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New Couple Alert?!: Rocsi & Baller Josh Howard

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So Rocsi hit up the great state of Texas this weekend and partied it up at Dallas' Opus Lounge last night.  And YBF sources snitch that she was getting extra frisky with Dallas Maverick Josh Howard.  Chick gets around.   Apparently she looked like she had been getting pretty wild all night with her hair in a messy ponytail, outfit hanging extra wrong, and acting like she hated people taking her pics.  The YBF snitch reports:
She was all hugged up with Josh Howard, and he was just cheesing like he won some candy. They took shots together, they broke off together, and whispered in each other's ear all night. I tried to get a picture, but she kept refusing people to take her picture or would keep turning her head.
But y'all know I got a couple exclusives for you anyway.  What's with D list celebs trying their damndest to act like they hate attention?  Stop it.  Especially when the two were so boo'd up all night that the flower man kept trying to make Josh buy this chick some flowers.  Hilarity.
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since when did she become

since when did she become important...i have watched 106&Park since Free&AJ left
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[quote comment="22606"]all im

[quote comment="22606"]all im sayin people is DONT HATE! espesh to the chick who said sumthing bout him cheesing cos he had a latina wit 'good hair', i knew race would come up somewhere, why do CERTAIN black folk find it offensive for other black people to date a different race? its 2008 nearly get OVER it, if theyre happy let it be, 99% of u dont know either of them so dont judge......god don't like ugly and alot of ppls attitude on this site is, some people need a reality check, maybe hes wit rocsi cos they click....people from other races can actually do that amazingly enuf[/quote] PREACH!! Was gonna write sumthin on it but u summed it up.
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Don't quote me on this but,

Don't quote me on this but, per BET, I think we are suppose to believe Rocsi is a Black Latina like Julissa. Of course there are darker black Latinas, but whateva. I could care less, I just think she sucks as a host on 106.
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She might as well keep

She might as well keep looking cuz Mr. Howard does not want her ass and yes he is soooo handsome!! His girl better be glad she got to him before I had a chance too!
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Rocsi is annoying. She trying

Rocsi is annoying. She trying to snag her a man, ya'll know that 106 and Park is whack as all hell! She need a back up plan. LOL
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Rosci irritates me also and

Rosci irritates me also and this just adds to it, because I love Josh Howard and think that he is so handsome.
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Exactly!! She didn't want to

Exactly!! She didn't want to take pics with him because they are NOT together!! He will be marrying his girlfriend in February...
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