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Foolywang Material


Lil Kim & Others Set For Dancing With the Stars+50 Cent Is STILL Wildin' On Rick Ross+News On Farrah's New Group

Even though the cast wasn't supposed to be announced until tonight, sources have found out who are the next stars to dance with...the stars. In the upcoming season number...whatever...of Dancing With The Stars--Lil Kim, David Allen Grier, and NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor will all be putting on their dancing shoes. The rest of the competition is Denise Richards, Nancy O'Dell, Chuck Wicks, Steve O, Ty Murray, Gilles Marini, Jewel, Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Go's, Steve Wozniak of Apple, and Olympic Gold Medalist Gymnast Shawn Johnson. And dammit, I'm pulling for Kim on this one...
50 Cent is continuing his foolywangery of video attacks against officer Ricky Ross. And this time he's donning a wig that supposedly looked like Ricky back in the day and saying he's Pimpin' Curly:

Straight reckless. And this dude is not slick at all. He knows how to pimp stuff (and people) to make his ass some change... Meanwhile, Ricky's baby moms Tia is still going around yapping her mouth telling her tales to sell some more of her upcoming books:

What some chicks will do for a fur, Gucci shoes, and 20 minutes of fame. Damn shame. More when you read the rest...


LisaRaye has given an "exclusive" interview to Essence.com to clear her name. She says she's not a gold digger like everybody's accusing her of, and she's never claimed to be "hood" since her father was a multi millionaire who owned hotels. motels, and all kinds of things on the South side of Chicago:
ESSENCE.COM: Many balked at your whirlwind romance and marriage and accused you of being an opportunist. How do you feel about that assessment of your character? LISARAYE: First of all, I'm a fan of love and partnership. I would say this to my critics: If a man comes to you there obviously has to be a connection. I had a man who's smart and powerful and who I fell in love with. He's embracing my family. Add the fact that I have an opportunity to bring tourism to his country and be involved in something historical. Who in the hell would say no? But what scared me was the idea of being First Lady? ESSENCE.COM: What frightened you about assuming that role? LISARAYE: I knew nothing about being a First Lady or politics. I'm thinking, What am I going to have to change? I'm on a successful sitcom, my daughter is in high school and I'm the breadwinner. What am I going to do? Then Prince Charming comes my way and I'm saying, "God, did You send this man to me to take me away like Calgon".
Girl stop. The best quote out of this whole interview:
“I like the finer things in life so I don’t make any apologies for the men I choose to date,”
So basically you're saying you ARE a gold digger? Just asking. I mean, if you're not going to make apologies for it, then why deny the "accusations" of your "opportunistic ways"? Again, just asking. And honestly, my attention span isn't even allowing me to care any further than me typing this ish. Here's Kanye and his crew at Paris Fashion week: Ummm. More on this when you read the rest...

FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: Tiffany "New York" Pollard's Birthday Bash

Check out the foolywang material that is Tiffany "New York" Pollard at her birthday party last night at Area in Hollywood: Who...and why...was this done? I would have let it go thinking i

But His ________ Looks Nice.

I'm sure the British YBF readers will appreciate this. I don't know who or what this is but apparently he goes by the name of Mr. Motivator. And the foolywangery must be discussed. He's on GMTV (in the UK) for the first time in ten years with his trademark outfits to get people motivated and healthy again: Mr.

What Is A Unique?

I feel like post like these are necessary every once in a while because people are just getting out of control with these "images" these days.  We had to do the same with Norwood Young.  Apparently this dude's name is Unique and he's a singer...or something:

This Ish Must Stop Kim.

Kim Ho Chi Min was up to her foolywang material again while performing in Austria this weekend: Apparently Europe is feenin' for some Kim so she's making her rounds.  And so is that bedazzled bra of hers.  More pics when you read the rest...

Attack Of The Plastics: Lil Kim & Michael Jackson

So Lil Kim was spotted partying it up at Club Sofa in the NYC last night.  Is this what she's getting paid to do these days?: I know for a fact there's a plastic shortage at her doctor's office. And in other foolywang news, Michael Jackson was spotted out shopping this week: Looking like he needs to find Jesus. What in the Zorro nomad hell is going on here?  And there has GOT to be a law somewhere saying he shouldn't be buying baby calendars.  Just saying... More NSFW Lil Kim pics after the cut....