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New Couple Alerts


New Couple Alerts: Michelle Williams & Henry Simmons+Nia Long & Kevin Phillips

Star magazine is dishing on new Black Hollywood couples:  Oh really Michelle? I guess Cuttino Mobley is officially out of the picture.  Get it Nia.  I ain't even mad.

Star & GAl Headed To Splitsville?+J. Holiday's New Chick?

Photog: Nunez/Wireimage
There have been rumblings for a while, but now someone in Star's camp is putting out statements.  Sources are reporting Star Jones is about to give GAl Reynolds the Prada boot out of her life.  Reportedly, a source close to Star has stated:
“Star is planning to divorce Al...I think Star felt Al had spent their marriage riding her success while she did all the heavy lifting. She resented it. Deep down, Star is a very old-fashioned woman who believes a man should support her emotionally, physically and financially. She now believes Al failed her.”  
Are we really surprised?  Dude did lose/quit his high paid banker job damn near right after they got married.  And all his party time and chill time with his boyfriends for damn sure didn't allow him to find a new job.  We all saw it coming.  And I wouldn't be surprised if he dropped a "Terry McMillan story" on her ass either.  Good luck with that Star. 

So Remy Ma Is Engaged To Papoose?

Oh yes, it's that ghetto love.  Aside from the fact I'm confused as all hell that somebody is wifing up Remy Ma, I'm extra confused where rapper Papoose fits into this picture.  Who the hell saw this coming?  And seeing that Papoose looks like a gecko's uncle, what will the kids look like?  So many questions, so little time to really care.  I would pay money to hit up that weddin

Ne-Yo's "Baby Mama" Is Flo-Rida's New Chick?

  Ne-Yo's ex/baby mama Jessica (now known as JesseWhite has indeed moved on to becoming rapper Flo-Rida's new chick.  She's been putting Ne-Yo on blast for a while now and has been trying to set the record straight about his actual daddy status. And of course, she's still craving the flashing lights.  Jesse, who is still trying to launch her singing career, was spotted toting around with her new lil boo everywhere recently.  And these pics of her and Flo-Rida that hit my inbox are just begging to get talked about...

YBF Exclusive: Jamie Foxx Jet Sets With His New Video Chick Dollicia?

  Rumors circulated recently about Jamie Foxx having a new lil boo-well known video chick and model Dollicia Bryan.  But now YBF snitches have turned over some photographic evidence of their "coupledom".

Candid Fab+"Lynching" Drama...Again+Raven Won't Be Swinging From Chandeliers+Lil Wayne & Nivea Part 2?

Photog: Lacroix 
Willada was spotted leaving Cut Steakhouse last night in Beverly Hills.  They were dining with their BFFs Tom and Katie.  And no, they haven't been kidnapped by the roboticness that is TomKat.

Video Fab: Mariah's "Touch My Body"+What's Really Hood Keyshia Cole & Floyd Mayweather?

MiMi has debuted her brand new video for "Touch My Body". Not very different from any other vid she's done, but oh well. Click the image above it check it out.