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Preggers Watch


Hmmm Mariah: That Looks Like A Baby Bump To Us!

The self proclaimed "Diva Next Door",  Mariah Carey, performed in Brazil this morning looking all type of preggers. Her whopping weight gain over the past few months has been sending the media into overdrive with pregnancy speculation. Read on for the pics...

Ne-Yo CONFIRMS He's Expecting His First Baby!

Ne-Yo is about to be a daddy!  He has confirmed that his girlfriend, who we know is Monyetta Shaw, is indeed pregnant with their first child.


Little birdies are also telling us Ne-Yo and Monyetta are engaged, but that, he didn't confirm.  Details on the couple's new baby when you read on...

Whitney's Going Through Changes...

Whitney Houston hit Stockholm, Sweden last night as she continues her European tour.  She got rave reviews from fans this time around for her performance.  But she's also getting rave rumors, thanks to her new voluptuous figure, from folks wondering if she's pregnant.


We got our hands on this pic Whit took with fans last night.  And we've got video from her performance that may raise some eyebrows.  Some folks say she's just eating good and no longer on that ish, but others are ready to put her on Preggers Watch.

Is This A Pregnant Mariah?

Mariah came out of hiding to perform at the Wal-Mart Shareholders Meeting in Arkansas yesterday.  She rocked this fitted long dress that showed off a more voluptuous bod than her usual.  But no obvious baby bump...yet. 


So is this the body of a pregnant woman?  She's even been rumored to be carrying twins.  And others say it's the fertility drugs that have made her gain weight.  Time will tell...

Lamar Odom Denies Pregnancy Rumors+Chamillionaire Faces Foreclosure

Lamar Odom is bumping the baby bump rumors beig thrown his wife's way.  While he's not practicing for tonight's Game 1 of the NBA Finals, he's denying reports that his wife Khloe is 2 months pregnant.


After certain sites took a bloatedesque pic of Khloe and ran with it saying she's preggers, Lamar sarcastically denied it.  More when you read on...

Erykah Badu Covers JET+Nick & Mariah Stir Preggers Rumors?

Erykah Badu is covering the new issue of JET magazine.  The outspoken singer sounds off about her controversial video, motherhood, having no regrets, and more in her cover article.


Ms. Badu talks about not backing down from anything and working hard to be true to herself. Gearing up for her Out My Mind, Just In Time multi-city tour, the mother of three says she's not moved by the recent controversy about her artistry or anyone's opinion about her in general.  More when you read on...

Alicia Keys & Her Preggers Belly Hit The Stage In The UK

Alicia Keys performed at the opening night of her UK Tour at The N.I.A. in Birmingham last night.  Since photogs are only allowed to snap pics of the first two songs, she's been rocking this loose black blouse at the beginning of her sets to cover her belly.  But a bump...and her fuller face...are still noticeable.


More pics and the "Unthinkable" remix when you read on...