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Foolywang Material


Attack Of The Plastics: Lil Kim & Michael Jackson

So Lil Kim was spotted partying it up at Club Sofa in the NYC last night.  Is this what she's getting paid to do these days?: I know for a fact there's a plastic shortage at her doctor's office. And in other foolywang news, Michael Jackson was spotted out shopping this week: Looking like he needs to find Jesus. What in the Zorro nomad hell is going on here?  And there has GOT to be a law somewhere saying he shouldn't be buying baby calendars.  Just saying... More NSFW Lil Kim pics after the cut....

Cassie's "Leave You A Message"+Al Reynolds Really Needs To Stop It

Cassie's brand new track called "Leave You A Message" is out: [audio:cassieleaveyouamessage.mp3]
Check it. And in the foolywang material of the day...actually there's been a lot today...but check out Al Reynolds and his picks for the Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Ladies of 2008:

Foolywang Material: Lil Kim

I don't know when or why this pic was taken of ya girl Lil Kim...but it really doesn't even matter.  This ish looks a mess--considering I don't think there was a costume party anywhere in site--and is definitely not an upgrade. Maybe it was a video shoot.  Well, the makeup is pretty. 

Ciara Hits The Town+WTF Are You Wearing Paula Abdul?

Ciara was spotted at the Miu Miu cocktail party in NY last night looking fabulous: Hot and simple sweater dress and platform pumps and jacket.  The hair and makeup are pretty fab too. And this is the bedazzled insanity Paula Abdul stepped out in when she hit up "Letterman" show

Foolywang Material: Pretty Ricky's "Spectacular"

Apparently somebody's still letting Pretty Ricky perform in various places. And this is the type of tangaliciousness that hits the stage.  On another note, why did his mama name him Spectacular? His government name is Spectacular Smith. It really needs to stop. Like...now.

No Ma'am Keyshia Cole.

So somebody asked Keyshia Cole ...who looked a hot skin tight go


The foolishness was rampant at the Lights On Bowl Benefit at Lucky Strikes Lanes Hollywood last night: So Norwood Young is serious.  Not only do I still not understand who or what this man is (after suffering through countless Youtube foolery), he's flipped up his "style" and is now rocking a lined up s-curled fro.  Is he really rocking a coat with his own airbrushed pic on the back?  This dude is on some other ish.  And I'm going to leave it at that. Oh Luenell.  Looks like she just lost a fight with some Jungle Book characters. So many questions, so little time. More pics from this event when you read the rest...