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Imusgate Part Deux?+Ruben Studdard's Getting Married?+On The Set Of J-Hud's New Video

Here we go again.  Some folks are up in arms about Don Imus' latest "color" remarks about NFL baller Pacman Jones on his radio show yesterday.  According to the Daily News: Monday, after Imus' sportscaster Warner Wolf (who is African American) noted how many times football player Adam (Pacman) Jones had been arrested, Imus asked: "What color is he?" "African-American," said Wolf. "Well, there you go," said Imus. "Now we know." Color?  What is this--a review of a box of Crayola Crayons?  Stop it Imus.  But he's now saying he was just being sarcastic and was saying "Now we know" because now we know why Pacman Jones is getting picked on.  Hmm...I'll hold off on the march on Don Imus for now.  But clearly no one--including the station he works for or their advertisers who allowed him to come back--would care even if h meant otherwise.  But y'all already know Rev. Al "spoke out" against this ish though.  Sigh.  The whole story is here.  Speak on it....

Naomi Gets Charged, Ursh Gets A Deal & A Cherish Chick Gets Married

Naomi was spotted leaving the courthouse today as she was officially charged a few hours ago (likely with assault) on a police officer. The charge stems from the ruckus she caused on that British Airways flight last month. She's facing the charges in court June 20th. Good luck with that Na Na. Didn't look like she was too worried about her court date today while she was partying it up last night at her friend Tamara's b-day party:

More pics and more ish when you read the rest...

Persia White Gets Married!+Usher's "Moving Mountains" Video

Sources confirm to TheYBF.com that our favorite slacker Girlfriend Persia White, 35, married her beau 36 year old Saul Williams on his birthday February 29th.  Saul played Persia's boyfriend Sivad on Girlfriends back in '03.  He's a poet, actor, and singer.  And Persia, who interestingly still has "single" as her myspace status, is currently working on her f

The Anti-Climactic News Of The Day

Beyonce has finally admitted to actually wedding Jay-Z. No, seriously. She really has. Kinda. Ok, well she said, in her usual cryptic tone, that she's not denying it. According to EntertainmentWise, Beyonce states:
I don't deny it (the wedding). I just don't talk about it.

Guess Who Got Married....

Which Cycle 4 Top Model reject tied the knot recently? The answer and wedding pics when you read the rest...

Gossip Bits: GAl's Back on The Prowl+Remy Ma & Papoose Set To Marry Today In Rikers?+J-Hud's SATC Clip



Star Jones' ex GAl Reynolds is single again and definitely back on the prowl. Dude was spotted at Home nightclub in L.A. last night partying it up and spitting game to a chick at the bar and on the dance floor all night. According to Page Six:

"He was at the bar with her. She was a pretty big girl," said a cocktail waitress at the club. "They were dancing to hip-hop and bobbing their heads. He had on a white button-down [shirt], open with a diamond necklace hanging out. And he was drinking all night with his pinky in the air."

Funny funny. Looks like his get-a-beard techniques haven't changed a bit. More ish when you read the rest...

That Lovey Dovey: Crihanna Can't Keep Their Hands Or Lips To Themselves & The Full Scoop On Nariah...With Nick's Wedding Band

We've got more pics of Chris Brown and Rihanna's now widespread KFC lovefest. And it's ever so clear Rih Rih loves her some CB. I guess the two forgot that they still need to put on their "we're just really close friends" act even when paparazzi cams aren't around--because security cams are always watching. Chris did reveal to EBONY in his upcoming cover story that he is officially "off the market". But remained mum on details of course. Check out the lovebirds getting their lovey dovey on in a Miami KFC yesterday:



Some folks would say fried chicken is an aphrodisiac. Regardless, now that their "cover" is blown </sarcasm>, I can't wait to see the well written story the publicists of these two are about to come up with. Gotta love it.
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The full Nariah story when you read the rest...