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Lil Wayne Gets Kissy Kissy With Zac Efron?+Remy's Camp: Video Is A Fraud!

So OC Weekly caught up with Weezy to talk about his new involvement with the High School Musical 2 CD: Non-Stop Dance Party. He says he wants to start pulling a Kanye and appealing to the suburban kids. So he's teaming up with HSM star Zac Efron on some tracks. And apparently Zac is staying in Wayne's guestroom while they bang out that ish. Speaking of banging out, Zac emerged mid interview:
“What’s up, my nigga?” Efron says, giving Wayne a pound, a hug, and then, to my astonishment, a full-on kiss, reminiscent of the one Wayne famously gave his surrogate father Baby last year.
Damn. First his daddy now his boy. The only thing more surprising than this ish is the lyrics to one of their tracks so far:
On “All for One,” Efron sings the chorus—“Everybody all for one, a real summer has just begun! Let’s rock and roll and just let go, feel the rhythm of the drums. We’re gonna have fun in the sun!”—while Wayne raps: “I’m a dog, you’re all a bunch of fleas on my dick. Driving a Jag, er, like my name was Mick. I’m so sour like cream with chives, and my sperm will make your face break out in hives.”
Seriously? So Wayne wants to dip in the prepubescent pockets of Jan and Timmy and this is the way he does it? Dude needs to put the styrofoam cups and laced blunts down. ASAP. Trina is somewhere praising the gods Weezy dumped her ass because this crazy ish would turn a sista into a post-Bobby Whitney.  UPDATE: Apparently this was all a satire put on by the OC Weekly.  But how hilarious is it that 99% of the people wouldn't put a situation like this past that dude Weezy?  Ha.

Snoop Dogg & Michael Jackson Preserve Their Sexy

Look who hit the satin sheets in the new issue of Italian Vogue:


None other than the Dogg Father. So many questions so little patience to even ask.  Sexual seduuuction......

So Terrance Howard Is Singlehandedly Bringing Coochie Cutters Back?

Look who was spotted vacaying it up with is new lil boo actress Zulay Henao: None other than "pretty boy" Terrance Howard. But um, I mean, seriously Terrance? You better ask CoCo what that extra snugness and shortness can do to the nether regions. No...seriously???

Ashanti's Lil Sis Shi Shi Hits The Strip Club

Ashanti's 18 year old lil sis Shi Shi was spotted clubbing Friday night in the NYC.  And I guess ths is what's hot in the streets these days:  

Late Night Crack: Um, What You Snortin' 50?

So a video was released today that puts your favorite rapper in a compromising position.

YBF Exclusive: Lil Wayne Is Not Engaged+Bow Wow Talks Sex With Tyra+Ray-J Needs to Stop It.

  Weezy's covering the upcoming issue of Ozone magazine.  And despite rumors that spun off from this YBF exclusive, he's not engaged yet.  And he isn't talking about being engaged right now in this issue either--despite what the cover says.   Wayne says in the issue:
"I'm getting married. I bought the ring already. I just don't know who I'm marrying yet. They don't like me cause I'm a workaholic."
Sounds like dude is just in the marrying state of mind. And my extremely reliable sources back home in the N.O. tell me he's definitely not engaged.

MTV & VH-1 Must Hate Black People+Omar & Keisha Epps' Baby Shower+ Beyonce & Will Cover the Mags+Other Fabness

Jamie Foxx's new show So Jamie Foxx has some new tv deals in the works:
Jamie Foxx signs a two-year deal to produce unscripted shows for MTV and VH1, with the first product of their new union being From Gs to Gents, a series "in which a group of men are given social makeovers in a bid to turn them into gentlemen," efforts that a guest-starring Foxx will entertainingly attempt to thwart by dragging them to nightclubs, pouring alcohol down their throats, and urging them to "make it rain" upon nearby members of the opposite sex.
Source: Defamer
Oh hells no. This sounds like nothing but the male version of Charm School gone extra wrong and we definitely don't need that. Can we PLEASE stop anymore foolishness showing black folks (y'all already know the damn deal so don't even trip) acting like foolywang material for 15 minutes of fame? I mean...are we really still "making it rain" in the clubs? Seriously? I can't take it.