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FIRST LOOK: Flicks From 'The Montana Fishburne Sex Tape'

We have the stills from the as-yet-untitled sex tape starring Montana Fishburne, the daughter of veteran actor Laurence Fishburne.  Produced by Vivid Entertainment, this tape is supposed to make Montana the NEXT Kim Kardashian

I don't see it....but maybe you will when you read on...

SPOTTED: Halle Berry On The Set of "Dark Tide"

Check out the photos of Halle Berry showing off her curves on the set of her new movie Dark Tide...

FIRST LOOK: Jennifer Hudson And Terrance Howard As "Winnie And Nelson Mandela" + Sex Tips From Tank

We have the first pic of YBF celebs Jennifer Hudson and Terrance Howard in their roles as Winnie and Nelson Mandela for you.

See the pic, learn more about the movie and Tank's sex tips when you read on...

MOVIE STILLS: Flicks From Why Did I Get Married Too?

Lionsgate studio released two brand new flicks from Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? movie:

This sequel is set in the Bahamas.  I see they still gave Jill Scott this ugly wig. The full synopsis and second pic when you read the rest....

MOVIE FAB: Janet Jackson, 50 Cent, & LeToya Luckett

Janet Jackson just announced on her official website that she's back in full force. She has a brand new album in the works, as well as a new book, in addition to being back on the set of Why Did I Get Married 2: Later this year, Janet will publish her first book, providing an intimate look at her life and how she has dealt with issues of self-esteem. Janet will reveal aspects not known before about her uniquely successful career not only in music but in television and motion pictures. The next months and new year will also bring another film starring Janet as she joins Tyler Perry in his sequel, Why Did I Get Married Too, followed by a new album slated to released during the first quarter of 2010. Yay Janet! More movie news from 50 Cent and LeToya Luckett when you read the rest...

DO WE LOVE IT?: 50 Cent's New Bald Look

50 Cent is rocking a brand new bald look for his new movie Caught In Crossfire. He kicked off filming in Grand Rapids, Michigan last Friday:

Lakers Baller Derek Fisher's Stalker Is Nuts!+Other Ish

Why is stalking like--the thing to do these days?  L.A. Laker Derek Fisher has some serious drama to worry about other than the NBA Championship title.  He just had to make his temporary restaining order against his long time stalker permanent.  Why?  Because the crazy heffa has been showing up to his house scaring the daylights out of his wife an kids.  And it doesn't help that homegirl has legally changed her last name to "Fisher".  She put on her myspace page that she is "The REAL Mrs. Fisher."  Wow.  Chicks really need to get it together.  I really hope chick doesn't end up in a fight with La La or somebody when the Nuggest v. Lakers game start. Here's flicks of David Banner and Boris Kodjoe in their new movie The Confidant:

Here's the synopsis: The Confidant” is a tantalizing suspense thriller, written and directed by award winning writer Alton Glass. The movie is an intricately woven tale about two childhood best friends that have an unusually strong bond, and an even more intriguing secret. He storyline includes both Kodjoe and Banner’s characters each being on a path to promising futures, one as a first round NFL draft pick, and the other a talented artist. A complicated web of lies, gambling, murder, and a pact between friends, sends one to prison and the other to fame. After eleven years locked away, the innocent of the two (Banner) comes to collect on the debt, and is determined to have the life that was taken away from him…by any means necessary! Pics of Taj George and her hubby Eddie when you read the rest...