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Foolywang Material


Rihanna Bares Leg+The Jackson Kids Have Some Fun+WTF T-Pain?

Having her own little catwalks around Paris this week, a leggy Rihanna was spotted heading to the Vivienne Westwood show today with her stylist Mariel Haenn:

A slight wardrobe malfunction wasn't stopping her show...

And T-Pain had a birthday party the other night.  Monica, Polow, Usher, and other folks came out.  WTF was really hood?? More pics when you read the rest...

Mya Should Fire Her Stylist+Keyshia Cole On Preggers Watch?

Who and what was this next to Mya on her shopping trip yesterday? Chick hit up Paige Premium Denim on Robertson in this getup--a multicolored summer dress, bright blue patent shoes, a purple python print back, and a black leather jacket. Just when I started to ask who in the hell dressed her yesterday, I saw the foolywang material behind her and in the fitting room with her:

Trying on clothes for the Emmys.

If that's your stylist boo, your comeback journey with "DWTS" is going to be a moot point. Just a guess.... UPDATE: Homeboy is her stylist and his name is "Joe Exclusive".  Apparently he used to style Eve too....

So Keyshia Cole stopped by a Wal-Mart this week to sing and pub the Luster's Pink Oil products as she's the new face of the line. But what caught our eye in this video is a seemingly protruding belly under those clothes. Y'all know Keyshia loves wearing extra tight pants and tees and such. So this flowy dress and cardigan is indeed a changeup. Not to mention a bump we can't help but see. And she has been out the spotlight for a minute now. Are she and her NBA baller boyfriend Boobie Gibson expecting a little one? Ms. Cole, you're officially on Preggers Watch. More pics of Mya under the cut...

2009 MTV VMA's Show Hoopla!

We're going to LIVE BLOG this ish because...we can.

Chilli's Got No Love For Usher+Soulja Boy Gets Love+Lil Kim Gives Love

Chilli just did an interview with Essence.com. And of course, they asked her about her new dating reality show on VH1 and about getting back with Usher. I mean, he is single now:

ESSENCE.COM: Miss Chilli, you are on the prowl! How did you end up with a dating reality show?
CHILLI: Our producer from TLC's show "R U the Girl?" was fascinated by my outlook on men and thought I was too picky. Years later we developed a show to help me find someone. I was very clear it couldn't be your typical dating show. I'm very picky and all women should be. I want to encourage women to fight for what it is you really want, and stand by that. Otherwise you will have a lot of heartbreak or will be left unfulfilled. When you bring a lot to the table, you can't be with someone who is half-stepping.

ESSENCE.COM: Now, many of your fans already have the perfect guy picked for you, your ex Usher. Any chance for a reconciliation?
CHILLI: (Laughs.) I don't know. You never know. Only the good Lord knows that. If it's meant for us to stay apart, we will, and if it's meant to be the other way, somehow in the future it may happen.

ESSENCE.COM: You also have a son. How has being a mom impacted your dating life?
CHILLI: I would never get serious with anyone who had a problem with kids. I don't like when women are dating and they present every guy they are dating as a boyfriend around the kids. When you are a great mom, it's hard to not bring someone you are dating around your kid, but you don't display affection in front of them. "This is mommy's friend," and that's so your kids aren't confused and develop bad habits.

Chilli's also been dating NFL baller Larry Johnson, so I'm not totally convinced this show is all that real. But are any of them?

Oh look. Lil Kim decided to do a show in a club for Gay Pride weekend in Atlanta this weekend:

*blank stare*

Photog: Freddy O

News on Soulja Boy when you read the rest....

FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: The "Frankie & Neffe Show" Premiere Party

Not saying I expected anything less than foolywang from a premiere party for the likes of Frankie and Neffe, but damn.  Here's flicks from their party last night in Atlanta:

Foolywang of the week.  Somebody grab the crown...

Sister Elite came out to join the fun.

Neffie is 7 months pregnant for the ? time by the way.

According to Frankie, she's coming out with fashion lines/cosmetics/etc. with her trademark "Holla", "Man Down", and "Code 10" sayings.  And this is what BET is teaching your kids. More when you read the rest.  You know you wanna....

Pretty Ricky Gives Us More Groupie Sex Stories Than We Need+Ginuwine's "Trouble" Video

So this is ATL groupie swag?

FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: Birthday Girl Frankie Is Back At It

Oh FrankieKeyshia Cole's mama Frankie had a birthday party (we can't figure out if she turned 50 or 60) the other night at Traxx in Atlanta.  And photog Freddy O captured the foolywang material we've come to expect from Frankie and fam:

It is summer time...in Atlanta...and damn near 200 degrees outside and this is what Frankie decides to wear into an even more hot as armpits club?  A thick ass turtleneck underneath a animal print dress, tights, and knee high boots?  WHY...WHY I say?

Who went to Kinko's to print this birthday sign off minutes before?

Why am i always trying to guess how many actual women are in the picture when the topic is about Frankie?

And I see her other daughter and random men weren't monitoring Frankie's white stuff/alcohol intake that night.  Surprise surprise. More pics when you read the rest...