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Mathew Knowles To Angie Beyince: Lose Weight?!


Mashonda Pops Up At Swizzy & Alicia's Party?+Whitney Sings For Oprah

Mashonda proved she's a class act the other night.  She showed up to her soon to be ex-hubby Swizz Beatz' surprise birthday party at Kush Lounge right after the VMAs.  Even though the party was being thrown by his mistress turned official girl Alicia Keys. Swizz--who turned thirty just 2 weeks ago--and Mashonda have been dogging each other out int he media about this divorce, but it looks like they've made nice somewhat.  Apparently the party was a surprise for Swizzy, but he found out last minute and invited Mashonda.  And she surprisingly showed up with Kanye's ex-fiance Alexis.  Here's the tea our source at the party tells us went down:
Swizz invited Mashonda late that night because it was a surprise party. When she walked in, all the family and friends of the former couple greeted hee with their mouths wide open and in shock. They showed her much love. They just seemed so thrilled that all the drama was over.
And about the Mashonda and Alicia interaction:
Alicia and her family were in total shock as well. Mashonda danced for a while and had a drink with Estelle and Sean Paul. The beauty of the night was that Mashonda walked over to Swizz and gave him a b-day hug, then shook Alicia's hand. It was so fly to see Mashonda be such a class act. Jay-Z offered her and Alexis a ride in his security's truck to their next destination since they were leaving out at the same time. Mashonda and Swizz have a great and very unique relationship now. He knows what kind of woman he had and I can tell he's not trying to lose her completely.

The NY Post reports spotting Mashonda at this party as well. Gotta love it. Video of Whitney on "Oprah "yesterday when you read the rest...

REUNITED: Nas & Kelis?!

*Cue Mario and Gucci Mane*

Def Jam's 25th Anniversary+Sheree Debuts At Fashion Week

Celebs hit up Def Jam's 25th Anniversary party last night at Juliet in NYC:

Eva Marcille looked fab of course.

And Teyana Taylor got cutesie with Melody Thornton and Young Vaughn. ATL Housewife Sheree Whitfield debuted her She by Sheree line today during the NYC Fashion Week hoopla:

This looks interesting. And Melyssa Ford rocked some braids at the Toronto Film Fest press conference for Chris Rock's "Good Hair":

More pics when you read the rest....

Rick Ross Got ENGAGED?!

More Drama With Sisqo's Alleged Son & Baby Mama

Remember this story that came out back in July about Dru Hill's Sisqo allegedly knocking up one of his 14 year old groupies 10 years ago? Well her real name is Jamila Ford (which she hid at first) and she's still trying to get Sisqo to fess about her and their son Ian. Here's what she tells YBF: My name is Jamila Farid and I just came out with my life story ( in two major local magazines and news paper) regarding my son Ian, with Singer Sisqo. Our son is now 9 years old about to turn 10 in November. Of course the singer does not admit to his son and I am very tired of it. My goal is NOT to be famous or get rich of my story, but to finally have him to stand up to his son and stop denying it! I currently live in Switzerland and our son was concieved when Sisqo was here 10 years ago touring with Dru Hill. I am now 25 years old. I have been trying to get in contact with Sisqo or his people, but he keeps denying it, so my alternative is to just put it on blast untill he steps up. God bless him, but dear Sisqo it IS your SON! Thank you young black and fabulous for helping me and our son to get this case resolved. She also sent over new pics of 10 year old Ian.  Click the jump for them...

TIDBITS: Frankie, Neffie, Jay-Z Will Be On "Oprah Show", & Janet

Our photographer spotted Frankie at an art event in Atlanta hosted by Upscale magazine.  And no, we have no clue who invited her or where she shops for her event clothes:

Even Boris was a bit confused.

Photog: Paras Griffin

Speaking of Frankie, her daughter Neffe claims that whole Twitter fiasco with ATL Housewife Kim Zolciak was a misunderstanding.  Because "The Real Neffe" isn't her:

It was a rude awakening to start my day receiving phone calls about some so-called “twitter beef” I have going on with one of the Atlanta Housewives and one that I don’t even really know. First of all, this twitter account circulating with my name is NOT ME. I don’t even really twitter and I especially wouldn’t spend energy to post anyone’s personal information on a world-wide forum, for what? That serves no purpose to me. Secondly, I am raising a family and have too many daily responsibilities that take up too much of my valuable time t o be involving myself in some petty, childish foolishness.

And please know that I must be growing and changing because even though I am mad as hell that someone feels the need to misrepresent me in the most unnecessary way, I refuse to get involved in a catty battle with someone that I don’t even know. So to the haters, sorry to disappoint if you were expecting me to revert back to behaviors of the past, but I have too much joy in my life to have it be compromised by a false rumor. And with that said, I look forward to really getting deep into this blog and sharing experiences and asking you guys questions that will hopefully move us all in a more positive direction.

Source: Global Grind

"Don't really Twitter". I mean...either you do or you don't. Can't half a half Twitter account. And some kind of way the "fake Neffe: had the correct phone number for Kim. So I don't know. This whole situation seems suspect.

Here's what "The Real Neffe" posted on Twitter before this statement came out:

More news when you read the rest...