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Tracee Ellis Ross Hits The Streets+Biggie's Daughter T'Yanna's Sweet 16+J.Lo Does InStyle+Joe Walks Out On Interview

Look who was spotted trying to be incognegro on the streets of L.A. yesterday afternoon:

Yeah we see you Tracee Ellis Ross. Friend of YBF's Miss Info posted some pics from Biggie's daughter T'Yanna's 16th birthday party:

Kid Cudi performed and Faith Evans was there too. Head over to the source for the rest and the recap.

And Joe and Chico DeBarge hit up Angela Yee's Lip Service show this week. But they couldn't take the sexual heat in the kitchen. At least Joe couldn't. He walked out the interview up-set... Jennifer Lopez looking fierce in InStyle magazine when you read the rest...

Girlfriend Baby Mama #2: Nivea+Faith & Lil Kim's Fight Night

I guess since Lauren London showcased her preggers belly this weekend, Lil Wayne's other baby mama Nivea decided to showcase hers at her event in Atlanta this week:

LEGAL WOES: Mike Vick's House Arrest QT With His Baby Mama+21 Kids? Really?+C-Murder's Going Back To the Slammer

A big womp for ATL Housewife Sheree Whitfield.  Her $2.85 mill 8,900 sqft Atlanta home has finally sold.  But for far less than what she was asking--thanks to the bank putting that piece in foreclosure and selling it for scruples.  A few months ago we learned about Sheree's financial woes and how her home was taken off the market and put into foreclosure, even after the asking price was lowered to $2.4 mill.  The bank apparently wanted to wash its hands of it because it dropped the price to $995k to sell it to a lucky buyer for a steal.  Damn! Which means...Sheree's profit margin is slim to none.  Actually, if her hubby bought the place and isn't asking for the mula, she just landed a windfall.  Either way, she wasn't selling her "multi-million dollar digs" she loves to boast about for what they are allegedly worth.  That's gotta hurt. Oh, and the ever so financially arrogant Sheree yanked out and  took the kitchen appliances when the premises were vacated.  Classy.

We must discuss this dude.  29 year old Tennessee resident Desmond Hatchett has knocked up 11 women and now has 21 kids from 11 months to 11 years old.  All the baby mamas are demanding child support--but homeboy only has a minimum wage salary.  Which equals out to about 2 items off McDonald's dollar menu per kid.  Real talk.  According to the Huff Post: He was called to court last week where he appeared on the docket eleven times to answer for 15 of his 21 children who haven't received child support recently. The mothers of Hatchett's children are supposed to get anywhere from $25 to $309 a month, but the government is only allowed to take up to 50% of his pay check, and when that's split so many times some women only get a $1.98 a month. He claims each woman new of his "situation" before hopping in bed with him.  I'm extra grossed out and saddened right now. Peep the video for even more foolywangery about this situation. News on C-Murder and Mike Vick when you read the rest...

WTF Yung Joc?

Jennifer Hudson Hits "The Today Show"+ "The Game" Has A Wedding Finale

Whoever is styling J-Hud, I want them to stop.  Like, yesterday.

She performed this morning on "The Today Show" in this get up.  She's too fab to have some ill fitting unflattering get-ups.  Unacceptable.  I don't even think she's feeling this ish right here.  Her fiance David was there to look on:

Just...no. "The Game"'s one hour season finale airs tonight at 8/7c on The CW.  And Derwin and Melanie's wedding is set to take place:

Gorgeous.  And we've got a slight spoiler under the cut for you fans.  The producers want EVERYONE to watch as the  more viewres they have for their finale show, the likelier the show will get renewed and possibly as a 1 hour dramedy.

Danger Puts Ray-J's Sex Game On BLAST & Talks Radio Show

Who the hell is giving Danger her own radio show?  Somebody is...according to her.  She hosted the Majestic Group party last night at Pangea Thursday at Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL. And she blabbed to the media that she's getting her own radio show. And of course, the typical reality chick wackness of "producing, acting, and modeling". Ok Danger. She also popped off at the mouth about Ray-J's lame sex game to. More on that when you read the rest...

Celebs Talking That Ish: Idris On Kissing Beyonce & Deelishis On Her Sex Tape+Ciara Does "GMA"

Idris Elba says he was in awe of kissing Beyonce when they had to film their kissing scene for Obsessed only 20 minutes after meeting:
British actor IDRIS ELBA was left dumbstruck when he met BEYONCE KNOWLES on the set of OBSESSED - their first scene together involved a steamy smooch. The pair became close on day one, when director Steve Shill demanded they pucker up for a passionate kiss just minutes after meeting each other. Elba explains, “It was weird when I met her - within 20 minutes we had to kiss. I wasn’t complaining. It was full on, we had to do these pictures for the wall and it was full on kissing. I was like, ‘Oh god, I’m kissing Beyonce, I can’t believe it.’” But not all the scenes between the pair were as fun to film for Elba. Idris says, “There’s a scene where Beyonce goes nuts at me and that was pretty scary.”

Oh Idris... And it sounds like Deelishis has a sex tape she doesn't want to come out:

She hit up Shade 45 recently and talked about how she hopes a tape she did for her man won't leak to the internet. Womp. Pics of CiCi doing "Good Morning America" when you read the rest....