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Tyra Covers EW+Papa Knowles Kicks "Tweety" Out Of Next+Ja Rule & Eve Hit The Clubs

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The fabulousness that is Tyra Banks is gracing the pages of the new Entertainment Weekly.  And you can check out the full cover story here.

Buddha says he's still "friends" with New York and Tailor Made and he also wants folks to co-sign on his new projects: Since the show, Buddha has taken up motivational speaking to children, posing for a body calendar, and penning a book called Buddha Bible. “Coming out for the urban renaissance man,” he says about the book. “It’s a compilation of quotes from myself and other authors I find have taught me about life. It’s more for people who don’t really have a way, trying to find a way.” So, would he come back to TV? “Everybody asks me about doing a Buddha Love or an I Love Buddha-type show,” he says. “I’m really not interested in that. Honestly, unless it’s something that’s helping out people, I’m not interested in doing mindless TV.”


This all coming from a dude that whopped another dude's ass on national tv because he had love for that thing called "New York".  Stop it Buddha. So Rapheal "Tweety" Brown from the group Next told Tiffany over at Atlanta Gossip that Matthew Knowles (their new manager) has officially booted him out the group.  He says that Papa Knowles didn't give a damn about everything they had accomplished as a group 10 years before Matthew was even in the picture, and told Tweety his so called singing was holding the group back.  Damn.  Here's a snippet of the interview: Tweety: To keep it on a real tip, me and Mathew bumped heads from day one. He came in and just wanted to make all these changes. We have been doing our thing for a decade and he did not respect what we had done. He was not happy unless it was his way and only his way. He did not take any of our ideas into consideration. Tiffany: What do you mean his way? Tweety: That dude is on a power trip. If things aren’t his way, it’s nobody’s way. He even allowed his daughter who don’t even have a career basically to come in and write songs for us and name our album. What kind of B@^#S^ #% is that? Anyway, I can’t go into to much more detail because of a pending suit, but all I can say is, he is a dictator. Tiffany: Wow, it’s funny that you say that. I have heard the same exact thing from the former band members of Destiny’s Child. You know LaTavia and I are good friends...We talk all the time.  Anyway, let me stay on track. That is totally another story for another day…haaa. So why do you think he kicked you out of the group? Tweety: Well, without saying to much, I was told that I was not carrying my weight and that I couldn’t sing. I was told that I was the cancer that had killed the success of the group. Basically Tweety went on to say that his brother T-Low is still in the group and he is no songwriting for an up and coming ATL singer.  He also says Papa Knowles made the group RE-RECORD their entire album with a new person named Deponce--same songs and all.  Hmmm that sounds familiar.  When will folks learn about signing with that dude Papa Knowles.  But let's check out what's really important about this situation:

Source: AG

Oh hello there Mr. Tweety. Finally, Eve, Ja Rule, and Winky Wrightwere spotted partying it up in the VIP room at The Bank nightclub in the Bellagio this weekend: I also hear Ja and Jaslene were extra cozy all night.  Aren't you still married Ja?

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I just came across a Keeping

I just came across a Keeping Up With The Kardashians i cant beleive theres going to be a new season March 9th!!! i cant wait. I wonder if Reggie Bush is going to be on it. I hope he is i would love to see that. I wonder what he thinks about her sex tape. Haaa.
Kosta's picture

Here's the Myspace of that

Here's the Myspace of that dude that took over Tweety's spot in NEXT. Sounds like that "Candy Store" song is right up Next's alley, I guess he'll be a solid replacement since the chorus already sounds like RL's in it:
Bashment's picture

Tyra does look horrible on

Tyra does look horrible on the cover. the hair is all wrong and she looks airbrushed beyond recognition
Stacy Holt's picture

Papa Nkowles is a

Papa Nkowles is a dck....karma, thats all I'm saying!! you can't mess with people lives like that. Eve is my gal ...Miss Banks is rocking that cover!! and that ANTM chick always looks tired and hungry...Ja rulz nothing no more..!!!
zooche's picture

Keep Tyra away from open

Keep Tyra away from open flames...Ms. Banks is HOTT!!
FatDoll's picture

----I am really sick of

----I am really sick of Tyra...she is really starting to come across as fake to me for some reason... ----As far as the Tweety situation...where has Next been? I didn't even know they were shooting a new album...I am still rocking "Butta Love" and "Wifey" that was over 10 years ago that those singles dropped...I am confused...it took the group 10 years to figure out he can't sing...and why didn't the other 2 members including his brother say something...something is off or suspect about this story.... ---Buddha is full of CRAP....he wants a show but he wants to be taken seriously now so he is not only seen as New York's show...he has done way too many other reality dating shows (Hell Date and One Gay, One Straight, One Taken) to make that statement. ---Jaslene and Ja cozy...something is very wrong...
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Evelyn's picture

I know the Tyra stans will

I know the Tyra stans will probably think I'm "hatin" (once again lets check a thesaurus) but personally I don't find Tyra at all appealing or a good role model.The fake hair(sorry but being that I have natually long hair I don't respect chicks that feel they need weave),the drag queen make up,the fake personality,it's sad to me that black women think they have to change their entire appearance to be considered beautiful,Buddah needs to stop lying because no one is buying it,don't care about Next and I love Jaslene(es tan fuego) and don't believe she would stoop that low
ms.morena_latina's picture

Tyra looks great, and of

Tyra looks great, and of course many will disagree, but isn't that typical? She is doing great things, making that money, and giving back. I loved the article on her, why can't we just be happy for her? Well I am and I wish her well.
Trina's picture

I love EVE!!!

