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SPOTTED: Beyonce's Brazilian Morning Glory

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After a night full of performing for a Rio de Janeiro crowd, Beyonce was spotted on her Brazilian hotel balcony waving at fans early this morning. So she doesn't wake up in a lacefront and full face of makeup.  Shocking.  And still looking cute... More pics when you read the rest....

Morning sunshine....
Photos via SPLASH
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yall r SuM Real Haterz. B is

yall r SuM Real Haterz. B is Flawless. ANd her body is 2 die 4
CorTneyCherelle's picture

exactly....im so sick of the

exactly....im so sick of the isue with her hair She looks beautiful....natural beauty at its best, unlike other.....
chantelle's picture

omg...she looks goreous wen

omg...she looks goreous wen shes half dead and i got some purple shorts like that
BeyLuva's picture

Who can't tell this is a wig

Who can't tell this is a wig 2010 embrace inner beauty sheesh it's not complicated
Bangingbody85's picture

She's so pure and cute. No

She's so pure and cute. No scandals and always a lady. Even when she's busted in the morning by adoring fans. Love her and her realness.
True Beauty's picture

She lookes decent in the

She lookes decent in the morning, but she did wash her face before she came out on that balcony. She is cool, but she will always seem like a phony..sorry.
shonese's picture

shes too cute!!

shes too cute!!
Mila (mariah beyonce justin and michael fan)'s picture

Damn. Morning perfection.

Damn. Morning perfection. Such a lady holding her top down as to not to give a peek. whassup. Class and effortless perfection.
Real Talk's picture

Aww beyonce is so cute, i

Aww beyonce is so cute, i wanna be her friend
Maryam's picture

Damn what the hell is

Damn what the hell is "Beyonceitis" talking about i guess i'm stupid bcuz i couldn't understand it but i feel you blk.cashmere these are my fav too...make me want to say dang i wish that was my best friend...who knew that there was a even prettier girl underneath the make up & cutomes this honestly looks like a pj photoshoot LoL damn too bad this could never happen in the U.S
Sick of It's picture

wut r u talking about

wut r u talking about tasha...that is a lace front? that certainly isn't HER hair...but yeah it's good 2 c her not always wanting 2 look camera ready.
;-Dee's picture

beyonce is such a lady riri

beyonce is such a lady riri would let that shirt loose. lol
xoxo's picture

dont care about the haters

dont care about the haters beyonce. some people do think some lightskinned woman dont have long hair of their own. you guys will be surprise, take a look at the child pics. you see the real deal good long hair. and offcourse sometimes you add a hair piece in the back. dont be jealous.
nice hair of my own's picture

who lets a mofo post that

who lets a mofo post that long hit about NOTHING.. gues su n those fans u butch about drink from the same well of stupidity.. wow anyways.. she looks cuteLOl n thanks for tuckin that tity in.. we need no scandals that include Bey.. lawd knows we'd never hear the end..LMAO.. stoopidmufukas!!!
erica's picture

