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Foolywang Material


Tidbits: WTF T-Pain?+Kim K. & Ciara

Sexy Spectacular Strikes AGAIN!

Apparently Pretty Ricky's Spectacular thought a second video was a good idea.

FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: "Celebrity Protector" Quween

So the celebrity stalking homeless lady who's always popping up in celebs' paparazzi shots in L.A. finally landed a job.

FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: The Tangalicious "Spectacular"

What in the Speedo Michael Phelps Wannabe Fruity Ghetto Pebbles HELL is going on here??

FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: Fierce Kitty Frankie & Co. Celebrate Manny's Birthday With Class

Sigh.  Look at this ish y'all:

Keyshia Cole's manager and BFF Manny celebrate his birthday in Atlanta this week.  Neffe, Elite, Keyshia's adoptive mother MaMa Cole and others were there.  And right as I was asking where is Keyshia in any of these pics...I realized she was smart enough to not attend this shindig.  Apparently Frankie was her usual self and was wildin' out at the party.  Even attacking people with cake.  Where's Dr. Drew with the drug tests when you need his ass?

And WTF is going on in this picture?  How many women and how many men are in this picture?  Why is it so difficult to tell? More of Frankie's foolywangness and Neffe's Star Spangled weave when you read the rest...

EVENT FAB: CHANEL Party+Norwood Young's Screening+BMI Showcase

Kerry Washington and Viola Davis hit up the CHANEL party for Tribeca Film Fest last night:

Kerry rocked her Chanel tweed dress and Chanel silver clutch and both ladies looked nice.

However, Norwood Young busted out this satiny shiny white and gold smedium suit with suede slippers for his "Just Norwood" screening.  Sigh.  And I'm just going to have to Luenell slide on this.  I'm too distracted by other things in these pics.

And Trey Songz performed at the BMI Unsigned artists event in Atlanta yesterday.  He's such a cutie. More pics of these folks and others when you read the rest...


So rapper Jacki-O performed at the Hiram ballroom in Baltimore recently.  We have no clue why or what she was performing...but this outfit makes us not really care: