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Is That Real?


MAMA MIA!: Halle Grabs Groceries+Kimora Tries To Trick Us

Halle Berry partook in her domnestic duties yesterday afternoon and grabbed some groceries at the local Bristol Farms in L.A.  The employees were even nice enough to serve as her unofficial bodyguards while escorting her to her car.


And check out mother of 3 kiddies Kimora Lee's brand new ad.  It's for her new Baby Phat fragrance Dare Me.  Now she knows damn well.... More pics of Halle when you read the rest...

BALLER DRAMA: Heat Baller Dorell Wright EXPOSED!+Steelers Baller Santonio Holmes Attacks A Woman?!

So Miami Heat guard Dorell Wright didn't learn a damn thing from Greg Oden? Dorell's girlfriend and baby's mama Mia Lee (pictured in the inset pic) decided to try to school groupies on Twitter about how everything in her life--her man, friends, fam--are all private and no one can tell her anything about them. Well, groupie Kat Stacks (check out this post if you don't know who she is) felt like popping her bubble right quick. Because she Tweeted Mia that she doesn't know her man as well as she thinks. EDIT: This particular woman involved is not Kat Stacks. The woman went in about her sexcapades with Dorell, his 5 inch penis (damn, did she have to play homie out like that?), and, of course, posted the obligatory naked flick Dorell sent her. She even made it her new profile pic. WOMP. That NSFW pic is under the cut. And these are the most recent tweets from (@mrzanonymouz) about the drama. Mia (@mio_myo) has made her page private. And Dorell (@dwrightway) has made his page private now as well. Of course:

LOL @ "I have respect for myself."  Girl....stop. Dorell's EXPOSED pic and news on Santonio Holmes when you read the rest....

Trina Is The Newest "Leaked" Naked Flicks Victim?!

Looks like somebody's pissy at the baddest b*tch. Because these naked and intimate pics allegedly "leaked" from Trina's cell phone.

KELIS: Say WHAT Peta?!

As if this letter clapping back at Peta for their uncanny "advice" to her wasn't enough, Kelis rocked head to toe fur in Utah over the weekend to further prove her point. She's in Salt Lake City racking up all the free ish in the Sundance Film Fest gift lounges. More pics under the cut....

Oh...So This Really IS Tiger Leaving Sex Rehab....

Deelishis Shows Off Her Baby Belly+Angel Lola Luv & Lil Kim Ooze At the Club

London "Deelishis" Charles--Flavor Flav's winner on "Flavor of Love 2"--just Twitpic'd new pics of her preggers belly.  She says she's 5 months:

She also changed the background of her Twitter page to a pic of her and her fiance Orlando--so I guess that means they are still together. And Angel Lola Luv kicked it with Lil Kim in Baltimore at The Velvet Room over the weekend:

I know it just smelled like hot plastic up in there.  Still heart u though Kimmy.... More pics of these folks when you read the rest....

Gayle King Denies Gay Rumors+Sammy Sosa's Still Bleached

Sammy Sosa had his birthday party at Fountainbleau in Miami this weekend. And he's still looking like somebody did a run-by with bleached flour on his face:

Just....wow. Gayle says she and Oprah aren't gay when you read the rest...