I love EVE!!!
Jamaican Odyssey's picture

O please next hasn't been

O please next hasn't been relavent since 1997 or something and with or without a new member they still won't be. To be perfectly honest they could use a new writer butta love come on be serious and I quote " You've got it goin' on, word is bond, sundress with platforms Feet pedicure with no corns" NO. I think tyra looks the same as she alway's does i perfer her with out the bangs though Oprah Jr. she will never be thats an insult to Ms. Winfrey
Opinionated's picture

Read for yourself who Deponce

Read for yourself who Deponce is idiot! No relations to Beyonce.
Tiffany Long's picture

Oh please Buddha should not

Oh please Buddha should not try and come out with that book, we've already got the Bible. Thanks but no thanks.
Rotex's picture

Natasha wrote [quote

Natasha wrote [quote comment="0"]I also hear Ja and Jaslene were extra cozy all night. Aren’t you still married Ja? [/quote] The question is aren't you still wack Ja, and Papa Knowles is just garbage-grimy like all other muysic industry execs
MmHmm's picture

Matthew is wrong, but he has

Matthew is wrong, but he has a history of not feeling the non singers in a group and I can appreciate that to a certain extent. My problem is him doing that to established groups. Destiny and Next had sucess with the good singers/average singer mix so why try to make them into a group of lead singers when their formula is already working? It's very cut throat.
Bird's picture

no way, no way thats next,

no way, no way thats next, THE next. as in the legendary group next. shut up. i won't believe this ish. NEXT, NEXT?? naaaaaaa Tyra in that indigo dress is the hotness. seriously tho, NEXT???
la la land's picture

Don't you all think that if

Don't you all think that if TYRA didn't like cover, it wouldn't have ran? DUH
Windi Citygurl's picture

who told bhudda he could

who told bhudda he could speak to children about anything. no mindless t.v are u serious boi shut up dummy!!!!!!
Umm Mahirah's picture

What's a "Winky Wright?"

What's a "Winky Wright?"
CorpAtty's picture

tweety is so big now! (body

tweety is so big now! (body wise) i remember him bein the lil skinny cute one!
blklove's picture

I don's see a wedding ring on

I don's see a wedding ring on Ja Rule's hand...
Sade's picture

A couple of days ago, I was

A couple of days ago, I was watching Tyra's talkshow for a minute, when my momma came in. She said: "Now who has such an annoying voice and why are you watching her?" She looked at the screen and went "ughhh" on Tyra's ass. I started laughing and asked her what she didn't like in Tyra. The answer: "She looks like a cheap Barbie doll, enunciates way too much (with her already annoying voice), and blinks her eyes about two times per second." And I agree with her + I'm happy she didn't walk in on ANTM, because when Tyra is standing there, waiting for the contestants at the judges' table, all pouty and posing... :-D I liked her a couple of years ago, now I think I prefer Naomi - her face has way more character (+ her voice is sexy).
B.'s picture

haha..aint that some SH*t.

haha..aint that some SH*t. Papa Knowles done put his ways on blast. Thats crazy how he tried to put Solange in charge of trying to run that group. I knew he was "that type of man" just look at B. She is pretty and all, but in many ways too perfect. Unless she's the next Jesus..Im sure theres been a lot of altering goin on..
vamistress's picture

why would NEXT even work with

why would NEXT even work with Matthew after the drama that had with him w/ destiny childs "the writings on the wall album".. NEXT sang on the song "if you leave" under the impression destinys child would inturn sing on NEXT's upcoming album... but Matthew was like NOPE, after Destinys child blew up after "bills bills bills", and said they were to big to be on NEXT's upcoming album--- why would you work with somebody who did that to you ??? must be desperate... to let their group member go so easily as well... o well.. i think Next doesn't have a chance to make a comeback anyways...
Miss Lady's picture

all of you have admitted that

all of you have admitted that tweey can't sing, so why should he stay in the group? and if you read correctly he said his brother was still in the group so obviously his brother must agree that he can't sing. everybody is talking all that mess saying if mathew brought one his daughters to write songs for them you wouldn't sing.....liars now yall know if mat came knocking on your door you would take anything he dished out for that recording contract, artist always do thats the rule of the game.
PISSED THE F OFF's picture

Next performed at a crabfest

Next performed at a crabfest I went to last August w/o Tweety. RL and the other dude came ouy sung one song, stopped and annouced they had a new member. The guy comes out and good lawd is he bangin! He's def. giving RL some competition!
tati's picture

Comments are moderated now?

