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Alicia, Queen Latifah, & Will Smith Make Appearances+Lil Kim Keeps The Raunch Factor+YBF Celebs Hit Up Kitson+T.I. & Nicole S. Hit The Covers

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All kinds of folks hit up the Kitson and Christopher Brian Resort Collection Launch at Kitson:  LaLa, Marques, and Solo came out to support Chris Stokes (it's his line).   Bow Wow and Omarion performed of course. And Shar Jackson came through. Interesting. The Simmons Girls were there sporting new long dark locks: Very fab. And Melody Thornton was there: Hot look. Jade made a random appearance. All they're missing is Midget Mac. Ms. Keys looked uberly hot at an event the other day: Slight camel toe action but nowhere near the foolishness that is CoCo-T Looks like somebody's getting ultra fit these days too.  Let's just not hit the bobble head status, k Alicia? Will Smith is all over Japan these days premiering his I Am Legend movie: And he looked quite dapper at the premiere: No Jada and fam in sight though. Selita Ebanks was spotted at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show viewing party last night: Rocking a new look. Queen Latifah hit up the at the Hollywood Reporter Breakfast celebrating the Power 100 list of women in Entertainment at the Beverly Hills Hotel: Looking fabulous as usual. And T.I. and Nicole S. are covering the new issue of Rap-Up magazine: She talked about meeting Tiny and not being able to work "an Internet": On meeting T.I.'s girlfriend Tiny on the set of “Whatever U Like” after making out with T.I. in the video:
“I didn’t know it was her and we did our scene, which was really heated. They told me that was like his baby’s mama or his girl. And I’m so glad I didn’t know because then I would have felt uncomfortable. I thanked them again and I think she even gave me a hug. I was like, ‘Man, she’s an awesome chick. She’s the real thing.’” On the Internet and blogs: “I don't know how to work an Internet. I don't know how to get on my MySpace. But I don't really read blogs. The couple that I do, they break my heart, so I don't like them. But it's okay because it keeps the eye of the tiger in me.”
T.I. talked about his relationship with Tiny:
On his plans to marry girlfriend Tiny: “Yeah, we talked about it. But we also talked about wanting it to be our event instead of it being everyone else’s event. So we just keep it to ourselves whatever we do.” On starting a family with Tiny: “After [Tiny gave birth to a stillborn baby], it’s difficult to think about it, to put yourself in that mind state, to take that chance again. But yeah, sure, I’ll have as many kids as I can.”
If he stays his ass out of jail he may just have that chance. Lil Kim's mixtape cover is out: Looks like she tapped into her early 90's coochie shots. The Randomness:
  1. Avant has signed with Capitol Records and his next album will be released Summer '08.
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La La and Solo do favor!!

La La and Solo do favor!! Shar I have had it with you! The jet setting trying to be on the scene has taken its toll! That is really sad. Those bags under her eyes are horrible and her style...*sigh*. Go home get some rest and raise your kids. I am so tired. Selita's new look a mess. The Simmons girls and the Queen effortlessly Hot.
Chocolate Royale's picture

fukc, knew i'd forget

fukc, knew i'd forget something...and the award for the biggest dayum camel toe I'VE ever seen goes to...Miss. Alicia Keys-dayum b*tch, lmao
kaykay's picture

1. Who is that fyne azz

1. Who is that fyne azz brotha standing next to LaLa? 2. Why does Shar left boob look 3 times bigger than the right one. 3. The Simmons girls new weave looks wack. Its too silky straight at the bottom. Not fab at all! 4. Who the hell is Melody Thornton? 5. What the hell is Jade wearing? 6. "SLIGHT" camel toe" I think not!!!! 7. Mr. Smith is always dapper! Just my opinions!
lilmama's picture

dayum! helleva post, girl

dayum! helleva post, girl helluva post. hope my comments pop up. mkay the queen latifa looked great, i LOVE Kim's fure boot thingies, the Simmon's girls look good, less is more w/them-they're natural beauties and trying to hard fux them up sometimes, selita's NOT THAT cute and yes I always wanted to be a runway model so call me a hater but whatever...that Kitson designer is cute and so is Marquez Houston-all jokes aside (although he's more successful career wise than I) that man's cute! (as is my boo's omarion and bow wow) i think i got it all in...and shout out to starbaby-i had your back on the Pimp C thing yesterday girl, my dayum comments just didn't post :)
kaykay's picture

Is that Romeo and Batman

Is that Romeo and Batman together again? A mini-Immature reunion. I'm singing "munchies" all over again!
Sherry2's picture

That was Young Rome (aka

That was Young Rome (aka Romeo of IMX, aka Immature) in that top pic with LaLa, Solo and Marques...He couldn't get a shout out?!?! :)
Gracie's picture

