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Rihanna's New Boo Is An NBA Baller?

Chris Brown Parties It Up In VA

Chris Breezy headed home to Virginia over the weekend:

So Chingy's Sexing It Up With Trannys?+Bow Wow's Sick?

Rappers kiki'ing it up with transexuals and bisexuals is becoming a theme these days.

GOSSIP BITS: Keshia Knight Pulliam Faker, Day 26, Bobby Brown, & Diddy's Son Quincy

A few fake Keshia Knight Pulliam Twitter accounts popped up and have now been removed.  But certain celebs didn't know they were fraudulent.  Young Berg and Malik Yoba and  their direct messages were put on blast last night by the fake Keshia.  Don't worry fellas, we were nice enough to block out your full phone numbers you included:
"@TheRealYungBerg@k_knightpulliam I would love to fly yo sexy ass out to miami wit me, whats good?! hit my line 925-[removed]" "@malikyoba @k_knightpulliam Damn girl!!! mmm mmm mmm How u have womanized!! Hit Me direct # 310-[removed]"
Tyrese also sent her a message saying when she comes up to New York, he'll "show her some things".  So this is how dudes spit game in Hollywood?  And yes, those are their real accounts as they publicize them often.  Malik even posted this message on Twitter when he realized he was blasted:
Deleting the fake profiles from my page. Folks @k_knightpulliam is a fake aka @fakerudhuxtbl

I'm sure they'll be verifying their fave celeb chicks from this point on... More gossip bits when you read the rest....

So Who's Lying?

Interesting how yesterday, Chris Brown's people were quick to put out a statement saying that he did not know the Girlicious chick Natalie Mejia that he was spotted leaving the tattoo parlor with over the weekend.  They confirmed it was Natalie in the pictures, but she's actually his friend Dean's friend and he doesn't really know Natalie and he's still single.  Even her friends have supposedly spoken out saying she and Chris are "just friends" and "just met". But last night, Natalie herself told folks she and Chris' relationship is "personal" and he's been "nothing but a gentleman":
It’s true we did visit a tattoo parlor together but I can’t say if we got anything done because that is personal...Things are going well between us but I really do not want to comment much more than that right now. He has treated me like a [sic] gentleman at all times actually and there are no complaints.”
Hmmm. Doesn't sound like Ms. Natalie is someone Chris just met and "doesn't know personally". Chris' people are also trying to make people believe he and Rihanna are completely dunzo. That's difficult to believe when reports say they were indeed together this past weekend celebrating Easter festivities. Even Chris' mom Joyce came through to see Rih Rih we hear. What's really hood around those Hollywood parts? More pics of Rihanna at LAX the other day when you read the rest....

Afternoon Perks: How's Your Favorite Rapper In Bed? (NSFW)

Now I don't usually post ish like this, but why the hell not this time? Groupies are trying to become literary poets these days and posting their sexcapades on the net. Plus, most of these stories line up with what many of my groupie sources having been telling me for years. So check it in all its rawness: Jay-Z Boring. The biggest d*ck you'll ever see in your life, but boring. Huge. Like a one-liter Pepsi bottle. What do you call those things? The 20-ounce bottle. It's beyond huge. It could block the sun. And he screams like a b*tch when he busts. It's horrible. He has a big, humungous d*ck and has no idea what to do with it. He always wanted head first, then back-shots. Then he'd always try and stick it in the asshole. I don't know what the fu*k he thought he was doing with that big-ass d*ck. Andre 3000 Dude is really gentle, he's an easy lover. You can tell he's not into fu*king, but making love. I gave him a massage, admired his tattoo of the man, woman and child on his back, as well the 7 and star on his chest and the possum on his arm, played with his hair watched Mobb Deep performing on some late night show. He made me take off this crayola colored wig I had on (I was a weird dresser myself), and admired all the hair I had underneath it. He's a toe sucker and a FIRE-ASS pu**y licker! Andre is hung, and he knows it. He wears tight whites, too (so cute). So if you see a bulge in his pants, it's real, it's really real!! As for his technique, he's very easy going. I kind of expected some freaky-deaky voo-doo feather fanning incense burning 'Ommmmmm' sex- but no. He's like a boyfriend, he gives you what you want, gets what he wants, he's verbal, but not vulgar. He's just a grown man about it all. He's one of the ones you'd let spend the night. He's one of the ones you JUST MIGHT get up and cook some breakfast for :-) After leaving, my homegirls said that the band said Dre never gets down with 'groupies'. They kept asking if I modeled and said that I was real fly. Oh yeah, and he walked me out - damn, I should have stayed the night, but I was the Designated Driver, and still an all around 'Good Girl'. That was the wildest thing I've ever done. More juiciness when you read the rest. And if you couldn't tell by now, this ish is NSFW and explicit....

Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade Are PREGNANT?!