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WHAT'S BEEF: Game VS. Jay-Z & Beyonce

{Video is NSFW}

Well damn. This is a whole lot first thing in the morning.

FOOLISHNESS: Angel Lola Luv Pops Off On Superhead+Foxy Blasts The Rikers Special Treatment Rumors

Video chick beef time. Angel "Lola" Luv--the stripper turned video chick turned rapper--is popping off on Karrine "Superhead" Steffans. And Angel's breaking down the difference between video hos and video "models". Here's a snippet from her recent blog:
There are a lot of different reasons why I could never ride with the choices that ‘Superhead” made. I feel as though she played a major part in people really believing that all video vixens are just like her. Which is TOTALLY wrong! There is a difference between a ‘Video Vixen/Model’ and a ‘Video Hoe/Groupie.’ From the way they conduct themselves, their mentality and of course their agenda! The perceptions that people have of me and most video models are the total opposite of reality. They see things from the outside. So they have no idea about what goes on behind the scenes with the ones that do this to benefit themselves in a positive way. In order to book me for any gig or video people would get in contact with my manager. I wouldn’t meet these artists until I got on set. While on set I didn’t fraternize with the artists. I would either be shooting or waiting in the trailer until it was my time. As soon as I was done shooting I would leave. If anyone asked for my contact they would either get directed to my manager if she was nearby or I would give them her contact info. If they were really trying to do business then they wouldn’t have a problem getting in contact with her. I never went down the same path Superhead did. I hold my head up high when I walk because I never had to sleep with anyone to get this far. So when people claim I slept with this person and that person all I can say is check my record. I get my respect in the industry because no one can say they dealt with me beyond a friendship or associate level except 1 person. Period! There are a lot of video vixens that haven’t either but because of Superhead people think other wise. There are a lot of respectable females in the video game that are taking on these jobs to get exposure so that they can take that next step to pursue their choice of careers. Whether it’s behind the scene or in the lime light. There are also females that do it so they can pay their way through school or even need the extra money on the side in order to make ends meet. So why knock the hustle based on the actions of the weak minded video groupies?

And a video of her going hard on Superhead:

Honestly, the sex aspect of these chick's lives is not even the main problem many people have with chicks in this type of industry. There's a much bigger picture. Respectable? Silicone injected asses plopping up and down on a pole in a club for money and/or being 98% naked on tv for money and tricks from rappers? I must have missed that memo... I'm sure Superhead will attack back since it's been a while since she's had a publicity fix. And most folks still won't care. How funny is the idea of video chick beef though? News on Foxy B. when you read the rest....

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