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Lil Wayne's Farewell Vid To His Fans

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Weezy did a Ustream vid today to bid farewell to his friends and loved one. He's going to his official sentencing today and expected to start his 8 month-1 year jail term at Rikers immediately. Maybe he can buddy up with Plaxico while he's in there. On a completely inappropriate but dying of curiosity note, did all the baby mamas and the kiddies carpool in one big ass vehicle to go bid him farewell in person? I need to know.... I like Weezy so I'm actually kind of sad to see him go. Dude has so much music and so many artists to hold us down while he's away though. So good luck homie....
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well im sorry bout lil wayne

well im sorry bout lil wayne going to jail i love him alot and his songs. i personally think this will be a good recover of lil wayne and his music he really live offffffff the cough syrup and the smoking because if he die[god forbid] there would be absoulutly no music. plies anit doing and wezzy doing it plz dont take it personally thats my opinion and i really love him to death his music will ever be alive
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Part of me thinks he's

Part of me thinks he's excited to go to jail so it give him more street cred especially since this will be his first time (and hopefully last) and he's never been in any real trouble prior to this. I remember an interview with 2Pac after he was released from jail where he said he thought going to jail was apart of becoming a man, but realized he was wrong. I'm guessing Wayne never saw that interview.
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good he'll fit right in

good he'll fit right in
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I love Weezy as much as the

I love Weezy as much as the next person but OK ALREADY.. Go to jail.. First off NYC has a mandorty jail time law regarding carrying a loaded weapon.. He got off EASY... Secondly... everyone's acting like he's going away for 5 to 10.. He's going away for a mini-vacay.. it won't be HARD time for Weezy so boo hoo.. Lastly, by the time he is being released I'm sure he will have released at LEAST 3 mix tapes and on his release day a new album... so he'll be just fine...
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Good luck Weezy cuz Rikers

Good luck Weezy cuz Rikers ain't no joke!
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I'm no fool. It's JAIL, but

I'm no fool. It's JAIL, but you know he's gonna come out with an even stronger confirmation that he's a big bad gangster. I'm just saying there's worse places he could be serving his time.
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i love wayne! Hes human &

i love wayne! Hes human & every1 makes mistakes,know 1 knows what that man deals with! so every1 stfu with the negativity! wish the best 2u wayne & ur family!
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@bbop...Riker's is "fine"?

@bbop...Riker's is "fine"? Man, ain't NO jail "fine". That's the kind of talk that helps makes our kids think this is something "cool" or "fun".
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wow...I am shocked at these

wow...I am shocked at these response..shocked in a GOOD way..I literally stopped reading comments on here cause they were immature and stupid..thanks GROWN FOLKS! I agree with yall 110%!!!
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LOL @ Ms.Buddha

LOL @ Ms.Buddha
Chelly's Two Cents's picture

I don't feel sorry for him at

I don't feel sorry for him at all. I bet when he gets out he'll have another girl getting ready to drop another "Weezy F." baby in a month. You have so much and pissed it all away. I know people with Master's degrees and still can't get a job. Husbands with children who work hard for what they have and try to maintain and make an honest living for themselves. You are trapped perpetually and mentally and you are the walking definition of "FAIL".
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damn...like i mentioned

damn...like i mentioned before...he acts like he is getting ready to do 25 to life....man up lil guy...next if you have to carry a gun make sure it is a water gun..lol....oh lil Wayne i got a cousin in there i told him to watch out for you...nah
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I don't even remember WHY

I don't even remember WHY Wayne is going to jail. That's how commonplace it's become amongst famous, rich black men. Let's hope he learns his lesson--for his children's sake anyway. Problem is, he'll come out and still be rich and famous. The regular black man goes to jail (for even the slightest infraction) and is labeled a criminal and reduced to living a life of shame and no or low paying jobs. Where is the justice?
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Lol@ Ms. Buddha.

Lol@ Ms. Buddha.
Alanna's picture

r.i.p lil wayne's anus(no pun

r.i.p lil wayne's anus(no pun intended)
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He'll be fine. Rikers is

He'll be fine. Rikers is tame. I've known dudes that were sent to Rikers for parking tickets and were shaking in their boots, they came out fine. Weezy probably gonna exploit the entire scenario to continue promoting his coonish thug agenda.
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@Kimwoo...I'm with you! These

@Kimwoo...I'm with you! These idiots act as if it's some rite of passage. Bump that! I hate what this culture is doing to our black families. This music contributes to the lack of respect for our black women. So sad most of them don't seem to understand that.
LSK's picture

COSIGN to what everyone else

COSIGN to what everyone else said! And we wonder why so many black males are in jail. MAYBE its because when they do stupid shit...everybody around them gives them a pat on the back and finds away to blame everybody else but the CRIMINAL. The only people that should be really hurt are his kids..because they are the ones with a father. Everyone else...get it together!
Jess's picture

"if you cant do the time then

"if you cant do the time then dont do the time!" You mean if you can't the time don't do the crime right? LOL. Anyway, Lil wayne is a sellout just like gucci mane, young jeezy, etc. Hired by rich corps and record labels to commercialize Hip Hop into a tool of spreading ignorance and stupidity on the Black Community.
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*now his

*now his
vivalajazziee - follow!'s picture

bye weezy. its a shame, these

bye weezy. its a shame, these rappers have money galore and still dont know how to act. the situation could of been avoided..know his 489235834 kids are fatherless for the next 8 months - year
vivalajazziee - follow!'s picture

I heard he shot like 5

I heard he shot like 5 videos, and record features for like 10 artist, so its gonna be just like hes not gone.
meme's picture

I don't feel sorry for this

I don't feel sorry for this ninja or any of the other dumb ass athletes or rappers (TI, Gilbert Arenas, Plaxico, Mike Vick) who do something stupid and get locked up...freakin' idiots! They are so blessed with talent and money and they go and do stupid sh*t and f it all up. Do better people and good luck with that Weezy!
Chelly's Two Cents's picture

Sad situation that he could

Sad situation that he could of avoided. Like the saying goes, if you cant do the time then dont do the time! It's as simple as that! I wish him luck at rikers, cuz they aint no joke. Hopefully, he still has his man hood when he comes out. Yikes! I'd hate to see him turned out.
Mrs. Darren shellychelle Sharper's picture

Who cares. Another rapper

Who cares. Another rapper with money throwing his life away. grow up people!
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prophecymuzik.webs.com Where

prophecymuzik.webs.com Where hot music is!!
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