktail for the drama...and to take away from the fact that Mz Berry won. It doesn't matter though cause she's most def better off without him. He's not ready for a grown ass woman like Mz Berry, let him keep fucking with those low budget hoes like Platinum (who is very ugly) Heartbreaker (certified hoe) and Luscious (another certified hoe). Mz Berry is BAD and Ray would've been lucky to have a woman like that by his side. So it's his loss, Mz Berry has SO much to gain from being on that show.
rated_X_33's picture


Really?'s picture

ummmmm Stu....no bitchassness

ummmmm Stu....no bitchassness please. who does that?
kay p's picture

LADY K.. ur a ho.... he

LADY K.. ur a ho.... he wouldnt want u either
jchap's picture

Of course not, that is why

Of course not, that is why you are NOT on here, trying to get attention from black women right? That is why you don't keep repeating the same remedial sh*t from post to post, because you really don't care what we think right? Let me guess, you get paid to be on this site,LOL. You care,because you are weak and you can't sleep without someone responding to you. *YAWN* Anyways, I wish I could say it was fun, but you really don't come with much. Perhaps, you should watch the movie The Great Debaters and learn a thing or two...in the meantime, I hope you finally get some coochie/ding-a-ling, it will really help you and your bitterness...trust:)
laala's picture

@laala you don't have to

@laala you don't have to believe me. your opinion doesn't mean shit to me
Allen's picture

@Channeil, Ray J does the

@Channeil, Ray J does the show so he can get booty! I just don't understand why anyone would want to get with him. He offers nothing and he aint cute! But if you trying to get your hustle on, I guess sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I just couldn't do it.
Ladybug #2's picture

You don't get p*ssy, stop

You don't get p*ssy, stop lying. No, really, stop lying. A man getting some would never spend time on a gossip site...unless you get some in the booty...which I am certain you do. I am a women, we gossip, that's the norm...what's your excuse? p.s.-oh and by the way, you are not fazing me with your anti-black women talk. Only weak people get mad at loser on the net.
laala's picture

@laala I get pussy, just

@laala I get pussy, just didn't get any today. But not black pussy, that's that low grade pussy that niggas get when they have no other options. Aren't you on this same gossip site so what does that say about you?
Allen's picture

Oh Allen, Because I am

Oh Allen, Because I am bored, I will entertain your comments...that is what you want right? You are trying your best to get attention huh? Let me ask you a question--why would a grown-ass man be commenting on a gossip blog? That tells me that a.) you ain't got a job b.)you have a job, but you have nothing else to do but go on a women's gossip site...which leads me to believe that you don't get p*ssy. Aaaaw, that is why you are bitter...so sad.
laala's picture

damnnnn i couldnt wait to

damnnnn i couldnt wait to talk about the reunion. what i will say is, last season was better, BUT the reunion made up for its lackluster second season. dont know what extra was soo mad about...let it go boo.but cocktail! girl this is just what u needed to get ur name back out there. she was like ill be damned winner of season two take my spotlight. lmao. nah but ray got what was comin to him. hes got a girl at home, geesh for all we know danger did have his baby. rays not doin another season. shit was embarassing. and bowwow was tweetin how hes a pimp for having girls fight over him... nooo hunny. a pimp would keep jump offs in check so that never happened. he looked pissed.cocktail looked hurt as all hell...wonder what happend btween them to make her do that... ill end with this. "BET would have neva tigerwoods you like that"
lovelee614's picture

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