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News from Splitsville: Usher will reportedly be including his tumultuous divorce from Tameka Raymond on his upcoming album Monster.  According to Hollyscoop, in his new album he has a song entitled, "Filing Papers," which is undoubtedly about his pending divorce. He says: "We're just recycling a lot of what we do or at times what has been done, so there’s been so many great artists who have been able to tell stories. I kind of grabbed on to a few of my personal stories and put it in my music grabbed on to some of the emotion of the past, you know what a classic R&B Usher pop record is." Well this ought to be interesting.

An ATL Housewife  Kandi is back at it. She's spoken out again and she says rumors of her replacing Paula Abdul on "AI" are untrue. She also says she still believes NeNe did call her a "weak ass woman" despite NeNe claiming she never said it in that interview that sparked an all out war between the two on an ATL radio station: During taping, I pretty much got along with everyone. It wasn't until the end that Nene and I started clashing," she explained. "My thing with NeNe is she portrays herself to be this real chick, but she really is not. She's fake to me, but she is always saying stuff about people, and she tries to take it back or play it down later on." And Kandi is also still defending her fiance AJ and won't answer whether he's ever been a street pharmacist: I feel very bad that he is catching so much heat for just being in a relationship with me, because he didn't sign on to the show I did," she said. "And I feel bad for him and his kids. The kids come over here all the time. A lot of them are older and they are on the Internet and seeing the things being said about their father. I felt horrible, [but] there is nothing I can really do about it." "He is financially stable and has his own money and he has a lot of businesses that I know of. I see things that he is doing that are legit, so as far as speculating on what went on before me, he has shown me legit stuff. I don't want to go off into all of that, but it is what it is." Catch the rest of the story over at Black Voices. Speaking of the Housewives, we've got some sneak peeks from this week's episode. This week, Dwight (aka the sixth housewife) plans an extravagant 50th birthday bash for himself and proves to be a huge divo day-of with all of the last minute details. Kandi meets up with TLC's T-Boz for lunch where Kandi divulges the situation with her fiancé’s numerous "baby mamas":

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Kanye's Ex Brooke ENGAGED!+Oprah Sued For A Trillie+"ATL Housewives" Sneak Peeks

Remember Kanye's ex-girlfriend Brooke? And remember her "Harlem Heights" co-star Christian? Well months after reports of them being officially coupled up hit the gossip mill, the two are now engaged. Don't know the details of how the proposal went down....but I do know it went down at about 5am this morning. Brooke even Twitpic'd the engagement ring photo and news. Chick is determined to get another reality show deal at all costs.