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Is That Real?


Is That You Jesse Williams?

The "Grey's Anatomy" cutie roughed up his image a bit recently.  But it was all for his love of acting. 


Pics of the uber sexy Jesse Williams changing up his image to that of a slave when you read on...

Bishop Eddie Long In Private Penthouse Office With Young Males, DIS-INVITES Media To Sunday's Service

Reports...and pics...are surfacing that allege the embattled pastor Bishop Eddie Long has a private office hideaway in Atlanta where he has meetings with young male members of the church. 


It was also announced Saturday night that no media or cameras will be allowed at his Sunday service where he will be addressing his congregation.  We've got the deets and pics when you read on...

VIDEO: Lyfe Apologizes In Court Before Getting Taken Away

We reported on his sentencing earlier this week.  Now here's video of Lyfe Jennings pleading to the Georgia judge before he was sentenced and immediately sent to prison for 3 and a half years. 


It's sad to watch.  But people like Cousin Jeff spoke as character witnesses on his behalf in order to sway the judges' sentence.  The video when you read on....

NSFW: Is This YOUR Sex Tape Ricky Rozay?!

I'm thoroughly convinced 50 Cent is on a life mission to attempt to ruin Rick Ross' career...better yet, his life.  Now footage has "mysteriously" leaked on to the net, via 50's site, of an alleged Ricky Rozay getting it in every which way--butt nekkid with a chick.


The non-nude clip from the tape, plus some NSFW pics if your tummy can handle it when you read on...

Too Soon? Fantasia Caught Crackin' Jokes About Suicide Attempt + Amar'e Stoudemire - A Ladies Magnet?

Just a month ago Fantasia tried to end her own life.  Now she is crackin' jokes about the incident.  Perhaps she's laughing through the pain.  Watch the video when you go inside plus read about Amar'e Stoudemire talking about being single in New York City...



The foolery is rampant this Friday.  And we love it.


Check out the videos sent in by a reader that prove the news outlets probably shouldn't talk to just anyone about "crime".  Read on...



*Grabbing my Holy Water* Sigh.  I don't even know where to start.  Foxy Brown hit B.B.Kings last night to "perform".  You know...that "performance" she got arrested while practicing for last week?


Well THIS is the ish she should have gotten arrested for.  Chick hit the stage in this get up that'll make you go back to bed and start your whole morning over with.  And my expression looks EXACTLY like homeboy's in the background.  We've got the slightly NSFW...or NSFYH (not safe for your heart)...pics when you read on...