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GOSSIP BITS: Warren Sapp's Accuser?+Brandy & Flo Rida Really ARE A Couple?Plus Rihanna Explains Her "B*itchiness"

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Warren Sapp's accuser has been allegedly identified. Supposedly the woman above is who many believe is Warren's accuser of domestic violence charges this past weekend. Her Twitter name is GreenEyedMami (she goes by GEM)--but she has since locked her page since the incident. According to her website and myspace page, she looks like one of those "model" chicks who likes to show off her ASSets from time to time. And her keychain with a pic of her and Warren in it.

One of YBF's readers who follow her sent over some info saying GreenEyedMammi and Warren have been going back and forth sharing love messages for a while now. And most believed they were a definite couple. Not 100% this is the accuser, but details are pointing that way. More ish when you read the rest...

Looks like these reports of Brandy and Flo Rida being a couple could very well be true. One of our YBF correspondents was on the scene at Liv last night in Miami for a post Super Bowl party. And Brandy was spotted arriving with Mr. Flo Rida and they were not trying to hide it. The two stayed by each other's sides all night. Even dodged our cameras together. The two are clearly very good friends if not more these days. Hmmm.... Rihanna's letting folks know she's not the b*tch you think she is. She's explaining in this vid with the homies at WPGC why people have that impression of her. The Randomness: 1. For the love of God R. Kelly, DON'T DO IT!
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U r also not a public figure

U r also not a public figure who’s career is based on what the public( better yet ur fans) think about u. So, Rihanna, grin and bear it or Pon de Replay ur ass back to Barbados. Next! ********************************************************************** Lmao @ pon de replay ur ass back to barbados...hilarious No one cares bout you rihanna....you're a BITCH! you made it clear last year when u said u dont give a f*ck bout anyone...now u need an increase in ur shameful sales, you're trynna act polite...LOL....it's not going to work LMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOO @ the fool that said she's taking Beyonce's spot....in what world?? Sit down....
chantelle's picture

lmao @ styx. riyawna it's

lmao @ styx. riyawna it's okay that you're a bitch. no one really cares.
Kimmie's picture

Brandy's boning for beats and

Brandy's boning for beats and Rihanna is a bitch. Speaking your mind and being a bitch are two different things.
Idol's picture

@brooklyn girl, and you say

@brooklyn girl, and you say people don't think you're a bitch? girl they lying to you, or they talking bad behind your back. Because your bitchiness cannot be hidden.
stx's picture

@kenboy haha lol i guess..

@kenboy haha lol i guess.. and @ truejanetfan.. well i dont think any of my cooments were directed to but since u wanna be dub and get into this and create a petty argument ill ask u this question... in what way was i being ingorant... if i dont have nuthin truthful to say i never say it.. nor do i base my judgement on biased reason... so how was i being ignorant..CUZ I TOLD THE TRUTH?
brooklyn gyal's picture

Yes Brooklyn girl, you

Yes Brooklyn girl, you require some education soon, please! Ignorance is never cute :)
True Janet Fan's picture


debra's picture

Brooklyn Gyal I'm not trying

Brooklyn Gyal I'm not trying to start a fight but you shouldn't be talking about spelling and grammar. Lol.
kennboy1's picture

@bre...lmaooo im not even

@bre...lmaooo im not even gonna try to make u look dumb cuz u already did... u tryin to say i make jamicans look bad but u cant even spell.. not do u use proper grammer... so gtof wit that cuz u fukkin dumb.. nd bitch i dont be on every rih post talkin shit.. i saw my dude yo yos comment i thought that was catostraphic.. bye bitch
brooklyn gyal's picture

Wow... So I guess my post

Wow... So I guess my post just mysteriously got erased after I posted that GreenEyedMami is NOT the accuser. Again, you really shouldn't post this woman's picture if you're just speculating... just sayin
getyourfactsstraight's picture

Brooklyn gyal , yo chill wid

Brooklyn gyal , yo chill wid the child like ignorant comments and learn to be classy and mature. Y cant u ignore people that u dont like. Everytime their is a Rihanna post u go off like u live "inna tenament yaaad. ur comments dont mek u badda den deh rest, u just come like u lack intelligence". Dont embarass the rest of us Jamaicans on here. Notice that the AFRO-AMERICANS support their own domestic violence and all. Learn some loyalty to ur caribbean people. damn
bre's picture

Again...loves Brandy and

Again...loves Brandy and Flo-Rida. I like that they are keeping it low key considering how high profile Brandy's previous relationships have been. I'm sure she learned a lesson after her BD busted her out on the fakeness of their MTV special. I like him for her...seems down to earth and about his money and probably is happy to be with her. She deserves that...so kudos to them and I hope it works out. @ the Sapp DV charge...I don't think it's cool to speculate on this situation as of yet and put this lady's pic up here. It's obvious (to me at least) that they shared something more than just "jump-off" status if they've been kicking it back and forth for years (as the post alludes to). Let's let the facts come out before we assault (pun intended) her name in the press. LOL
Mo's picture

Even though this post was

Even though this post was supposed to be about Rihanna, some of you still managed to get a BAD word in about Beyonce. Talk about BITCHY! You need help. You obviously cannot get Mrs. Carter off your minds.
LBA's picture

Rihanna has the greatest

Rihanna has the greatest personality ever thru her interviews... she would have u laughing
SunshineRD's picture

"For the love of God R.