7 Reasons Why I Hate Beyonce

7 Reasons Why I Hate Beyonce Stans: 1. Beyonce is always pregnant. Whenever Beyonce does something different from what is expected then Beyonce stans say it’s because she’s pregnant. If she doesn’t walk the red carpet it’s because she’s pregnant. If she skips the Grammy Awards it’s because she’s pregnant. If she starts her tour in Canada it’s not because of the shitty economy in other parts of the world but because she is pregnant and is trying to get the tour over before her water breaks in her Dereon Jeans. Our nation is in a recession because Beyonce is secretly pregnant. In the minds of Beyonce stans all of the world’s problems are because of Beyonce’s uterus. 2. They’re Ugly. Ok. Ugly is a little harsh, and I usually don’t believe in using that word. I feel that we are all beautiful gifts from Virgo, but I got tired of looking at oversized pictures of busted-looking Beyonce fans. I’m just saying I shouldn’t have to scroll past 48 big-ass pictures of monkeys, chimps, gremlins, lions, tigers, and bears just to read Beyonce news. 3. Beyonce Stans Act Like She’s Janet/Ciara/Ashanti Beyonce stans act like Beyonce is an artist starving for attention or a comeback, so if by chance she is not on everybody’s talk show, morning show, late show, award show, fashion show, and dog show then they make it seem as though she doesn’t care about her career and is being lazy. They ignore the fact that she stayed in the Top 5on the album charts for months and had 4 songs in rotation at a time when some popular artists can’t get one song played. They ignore the fact that there are a million behind-the-scenes things that have to be done before you go on tour. Dancers have to rehearse, stages have to be built, wigs have to be curled, chicken has to be seasoned. It’s nonstop work. Beyonce fans always seem know what she should be doing with her career. I just hope some of them get jobs at Def Jam (well, the ones who don’t already work at Def Jam) 4. Humor = Bad/Haters and Free Advertising = Good It’s ok for stans of other artists to advertise, it’s ok for overweight queens with learning disabilities to advertise video blogs hating on Beyonce, and it’s ok for MediaTakeOut and your favorite blogger’s favorite blogger to steal news from BeyonceWorld. There are members who have flat out called Beyonce fat and dumb and have not be banned, but if you call a board member “bald-headed” (which some of them are) or if you call the moderator gay (which he probably is) then you get banned quicker than you can say “Uh Uh Oh”. 5. BeyonceWorld was Turning into RihannaWorld As much as I am annoyed when people bring up Beyonce’s name out of context to hate on her, I would be a hyprocrite if I didn’t point out that certain Beyonce fans feel the need to evoke the spirit of Miss Fenty in conversations that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with her. I have acknowledged that Rihanna is competition, but I don’t need to bring her into situations that have nothing to do with her. 6. Stans Want to Have Their Popeye’s Chicken and Eat It Too Beyonce stans want Beyonce to be a ground-breaking, cutting edge artist who is at the top of her game, but part of being groundbreaking means taking risks, and some Beyonce stans only support those risks if the it turns out to be successful. They don’t like or dislike things on based on their own tastes or opinons, they like or dislike things based on the potential for hate or potential for bragging rights. For example, if Beyonce started wearing a hats made out of dildoes they would hate. But if everybody else starts wearing the those same people will act like they were up on dildo hats before everybody. So in simpler terms a lot of Beyonce stans are stans only when it’s convenient to them. As I have said numerous times before, I would rather look at something that Beyonce does, understand it, and still hate it because I truly hate it, rather than not understand it, and just like it just because other people like it. 7. You Start to Think That Sasha is Not So Fierce If you spend an extended amount of time with Beyonce stans arguing from the comfort their dorm rooms or grandmother’s basements you begin to question why you like Beyonce in the first place. I mean if she’s as great as you think she is, how did she manage attract such shit heads as her fans? I like Beyonce, does that mean I’m a shit head too? As much as you believe in Sasha Fierce and all that she can do for you, after arguing, defending, and explaining things all day you just get tired of her fans and sometimes, you get tired of her. ——————————————————————– To sum it all up, Beyonce stans could find a way to fuck up a wet dream, and because of the above reasons, I felt that it was time for me to leave BeyonceWorld, and I will admit, that it has been fun getting Beyonce news without the added and unnecessary commentary. It was fun watching the Oscars without: “Why is Jay not there?” “Why doesn’t he support his wife?” “He probably somewhere creepin’ on Beyonce, that farm-faced bastard…” “You think they got into a fight? “I didn’t want them to get married anyway.” “What are the Oscars?” “Is “Single Ladies” nominated for an Oscar?” “Do you think she’ll perform “Diva” at the Oscars?” “Do you think she’ll go into labor on stage, since she is pregnant?” And such… I will still continue to give glory and send praises to Sasha Fierce. I’ll get good and liquored up so that I can sit through “Obsessed”. And I plan to see the Sasha Fierce Tour a couple of times (but if she thinks I’m paying $1500 to take a picture a with her she needs to go with Rihanna to get a CAT scan because Miss Knowles-Carter done bumped her skull if she think I’m spending rent money to meet her funky ass) I think message boards and blogs are a very important tool for artists and fans. I don’t think any person should live in a bubble where they are shut off from other’s people’s opinions and criticism because some of it is constructive, and I’m sure Beyonce and/or some of her people have learned from fans’ comments and suggestions. I just no longer feel the need to be reminded of the negative side to being a stan. The ignorance, hypocrisy, and delusion required to be a stan of ANY artist. Most rabid fans of most popular artists are annoying. You can go to any message board of ANY artist and get annoyed after awhile. I miss the days when I wasn’t checking Billboard charts or ticket sales. I miss the days when I didn’t know shit. Granted Beyonce is a top-selling artist, but I don’t consider myself a bandwagon fan so my appreciation of her is not based on numbers. I liked “Work It Out” and damn it, I liked “Ring the Alarm” (you can kiss my ass that was a hot song). Although I have spent a considerable amount of time giving reasons why Beyonce is better than you at everything, I got tired of debating Beyonce with other Beyonce fans. If I wanted to read ignorant Beyonce comments I could just go to YouTube. In my opinion, not everything she says or does should spark a 67-page discussion (which is why I don’t post everyday). And once you find yourself having defend something you like all the time, it begins feeling like work instead of entertainment. If I have learned anything from the Beyonceitis outbreak it’s that career security is not guaranteed. Just because you are hot today does not mean you will be hot tomorrow, and as a fan of Sasha Fierce, I would rather spend this time enjoying an artist in her prime rather than argue about her all day. So from this day on I will no longer refer to myself as a “Beyonce Stan”. I am a “Sasha Fierce Support Representative”. I don’t mean any harm. I just want to be entertained.
Beyonceitis's picture