I love Alicia but I'm torn

I love Alicia but I'm torn about this outfit. I like the top half but the pants look flimsy. I'm thinking she doesn't have a camel toe because she's either wearing a girdle/bodyshaper or some pantyhose. Overall boo on that outfit. I'm also torn about the Simmons girls. Angela is pretty funny looking and that hair is a definite no no. Vanessa is pretty cute but ehh...I just don't know. They're YBF status nonetheless though. :-) Oh and Queen Latifah is THE BOMB. You go girl! :-)
Nola2Chi's picture

I luuuuv the Simmons girls

I luuuuv the Simmons girls They are the epitome of DOPE for no reason at all!!! omarion is so gay i saw him getting extensions on BET a while ago he looks like a primadonna...poor thing he never had a chance in this business before he got turned out. Lil Kim is a HUSTLER she makes it do what it do just to pay those bills! POOR T.I. i hope he marrys that pig nose girl sometime soon...as opposed to continuously impregating her and keeping her his 4eva baby momma...shout out to Kim P. *sigh*
Kimmy's picture

the guy next to LaLa is the

the guy next to LaLa is the one from Immature/IMX that wore the eyepatch to cover his lazy eye. i love Godfrey...not sure why he's hangin' out with crazy Jade, though. Alicia's outfit is HIDEOUS. Everyone loves the dresses and that kind of top because they're like fashionable spanx, but seriously...that looks a mess. camel-colored camel toe is NOT the business. she needs to go back to jeans before rockin' some mess like this. omarion needs to give another look a try.
naturallycurlygurl's picture


JUJU's picture

Miss Keys looks great...I

Miss Keys looks great...I like the weight loss. Not feeling Nicole's look at all in that pic...and why did Jade ever think she could be ANTM, not cute IMO?
misswallst's picture


JUJU's picture

Kim do U have any other

Kim do U have any other talent beside OPENING your legs. When was the last time you have a good bath and a STD/HIV test. RJ, get tested brother....I guess dogs are still tapping the walking virsus.
K2007's picture

selita! whoa! killin' it.

selita! whoa! killin' it.
konichiwa bitches!!'s picture

My thoughts on the

My thoughts on the situation: 1. Omarion couldn't look more fagtastic if he tried. 2. Char, please make it stop with the color contacts. It's a new millenium. 3. I love Alicia, but I really wish she had given a little more thought to those pants. 4. Lil Kim has got to be pushing 40 by now....WHEN is this chick gonna close her legs?
The R's picture

Umm- that guy standing to

Umm- that guy standing to Lala's right is the guy from Immature/IMX that always wore the eyepatch over his lazy eye. Alicia's outfit is horrible. She's trying too hard. Go back to some jeans ma. Shar needs to go be somebody's mama and get outta the lens of ANYbody's camera. And I'm ready for Omarion to give a new look a try. (I LOVE Godfrey though...not sure why he's hangin' out with Jade).
harlemnaturallycurly's picture

Alicia was said to be fond of

Alicia was said to be fond of internet recently. Some of her fans found her on a millionaire&celebs dating club MeetRich.com. She has a personal account there with her pictures, blog and something about her albums...In her friend circle, some other stars can be found there.
collar's picture

I'm sorry but Kim looks the

I'm sorry but Kim looks the best she has looked in a hot minute, crotch shots and all
Necole Bitchie's picture

they all look fab

they all look fab
Wells- Outloud's picture

Jade looks like a bum. Yeah,

Jade looks like a bum. Yeah, watch it miss Keys, lose no more weight, you good where you at.
UtoldHarpo2BeatMe's picture

Ms.Keys...a no no.....Will

Ms.Keys...a no no.....Will looked real sexy...Lil Kim please, its about to be '08....Damn Jade where u been?
Tiffy's picture

Can Omarion let the braids

Can Omarion let the braids go? Not feeling Melody's earrings.
DCchick's picture

Alicia is so pretty and lil

Alicia is so pretty and lil kim needs to give it up!
MSJC's picture

number 3!!!!!!!! im movin on

number 3!!!!!!!! im movin on up!!!!!!!
Miss Abri's picture

Omarion Looks like homo with

Omarion Looks like homo with that pose! The simmon girls look cute. Solo & LaLa favor eachother in that 1st pic.
GoodOleGossip's picture

It's snowing in Baltimore

It's snowing in Baltimore
Crystal- Baltimore's picture

Alicia...watch it!

Alicia...watch it! Kim...classy is in chick! Learn about it!
Kerrie's picture

Queen Lathif looks like she

Queen Lathif looks like she is going to a FUNREAL. Give them shoes back to the Salvation Army. You look like a gay hot mess. HOW U DOING, LET IT GO!.
K2007's picture

Alicia Keys looked beautiful.

Alicia Keys looked beautiful. The marathons that she runs is really paying off because she definitely looks fit.
M. Gabrielle's picture

You are wrong for 'missing is

You are wrong for 'missing is Midget Mac' comment. LMBAO, but you're still wrong!!
ckmt7's picture

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