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EXCLUSIVE: Trey Songz & Joe FIGHT At Trey's Party!

Drama at Trey Songz' 25th birthday party in Jersey!  So last night, Trey hosted a bash at Lounge 501 in New Jersey and had guest Tahiry (Joe Buddens' ex) there too.  All was well until R&B singer Joe showed up in the mix.  He wasn't necessarily invited, but the club accommodated him anyway.  Unfortunately, he and his crew were seated in Trey's VIP section.  Trey was cool with the situation--even toasted with Joe in the middle of the party.  But Trey's security and camp wasn't having it.  The two camps threw punches at each other and duked it out--with Trey getting slightly involved in the end.  Check out what our source who saw everything first hand had to say as they were hired to photograph the whole party:
R&B singer Joe came through Lounge 501 last night, but wasn’t a booked act. So naturally the club tried to accommodate him. Here’s the underlying drama, Joe was seated in Trey Songz section. Now Trey arrives and although everything appeared to be cool, Trey wasn’t that excited about Joe taking up his space. No one really wanted to let Joe know he had to move from that area (assuming because he had the gonnies with him). And Joe’s goons weren’t that excited about them being side eyed by Trey’s people! Joe’s goons got a lil roudy with Trey’s security and a small scuffle begin. And based on the looks of Joe’s camp they weren’t victorious. By this time, Joe’s people are being escorted out by Trey’s security looking a bit hurt, but the situation appears to be tamed. That’s when they turned back and attempted to finish what they started. Now Trey’s skinny ass gets involved and gets knocked down. And more so than Joe’s camp being involved, all the regular dudes were throwing punches and trying to get at him. They were trying to kick him and punch him. Eventually the situation was ceased and Joe’s camp left the building. In all the mayhem Trey and his camp left without a scratch. Joe’s camp on the other hand, not so much!
Right after the party, Trey Tweeted this: Had a good night despite the hate. Miami Tomorrow, Jimmy Kimmel, Monday. Realize ur blessings and appreciate them, I'm trying 2 do the same! Wow. We're still doing this fighting ish in the clubs? Smh. More party pics under the cut...

Amber Rose Parties In ATL+Chris Brown Set For ABC Interview

Amber Rose and her Fendi shades hit up Primal in Atlanta last night to party it up.

I see panties, vests, and leotards are the things to wear at the club these days.

In other news, Chris Brown has been confirmed to interview with Robin Roberts on ABC .  The show will air December 11th, 3 days after his Graffiti album release.  He taped it last weekend.  ABC is catching heat from its viewers who are livid that they would put Chris Brown on his own segment, but will cancel Adam Lambert's performance because of his "gay sexual insinuations" at the AMAs. Chris will not be performing live though. More pics of Amber Rose under the cut...

Jay-Z's Destination 40th Birthday Bash!

Rihanna's Rated R Launch Party (Plus The Juice)

Rihanna hit her Rated R launch party last night at the Juliette Superclub in NYC rocking this gold spikey dress and uber hot gold spiked Louboutins.  Def Jam put the smack down on letting media inside, but we got some juice anyway from our inside source at the party.  Rih arrived to her bash around 1 am.  We're told she had the VIP area completely cleared out so her crew could drink and smoke in peace.   Such a f'in lady.

She changed into this red risque dress by Phillipe Blond and sheer thigh highs while heading out.  Loving the detail on these dresses.  But something screams LET'S GET IT IN RIGHT NOW about the whole  looks.

Diddy and Jay-Z arrived in Jay's Maybach around 12:30a to come help Rih celebrate.

And bedroom thigh highs must be all the rage this season.  Because Selita Ebanks rocked hers as well.  She's looking hot though. More party pics when you read the rest...


Tahj Mowry recently performed with Boom Boom Satellites at the Viper Room in LA. And his sisters Tia and Tamera came out to support:


Alesha Renee had her b-day party at Marquee in NY last night.  She had some fun with friends and DJ Whoo Kid. And Queen Latifah promo'd her new Queen fragrance at Macy's today:

More pics when you read the rest...

Bodyguard Julius Got Groupies?!+Weezy & Vivica Party In Miami

Looky looky:

Beyonce's typically hot head bodyguard Julius got snapped up in some pics with groupies (ok, one of them is Beyonce's band member) at a club recently. The Twitter account who posted them says he was getting much groupie love.  This is fun-ny. Wonder what his girlfriend thinks... UPDATE: Apparently both chicks are in B's band.  Goes to show we can't trust just any stan. Pics of Weezy and Vivica in Miami when you read the rest...

*EXCLUSIVE PICS* Inside Diddy's B-Day Bash (Including Trey Songz's Newest Plaything)

TheYBF.com was on the scene at Diddy's 40th b-day bash last night in NYC.  We posted other pics from it already right here, but now here's our exclusive pics from inside the party.

Look who we spied.  Trey Songz walked in--hand in hand--with gorgeous NYC model/actress Tanaya.  They definitely looked like more than "just friends", but she could just be his NYC plaything.  Y'all know how cutie Tremaine does...

Diddy's first baby moms and now stylist Misa Hylton was spotted chatting it up with Martha Stewart.  Lookin' good Ms. Misa.

And of course, Dirty Money chica Dawn was there for her "groupmate."  She brought her Badboy boo Que along. More pics when you read the rest...