"For the love of God R. Kelly, DON’T DO IT!"..... ahahaha..what a strong plea...hehee...
Barack is the man!'s picture


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jackbob's picture

rihanna does not seem bitchy

rihanna does not seem bitchy at all. You can see the sparkle in her smile and eyes. She is genuine with people and keep it real. People who are saying she's bitchy don't like her that's why.
stx's picture

well you know how that

well you know how that southern hospitality go. YOu think they like you and are soo sweet, bless their heart, then they stab you in the back.
sweet tea bey's picture

Who the hell walks around

Who the hell walks around smilin 24/7 ...I know that I sure as hell don't so does that make me and everyone else who doesn't a bitch? Wow I guess this is what it's too.
sdj526's picture

I hear Rihanna. When I walk,

I hear Rihanna. When I walk, I think I look like a bitch, but it's because I'm on a mission. lol I strut fast (tall woman here), I have a straight look on my face and I'm not paying attention to people around me. I've heard from men that I looke 'unavailable' or 'unapproachable'. I don't get it, am I suppose to walk with a grin my face. Maybe I should try and master a look of serenity. lol Always, when people get to know me, they're suprised that I'm nothing they thought I would be. It's funny how people will assume what you are before they even try to get to know you. Brandy & Flo - He's weird looking to me...I don't know, something about him. But I'm all for black love, good luck to them.
Soul Touch's picture

I understand Rihanna, i get

I understand Rihanna, i get the same thing too. I'd rather have her smile when she wants to then be like Beyonce's ever put on smiles
Lulu's picture

How can you ladies can

How can you ladies can somebody a bitch when you don't even know them? Weird.
kash's picture

Rihanna is not a b*tch at

Rihanna is not a b*tch at all! I get why people think that tho. Because when I met her the 1st time I didn't know if I should say hi cause, she has this very hard look but when you speak to her she's actually very nice and funny. She likes to crack jokes wich I never would've thought haha.
Yellow available for Chocolate's picture

I also feel that rihanna

I also feel that rihanna swag/mannerisms gives off bitchy. But I rather her be herself than fake plastic Beyonce who smiles and pretends all the time like she not human. Also there are tons of other celebs like Lady Gaga and Solange who mannerisms gives off bitchy as well but I dont hear no one complain.
meme's picture

Umm yeah Im an island girl

Umm yeah Im an island girl and I can talk to people and not act stuck up so I dont know where you all are going with the excuse, its cause shes from islands.the girl's a biiiiyyaaaatch! ..yup..yah know dis!
Jennelle's picture

I don't care what any of you

I don't care what any of you think! If someone walked up to me with a rihrih scowl I would think they were a Bitch. You can say what you want but judging others is a human disease. And I'm only human
heyheyhey's picture

What I like about that clip

What I like about that clip with riri is that she was professional and honest, she does seem mature beyond her years. I saw her on the glow in the dark tour, I never was a fan, but I was kindof wowed by her success. You don't have to like her but you know the words of like nine of her songs without knowing it. She still gives herself in her performance, I was not uninspired by her. She has better vocals than people can believe, its a wonder that she doesnt get recognized for not lip synching. I just wish she would back off with crassness like her album cover or being too explicit about her sex life in interviews. She can be provocative and still classy.She seems bright enough.
ms.kelly's picture

The funniest thing is that

The funniest thing is that 90Y person is chris brown coming on this site and leaving comments cause he is bitter! Get a life son.
pepper's picture

90y, It's funny how you all

90y, It's funny how you all up on here calling her a bitch and YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HER. Sit down boo,you are a nobody. You know nothing about her or her situation. Quit thinking that because you read a couple of articles about her on the damn internet that you are some freaking expert or insider.
kaya's picture

Another mixed chick gets a

Another mixed chick gets a black man in trouble.
YAWN's picture

Rihanna is a bitch! her

Rihanna is a bitch! her mannerisms and the way she carries herself tells the truth. The kind of person that you is usally written all over your face and behavior.
YAWN's picture