Who cares if she's wearing a

Who cares if she's wearing a wig or lacefront people!!! She's still gorgeous natural... As far as Jay-Z is concerned, that man ain't going anywhere, he'd be stupid to leave her. Haters exit stage left... LOL
MiZzCHaOtic's picture

right, and what if she or any

right, and what if she or any other celeb for that matter has a serious medical issue that prevents them for having a full head of flowing hair...she they walk around half bald for us?
E-Boog's picture

she look cute in her nite

she look cute in her nite clothes.
Ke-Ke B's picture

she looks pretty ..i was

she looks pretty ..i was wondering why she was holdin up her shirt but her shirt is so short and you can see her boobs from under so dats y shes holdin her shirt...
CherryV's picture


Your Boss... Bitch's picture

People...people...she IS

People...people...she IS naturally pretty but she wears make up because shes a performer. Its necessary. She lloks like a fresh faced little girl without it. So what if her shirt is half raised. I wear those kind of clothes to sleep in and i dont care if its a wig. It professionally done and for the most part looks pretty darn good. Stop hating and check you negative spirit, get to the gym, and buy some new clothes after stopping off at the salon for a touch up. Shes all the way classy and love the music (not ghetto tunes.)
M Lynnet's picture

Natural Beauty would like to

Natural Beauty would like to see her like that more often.
kizzy's picture

We really have to let the

We really have to let the lacefront/weave comments go. People are only talking about because lacefronts/weaves have become commonplace, but just about all performers (black and white) use hairpieces and wigs. When the lacefronts became available at your local salon, people started acting this was a brand new thing. Some are just more obvious than others. Let it go already.
SweetDivaT's picture

No Bey stan or nothing...but

No Bey stan or nothing...but AWWWWWWWWW how cute is this??? You gotta love her work ethic and how much she appreciates her fans and love what she does....now THAT I do admire about her...she looks cuter like this than she do with all that makeup. And her body makes me sick, lol...
SeRiouslY...RealLY?'s picture

Beyonce is a naturally pretty

Beyonce is a naturally pretty girl, there is no denying that she looks great fresh face and her body is fab. I' am happy that she is living her dream and she seems truly happy now. But please stop lying Tasha, that is a lacefront/weave she has. That is the reason why i think Beyonce get so much flack, because of the inaccurate reporting trying to make her sound like a perfect goddness from the rest of us mere mortals when we clearly have eyes. And this statement doesn't only go for Beyonce but CELEBRITIES in general
binky's picture

You know some time ago NeYo

You know some time ago NeYo said Beyonce had a body to die for and she was beyond amazing beautiful. She is such a pretty lady and without all the stage makeup her true beauty just empifys what beauty really is. Now you can understand why she is putting off getting pregnant, but Beyonce you will get and keep that banger of a body don't worry. I would really like to see Jay come out on the balcony in his pj's and give us the fans a little public view, I know he would be handsome. I wonder if his body is any part of a 6pack.
the truth's picture

