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Foolywang Material


Details On NeNe Leakes' Book Deal+Fierce Kitty Frankie Wilds Out

Ummm.... Keyshia Cole's mama Frankie hit up a "Real Housewives of Atlanta" party--which not one Housewife was in attendance at--this weekend.  And chick is killin' the two step on the dance floor.  Actually, there is no dance floor.  What the hell is going on here Frankie?  Did Six Flags upgrade the spray paint to real graffiti shirts?  Is that a matching jacket completing the jean outfit.  Sigh.  Somebody call up the Dancing With The Stars producers.  I would pay money to see this chick compete against Lil Kim... More pics of Fierce Kitty Frankie after the jump... And we've got some exclusive dish on NeNe Leakes and her new book deal.  Even though she's saying she's "writing" a book--she's not writing it.  She's just telling it to a writer who writes it. An editor from Simon & Schuster revealed to YBF that "Real Housewife" NeNe got a pretty hefty sum to write her memoir - which is due out this summer. There wasn't even a standard book auction. It was a preemptive deal where Schuster just threw an obscene number out there that supposedly topped all others who may have been interested in a book deal. NeNe grabbed at the offer, but later stated to the editor and book agent that she probably could have gotten more from someone else. And the editor actually confirmed that she could have. Womp. The book will be clarifying rumors that are out there and discussing things that aren't. *side eye* It's set to be released during the season and the episodes will show her working on the book with her writer. More pics of Frankie when you read the rest...

Beyonce Covers April Issue Of VOGUE+New Dereon Ads

Beyonce is covering the April issue of VOGUE. No clue what she's selling this time around. Maybe her Obsessed movie set to hit theaters next month. Or maybe her world domination tour.

Snaps For The Kids...Literally.

The Beyonce World Domination continues. These little boys in the Phillipines have re-enacted B's "Single Ladies" video.

FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: Christina Milian Attacked By Bottle Of Bleach

Now I don't know who...or what...told Christina Milian bleaching her real hair this blonde was a good look.   But chick surely stepped out to the Atlanta Hawks vs. Cleveland Cavs game last night looking like this ish was the hottest thing since Rev. Al's perm: And look who she was snuggled up to at courtside.  Her new beau The Dream.  I'm tempted to boycott his ass for allowing this.  You're too fab for this Christina. More pics of ya girl's new 'do when you read the rest...

No Ma'am Al Reynolds.

Al Reynolds was spotted at Miami's Sunset Lounge at The Mondrian this weekend partying it up with some females.  And he thought it was A-OK to rock this hairstyle: Yes, this dude is rocking some braid extensions. And no, we don't believe he just got back from Jamaica. Our loyal YBF snitch spotted Al tucked away in a private section at the nightclub.

FOOLISHNESS: Jayson Williams & Raz-B

Here we go again with a Raz-B scandal. Apparently he's uploaded nude and pornographic pics of himself on an adult entertainment website by the name of Adultspace. Honestly, I kinda doubt the pics that are nude and showing his "eroticism" are him as they don't show his face. The ones showing his face are not nude. But there is one particular nude picture that has the same background details as a pic that does show his face. No word on if Chris Stokes is one of his Adultspace friends. So what's a girl to think? You be the judge. His page is here and it's indeed NSFW. You freaks have been warned... In other news, we've got some interesting extra info about the NBA star Jayson Williams foolishness going on. Click on to read about it...

Lil Kim & Others Set For Dancing With the Stars+50 Cent Is STILL Wildin' On Rick Ross+News On Farrah's New Group

Even though the cast wasn't supposed to be announced until tonight, sources have found out who are the next stars to dance with...the stars. In the upcoming season number...whatever...of Dancing With The Stars--Lil Kim, David Allen Grier, and NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor will all be putting on their dancing shoes. The rest of the competition is Denise Richards, Nancy O'Dell, Chuck Wicks, Steve O, Ty Murray, Gilles Marini, Jewel, Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Go's, Steve Wozniak of Apple, and Olympic Gold Medalist Gymnast Shawn Johnson. And dammit, I'm pulling for Kim on this one...
50 Cent is continuing his foolywangery of video attacks against officer Ricky Ross. And this time he's donning a wig that supposedly looked like Ricky back in the day and saying he's Pimpin' Curly:

Straight reckless. And this dude is not slick at all. He knows how to pimp stuff (and people) to make his ass some change... Meanwhile, Ricky's baby moms Tia is still going around yapping her mouth telling her tales to sell some more of her upcoming books:

What some chicks will do for a fur, Gucci shoes, and 20 minutes of fame. Damn shame. More when you read the rest...