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Wack Ass Baby Daddy Files


Jennifer Hudson & Robin Thicke Set To Tour+Uncle Luke Locked Up Over Child Support!+Is Rihanna Going To Leave Chris?

We've got an exclusive update about Uncle Luke and why he got arrested last night. It was said he owed over 10k to th Miami court for an unknown reason. But YBF snitches tell us it's because he failed to pay that amount in child support to one of his baby mama's named Shakera (on the right). Shareka's friend tells us that Luther Campbell refuses to pay his child support on time, and his dead beat dad ways have finally caught up to him.

BABY FAB: Eddie Murphy Ordered To Pay Child Support For Angel!+Tiger Woods Welcomes Second Child!

I know Eddie was expecting this ish. A judge has just ordered him to pay Mel B. $51,000/month in child support for Baby Angel Iris Murphy. It's a total package of about $10 million. Damn! Eddie originally denied Mel B. was pregnant with his child, even though Mel stated from the get the baby was indeed his. After Mel B. got married to Stephen and a paternity test was done, it was definite Eddie IS the father.

Baller Drama: Charles Barkley Cops DWI!+Larry Fitzgerald Beats Down Baby Mama!

Was it THAT hot in Scottsdale last night? Not sure WTF is wrong with athletes and former athletes this week.  But drama has ensued: Charles Barkley decided to get behind the wheel last night in Scottsdale, AZ after having some drinks.  He was pulled over, cited for a DWI, taken into

Legal Woes

Jacksonville Jaguar Dennis Northcutt has had papers filed against him by his 7 months pregnant ex-girlfriend Sharri Henry, who says Dennis had his cousin brutally beat her up three months ago.  Per reports:   Sharri Henry alleges last May, when she was four months pregnant, Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Dennis Northcutt got his cousin to "maliciously assault, beat, strike and batter Plaintiff, her face and head with great force and violence ...

Legal Woes-The 90's Edition: Queen Pen Assaulted By Her Babies' Daddy & Taylor Dane Cops A DUI

Damn Queen Pen. We haven't heard from you in about 10 years and this is the first piece of news we get? Apparently chick is scared for her life right now since her boyfriend and father of two of her five children allegedly beat her in front of the kids last week. According to the NY Post: Queen Pen, a tough-talking rapper and advocate for domestic violence victims, is in fear for her life as police hunt her ex-boyfriend, who allegedly pummeled her in front of their children and broke her Grammy Award in a fit of blind rage. Pen, 35, said she was attacked May 9 after an argument, during which her ex - Kendall Wicker, 29 - trashed her East Flatbush apartment, put a brick through her windshield and threatened to kill her. The outburst came three months after Pen told police that Wicker, who is the father of two of the rapper's five children, punched her in the face so hard during a dispute that she needed oral surgery to secure teeth knocked loose by the blow. Not the Grammy Award though. Y'all know that's her only piece of evidence that she used to be pseudo famous. But on the serious tip, this is extra messed up. Taylor Dane's drama when you read the rest...

Barbara Wa Wa Likes The Swirl?+Other Ish

Hot damn who woulda thought. Barbara Wa Wa (Walters) is hitting up Oprah's couch to dish a secret she's stashed for several years. She used to let a brother tap that and engaged in an affair with him for several years in the 70's. Yes, dude was married making Babs jump off material. Her secret lover was former U.S. Senator Edward Brooke of Massachusetts, the first African American to be popularly elected to the U.S. Senate. Damn. The show, where Babs is blabbing about her new memoir, airs May 6th.

YBF Exclusive: NBA Baller Josh Powell In A Bitter Custody Battle

NBA star Joshua (Josh) Powell of the Los Angeles Clippers is allegedly in a nasty custody battle with his ex-fiance' Emily Perich over their daughter Patience. Josh is alleged to be keeping Patience from her mother and keeping her in the care of his multiple jump-offs, different men and ill family members. The custody battle is in Dallas, Texas (where they previously lived) even though both parties live in Los Angeles, California. According to court recordings, Joshua doesn't even know the last names of the individuals that he has caring for his daughter in his absence. A source who is one of Emily's closest confidante's gave The YBF insight into what has been really going on. Her statement and more when you read the rest...