LOVE BEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE BEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
princess's picture

Shit Bey got that baby face

Shit Bey got that baby face going on, just kute. And that body, shit where are my gym gears? Am going to the gym guys, that was a motivation ciao.................
awww's picture

Wow, this chick is fucking

Wow, this chick is fucking gorgeous!
rated_X_32's picture

She's so pretty you just want

She's so pretty you just want to hate her but can't... Gotta give her props... Go ahead sista girl FLAUNT IT!
trinigal's picture

that is a wig of SOME sort,

that is a wig of SOME sort, not her hair.sorry.but she does look coy
lalovelyj's picture

Beyonce is so great! I am

Beyonce is so great! I am inspired, beautiful talented and so polished and she doesn't look bored, she seems confident and okay with herself.
Vicciann's picture

ahahahahahahahahah LMAO

ahahahahahahahahah LMAO @mesoFIERCE
Sick of It's picture

why WOULDNT this be a lace

why WOULDNT this be a lace front wig. it most def. is.
justcallmephoenix's picture

I love to see Bey like

I love to see Bey like this... I really hate all the makeup, butt pads, weave.. She is too animated. Alot of our young girls look up to her she really needs to be more natural so they can understand that they are beautiful without all the extra stuff to enhance their look. As for her shirt.It is a half a shirt she is holding it down so paparazzi could not get a snap of her taytas..But as you can see in pic number 5 on your right piece of her breast is showing...lol.I like Solange more, but Bey def puts on a performance.
Kyra1985's picture


TRUSTME's picture

She looks unbelievable

She looks unbelievable PERFECT!!! A Natural Beauty. I'm so jealous of her body, Jay is a lucky man.
If My Fav was Selling her album for less than a Dollar, I wo's picture

She looks really cute - I

She looks really cute - I think she got a boob job...
jp's picture

What a pretty lady! sometimes

What a pretty lady! sometimes she should lay off the make up bcuz that's pretty. Was wondering why she had her arm across her chest like that but obviously it's sooo she doesn't slip 1 of the girls out another thing i notice on this site no matter what if there's a pic of Beyonce on a post she will garner 100+ comments LoL how that song go? "Love me or hate it's still an obsession...if you love me thank you if you hate me Fuck you"?
Sick of It's picture

this chick is too fucking

this chick is too fucking sexy!! she is hottt!! and i am jealous of Jay..ughhhh i love her tho!! keep it up Bey!!
Greg Thomas's picture

@creampie "ttake a break

@creampie "ttake a break bitch!!!" ROFL!!!
Mel's picture

Um, that's a wig. Also, I

Um, that's a wig. Also, I wondered why her arm was across her chest too but it's obvious in pic #7. Her boob is showing; it's a short top. #4 is the best picture of her I've ever seen. There's a lot of t&a in these for her...she's usually so extra guarded. Hmm
Mel's picture

THIS is nice, BUT(wait for

THIS is nice, BUT(wait for it) do not for one second believe that this wasn't a calculated move by her camp to make her seem more relatable. I mean she's been in countless countries and woken up in countless hotels, how many "i-just-woke-up-and-i-still-look-cute-pix have you seen?? Ask yourself that.
Rien's picture

propaganda.... dats what it

propaganda.... dats what it is
browneii's picture

Damn Bey without makeup is

Damn Bey without makeup is like a Big Foot sighting. Bitches going crazy! LMAO....
Thanks for the laughs's picture

Best I have ever seen her

Best I have ever seen her look..ever. This chic may be corny but she is beautiful..recognise haters
Rik's picture

@p2p.. when since did gay

@p2p.. when since did gay dudes hate on beyonce
brooklyn gyal's picture

LOL!!! I love these pictures

LOL!!! I love these pictures of Beyonce!! She look like she wasn't expecting to be taking pics when she woke up! HEhehe!! I have those shorts btw :-)
BabyCakes7*'s picture

i love me some Beyonce i will

i love me some Beyonce i will never understand y grown women hate her and gay men hate on her but hey its a free world ....
P2BPlastic007's picture

How do you know that isn't a

How do you know that isn't a dude in drag?
JYGALO's picture

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