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Foolywang Material


Plies: You Are NOT F'in Serious.

I don't even know where to begin, so I'm just going to let y'all check out this new trailer your favorite Bust It Baby Plies is pushing around trying to get a network to pick up. It's for his new reality show he's calling "Goonette".

FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: Dwight Eubanks, His Fiance, & His Mink Pants

In case you missed it:

Dwight Eubanks, b.k.a. "The Real Housewives Of ATL" 's 6th Housewife, has announced his engagement at a dinner party over the weekend. And yes, it's to a woman.  They even tried to get it poppin' in the bathroom at one point:

FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: Angel Lola Luv Distracts You With Her Sheerness

Get Your Lysol Ready: Ice-T & CoCo-T Celebrate!

It's CoCo's birthday.  And you know what that means---skankaliciousness at its finest.  Ice-T and his girl CoCo-T celebrated her b-day at NY's Imperial Room over the weekend. And, as usual, it looked like they had all types of rubbery oily fun:

More foolishness when you read the rest...

FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: Trina Is...Trina & Mama Frankie Gets It Poppin'

Because Foolywang Material never goes out of style: Trina hit up New Orleans' Club Exquisite this week to perform in this foolishness.  And I see she's not trying to let those shoes go.  But honestly, the EXTRA repeated shoes are the least of her worries.  What in the cheap figure skating corseted wigalicious fishnet hell is wrong with this picture?  And who are these people trying to hop on stage like this ish is hot??  Sigh.  There's a time and place for "costumes".  And for some reason, Trina just cant pull this mess off. And remember those pics of Keyshia Cole's mama Frankie showing out at a party over the weekend?  And I said I hope there's video?  Well there is:

This is a sh*tty mess. I can't. More pics of Ms. Trina when you read the rest...

Show Of Hands: Who's Going To Tiny's Nail Bar?

So it looks like Tiny is really ready to open her new nail bar. It's called Tiny's Nail Bar and will debut in Stockbridge, GA. She's making it the place to be for relaxing manicures, pedicures and other self-indulging services such as massages, body wraps and spray tanning--along with complimentary health drinks and juices. Will there be a choice of sherbert colors to match my nails and hair?

Rihanna Set For A Bodyguard Movie Remake?

Word has it Rihanna hit the Big Apple this weekend to take a bunch of movie meetings. Apparently she's in talks to reinvent Whitney Houston's starring role in The Bodyguard--an update version. There's also talk of her getting scripts for another Charlie's Angels installment alongside Justin Timberlake. Rihanna's camp denied the movie meeting gossip bits.