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In Lock Up


Weekend Randomness

Well look who got popped with a possessions charge:

The Regulator himself Warren G.  He was arrested for possession of narcotics around 2a this morning on the streets of Hollywood after his friend in the driver's seat Ryan Butler ran a red light.  Then police found enough weed in the car to nab Warren and Ryan with an additional charge of "intent to sell".  He posted a $20,000 bond several hours hours later.  Damn G. 

More ish when you read the rest...



Remy Ma Takes An L Today+Alicia Keys Set To Hawk Vitamin Water For $50 Mill?

DMX & Al Sharpton Locked Up...Again+Beyonce's Midnight Cravings

I guess Popeye's restaurants (Bey's usual indulgence) are hard to come by in NY. Beyonce was in serious need of a burger fix right after the Metropolitan Costume Gala the other night and stopped by Pop Burger still in her ball gown...with Jay in tow...to get them to open their doors after closing time and bag up some burgers for them to go. Midnight cravings huh? I ain't speculating but um....

Dennis Rodman Arrested!

Wesley Gets Got!

Wesley leaving court today after his sentencing-AP
We all knew it was coming. Especially when dude was dodging the feds and escaping to Africa a while back. But the Feds definitely got Wesley Snipes today and sentenced him to 3 years in prison on tax charges.

Carmelo Anthony Cops A DUI?

Multi millionaire NBA dudes never cease to amaze me. Carmelo Anthony, seemingly eternal fiance of MTV's LaLa Vasquez, was arresed this morning in Denver on suspicion of drunk driving. According to reports: Anthony was driving south on Interstate 25 at around 4 a.m. when he was pulled over and taken into custody.

Damn Heffa!

That chick Naomi Campbell is at it again--sans her Blackberry. She was handcuffed and yanked off her British Airlines flight today at London's Heathrow airport thanks to her going crazy behind 3 missing carry-on bags of hers.