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What Are You Doing With Your Life Jaleel White?

Jaleel White Clearly not a damn thing...besides looking like the next victim of the "Caught Up" syndrome. Jaleel was spotted at Pure nightclub the other night still riding his Urkel/Dreamgirls cameo success. My lifetime crush on Stephan Urkél is slowly slipping away. Gotta love these 90's stars check ins....

Wait...Oprah Tapped A Married Man?

Oprah mistress How in the hell did I miss this?  See what happens when you're working AND trying to watch Lady O at the same time?  You miss O-bombs on her show like her divulging that she used to kick it with a married man.  So on Friday's show, Oprah had wives and mistresses on to discuss some "issues" Tyra style.  And women were divulging how and why they got involved with a

Weekend Fab: Tyra, Beyonce, Damon Wayans, & Ashanti Get Candid+ Flicks of Sharon Leal & Naomi

Tyra Banks
Tyra was spotted at LAX recently...and chick is still fierce even in laid back mode.

Another Spotting: Kerry Washington and Common +Jay-Z's "Blue Magic" Vid+Don't Nobody Talk Bad About Ms. Jackson!

Kerry Washington and Common dating Well maybe it's not just a rumor.

Candid This, Candid That+Bobby Brown's "Death Bed" Pics

Where'd the baby bump go Halle?:  halle-on-today2.jpg halle-on-today-show.jpg She was spotted over at the Today Show studios masking the bump pretty damn well.

Big Pimpin'

biggabarbie4.jpg Oh yes. Somebody thought it was a good idea to make a Beyonce and Jay-Z Barbie and Ken doll set.  Speak on it.