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YBF Exclusive: Wendy Williams Almost Dunzo!

First Miss Jones gets the ax, now Wendy?  Sources, who are as close to the horse's mouth you can possibly get, exclusively tell TheYBF.com that the Queen of All Media Wendy Williams was "asked to take a couple days off" from "The Wendy Williams Experience" until next week sometime.  Her bosses aren't calling it an official suspension but we all know the damn deal.  I'm also told the Experience is NOT a go for 2009, so she's gettin

YBF Exclusive: Reagan Gomez-Preston Has A Baby!

  So we've found out why one of our fave YBF chicks actress Reagan Gomez-Preston (Parent 'Hood, Love Inc., Trois 3, etc.) has been M.I.A. for a while.  She tells TheYBF.com that her newest role is being Mommy to her 15 month old daughter Scarlett Annette Too cute.  She tells us that Mommyhood has of course been the reason she's been lying pretty low, but she still managed to be T.I.'s lead chick in his new "Whatever You Like" video.  She also has a new movie coming up called Dough Boys but its fate is unknown thanks to another looming writer's strike.  Reagan also dropped the "Preston" from her name recently.  And as for why, she tells us: "Although I've been married for a while, Gomez-Preston is my maiden name. And I always knew when we started having babies, everybody should have the same last name. So I dropped the Preston for work. On my passport and everything else, it's my husband's last name [Turrentine]."   She's been married for 9 years to record producer DeWayne Turrentine.  The fact she's been married for years always shocks me.  And speaking of T.I.'s video, check out pics of Reagan and Clifford Harris behind the scenes on the set when you read the rest...  

YBF Exclusive: Flicks & Video From Tamia's LIVE CD/DVD Taping

  The YBF was on the scene at Tamia's first LIVE taping for her first LIVE CD and DVD here in DC the other night.  The performance was absolutely fabulous since we all know this YBF chick is the business with the singing.  I can name a few folks in the industry who would slap their damn selves for even trying to record a live cd.  Anywho, I caught up with Tamia backstage to chit chat and found out that she...along with her hubby Grant Hill...are huge YBF fans.  Here's some more exclusive pics:   She brought the fabness with a custom made blouse, Prada shorts, and Lanvin pumps.  Loves it. And after I was told by her people to wait for Grant because he just had to chop it up with me about YBF, what's a girl to do other than follow orders: He's a sweetheart and so is their 6 year old daughter Myla Grace.  She's a true YBF chick in the making and is NOT scared of the limelight.  Their 1 year old daughter Lael was elsewhere sleeping.   Here's video from the performance:   She did all of the songs we know and love and of course it sounded great Live. More pics when you read the rest...

YBF Exclusive: Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Caught Together In Paris?!

An older pic of Alicia and Swizz Beatz

This Swizz Beatz/Mashonda/Alicia Keys triangle just got a whole lot juicier.  I dropped some of this info this morning in my gossip report on Big Boy's Morning Show...now here's the rest.  A source who works very closely with Alicia tells TheYBF.com that AK is definitely not the good egg in this saga like we're being led to believe.  In fact, I'm told Alicia and Swizzy were together during her concert performances in and around Paris just a few weeks ago!  According to the source, there was definitely no business need for Swizz to accompany Alicia on that leg of the trip, but the two definitely were taking in the sites together and totting around like lovers the entire time.  Oh, but there's more.  This is all after Alicia allegedly called her whole team to a meeting a few times to tell them none of the rumors were true of her being a homewrecker in Swizz and Mashonda's marriage.  Apparently it was just Alicia playing that smoke and mirrors game Hollywood is known so well for.  Not to mention Alicia still has not come out with an official statement saying any of the rumors of her being a homewrecker are untrue.   Lots more of this drama and statements from the source when you read the rest...  

YBF Trend: Exotic Skinned Accessories

Hey Young, Black, and Fabulous folks! It's Claire from The Fashion Bomb, the web's only stop for urban fashion, trends, and celebrity looks for less! For my first guest blogspot, I'm going to let you in on a Hollywood trend: Exotic Accessories. Aside from their posh aesthetic, bags, bel

Unfaithful: Fabolous & His Baby Mama Emily B.

Fabolous may have a "girlfriend" of six years turned baby mama....but Ms. Emily B. is not playing her role correctly I hear.  And neither is Fab.  Right after we reported the story last week about Fabolous' new 5 month old little boy Johan and his baby mama girlfriend Emily he's been keeping under wraps off and on for 6 years, sources flooded my inbox with even more info.  And this ish gets interesting....

UPDATE: The Real Deal On Fabolous & His Baby's Mama

I told y'all I'd get the low down on Fabolous and this new baby of his that popped up out of nowhere.  And here it goes:  
Fabolous' baby Johan, inset pic is mother Emily
  Yesterday, TheYBF.com reported that rapper Fabolous has a new baby boy and featured a picture of the allleged baby's mother.  Sources close to Fab's baby's mother both personally and professionally reveal to TheYBF.com that the baby's name is Johan and he is now 5 months old.  And we've got the low down on the mother of his child and their "relationship".  She is 26 year old Emily B. and she and Fabolous have been a couple for the last 6 years.  Yes...6 years.  She has actually tried to stay out the spotlight and that's why this the first time any one has heard of her in 6 years.  Emily has been Fab's stylist for the past 2 years (she's been a stylist for a total of 7 years now), so they were actually together before he gave her the job. And in true Urshmeka form, Emily also has a 10 year child (a little girl) from a previous relationship whom she had before entering a relationship with Fab.  As for Emily and Fab getting engaged or married, our source tells TheYBF.com that they are definitley NOT currently engaged.  Whether or not they're heading down that path is up in the air.  And one of our sources tell us no one, including Emily, is exactly sure if marriage is going to happen anytime soon.  Especially because at this current time there are no plans Emily has even discussed with her closest friends.
Emily (far right) and her BFF Valeisha (far left)
  Emily and Fab currently live together in New Jersey.  She was also the stylist for Ryan Leslie's and Fab's new "Addicted" video.  It was just taped yesterday.  Her best friend is none other than YBF chick and Executive Director of the Women's in Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN) Valeisha Butterfield--who was also engaged to rapper Game at one point. Our source also tells TheYBF.com that rumors of Emily previously being a model and/or video chick are all false.  Said source tells us that these rumors "were completely left field" and Emily was never either of those things.  She has simply been a stylist since she was 19.   More pics of Emily B. when you read the rest...