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Afternoon Bits: Octuplet Mama Drama+Aubrey Really Took It All Off+Wanda Has Some Words For You

OK I tried to not comment on this Cali Octuplet mom again because the situation seriously irritates me. But the newest developments are too outrageous to not discuss. Nadya Suleman said--on national tv--that she does not and will not ever receive monetary help from the government. However, Suleman receives food stamps and child disability payments for three of her children, her publicist has confirmed. She told Ann Curry “I’m not receiving help from the government. I’m not trying to expect anything from anybody,” and added that money was “superfluous” and “paper.” Damn lie. When she was confronted about her lie, Nadya said she does not believe food stamps are welfare. *blank stare* Apparently she's received over 300k in "help" from the government. Meanwhile, her mother confirms that she is obsessed with Angelina Jolie. Like we couldn't figure that out ourselves... It's been found out that Ms. Suleman has gotten a lot of plastic surgery to her face over the years. The pictures prove it. So now government money that she doesn't think is government money is being used for cosmetic surgery, IVFs, and living expenses since she's never had a job? All this while the state of California is giving out IOU's in place of tax refunds this year? GTFOH. I really hope all these kids have and get everything they need in some way because they should not have to suffer because of someone else's foolishness. In other news, Aubrey's Playboy pics are semi-out. And you know you want to see them just for the sh*ts and giggles: SMDH. More pics when you read the rest...

Lil Kim & Others Set For Dancing With the Stars+50 Cent Is STILL Wildin' On Rick Ross+News On Farrah's New Group

Even though the cast wasn't supposed to be announced until tonight, sources have found out who are the next stars to dance with...the stars. In the upcoming season number...whatever...of Dancing With The Stars--Lil Kim, David Allen Grier, and NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor will all be putting on their dancing shoes. The rest of the competition is Denise Richards, Nancy O'Dell, Chuck Wicks, Steve O, Ty Murray, Gilles Marini, Jewel, Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Go's, Steve Wozniak of Apple, and Olympic Gold Medalist Gymnast Shawn Johnson. And dammit, I'm pulling for Kim on this one...
50 Cent is continuing his foolywangery of video attacks against officer Ricky Ross. And this time he's donning a wig that supposedly looked like Ricky back in the day and saying he's Pimpin' Curly:

Straight reckless. And this dude is not slick at all. He knows how to pimp stuff (and people) to make his ass some change... Meanwhile, Ricky's baby moms Tia is still going around yapping her mouth telling her tales to sell some more of her upcoming books:

What some chicks will do for a fur, Gucci shoes, and 20 minutes of fame. Damn shame. More when you read the rest...


Sean Combs is still polishing his acting chops.  He's set to appear on this upcoming Monday's episode of "CSI: Miami".  He's playing an a slick defense attorney.   I have a feeling he's about to kill this role... Eve is still trying to release her album Here I Am.  It was shelved even after she released her hit "Tambourine" and that was two years ago.  She says sh

Diddy's Running For President?+Lil Wayne's Katie Couric Interview+Tiny Says She's Not Leaving T.I.

So Tameka "Tiny" Cottle chit chatted with Essence.com about her man T.I. going to jail. And she's letting everybody know she ain't going anywhere:
ESSENCE.COM: At any point during T.I.'s trouble with the law did you ever feel like throwing the towel in on your relationship? TINY: No, not at all. It never crossed my mind, especially not for what we have as a family.

YBF EXCLUSIVE: "The Game" Is Getting Sidelined?!

We're hearing rumblings from a certain actress from "The Game" that the show is very likely about to get sidelined. A very reliable source who has appeared in numerous episodes on the show reveals to TheYBF.com that the CW network may be in the process of axing its entire comedy division.  And that means "The Game" and "Everybody Hates Chris" are on the chopping block.  Here's the e-mail we received:
The Game's last shooting day is Tuesday [2/3].

Lil Wayne Gets Gangsta With Katie Couric

Lil Wayne is doing a rare prime time interview with Katie Couric:

In Case You Care...

Dawn Richard of Danity Kane has confirmed what TheYBF.com broke first several months ago. Danity Kane is o-vah and she's pretty much the last one standing. Which-- naturally--leads to a solo career we all know Diddy is about to exploit.