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Foolywang Material


EVENT FAB: CHANEL Party+Norwood Young's Screening+BMI Showcase

Kerry Washington and Viola Davis hit up the CHANEL party for Tribeca Film Fest last night:

Kerry rocked her Chanel tweed dress and Chanel silver clutch and both ladies looked nice.

However, Norwood Young busted out this satiny shiny white and gold smedium suit with suede slippers for his "Just Norwood" screening.  Sigh.  And I'm just going to have to Luenell slide on this.  I'm too distracted by other things in these pics.

And Trey Songz performed at the BMI Unsigned artists event in Atlanta yesterday.  He's such a cutie. More pics of these folks and others when you read the rest...


So rapper Jacki-O performed at the Hiram ballroom in Baltimore recently.  We have no clue why or what she was performing...but this outfit makes us not really care:

FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: Somebody Come Get Their Uncle Dwight & Cousin Derek J

This ish is flat out unacceptable. Dwight Eubanks--fashion and hair care extraordinaire--and his friends have hit rock f'in bottom with this tomfoolery right here. So last night in ATL (where else?), a fashion show went down. And the Mistress of Ceremonies was your Uncle Dwight. Oh, but it gets better...

He decided to drop trow and get dressed in front of everybody there.

One of his fellow ATL hair care professionals Derek J (who works with some ATL celebs) was there too...looking like this. In the sheer white blouse and gold chains and genie pants. YBF's ATL snitches had to leave the party early because the foolywang material was way too thick. Real talk. Someone else who left out the event disappointed was Tiffany over at Atlanta Gossip. She reported:
The biggest disappointments of the evening was the bad execution, poor presenters, people in the audience talking during the presentation and the shows host, Mr. Dwight Eubanks of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." He made a complete mockery out of himself and acted like a diva changing clothes multiple times and getting drunk on stage. He even asked a white lady about the size of his d--k and someone had to take the drink out of his hands. What an idiot!!! Does he even have a d--k? His PR team really needs to go into overtime today and to talk him. He needs professional counseling! I'm convinced that anything associated with "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," I want nothing to do with it. That show is really CLASSLESS and I will NOT TUNE IN THE SECOND SEASON!!!
Smdh.... More foolishness (and possibly NSFW) when you read the rest....

Plies: You Are NOT F'in Serious.

I don't even know where to begin, so I'm just going to let y'all check out this new trailer your favorite Bust It Baby Plies is pushing around trying to get a network to pick up. It's for his new reality show he's calling "Goonette".

FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: Dwight Eubanks, His Fiance, & His Mink Pants

In case you missed it:

Dwight Eubanks, b.k.a. "The Real Housewives Of ATL" 's 6th Housewife, has announced his engagement at a dinner party over the weekend. And yes, it's to a woman.  They even tried to get it poppin' in the bathroom at one point:

FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: Angel Lola Luv Distracts You With Her Sheerness

Get Your Lysol Ready: Ice-T & CoCo-T Celebrate!

It's CoCo's birthday.  And you know what that means---skankaliciousness at its finest.  Ice-T and his girl CoCo-T celebrated her b-day at NY's Imperial Room over the weekend. And, as usual, it looked like they had all types of rubbery oily fun:

More foolishness when you read the rest...