Dear Rihanna, You ARE a

Dear Rihanna, You ARE a "BITCH"; you're NOT "talented";you've lied - ONLY to sell CD's and gain popularity. You're recent 20/20 interview proved, that on Feb 8th, you and CBrown WEREN'T in an "relationship"; you "Wilded-Out" after reading HIS cell phone text messages: - you Attacked him - he retaliated; this is NO rumor, nor hearsay - IT'S A FACT! Rihanna, you're NOW "TOXIC," Matt Kemp is just-now realizing this! ...Did HE "catch-this sorta-heat" when he was 'seeing', and "being- seen-with" Latoya? NO, the "back-lash" is ALL YOUR-DOING! No-matter how charming an interview you do, no-matter how much you smile - you're NOW the "poster-child" for "TOXICITY!" ... Your lies, violence, selfishness and delusions have NOW caught-up with you, and we're ALL here to witness the spectacle!
90Y's picture

@Nubia I totally agree with

@Nubia I totally agree with you about the Caribbean thing! I'm West Indian and I go through that all the time. Just because the girl doesn't smile doesn't mean she's a bitch. No of us know her personally. She's probably just guarded about who she meets!
Triz's picture

Oh Ri Ri I don't think you're

Oh Ri Ri I don't think you're a bitch! Can't say the same about some other female artist whose name starts with B!
Triz's picture

@J, Umm, ur a little too

@J, Umm, ur a little too late. A. Keys pic was posted at first. Soo....I guess u didn't really make that point. Anywho, I'm quiet(plz note how it's correctly spelled), shy, and I don't walk around with a kool-aid grin but most ppl think I'm nice. Maybe it's the vibe I give off. Same applies to the former queen of darkness. Btw, russian roulette is not the same without a gun. At least according to Gaga. Lol!
MeBeez's's picture

ppl get being a bitch and not

ppl get being a bitch and not being approachable mixed up! smh.. I dont see her as a bitch, actually she like most of the girl i hang with that speak their mind and are chill.She doesnt seem like the most approachable chick. But oh well. I like her. @please with that crap Just realized we were saying the same thing
ymus82's picture

i think people sometimes

i think people sometimes mistake peoples standoffish ness with being bitchy, when in actuality the person is just shy and a bit protective of their feelings. Sometimes you really have to get to know a person good before you see the real them. so rihanna is making a lot of sense there. @ brooklyn girl, they may not be saying it to your face though but talking behind your back. How many people go up to someone and tell them to their face they are a bitch. I bet rihanna is hearing that's what people are saying about her on the blogs.
please with that crap's picture

Riri its an island thing

Riri its an island thing girl...I understand! And flo-rida and brandy...damn there baby would have a f'ckd up hairline and forehead!
peezy's picture

i understand what riri talkin

i understand what riri talkin bout.. ppl always tell me to smile when i'm walkin cause my face looks bitchy or sometimes angry but its not cause i am..its just cause i have nothing to smile about when i'm walking..and if i dont know you i'm not gonna open up to u like that.. i'll take some time...i mean who really walks around with a permanent smile.celeb or not she shouldnt have to do that
YAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!'s picture

Ok, I dont knw what the hell

Ok, I dont knw what the hell the first people r talking about, that girl looks nothing like A.KEYS!! The Rihanna thing I do understand. Just because she not smiley at everything doesnt mean shes a bitch. Im surprised that brandy and FloRida are a couple, but I think Brandy needs a good man in her life. And mayb this will b a good, real love, unlike her brothers fake love. Im srry, but that is bound to fall apart.
J's picture

Rih making sense. Just

Rih making sense. Just because you are not jumping for joy or giving you so much attention, doesn't make you a bitch. It means you are cautious and careful of who you let in. Where was this with Beatdown Brown?
God4Real's picture

im jamaican nd quiet around

im jamaican nd quiet around ppl i dont know and ppl dont say that about me..?
brooklyn gyal's picture

luv riri and she seems down

luv riri and she seems down to earth 2 me! ummm regardless if chick is a whore, violence is NOT OKAY!
HOTNESS!!!!!!!!!'s picture


jamaican gyal's picture

I can relate to Rihanna

I can relate to Rihanna because I'm the same way its a Caribbean thing I'm from Jamaica and that's how I know most Caribbean ppl are
Nubia's picture


Love brandy.................dont really like flo rider but if she likes him good fro her. And I do think rihanna is a bitch and its not because shes quite.She just gives me that feeling.Im quite and no one ever thinks im a bitch.People ususally think quite people r overly nice(well when it cames to me)
tay's picture

i think rihanna smiles more

i think rihanna smiles more now not because someone "told" her to, but because she is genuinely in a place where she is at peace and happy again.
megan's picture

Whatever the case REALLY is

Whatever the case REALLY is between Warren and that girl I hope they hurry up and get to the bottom of it. STOP making ASSumptions about people too just because of what you SEE! I just hope it doesn't affect his career to bad, especially if it's a lie. Heaven knows BLACK athletes don't need a repeat of 09! Brandy and Flo would actually make a cute couple! No comment on Rihanna....
BabyCakes7*'s picture

Here the haters go.

Here the haters go.
josh's picture

For whatever reason i cant

For whatever reason i cant watch the video...someone tell me wat she said please. Brandy n Flo-Rida...random..but i guess, u go girl! I thought Warren was married??
Jessibell's picture

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