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Foolywang Material


Celebs Hit The Blackberry Storm Launch Party

Celebs hit Club Avalon in Hollywood last night for the BBerry Storm launch: DAMMIT GOLDEN!!!  Why must we slap a track in the front of our head like no one can tell that uncovered slapped on track is 99% different than the rest of your hair?  Why must we continue to do these things?  I've decided to now blame her friends and family.

Run It: "Single Ladies" Dance Off!

So Youtube vids of proud card carrying members of Team Tang have popped up.  And it's time to decide which man runs it in their version of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video:

This dude right here did the entire video from star

Terrence J, Rocsi, & Lauren London Hit Up NC A&T+Foolywang Material

Terrence J hosted his alma mater North Carolina A&T's Homecoming weekend recently. And he brought his friends Rocsi and Lauren London to the Stomp The Yard festivities: Fun times.
{Thanks Anthony}
And look who was spotted looking quite...botoxed...at a party for somebody named Mr. Rikk The Hard Money Lender: Saaphayri and Chingy.  What's really hood with those two?  And um, Saaphyri looka-lika-man. And in cuter news, Lisa Bonet's hubby and daughter were spotted out and about in NYC without her yesterday.  Awww. Lots more pics when you read the rest...

Evening Tidbits

When will this ish stop?: The official word is now out about the Stallionaire brothers and their new show "A Real Chance At Love".  Check it:
Bachelor brothers Real and Chance may not have been lucky in love on “I Love New York” but now they will both get a second chance with “Real Chance of Love” premiering October 20 at 9:00PM*. The tables have turned for these horse-breeding, music-producing entertainer brothers known as the “Stallionaires” who were just seen in the high stakes show “I Love Money” where they duked it out in an attempt to win the grand prize of $250,000. Real tried to find love on “I Love Money” after proposing to Hoopz but was sadly turned down once again. Now, Real and Chance are the ones in control and this time it’ll be a gamble for 17 young ladies who will move into their ranch house to fight for their hearts. After getting dismissed by New York in “I Love New York” Real and Chance are in it to win it this time around. And they are being extremely cautious before they choose their queen of hearts. To prevent getting dealt another bad hand, these ladies will have to lay all their cards on the table to impress these two guys. They will compete in challenges designed to test for the qualities Real and Chance are looking for in a woman. Each week, two women will be eliminated until the final episode when the guys will ultimately decide who they want to take a real chance of love with. In this 9-episode series, these two brothers are certainly wild but in very different ways. Chance is a charming player who gets himself into trouble with his explosive personality. Real is the perfect gentleman with a romantic side he isn’t afraid to show. What these brothers are looking for in a woman is quite different, but in the end what the “Stallionaires” might want could be the same woman.
Here's more promo pics of the wiggy s-curl juice dripping tangyness and foolywangery: I just can't.
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Pics of Thandie Newton and Idris Elba on the red carpet when you read the rest...

Oh Hells No Foxy.

So Wet-N-Wild Inga celebrated her birthday a few nights ago in the NYC.  And ya'll already know she brought the nip slip and jumbo pack of braid hair foolishness to the party: All kinds of FAIL going on here. NSFW pics of Foxy's nip slip when you read the rest...

Foolywang Material: Trina & Blu Cantrell

I'm not sure WTF is going on with Blu Cantrell other than this obvious coke habit she's adopted: But damn if she doesn't look a hot ass mess these days.  And if she doesn't stop rocking those Gucci boots with every damn thing... Get it together Blu.  Looking like she just fini

Mama Frankie Is Still A Fierce Kitty

Cameras caught our favorite celeb mommy, Keyshia Cole's mama Ms.