Comments are moderated now?
Anon101's picture

Hmmmmm if Matthew keeps

Hmmmmm if Matthew keeps getting sued by his artist something in the milk isn't clean!I heard he wasn't treating Trinity 5:7 right either.I'm pretty sure Sunshine Anderson going through the same shit.LOL @ Deponce (but he's real) so I believe it.He suppose to came out with his CD years ago, maybe that's just me that remember haha.His music is very much like Next.
Anon101's picture

Tyra Banks is indeed a

Tyra Banks is indeed a Incorporation to herself. I'm happy to see that she took her experience as a model and now she's building a HUGE empire for herself. There's only one thing to say: Go Girl! Miss Gisele B.
Miss Gisele B.'s picture

Matthew will repeat that

Matthew will repeat that pattern one time too many. He will try it on the wrong person. Besides, he's only had one successful act, his favorite daughter.
cha cha's picture

[quote comment="37940"]I love

[quote comment="37940"]I love Tyra but that cover is hideous! It amazes me how they make sistas look on the cover of their mags...her hair looks too too fake and she looks almost robotic. You can completely see the difference in how we look on our mags vs. "mainstream" mags...Essence covers always make our women look fabulous.[/quote] I was thinking the same thing Nick! Her face looks great but what's up with the hair!?! It looks like straw! Check out the left side, near what looks like a part of some kind....sigh.
Promise's picture

Winky has some pretty hands

Winky has some pretty hands for a boxer..... Sorry that just caught my attention lol
cbnclhataz08's picture

Come on...Come on.

Come on...Come on. 'Everything will come to the light' saying is really coming true in 2008. It may not come went you want it, but it shall come write on time (did just quote a church song - yah?). Yall know what I mean...lmao
diakonos's picture

[quote comment="37961"]who

[quote comment="37961"]who cares about any of this mess??[/quote] FOR REAL! I WAS LIKE, "OK, AND...." LOL!
HELLO?'s picture

Tyra is beautiful but I think

Tyra is beautiful but I think she trys to hard. Don't like her talk show because she turns it into "her". Buddha, wow is all I can say. Tweety is a nice looking young man. Deponce? I once had a finace' who I am now married to. I know who Beyonce is. How much does Matthew want to pimp out a group, a child or a solo act. He needs to sit down and count his (retirement money). I am so tired of momager/dadagers. Most want the title forget the kids r now grown. All in all great pics. Wish Jalene would remember to eat. I would rather see this to comment on than give too much comments to COCO koo koo.
Mary's picture



Umm...but Tweety never sang

Umm...but Tweety never sang lead, so him being the weak link is not far fetched. Next could be a duo for that much. I'm just saying.
Keli's picture

who cares about any of this

who cares about any of this mess??
boo boo's picture

Matthew Knowles is the new

Matthew Knowles is the new Joe Jackson...minus the beatings...
Candace's picture

@ christina i agree about

@ christina i agree about jaslene and jarule and jaslene are not a couple!!! people just cant take pics these days and just leave it at that!!! and i never trusted matthew to many people say the samething and everybody is not lying!!
JUJU's picture

ugh why did jaslene win? I

ugh why did jaslene win? I cannot stand her face!
Christina_keys's picture

The Tweety story sounds

The Tweety story sounds fishy, particularly the part about re-recording the album with a person named Deponce... Hmmmm..... Deponce... Beyonce... See a pattern here? I'm not buying the story.
SeriousMatter's picture

Man, tyra looks amazing

Man, tyra looks amazing HOWEVER She will never compare to oprah, baby! Oprah cam from NOTHING- she did not make it to the top by pimpin her looks, so she will ALWAYS have my respect over Tyra. Kimora and Tyra brag about being moguls and this and that but wait..what if they werent supermodels first? What if one of them didn't marry the man who basically Kimora owes everything to? Whatev, if I was a supermodel since my early teens, uh, yeah..id be running ish rite now too! CHURCH
Christina_keys's picture


Rihannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnna Chrisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :D Oh and Tyra looks nice. no comment on Jaslene
LovelyB's picture

I heart Tyra,,but didn't she

I heart Tyra,,but didn't she say tht she would chill on the airbrushing?? Everyone else.....
koi's picture

R&B singer/songwriter Keri

R&B singer/songwriter Keri Hilson debuted her first single Friday night at a pre-Grammy party co-hosted by Verizon Wireless and PEOPLE magazine. Timbaland and Keri recorded two tracks during a three-week period last month, one of which will be available to Verizon subscribers within a few days. the name of Keri’s first single, which is called “Return the Favor” and features Timbaland. Look for Keri’s debut album In A Perfect World… this summer. People from the Verizon party have said it will be a smash hit…Timbaland premiered it their.
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Tyra, that is. Not the rest

Tyra, that is. Not the rest of that foolishness.
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