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VIDEO: Khia's "Been A Bad Girl"


Umm, So Khia has released her brand new video for "Been A Bad Girl."  Words sounds like a remix to "My Neck, My Back." And I'll leave the knock off GaGa outfits to y'all. Check the video when you read on...


VIDEO FAB: Maxwell's "Fistful Of Tears"+Toni Braxton's "Make My Heart"

Maxwell debuted his brand new video "Fistful Of Tears" today.  And Toni Braxton broke her new video for "Make My Heart".  Check them out under the cut...


VIDEO FAB: Drake's "Over"

Here's the official video for Drake's first single "Over" off his debut studio album. Check it under the cut...


MORNING VIDS: Tiger Just Does It With Nike+The Dream's "Love King"

Tiger Woods' brand new commercial for Nike was just released. The commercial was shot just a few weeks ago around his home in Orlando. And Tiger's tugging at heartstrings by using the voice of his late father Earl Woods as the audio track. And some folks say this is an uncanny way to try to regain support from fans and non-fans alike. Your thoughts? The Dream's new video when you read the rest...

Rihanna Bites The Hand That Feeds Her?+Flicks From Teairra Mari's New "Automatic" Video

Rihanna spoke this week about being anti-product placement in her videos.  Reportedly she was asked the question in relation to GaGa and Honey Bee's much talked about and obvious product placement throughout their "Telephone" video.  Rih says she hates businesses pushing their ish in her videos because it then feels like an ad campaign, not a video: RIHANNA is fed up with music executives placing products into her music videos, because it transforms her work into “ad campaigns”. The Umbrella hitmaker claims too many singers agree to show off gadgets or designer goods in their videos to boost the budget - and wants to see an end to the money-spinning marketing tactic. She tells Britain’s NME, “I don’t like things to be so commercial. I hate product placement in my videos. Videos should just tell the story of the song. “With product placement, it becomes this big ad campaign. I just don’t like that. Sometimes we have to (use products in music videos), for whatever political reason, but it’s never my first choice.” Last week (ends04Apr10) reps at Kelly Rowland’s label Universal Motown sent a mass email to all major brands, urging bosses to place their products in her upcoming single’s video. Source Well seeing that "product placement" made your "S.O.S." song the promo music for Nike and Agent Provocateur a few years ago, you make serious dough as the face of Cover Girl and Gucci, and now use product placement as a means to have high budget videos, it may be best to keep thoughts like this in your head.  No matter how valid.  Somebody's got to foot the bill right?  Just sayin'.... Pics from the set of Teairra Mari's new video when you read the rest...

Ciara's "Ride" Flicks+Candids

  Ciara's riding it out in her new video "Ride" with Ludacris.  Here's some flicks from the set thanks to ThisIsRnB.  

And she was also spotted hitting the hair salon looking undercover in her hoodie the other day.  Like most of us do when it's about that time. More pics when you read the rest....

*FIXED* VIDEO FAB: Janet Jackson's "Nothing"

Here's the world premiere of Ms.