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Russell's Ex Katie Claps Back At Julie Henderson

Chris Brown Shows Love In The Streets+Jamie Foxx No Likey Miley Cyrus

Seems like Chris Breezy is more popular than ever these days:
He was spotted out in the streets of L.A.

*UPDATED* Solange DROPPED From Label? Papa Knowles Backstabs Kelly?!

Rapper's Delight: Phantom Of The Kanye & Amber Opera+Jim Jones Gets Shot At In Detroit?

Kanye and Amber hit the Metropolitan Opera's Anniversary Gala last night in NYC: Both looked dapper and pretty damn fab. I see Kanye's upgraded her look, taught her how not to speak, and taught her how to kick the same pose at all times. Sounds like a master plan's in action....
And word has it Jim Jones got shots fired at him in Detroit last night. He likely was there to do a concert and clearly not everyone was happy he was in town. Here's what we heard went down: Detroit rapper Trick Trick brought Jimmy to a nightspot called Esko Saturday night. Four guys dressed in all black stormed into the spot and started shooting. Trick Trick got hit and so did another person. Both of those dudes are in the hospital, but Jimmy somehow escaped getting hit all together. Some sources say Trick Trick set Jimmy up and it went wrong. Others say Jimmy just has some serious haters in Detroit and the bullets were actually meant for him. What's up with people going to Detroit and always getting slapped up or shot at? Damn. UPDATE: Trick Trick called in to WJLB in Detroit this morning and said he was NOT shot, is NOT in the hospital, and wasn't even there at the club.  Audio No word from Jimmy's people just yet.... More pics from the Met when you read the rest...

50 Cent Exposes Rick Ross' Baby Mama's "Job"+Tina Davis Denies Sexting Chris Brown

Rick Ross has caught another L.  50 Cent is exposing his baby's mom--one of them at least--named Brooke.  And apparently she is/was a porn chick. After Officer Ricky told a radio station this week that if 50 was really gangsta, he would have tapped the one baby mama he flew up to NY and took shopping--and then put it on tape.  50 decided to scout out Brooke's tape instead, and he's set to release it on his new site BooBootv.   Here's the NSFW screenshot.  Some folks are saying it's not her. And some folks are saying not only is it her, but the man in the vid is a celeb we know.  WTF is really hood? Chris Brown manager Tina Davis' "denial" when you read the rest...

Keri Hilson Talks To Ciara & Backtracks On The Diss Track+On The Set With Slim

CHECK THE CREDITS: Keri VS. Beyonce-Diss Or No Diss+Beyonce Snaps Back?

The internet's abuzz with folks saying Keri Hilson fired shots at Beyonce (and Ciara) on her remix to "Turnin Me On" ft. T-Pain and Weezy. I have some sources whispering in my ear that they know for a fact Keri was going at B because they were in the studio when it went down. I have other folks whispering that all this is bullsh*t and there is no diss.